No New Positive Tests for COVID-19 on June 6

Press release from Humboldt County COVID19 – Joint Information Center:


Public Health Lab reportNo additional cases of COVID-19 were confirmed today. Humboldt County’s case count remains at 104.—


New confirmed COVID-19 cases: 0

  • Total confirmed cases: 104
  • Total recovered cases: 86
  • Total deaths: 4
  • Total hospitalizations: 13

Transmission information for all known cases

  • Contact to a Known Case: 61
  • Travel-Acquired: 24
  • Community Transmission: 18
  • Under Investigation: 1

Number of tests run since last report

  • Public Health Laboratory: 34
  • OptumServe public testing site: 79

Total tests run to date

  • Public Health Laboratory: 3,431
  • OptumServe public testing site: 2,937

Public Health Laboratory testing Information

  • Supply capacity: Approximately 1,700 tests
  • Testing capacity: 70 samples per day
  • Turnaround time: 48 to 72 hours

For the most recent information about COVID-19, visit or For local information, visit, call 707-441-5000 or email [email protected].

Humboldt Test Results by the Numbers


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Earlier test results:



  • Oh No…Say It Ain’t So FRANKO!!! How you gonna continue your tyrannical and oppressive reign, and instill fear and compliance among your sheeple? “ACHTUNG” Comrade Frankenstein.

  • Festus Haggins

    Seems that its alot like the National Weather Service, Rain extremely heavy at times, coastal flooding, shelter in place, pump up your rubber raft and have 6 months supplies ready only to have the sun shine and a sprinkle.

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