‘Dick’ Harold Richard Luse: Former Southern Humboldt Teacher Passed Away

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Dick LuseHarold Richard Luse (Dick) passed away peacefully on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, at his home in Redway CA, surround by his loving wife, Ann and daughters, Susan and Karen.

Dick was born July 2,1932, in Colorado, to Harold Russel Luse and Wanda Erwin Luse. He was a graduate of Barstow high school in 1951. After graduating high school, Dick joined the air force where he served for 4 years. Returning from the air force, Dick married Ann Hart in 1957. Soon after, their first daughter, Susan, was born; in 1960 they had a second daughter, Karen.

Dick and Ann resided in Barstow, CA, with Dick working for Southwest Gas Co and Ann teaching 3rd grade, until 1969 when Dick decided he wanted to pursue his teaching credential. After being accepted at Sonoma State College, they moved to Forestville, Ca;, while Dick was attending college Ann taught at Oak Grove school in Sebastopol. After Dick received his teaching credential in 1973, He applied for a job in the Southern Humboldt Unified School District. Dick taught at Whitethorn School until he moved to Redway School where Ann was teaching; he taught there until he retired in 1994.

After retirement Dick and Ann enjoyed traveling in their motorhome exploring State Parks throughout the US.

In 2013 Dick was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. After many years of fighting cancer with many surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Dick still remained positive while enjoying his growing family.

Dick is survived by his wife Ann, daughters Susan Eldridge (Rodney) and Karen Ralsten (Roger); granddaughters Alisha Hart (Seth), Alaina Cox (Greg), Samantha Eldridge, Julia Ralsten, Adrienne Ralsten; great grandchildren, Isabella Hart, Peyton Hart, Elle Jovani, Aya Jovani, Odin Cox, Ellis Cox, Nash Ruhland; one sister, Glenda Carney of Foster City, one brother Robert Luse of Barstow and many nieces and nephews.

A small memorial will be held in the future.



  • I was so sorry to hear of Dick’s passing. I used to work for him in the 4th grade classroom as an aide. He was very kind to me when I was rather bumbling and young on one of my first jobs.

    It was either the fall of 1979 or 1980 and I was his classroom aide. I loved working with the kids (I wasn’t much more than one myself.)

    But the part-time position wasn’t enough for me to make it on my own so I found a really good paying job as a telephone operator but I would have to start right in the middle of the school year. I was sick at the thought that he would be angry at me for leaving him in the middle of the year. But he was incredibly kind and told me that of course I needed to take care of myself and make more money.

    Afterwards, thinking back on how bad I was (I never really grasped how to make the mimeograph machine work, I wondered if he wasn’t glad that I was quitting. But, nonetheless, he was just sweet and supportive when I was unsure and awkward and I’ve never forgotten that.

    • Mr. Luse was a great teacher, I remember his dry humor in class. I think by 91 or 92 he had seen and heard about everything that we kids could come up with. If you could make him laugh though, that was an achievement.

  • Michael Eldridge

    It’s been an honor to have known this good man and his family for more then 40 years

  • Sorry Karen your friend steve

  • Linda Hurlbutt

    Love to him and his family and friends.

  • Wow , just the past few days Dick Luse has been on my mind. Specifically what I was reflecting on was his playng tennis at the courts that used to be at the District Office in Garberville. I had been thinking about the loss of the courts, and what Mr. Luses’ long history was of playing tennis.
    I hope he’s lobbing some more balls where he’s left us for.
    I worked at Redway School, my kids had Mr. Luse
    and Mrs. Luse as teachers. I’m friends with their daughters and had several of their kids in the class I worked in at Redway School.
    My fondest regards to all the family honoring their elder. I am glad I got to share part of his life with them.

  • Christine Marney

    Nothing but good memories, I was his student at Whitethorne School his first year, I believe. Thank you, Mr. Luse.

  • Please except our condolences. Ted and I are so sorry for your lost. He was a really good soul. Peace to his loved ones.

  • My warmest thoughts go out to Ann and the entire family. Dick was a kind and generous man who above all else loved his family.

    Dick’s choice of becoming a teacher really was fitting of who he was. Be it Hammers, Hand guns or New technologies, Dick had a thirst for information and a collection to match. His willingness to share his knowledge on any of these topics was something he always had time for, and maybe even show off his latest addition.

    Dick was a proud man. An ideological man. A strong willed man. And most importantly a family man.

    I am proud to have known This Man.

  • So happy to be one of his students.
    A very tolerant man. My class put him to the test! Amazing how patient and caring he was. I had him as my teacher in 1986. I admired him very much by the end of the school year. So many young people were better off to have been taught by him.
    Condolences to the family.

  • I knew Dick from the “old days” when he lived near Graton, California. I taught with Ann in the Oakgrove Elementary School District for a couple of years then moved to Southern Humboldt to teach. Dick n Ann Came a few years later n we continued our friendship. Dick was a great person to know. He did have a wry sense of humor. Dick wasn’t wish washy he let u know what he thought or felt about a subject. He didn’t hesitate to voice his opinion. However, if u were a friend ( most people considered him a friend) he was very supportive. He was a true gentleman. Condolences from our family to Ann n her family.

  • I taught in a classroom next to Dick for several years. I heard him teach, as I am sure he heard me through the thin wall. Along with Hank Picton, we were the sixth-grade team. I remember fondly his kindnesses to
    me and sense of humor. My best regards to Ann and the family.
    Reg Spittle

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