‘Very Real Possibility’ That the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds Will Close

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Redwood Acres [Image from their website.]

Hello all,

These are difficult and stressful times and the financial outlook for Redwood Acres and all fairgrounds is grim. There is a very real possibility that fairgrounds will be closing, for a better idea of how Redwood Acres is doing, scroll to the bottom of the page for a cash flow statement. Please help advocate for funding for fairgrounds by contacting your local representatives. In Humboldt, our reps are Senator McGuire (https://sd02.senate.ca.gov), Assemblymember Jim Wood (https://a02.asmdc.org/), and Jared Huffman (https://huffman.house.gov/), your voice makes a difference!
  • General:
    • I’d like to thank the Junior Livestock Association volunteers, Rex Bohn, American AgCredit, Mercer Fraser, Murphy’s Market, Ray Gomez, Vern’s Furniture, Shafers Ace Hardware, and Recology for pulling together to ensure that all the animals were purchased. I’m grateful for this strong group of volunteers and businesses who keep this community strong!
    • On 6/10 a car drove into a power pole which feeds Redwood Acres, we lost power for the day, though PG&E had the power on by the evening. On 6/30 at 10:30 pm a tree caught fire in the McKay Tract right behind the horse barns. Thankfully the fire department was immediately on the scene and was able to have it out by midnight.
    • We recently launched a new and improved website located at the same address www.redwoodacres.com
  • Events:
    • A virtual stock car race is scheduled for 7/12 with an all-day practice on 7/11. There will be no spectators. Both days should end by 8 pm
    • The Humboldt Flea Market is working to shift the monthly event outdoors and is busily working through the details with DHHS. There will tentatively be a market each month beginning in August.
    • Outlaw Karts have events scheduled for 7/18, 8/8, 9/22, 9/19, 10/3 & 10/4
  • Finances:
    • We are hosting a COVID-19 testing site and an alternative care site. A deal was worked out between the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the Office of Emergency Services, which requires no payment for the usage. While we are happy to be able to play an important part during this crisis, fairgrounds are forced to be financially self-sufficient which makes this a particularly difficult situation.
    • Redwood Acres submitted an application for the Paycheck Protection Program. Initially, this program was not open to organizations like ours, thankfully the rules changed and we’re hoping this works out.
    • Below is the cash flow statement, which indicates that Redwood Acres will run out of money by December. This is a very scary proposition as not only are we the region’s emergency location, we are home to 14 businesses, horse boards, and actively serve the community through hosting and renting out the facility for events. The state has allocated funding to help unwind operations and for the layoff process for fairgrounds that run out of money, yet no funding to keep them open.
cash flowThis is a fluid situation and we are doing our best to push out our timeline as far as possible. We have gone through one round of layoffs and the remaining staff has all reduced their hours and/or wages. We are very lucky to have such fantastic personnel, who are continually asked to do more with less. I’m actively deferring loan payments and seeking new revenue streams. Please don’t forget to contact our local representatives, Jared Huffman, Mike McGuire, and Jim Wood to advocate for Redwood Acres. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.
Ben Brown, C.E.O.
Redwood Acres Fairgrounds


  • Wow, it’s almost like social distancing is having an effect on people’s life’s and incomes

  • If you Covid spreading hicks would just wear your masks and wash your hands, quit going places in large groups we could see a sharper decline. Instead you want to point out perceived inaccuracies based on your tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theories. There’s a difference between facts, and ideology.

    • If y’all liberals would quit traveling across the nation protesting in mass numbers spreading the plague like crabs at Woodstock

    • You damn hippies at the plaza, smoking weed, not a mask in site, and over forty people gathering we would not have such an issue. Or, the wonderful Farmer’s Market where hundreds of people gather, and some not wearing masks. They sure don’t look like hillbillies. I like that one. How about the outbreak at the childcare centers in Eureka. That hasn’t been mentioned in the news.

    • i think i just read that because people arent going places the problem is the fairgrounds are shutting down

  • I’ve got no problem with Redwood Acres but it should support itself. If I were going to contact my elected officials and ask them to fund something, Redwood Acres would near the bottom of my priority list

    • They are like any other business being prevented from being self supporting by regulations. Only if they go down, they take a whole lot of others with them.

      • They are NOT “like any other business being prevented from being self supporting”…. not every business is allowing for testing sites and alternative care centers on their grounds and in their facilities… they should get some support for what they are doing for the community.

    • They had been, up til now. They had a very smart idea a few years ago to make it in to what’s essentially a business park, with commercial kitchens/food and beverage production being one of the main industries based out there. I’ll be making an effort to patronize the businesses that I know are based out there.

  • no racing !

  • “Redwood Acres submitted an application for the Paycheck Protection Program. Initially, this program was not open to organizations like ours, thankfully the rules changed and we’re hoping this works out.”

    Good. Problem solved. They will definitely get the PPP money by October.

