Eureka Police Give Updates on Weekend’s Protests

Summary of above. The video has much more details though.

In response to questions related to incidents that occurred over the weekend, please see our video response from Captain Brian Stephens.
Key Takeaways:
– It was an extremely busy weekend and we are getting caught up on all incidents that took place. The Saturday red Jeep vs. pedestrian collision has been assigned to an officer to investigate.
– Multiple law enforcement vehicles were vandalized
– Several officers were assaulted
– No arrests related to the demonstration were made on Saturday
– Sunday’s demonstration started out very peaceful
– Around 10:30 p.m., after numerous incidents of vandalism, Brent Clark (34 of Redway) was taken into custody for vandalism.

Brent Clark

Brent Clark

-The crowd escalated and Olivia Winfield Perez (23 currently of Eureka) interfered and attempted by force to remove Clark from police custody. Winfield Perez was arrested for forcing a detainee from police custody.

Olivia Winfield Perez

Olivia Winfield Perez

– During this intense moment, pepper balls were deployed- sending small paintballs containing powdered OC to diffuse the situation. At no time were rubber bullets used.
– No further incident occurred after the arrests were made.



  • With liberty and justice for all

    Theiving corrupt pigs, overfeeding at the tax trough while extorting and now murdering the very people there supposed to be in service too !!!!!
    True some are good people but there’s also alot of bad apples

  • Well i do say this no cops means no order..that means every man for him self..that means more shootings from people that are not cops….america is in danger because there is now no order between the people or our government ..america is better than this… Destroying public property slash acts of violence does not send the right message.. Fact

  • From any vantage point, regardless of race, political preference or any other difference you can come up with, there was a lot more violence and other crime by civilians than by cops. Even before this incident there was more violence and crime by civilians than by cops. That is why these protests, few of which were actually peaceful are such a blight. I am all for the right to protest, but if those “protesting” are committing the same or worse crimes against people who aren’t even who they are protesting against, it is all pointless. So if you want to label me racist because I refuse to hear a message from any group who engaged in even one act of violence, vandalism, shutting down roads or sidewalks, throwing things, etc. I will proudly wear the title. Because, by being labeled racist for not going along with this behavior isn’t really racism, it’s love for law and order, love for America, love for law abiding people, love for the constitution, love for courtesy and common decency. The alternative, which was demonstrated in all but a few cases is hate, destruction and mayhem. If you want to be treated with respect, act the part.

    • 🕯🌳I’ll second that. Without the police there be just chaos, like a Mad Max world. I agree that there are some bad ones but when I seen the Sheriff of Flint Michigan take off his riot gear and say here I am let’s talk what do you want and they reply from the crowd was walk with us he did and that stopped the violence and they actually talked things out.🖖🕊🌍🐸

      • Pandemic is over now. Mission accomplished. Now into stage two. Civil unrest. Soon to come…stage 3. Establishment of a miltarized police State.

        All going according to the plan….same old playbook they always use to destabilize a population.

    • Well said Alf. I’m behind you on that one. Smoke n mirrors.. “They” got us right where “they” want us, angry, desperate ,confused and afraid. We are eating it up on a daily basis. 95% of all media coverage you see or read, left or right is baiting into one of those categories. Anger, confusion,fear, and yes, racism. I’ve personally noticed along with nothing but covid death news but there is a huge spike in racial divide coverage. One thing I learned in sobriety years ago….. anger is fear.

    • Good luck working this out. You'll be ok

      So you are saying your racial anger comes from fear? Hm Very introspective. Like in sobriety, recognizing your problem is the first step. You are right, especially since the whole Obama Birth Certificate fiasco, and all these killings by excessive force by LE, reporting on race issues has increased. If you grew up without ever interacting with other races, and just hear Laura Ingrahm, or Tucker Carlson, it’s understandable that you’d be frightened

    • Alf,
      I’ll third that.

  • Olivia?

    Looks like a male?

    Or am I not woke enough to understand?

