‘Quit resisting’: Trinity County Sheriff Deputy On Administrative Leave After Posting Meme Mocking the Death of George Floyd

Brandon Woodhouse

Compilation of images: TCSO badge, Brandon Woodhouse in uniform as taken from a screenshot of his Instagram page, and the meme which shows the words “Quit resisting” over the image of a pornographic actor photoshopped sitting on George Floyd’s head in a still photo taken from the viral video that has sparked protests, both violent and peaceful, across the nation.

Trinity County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Brandon Woodhouse has come under fire after it was found that he posted on his personal Instagram account a meme mocking the death of Minnesota man George Floyd. According to Trinity County Sheriff Tim Saxon, “I have placed the deputy on administrative leave pending the completion of an internal investigation.”

Brandon Woodhouse

Image of Brandon Woodhouse in uniform taken from a screenshot of his Instagram post. His account has since been removed.

Northern California Facebook Groups such as “Redding Against Police Brutality” began circulating the screenshots of the Instagram profile “bwood.821” and connected the account to TCSO Deputy Brandon Woodhouse. Screenshots of the Instagram profile captured other posts that include what appears to be a TCSO badge and Woodhouse wearing his uniform.

The controversial meme consists of a still taken from the video of Floyd’s death. Instead of Minnesota law enforcement officer Derek Chauvin pinning Floyd to the ground, an image of a deceased pornographic actor has been superimposed so that he appears to be sitting on Floyd’s head. Above the image are the words “Quit resisting.” The caption composed by Woodhouse reads “First Amendment there Instagram ;)”. 

Sheriff Saxon provided Redheaded Blackbelt with his statement given to the Trinity County Board of Supervisors regarding the deputy’s social media post. He explained that “Late yesterday, it came to my attention that a member of my department may have posted an inappropriate item on their social media account.” Initial responses to the media he described as “generic” because he has learned “that you can’t always trust what you see on the internet.” Upon investigating the social media posts, Sheriff Saxon said, “Unfortunately, I discovered this post was from one of my deputies.”

Sheriff Saxon apologized saying “I want to apologize to the board and the people of Trinity County for the inappropriate, discriminatory photo that was uploaded to the employee’s account.” He hoped the public would remember “that this is not the feeling representative of the men and women of Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. We are here to serve and protect all people…no matter what…because everyone matters.”

Sheriff Saxon said he does not “condone the actions of this employee” and accepted responsibility saying simply, “I am the Sheriff.”

Here is the TCSO press release regarding the deputy’s social media post: 


June 2, 2020

On June 1, 2020, late in the day, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of an inappropriate post made by a Deputy on their private social media account.

An investigation was immediately initiated, during which time the Deputy was placed on administrative leave.

We apologize for the inappropriate and discriminatory actions of this Deputy, and want to reassure our community that the actions of this employee, in no way reflects the sentiment of the men and women of the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office to the public we serve.

As Law Enforcement Agency, we are held to a higher standard; honor, integrity, and commitment is our goal as an office. We are here to serve and protect all people, no matter what, because everyone matters.

Agencies involved:

Trinity County Sheriff’s Office

UPDATE: Trinity Deputy No Longer With Sheriff’s Department After Making Instagram Post Mocking the Death of George Floyd



  • 2 words, for him, is all that’s necessary… YOU’RE FIRED!!!!

    • 🕯🌳I’ll second that. 🌍🐸🕊🖖

      • Ernie Branscomb

        I know Kym doesn’t like commenters to call other people “stupid”, but this is so unbelievably stupid that there is no other word to describe “Deputy” Brandon Woodhouse.

        It pains me to think that the Deputy would do this. What the hell was he thinking?

        Can there be any reasonable excuse for this?

        I hope that he has learned something, and that he enjoys his new job, somewhere away from humanity. Good luck sir.

        • The Real Brian

          And good on Saxon for swiftly handling it properly.

          • Saxon should step down.