  • Redwood acres sucks all the people living there all have to move out and fine new places to go but they still want everyone to pay rent which at one point was $675 now it is $710 and then it’s going up to $745 which is absolutely ridiculous for this place because the maintenance doesn’t do s*** here to keep it sanitary or clean up. your Park lady who does nothing but stay down in the barn and deal with her horses it doesn’t do anything either but she doesn’t have to move but everybody else is a trying to figure it out it’s ridiculous

  • Their budget might be in better shape if they didn’t charge so much for fair entrance every year. We haven’t attended in many years because it is too expensive for what they provide. Also, try to store a boat or trailer there. They make you pay for the months that you can’t use it because you have pay to hold the spot. Humboldt Co Fairgrounds doesn’t charge for the unused months so guess where our stuff is during the winter.
    Poor management.

  • Since they raised thee price on entrance fees I have not gone. Put an announcement about wearing masks and wash stations and lowering the price and I’m there.

  • This is the absolute destruction of our traditions and way of life by the Medical Industrial Complex and Agenda 21 types and their state and local agents. The globalist harpies like Greta and Angela want America on its knees, and worse. Socialism and fascism is their mental disease. A leading climate change advocate has turned truther and refutes all the fake sky is falling SCIENCE. He’s writing a book showing how it’s all a sham. He’ll be destroyed by the harpies of hate. Taking away our local institutions like toppling our statues is the real hate crime. This is utter cultural and philosophical savagery. ENOUGH.
    We are at war. The lines have been drawn. The enemy is all around and among us. Patriots need to rise up. The hideous creatures hiding behind their rainbow colored masks are traitors and insurrectionists. The hysterical oldsters afraid to die after a lifetime of adhering to communist doctrines need to get out of the way or suffer the consequences. The counter revolution begins today.

    • Google Covid-19 and Blood Clots in 30 and 40 year olds with no co-morbidities.
      Google permanent lung damage from those who have recovered from it including young athletic people with no co-morbidities. .
      Google the virus’ mutations: NY’s came from Italy, CA’s originally came from China.
      Google latest mutation of US Covid-19 has a greater ability to transfer than earlier versions because the virus’ spikes don’t break off as often as the earlier versions.

    • Critical thinking goes a long way …

  • How are monthly expenses so high? I’m sure it’s a dumb question but really?

    • The utilities alone are thousands of dollars per month. Timers for the lights were put in horse barns and other places to try to reduce usage of lights. The rv park and race track must use large amounts of electricity as well as water. If households use $100-200 or more per month, it boggles the mind to think of their bill.

    • This was my first thought as well. Monthly expenses are incredibly high, and no explanation why or where the money is going. When having financial problems the first thing to look at is expenses and how to cut them. Tighten the belt. so to speak…. Businesses need to think outside of the box with the pandemic situation, how can the fairgrounds spend less and make more? I have only been to the holiday market and the flea market at the fairgrounds, so I am not completely familiar with the layout and what is available there. With more information, it is possible that someone could come up with a perfect money making idea!

  • I’m sure glad the stimulus money went to companies owned by Jared Kushner, Trump, Mitch McConnell’s wife’s family, etc., etc., etc., instead of community resources like this. 🙁

    • Jennifer's Walled Garden

      Don’t forget Gavvy’s Plumpjack, Benny Boy!
      Full stop.

    • Imagine that- a forgivable loan to businesses that use the money to maintain payrolls and pay. Written by the Democrat majority House to help businesses keep and pay employees while they are forced to suspend business due corona virus shut downs. Yup- it certainly would have been better if the Democrats had restricted payments to only Democrat businessmen. That would have shown Trump.

      • Who said anything about ‘restricting loans to Democrats’? Just offer the loans/ PPP funds to organizations that support communities like ours. The BIG boys have DEEP pockets that they can use!

  • This is not an emergency situation for the vast majority of Americans (under 70 without comorbidities

    If you are at risk then shelter. If not roll the dice like we do with all of life’s normal risks.

  • Too much in state salaries for a group of State employees that cannot understand basic revenue vs. expenses. It is amazing how well Redwood Acres did before the State of California entered the picture. Don’t blame this on the pandemic; it was inevitable. The State of California couldn’t survive in any real business venture.

  • Hello can we talk about solutions to save the fair grounds! Solution people

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Website with past fair videos. Spotlight section highlighting vendors, animals, entertainers. Online store for shopping for T shirts, sweatshirts. Work with the local college to teach business classes or event management via the fairgrounds faciities and pre existing infastructure.

  • Everyone kick in ten bucks

    Would a “go fund me page” be legal for Redwood Acres? I don’t know the requirements for that. Who monitor’s the collections? Would Redwood Bank work as a deposit for the money? Redwood Acres has been a long tradition in Humboldt County. Be a shame to see it go belly up and some commercial developer buy it and build something few county residents would use.

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