  • Look at all the fucking hypocrisy with the face masks.
    Important enough to wear a mask in line at the fucking bank, but not when we battle racism!
    Not one of these fucking cops have their masks on in any photo posted.


    • You won’t die if you shop at Costco. You will die if you go play golf with your buddies. You won’t die if you pump gas at a gas station but you will die if you play a slot machine at a casino. You won’t die if you shake hands with a cop but you will kill grandma if you give her a hug. Hypocrisy?!? Wear your mask. Don’t question authority. Curfew is at dark.

      • So no golf after curfew?

        around 2 percent of those who catch Covid die. So do whatever you want, just, you might want to try and avoid it. Your difficulty in working this out is that it was politicized early by Orange Precious. Disconnect yourself from the political posturing, and you might be able to function.

    • Pandemic was just about getting people unsettled, riled up, and paid to do nothing… they could be easily manipulated into creating social unrest….so they can answer with police State madness.

      • The Real Brian

        That makes sense.

        Trump told Xi to release a virus in Nov, that would encompass the globe, landing in the US a perfect 4 months before Floyd’s killing, which was weeks after Ahmaud Arbery, but planned to be only a precurser.

        That way the 2 months that Trump secretly directed Governers to SIP would build up tensions so that everyone would go to the streets and battle over masks suffocating Trump voters, or cops killing blacks.

        This all makes sense. Trump is the NWO illuminati bilderberger king of kings, the 2nd coming.

        Thanks. I wasn’t sure till you told us.

        • Man youre confused. Trump is a patriot.

          This is Globalist vs Patriots

          Globalist released the virus.

          Yes. China is clearly globalists.

          Yes. Trump is clearly working to take back America from the Globalist who sold us out years ago with the Free trade scam.

          Or maybe your just another SELF APPOINTED GUARDIAN OF THE STATUS QUO….yes that would be the globalist status quo which you have pledged you’re devotion to.

          • If Trump has hotels and golf courses AROUND THE WORLD, doesn’t that make him a globalist, that plays with titalists?

            Fyi, I was anointed at a special ceremony with robes and sacrifices, and devil stuff. Lots of devil music (that means all music, including rock and roll, jazz and rap, oh and the Dixie Chicks)

            The clone of Bill Gates blessed my guardianship personally, I’m not self annointed.

            The real Gates died in a virtual reality mishap back in 1954, and Soros never really existed. Gates just put a mask on one of his early clones, and that became Soros.

            There’s a youtube that explains this clearly, need a link?

            • In a nation that allows goods produced by repressed people on the cheap to compete against local goods made with the cost of minimum wage, OSHA, EPA, Ect… You cannot make a profit with made in USA. So yeah until the rules change businesses are FORCED into the globalist system

            • YouTube? I’m not talking wacky conspiracy stuff dude…PEER REVIEWED STUDY..

        • Do yourself a favor and check out the PEER REVIEWED study by the University of Alaska, and the long list of architects and engineers who support it. 9/11 was a controlled demolition, no other scientific explanation….were not talking rocket science here…simple physics.

          This is what the status quo is capable of

          • Please don’t use UAA as a real reference. We all know Alaska Education Funds have been in the toilet for years. Any Alaskan Transplant will see this and laugh.

        • Brian

          You can pretend if you want!

          • The Real Brian

            So you 2 funnies think Trump is a Patriot, not a globalist, who has international hotels and chinese made Maga hats?

            He was “forced” into being a globalist by true globalists like Obama who has no international business?


            Meanwhile Trump wants militarized US streets to clear peaceful protestors.

            Fascist tyrant authoritarian fucks suck.

            But they’d be powerless without people like you.

  • The 1968 Baltimore riots and looting resulted in driving every supermarket in a city of 800,000 out of the city. Post riot, for some years, city residents either had to go out of the city to shop for groceries, or depend on corner stores. The new supermarket chain that eventually opened in the city charged about 25% above going prices in the suburbs.
    The bitter rage felt by our darker hued fellow citizens is quire understandable to anyone without ideological (or is it idiot-logical?) blinders. Burning and looting as a means of changing injustice is obviously self-defeating. But, sadly, no one is looking for alternatives.