            Saxon should go. That deputy should been fired on the spot.with what’s going on…. cops protecting cops

            • With police unions, Saxon does not have the legal power to do that. (And let me clarify, he shouldn’t. Allowing someone to get a fair hearing is a reasonable requirement that the police union has as part of their contracts. It makes justice move more slowly but it helps stop injustice also.)

              • Cal-POST need to be changed so that conduct unbecoming is a reason to lift POST certs.. no certs? no badge no gun.
                Another urgently needed thing is to pull the Reagan ATC move on the police unions, ie from this moment on police unions are a disqualifier for employment as an LEO.. all present officers need to be fired and then requalified under new POST standards to keep this abuse from reoccuring.
                Any attempt at labor strikes or a blue flu disqualifies the participant for lifetime for holding a POST certification. All qualified immunity is ended retroactively.. ie felonies and misdemeanors back to statute of limitations, homicides as for any other citizen.. no safe harbor all homicides by LEO to be investigated by citizen investigators hired for that purpose.. NOT LEO(s). NO backdoors/shortcuts into the courts & legal process for LEOs , ALL defendants are equal before the Law..

                we can end this plague but it WONT be easy..

                anon traveler

        • Only if his new job is digging ditches. Fascist scum don’t deserve a badge. You think you just go the next place to continue your racist bullshit?


          It’s high time we get some fukkin standards around here. Get his badge. Get him the fukk out. And for all you bootlickers out there, who just got triggered, realize: this type of bullsh*t stains ALL cops. Or do you WANT people to hate the f-ing cops? Respect is f-ing earned.

        • No offense, there to you, Ernie. You’re cool. I’m in my feelings.

          It frustrates me that firing people, or putting them on leave, is the “best” that people are willing to do. — Yeah. You, Trinity. — What we need is institutional reform – a complete f-ing overhaul. Firing racist cops does nothing to solve the institutional racism part of the problem. We all know they get hired down the street or a couple towns over and continue being THE PROBLEM. When I saw the Atlanta mayor just fire those cops who abused those students, I was like, WOW, get ’em with a wet noodle. What good is it if they’re taking their shit down the road?

          People like this need to be stripped of their badges AND barred from the force. With great privilege comes great responsibility. And as our public servants, paid with our hard-earned dollars, these people need to earn their wages. If the police want to be recognized as legitimate, they need to have f-ing STANDARDS. And not just the image of standards, but actual f-ing standards.

          And for everyone griping about “freedom of speech,” they need to realize that we, the public, sets the standards for our servants. There are many jobs where the line between public and private is meaningless, particularly where issues of public trust are at stake. The police need to be rigorously and relentlessly trained out of their racial and gender biases, prejudice, and discrimination. Period. And if they can’t handle it, they don’t deserve the f-ing honor.

          • There needs to be, and slowly has been, changes in “police training”. But the slowly isn’t cutting it any longer ! The damn “ Blue Wall” BS needs to come down, period end of story ! From military to community based reform. Yes, there is a time and a need for the good ol’ “military “, but Community is far more effective and needed !!!!

            • You’re right. Training programs aren’t cutting it. We need to go to the next level…

              Tear down the “Blue Wall” !!! Expunge the ranks. Root them out. Reconfigure their policies and procedures. Mandate transparency. Bring in citizen community oversight. It all needs to “go public” !!!

        • The reasonable excuse is that he thought it was acceptable. The very fact that he felt comfortable posting something like this speaks volumes about the company he keeps …..

        • His “reasonable excuse” is that he didn’t realize that posting a photo of himself in uniform on the same account as this stupid and offensive meme means he can’t claim first amendment. Public safety agencies can limit what their employees post if they identify themself as employees of that agency.

    • Nothing will change until we have anti-hate speech legislation. Until then, all these morons will hide behind the first amendment.

      • This situation was dealt with quite effectively without such Constitutionally dubious legislation.