  • In my 1911 I trust

    No masks, no masks, no masks. I see that the police are not enforcing public health orders. It appears as though there are groups much larger than 20 people not comprised of their family units gathering in close proximity to one another. No social distancing, no masks. I would like to ask Honsal if he is going to continue to try to enforce the health officer’s orders after there is photographic evidence of him so blatantly disregarding them during the protest? If there was no problem with the large, maskless groups gathering, there should be no problem allowing businesses to now open? Where are all the people concerned with “the surge”? If it is going to happen, this last week was the perfect situation for it, or was this allowed so that the surge that was never going to happen will actually happen and further the agenda’s of the powers that be? Are the SIP orders defunct? Are these people social justice warriors or are they just vectors of disease transmission? I want answers, when is not wearing a mask stepping on someone’s rights yet rioting while not wearing a mask is ok? Shoot, protesting in large groups sans masks is ok? If and this is a big if because I do not believer this will happen, but if there is a large outbreak of Covid in the community following these riots, are all these protestors going to issue a formal apology for their callous disregard to public health? If people really were imported from SF to be part of the protest, isn’t that in violation of county wide health orders? Like I said, I want answers, I can’t seem to make heads or tails of the situation, but I do see a lot of hypocrisy.

    • It’s been scientifically proven in a WHO lab that covid-19 only spreads during anti-lockdown protests.

    • In my 1911 is Rust

      There is hypocrisy. Mask wearing was too much social control last week, but now there’s hand wringing, and begging for curfews, National Guard, and roadblocks at the county line.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Man thats a scary thing. Glad you see the hypocrisy. I really hope that there are no road blocks or curfews, and buddy, I got news for you, the National Guard has been here. A lot of us have been dealing with those pricks since last year, they never left. Funny nobody seemed upset about them being deployed against our citizens all season long last year, but God forbid they step in to stop a violent ass riot. Nobody wants the military here for anything at all. I’m really disappointed to hear about your 1911, thats a really nice .45 your not taking care of. I suggest a good cleaning after every time you go shooting.

  • I notice that the Chief and Sheriff have no masks nor are they practicing “social distancing.” I guess the “pandemic” is over.

    • Pandemic is Over

      Yup. It ended the minute the rioting started. If you support the lockdown and masks, you’re a racist now, didn’t you get the message?

  • The protest death toll in America is at at least 11 fatalities, making protesting and rioting for civil equality still safer than testifying against Hillary Clinton.

    • I think you’re confusing Hillary with His Nibs, King Donnie the LAST if any in their RIGHT (CORRECT) Mind have anything to say about it!!!

  • DISGUSTING that cops are kneeling and genuflecting to domestic terrorists around the country. This land is being given over to thugs. Many innocent people killed by “protesters.” Another shop owner murdered last night! Listen to Mark Levin for truth. You ENABLE insurgency by doing this PC crap! This allows Antifa, etc to run riot in the streets. America is under siege and traitorous “law enforcement” turns their backs on the public and order, and the Constitution to which they swore an OATH.

    • Officers are not kneeling to terrorists or even to protesters. They’re taking a knee to indicate solidarity (and show a willingness to trust–a vulnerability) with those who are rightfully angry over a murder by a fellow officer.

      • And standing by while the mob burns, loots, steals, and MURDERS.

        This ist a movement. Movements have a conversation, demands, an end goal. What do they want? When will they stop? The man has been arrested, he’s not getting away with anything.

        • they want someone to validate that this was a racist murder. and dont tell them about all the unarmed white men killed by cops

      • They are also showing the less aggressive protestors that they are willing to work with them, and thereby splitting the more dangerous violent protestors off from the main crowd. Bullies in crowds tend to lose their confidence when they are forced to stand alone, and some of the more violent protesters are just bullies. I told, just yesterday, an EPD officer to pass along to the Chief I thought they were doing a good job of restraint, and some out here support them. He said that he appreciated the compliment. Not all cops are bad, but the bad ones can be really bad. Time for all LEO Chiefs to clean up their act, and work towards eliminating the bad actors within their jurisdictions.

        P.S. Whats “powdered OC?”. Sounds like something people snort.

        Laugh for the day;

      • So when is enough, enough? How many days now? Is there anyone who hasn’t heard the point?

        Or should we just go on with this indefinitely?

        The charges have been upgraded and the 3 other cops are going to be arrested…new update.

        What about the 19 killed in Chicago last weekend in Black on Black crime, no outrage there.

        Where’s the justice for these 11 POC not killed by cops?

        At least 11 killed during U.S. protests seeking justice for George Floyd, many of them African Americans

        by: Associated Press
        Posted: Jun 2, 2020 / 02:46 PM PDT / Updated: Jun 2, 2020 / 02:46 PM PDT

        One man was the beloved owner of a Louisville barbecue restaurant who provided free meals to officers. Another was a man known as “Mr. Indianapolis,” a former star football player. Yet another was a federal officer working security during a protest.

        They are among those killed as protests have roiled American cities in the week since the death of George Floyd, a black man who pleaded for air as a white Minneapolis officer jammed a knee into his neck.

        The deaths have at times been overshadowed by the shocking images of unrest, from heavy-handed police tactics to violence, vandalism and arson. Tens of thousands have marched peacefully in demonstrations against police brutality and racism.

        Many of the people killed were African Americans, compounding the tragedy for black communities.

        • Police illegally killing people and intercity violence are two different discussions.

          Are you only able to focus on one, and one only, not the other?

          • Brian…

            No, they are directly related but nice try of narrowing the subject to your preferred position.

            Or…in your view maybe only some POC matter …if they are making your point? The others not so much.

            • The Real Brian

              Apparently you can only focus on one.

              Meanwhile, Trump is turning into a fascist dictator.


            • They’re directly related !! Because statistics bear out clearly that fatal interactions with police are always relative to existing violence in the neighborhood.

              The hood .
              You get what you give.

              It’s obvious the black community doesn’t actually care about their own .

              • Jesus, did you really say that?

              • Obama didn’t care. Trump is the one who has brought 9 million jobs to US, started economic improvements in inner cities, opportunity businesses all over the US, more women’s live have improved since Trump, Blacks and other minorities were flourishing, then an asshole killed a cop, and the shit hit the fan. There are statistics that show more blacks are killed by their own than by whites or anyone else. But Antifa is the enemy. They do not care if they destroy black owned businesses, or anyone else’s. They are the brown shirts of today. Live the way they tell you, or die, wear an NRA shirt and get beat or killed. Antifa is the enemy, anarchy is the enemy. Antifa = no freedom. Fuck Antifa

        • I think the question you might ask is why are you only noticing the part about the protester’s violence and miss the part about “heavy-handed police tactics” because, there’s a reason for protest if there are law enforcement still not behaving with the restraint I saw on Saturday from the EPD.

          • Kym,

            I think “miss the part about “heavy-handed police tactics” has been well represented.

            Not so much the POC who have been killed and forgotten during the riots/protests such as retired officer Dorn protecting his pawn shop.

            Maybe the problem is I notice more than some want me too.

            • The Real Brian

              No, you’re not noticing anything at all.

              You spew Trumps BS and FOXs BS, nothing else.

              What happened to your 3x a day posts about Hydrochloroquine?

              Did you eventually notice you and Trump were flat fucking wrong?

            • I don’t support the violence or even the minor stuff like tagging. But I think if you are not looking at the continuous problems with police brutality, and asking “how much is enough” and then not noticing that police brutality is continuing during these riots (and also police restraint), then you are missing a reason why they are continuing.

              • Can you really say after 9 days of this that police brutality is not being looked at? How many dead? Exactly how much destruction will fix the abuse?

                At what point, what exactly has to happen before it will be looked at?

                At what point should the violence and destruction that effects ALL Americans be looked at?

                You can’t blame police for liking being hit in the head with bricks. It might give you an additude too.