      • Wrong. No need to give the government any more power than they already have to violate our basic civil rights. Mr. Woodhouse is facing consequences for his actions, as he should be, thanks to quick action from activists and his boss Sheriff Saxon. Censorship and prohibition under any circumstances is the exact opposite of what is needed. Holding people accountable for their behavior is the only rational course of action.

        • Meanwhile we have thousands of meme calling our elected president a nazi orangutan etc….. goes both ways,’but only one is racist.

          • Trump is one of the most powerful people in the world. Mr. Floyd is dead.

            The power differential is pretty big there.

            My dad always said don’t hit women. But his actions were bigger than his words. Poke fun at authority, protect the vulnerable.

            He took neighborhood kids hunting and snuck over to Fish and Wildlife decoy deer to put hats on them.

            Punch up not down.

            • Mr Floyd is dead. Officer is being tried for murder. The president has made a public apology to family. The Rodney king riots happened AFTER officer was found not guilty,NOT before. Protests are now riots and the burning and looting of private and public property, this is ok with you? Now,the president is forced to do something about it and now the left is blaming him for doing so!!! Really? If this was Obama and anti maskers were rioting to get there jobs back and to live free, every liberal in this country would be in applauded over the decision to use the military.We should let this go unchecked? These are not peaceful protests. Whatever, I’m done. Like guest says, EVERYTHING is trumps fault, if the guy saved a puppy from a burning building someone would find a Way to make it look bad. This is now a race war, fueled by one persons bad decision,irresponsibility and abuse of power. Now this whole country is to pay the price. Trumps fault. He will get re-elected beacuse many don’t buy the BS. Have a good day kym. I really new a fuking vacation btw!

              • FOG, Trump is not saving puppy’s from buildings, he separating children from parents and losing them, he’s chasing priests from their church so he can hold an upside down Bible in front of it. You guys were obviously not raised on end times anti christ stories like I was.

                This is almost enough to make me believe in the Bible and you guys want to pretend that the man that does those things will save us. He is the antithesis of everything that is good about you and you can’t see it. He hasn’t met a contractor he wouldn’t screw out of money, he wouldn’t join a fire crew or lift a finger to help his community.

                I don’t understand how you can watch these things like chasing the priest from the church so he can do a photo op, and be okay with it.

                • Thank you Kim!

                • He didn’t chase the Priest, it’s people like you that exaggerate, that don’t need to stir things up more!They had no reason to start that church on fire and Trump was not going to let them finish!!

                  • Here’s a great breakdown of events. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/06/02/timeline-clearing-lafayette-square/

                    The fire happened Sunday night. It isn’t clear who started it.

                    Peaceful protesters were on site with the rector on Monday.

                    But 6:27 p.m. Military Police move towards protesters at what are obviously Trump’s orders. (See his short notice Rose Garden speech followed by his 6:50 p.m. “now I’m going to pay my respects to a very, very special place.”

                    They clear the area which included an older woman rector being forced in fear from her own church. See her account here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2020/06/03/priest-stjohns-church-trump/ “My colleagues and I passed out water and snacks. People exchanged prayers and elbow bumps. Things were so calm that, by 6 p.m., most of my colleagues had left. I decided to stay until I could no longer be useful; so did my church’s seminarian, Julia, who is also a trauma nurse…Julia and I were washing out protesters’ eyes and feeling it ourselves. I was coughing; Julia’s eyes were red, swollen and tearing. There was a shout that someone was hurt, and Julia ran to help. When she came back, she told me she had seen police on horseback approaching. The seminary team decided it was time to leave…I couldn’t believe my eyes. A wall of police, in full riot gear, was physically pushing people off the St. John’s patio, maybe 15 feet away from me….My revulsion was immediate and strong, the reality of what happened sinking in: The president had used military-grade force against peaceful protesters, so he could pose with a Bible in front of the church. I sat in my driveway and wept.”

                    7:06 Trump starts photo op.

                    • Humboldt Native

                      Wow I’m stunned. I was actually watching the coverage. I didn’t see him chasing anyone. You just crossed over from reporter to just another anti-trump blog.