                Plywood doesn’t work, stores now need to wrap themselves in Barbed Wire with 20 armed security guards for goodness sake.

                More POC have been killed “looking at the police brutality” this year that have been killed by police.

                How long do you think it will take the communities of color to recover from ” looking at police brutality?

                The Floyd family doesn’t even support this for God’s sake.

                But I guess as long as you say I don’t support … but…. while it continues, it’s all ok!

                I’m not trying to attack your answer I just really want to know…when is enough enough?

                CNN whips it up while they put a “wall ” around their building and I’d bet they have guards.

                You CAN love POC and want peace at the same time.

                It’s time to let George rest in peace.
                The rest of us need peace as well.

                • What would you like me to do? I don’t support the violence, I don’t support the destruction. Now, what magic wand do you want me to wave?

                  I do support the right of people to protest just as I supported the right of folks to protest to open the economy back up. How about you?

                  • I expect everyone to differentiate between protests and anarchy. Not to use protest to allow anarchy.

                    To point out the difference between the two.
                    To make an effort to find out who and why they are co opting the protests.

                    You don’t hurt POC to Help POC. It doesn’t make sense.

                    To care as much about anarchy as police brutality and do everything we can to stop both.

                    Does that make sense to you?

                    I want people here to look outside our county and outside of our country and wonder why every western country is going through this at the same time and what forces are behind it.

                    I respond to your post not to single you out but because words matter and your words matter the most at your site.

                    For some people it’s hard to to get their thoughts out of their own little space in the world.

                    I know I want a lot! But it matters!

                    That being said you’re a blessing to all of us and I believe you do your best to be fair.

    • local observer

      Do you know why Chief Mills left Eureka? take a wild guess. I noticed your facebook page is fraudulent.

  • Well said kym…

  • Car crashes into protestors and speeds off. License plate is in plain view. What exactly is there to investigate?

    • So you assume the registered driver was at the wheel?

      Assumptions….big problem with mob Justice….which is why we have a thing called due process.

    • Was the driver threatened? Were the “protesters” beating on the vehicle? Were they simply blocking the road? All of these are criminal acts. If either of the first two were happening the action was justified. I drive an old beater truck. If I was caught up in this mob and threatened or my vehicle was being vandalized the old 454 would have had the pedal to the metal. Just saying. My life and property will be protected.

  • I don’t know why I come to this site–I think I must be some kind of masochist.

    Not unlike being unable to not stare at a car wreck.

    Carry on Humboldt.

    • Seriously.

      Some commentors are so silly you wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to move their 20 light grows into an Amish neighborhood.

    • shone the fishermone

      good lord, give the cops a break.. They have done nothing, lately worth all this hate. There is not 1 person in that crowd I would associate with! Bunch of scumbags! Guess who all these low lifes call when there in trouble? Thats correct the police!

      • Shone,
        I can’t understand why the hate is directed toward the epd. The local cops haven’t done anything wrong. The epd cops clean up after the homeless, they have a homeless ranger, they made sure the protesters didn’t the get run over.

        I feel that especially under Chief Watson’s command the epd has been doing a good job, the this area has improved under his direction.

        I’m not a minority so I can’t speak for that, but I haven’t heard even any rumors about them being unfair to minorities.

        There is a problem with the poor homeless because they don’t really have a place to go, and the traffic could be a little better, but I hardly think think this is the epd’s fault.

        If somebody had some constructive suggestions, that might help. Having no police would be frightening to say the least. I would find a place for the homeless that is fair to them and fair to the surrounding area, add another officer for traffic detail, but that takes money, and this is a poor county.

        The local police do their best, and they show up.

  • How is it not self defense?

    No one should be required by law to allow themselves to be illegally detained by other citizens, even if those citizens are protesting or rioting. If your vehicle is surrounded by an angry group, the only safe thin to do is drive away. Don’t slam the gas and run them over (unless you have to) but also do not stop and put your life in their hands.

    Remember they tried to murder Reginald Denny when he stopped for them. Driving out of a mob is clearly self defense. I hope I’m on that jury if the case comes to court.

    For the record I am anti-trump and against police brutality against anyone, not just black people.

  • The SIP is over. If the police will not enforce SIP protocols on protesters then they sure as fuck should not enforce them on anyone else.

    Sad thing to me because I think we need SIP protocols to carry us through next winter.

  • The local police did a good job

    Rioters should be and were arrested, and when they resisted minimal force was used, the cops did not do anything wrong,good job local police.

    What would be expected?

    Did they want the police to turn around and run the other way?

    Did they want the police to let anybody do anything because during the day there was a demonstration?

    The one vandalizing was not even from here, but from red-way, why would somebody come 60 miles to vandalize a town they don’t even live in, and did he consider who he was hurting when he wrecked things in eureka?

    The local business owners are innocent and did nothing to either of these 2.

    As I said before, the context is important. It was night, there had been 2-3 days of previous vandalism locally, people stopping traffic, it’s in the middle of a quarantine, other areas of California are experiencing looting, etc. Why was he vandalizing eureka at night when the demonstration had been over for several hours, and what possible constructive purpose would wrecking other people’s property serve?

    This nighttime damage was dangerous, escalating, and could have resulted in a fire which could hurt people.

    What kind of love went into the vandalism?

    Did they think of who they are hurting?

    Did either volunteer to clean up after themselves?

    Enough is enough.

    Peaceful assembly is a right.

    But tearing a town apart especially within the context that this was in,
    and at night is just criminal activity meant to hurt innocent people, and endanger a community.

    Wrecking a town gets people put in jail, period.

    Thank you officers.

  • Not condoning violent acts, or vandalism. But I do understand the frustration. How long have situations like this been “peacefully protested”? How often are they ignored? People honk wave smile, and just go back to this dysfunctional paradigm without a second thought. Meanwhile offending officers get off on murder charges with a slap on the wrist. Happens all the time. What are people supposed to do when Justice has failed and been ignored Time and time again?

    For the national guard or police force to start open season on looters would also be acts of violence ..and I couldn’t condone killing people over merchandise. That would also be governmental terrorism. Anyone in their right mind thinks a twenty something kid deserves to be “shot” over graffiti is also messed up.. And it’s NOT an act of “violence” to stop traffic. Soo not sorry that some of you were 15 minutes behinds schedule to pick your Budweiser and Twinkies.. or whatever.

    I think that even though there are some issues.. that the Humboldt police force practiced some restraint. I commend them for that… And looking at other situations, in other parts of the US, I feel like many of the late night protests were not as bad as other places. Even though i think the communication has broken down in Humboldt between Law, courts, and the officers over the past few years…. I actually think that looking at the past, an effective communication between officers and the people here in Humboldt has been fairly effective at keeping the general peace in the area. Not to say there are not problems on both sides of the spectrum in our area.. currently.

    I do wonder tho, like one window drops in Eureka, and a little bit of graffiti, and the HCSO is having a cow, yet they enter small grows, slash up greenhouse, slash water tanks, Doze up small grows, And smash up private property on the daily, and somehow that’s justified…

    Dizzy Wright – I Need Answers ft. Nikkiya (Official Video)

    Police shootings: Trials, convictions are rare for officers

    Justice for George Floyd!

    Remembering “Big Floyd”: Houston Friends of George Floyd Describe Him as a “Man of Peace”

    • ” Soo not sorry that some of you were 15 minutes behinds schedule to pick your Budweiser and Twinkies.. or whatever.”

      Whatever can also be getting to a hospital in an emergency, or to have a baby, some people drive themselves because they can’t afford an ambulance, etc.

      Not everyone in traffic is looking for a beer and a twinkie.

      • Hey, if an ambulance is in need of services, I have always seen protestors clear the way for ambulances. I get that there could be an emergency. I hope that people voice their Emergency if the need to get thru.. or find a different route..

        But after that.. it’s probably all Budweiser and Twinkie’s most likely.. or maybe in your case a Latte, a macchiato, mocha or maybe an Americano?