                    • No one said Trump physically went in and wielded a baton. Please. People in power merely point and have others do their dirty work.

                      And my opinion in the comment section are here for two reasons:

                      I’m a member of the community not above it and my ideas need to face opposition like everyone else’s.

                      And, readers can see my opinions and look at my writing in the news and see if they have a slant.

              • HolyMoleyBatman

                Oh my Lord. Fanofguest- After all the lies, corruption, disrespect to our teachers, military, scientists, doctor and nurses, insults to our allies, befriending murderers and despots, after inept heartless photo-ops while people are being attacked, the misery he has caused the world, after being IMPEACHED, and you DARE to compare anything he has done to ANY past president?
                Just WOW. There is being wrong, and there is a Total Break with reality. Pick one.

            • You must have missed the nature videos where a pack of wolves or wild dogs bring down a much larger, more powerful animal. Mobs and packs are similar in that way.

              • Looks to me like President Trump has his own mob. Did you miss the videos where armed officers teargassed protesters and priests out of the priest’s own church so he could have a photo op with a bible he doesn’t read held upside down?


                or this version not behind a paywall. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/500593-how-trump-cleared-the-park-around-the-white-house

                Are you seriously saying that poor little Trump is without power? He’s a cowardly, bully that takes guns to push priests out of a church so he can have a fake photo taken. But cowardly or not, he’s got the might of the US Army behind him.

                • No. I’m saying mobs have power too. Are you saying they don’t? Do you think mobs are not bullies, cowards that take and destroy? Even the small, relentless locusts have power.

                  If Trump was wrong, that does not make the hateful right. It does not offset hate to be hate. It just makes more hate in the world. It’s a bloody Greek tragedy of doom in which the actors are dragged along by their appetites and willfulness and won’t listen to anything rational. Unhinged and not just Trump.

                  • I do believe that mobs have huge and scary power. I don’t like them. But we weren’t talking about that. We were talking about people mocking someone. I said punch up not down.

                  • Trump is the President. He should know better. Like his wife says “be best.” Trump isn’t like anybody else. He has a hand in what we now see is happening to our country. He has done nothing but throw fire on racism in this country. Everything he does is calculated to maintain divisions and appeal to his base. If we are divided, then he can hide his fleecing of America. We also know his buddy Putin is behind a lot of the racial division being sown in this country. Whether it is the viral pandemic, racism, or anything else where we need leadership Trump is MIA, except using it to further divide us. There have been no words of hope, love, or peace during the last 6 months, let alone the whole of Trump’s presidency. That is what we need from our leaders and that is what the good ones always provide when lives are turned upside down. Every challenge Trump has faced he has failed to deliver. He inherited a growing economy from a President who led us out of the red of the Great Recession and he has made our potential fall from the world stage ever more likely. He is a disaster for everything the United States should stand for and has promoted those things we should be ashamed of. Good for you Kym.

                  • “THE ART OF WAR”,

                    A Concept very few people understand well enough to have the correct perspective on these “interesting times”

                  • The people at Lafayette Park were not a mob. They were lawfully, peacefully demonstrating. Exercising their First, not Second, Amendment rights. The unprovoked violence against them happened a half hour before the announced curfew took effect. Much care must be taken in making the distinction between a ‘Mob’ of “thugs”, as Trump called them, and people lawfully demonstrating. Without that distinction all protect can be labeled a mob . That is what happens in dictatorships! This was done, for a photo op yes, but primarily as an expression of power. ( as in a Rape or Lynching) The photo-op was an excuse for Trump showing he can still put a boot, or knee, on your neck.

                • Ok, that leaves...

                  Orangutans are mostly gentle forest creatures with strong useful hands

                • Well, the main Kushner building’s address is 666 5th Avenue, would you care to comment on that Kym? Yeah, I didn’t think so😳

                • Don’t believe everything you read god damn What ever happened to having thick skin in this world .everyone has an opinion but nobody can keep it to there selves .get all pissed if someone’s view is different get over yourself and open your ears and shut your sandwich trap people

                  • SH, I don’t believe everything I read, old friend. But imagine if Sheriff Honsal were to order his officers to chase everyone out of a local church including the local pastor so he could do a photo op there. I don’t think that would sit well with the local folks.