  • It’s not just merchandise. They are destroying people’s livilehoods, their only means of putting food on their family’s table. These are already poor community’s and this will take years to recover from if they ever do. The media acts like it’s just target so it’s ok, that’s (edit) stupid. It’s not, it’s entire community’s. They arent smashing and stealing from Jeff Bezos, these are their neighbors. Can I rob, sorry, loot your pot farm because I’m upset? Smash your car, burn your house down? Bet you’d have a different opinion then.

    • 🕯🌳I’ll second that.🖖🕊🌍🐸

    • Mike,
      I third that.

    • I get that that people’s livelihoods are also at stake. I wouldn’t stand By while small buisnesses or homes were looted or vandalized without sayin something.. And for sure, if my life or my families life was in danger, ya, I would have a different opinion. I just can’t condone the use of lethal force against mass looters either. And for me.. I decided long ago, I would never use lethal force to protect my crop or my car. My life, or someone’s life, yes.

      And actually Mike, it has been my family that has been targeted when a group of loggers smashed my grandparents window and slashed the tires for posting up a Sustainable Forests and Lumber poster in the small town hardware store they use to own. (Not recently, and not in Humboldt) That really sucked for them. So I guess I know what it is to be the target of misplaced and misapplied anger.

      But, this isn’t just a few bad apples. I know there are some good cops who are in it to do right, it’s just that the entire system is full of systemic institutional racisms, and injustices. And I disagree, I think that the Media is portraying protesters, who in large part are practicing peaceful demonstrations and lumping them together with more violent contingents even though there is disagreement on how to go about getting the message across..

  • Love and peace

    The police deescalated the local situation, using paint balls not rubber bullets.

    The local police did a good job, and deserve praise for their work in a difficult situation.

    Peaceful assembly is ok, violent protesters go to jail.

  • Hmmmmm. These thugs threw a brick through the Republican headquarters again for the 7th time recently. How come not the Democrat headquarters? As usual, the hate rioters think this kind of behavior is ok. There was a study done by a former HSU student that documented every time there was vandalism of conservative signs, postings, advertising, etc. versus liberal items of the same kinds. During the study, not a single liberal item was disturbed. Hundreds of times conservative items were destroyed, most of them left as litter by those pushing “zero waste.” Berkeley was recently vandalized heavily including broken windows, arson, physical violence to community members and multiple other crimes simply because the conservative club invited a conservative speaker. It is clear which side condones the hideous behavior happening all across this country. And yet, some still say the fist is a symbol of solidarity. What kind of solidarity are we talking about? It is certainly not turning out to be solidarity of peace.

  • By Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times – Tuesday, January 28, 2020

    Apparently it isn’t that tough to find radical left-wing staffers on the Bernie Sanders presidential primary campaign.

    Project Veritas released Tuesday the third video in its #Expose2020 series featuring hidden-camera footage of two South Carolina field organizers—paid staff, not volunteers—expressing support for upending the U.S. government and overthrowing capitalism.

    A field organizer identified as Daniel Taylor said in the hidden-camera footage that even if Mr. Sanders wins the Democratic nomination and the presidency, there may still be the need for “extreme action.”

    “Even if Bernie is elected, change will not come swiftly or easily, so the connections we’re making now in the campaign and with other volunteers and events, it’s important we retain that regardless of the outcome,” said Mr. Taylor. “It’s unfortunate that we have to make plans for extreme action, but like I said, they’re not going to give it to us even if Bernie is elected.”


    This one is new….

    BREAKING: @Project_Veritas infiltrated the violent group #ANTIFA and will show our undercover footage to the world tomorrow.

    See it first: #EXPOSEANTIFA

    I could post dozens more.

    Look at the big picture why are the same riots going on in the EU ?

    • I don’t think the above post is Bernie Sanders fault …I think Antifa latched on to him like the KKK types latched on to Trump.

      However if you blame Trump for KKK then Bernie’s responsible for Antifa.

      Both Antifa and the KKK are ( edit ) disgusting.

      This is about more than Humboldt and the surrounding areas.

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