                    What President Trump ordered done isn’t sitting well with the religious community that owns St. Johns in Washington and it doesn’t sit well with me. I’m expressing my opinion of it. Then you seem to be unhappy over it. Your opinion is welcome here and so is mine. No one has to shut their sandwich trap.

                    • Sandwich ? Somebody calling for lunch?

                      The neighboring, competing, religious buildings aren’t so opposed to what happened inside/around Lafayette Park. Some have been quoted and silenced.

                      It wasn’t comfortable to watch but, the only way to see our president outside the WH enclosure. That requires some reasonable sacrifices by the locals.

                      I think it was entirely poetic to see our president holding his bible in front of a burning building. A sign of the dissent within our ranks.

                    • Really? Next time Sheriff Honsal wants a photo op, you won’t mind if he drives you out of your cannabis farm whether or not you’ve done anything illegal? It seems to me you’ve been pretty vocal about law enforcement over reaching around here but I guess if it’s people whose politics don’t align with yours its okay?

          • Now that is stupid.

          • You just said it first on this thread!

        • Looting and riots for the sake of looting and rioting will result in the use of force that will be acceptable by half of the population.

          Zero Sum game

      • Aren’t you glad you live in a country that protects your right to say what you want, even if it’s an absolutely stupid thought like you just expressed?

        Note to the boss: I have not stated or even implied the other commenter is stupid. My comment only addresses the stupidity of the thought, not the person.

      • Legislation would not do it. You would need to amend the 1st Amendment.

        Who would you be willing to hand off your power to that would be the arbiter of what is “hate” speech?

        • Yes. So many are so sure of their own judgement that they would. And would be surprised when the same is applied to them. So many can’t think two steps ahead.

        • Free to talk free to walk

          He was free to speak, and free to show himself for who he was, and he was free to take a walk, and think about it. Sheriffs, and Police Chiefs are realizing one POS on the force can wreak havoc, and bring down the Chief and other Officers.

        • Thank you Ullr Rover, for just about everything you say.

          • And I think that man’s comments were tone deaf and inciting, in a time when everyone needs to tone their shit down. I thought everyone wanted unity given the Covid pandemic, now we are on to Race war? I, and many others will refuse to participate in this bullshit.

    • shone the fishermone

      Its been open season on cops now for about five years!! And uh.. Yeah what can anybody say about this guy?Pretty bad when even I cannot see the humor!

      • Being a cop isn’t even in the top most dangerous jobs. Open season my ass

        • It’s one of the few where employees are targeted by strangers just because they wear a uniform. It’s also one of the few where succeeding in the job gets as them much harassment as failing. Maybe more.

          • Angela Robinson

            Still they don’t even crack the top ten most dangerous/deadly jobs (with a rare exception in a few years).

            I’m part of a commercial fishing family and grew up in logging towns in Humboldt. Guess what the two most dangerous jobs are? Logging and fishing.

            I had a cop (online) call me and everyone else in the conversation “pussies” because they have no idea about danger and were safe in their cubicles. Of course, I pointed out the above information and invited him to come to a fisherman’s bar and call them pussies to their face.

            I have literally lost count of the number of people I knew personally who have been lost on the ocean or crossing a bar.

            • Not the point. When a person choses a dangerous job, they choose it because they like it. When a cop becomes the butt of anger because they enforce laws that other create, that is irrational abuse directed at them by transference. Get mad at the people who make laws.

              • Angela Robinson


                By your own reasoning, cops take the job because they like it.

                Don’t like getting abuse, some of it richly deserved as seen by the event that is causing all this trauma, maybe they need to find a different job.

                But they aren’t that special, really. Despite what they tell others and themselves. The “Punisher” thing is disgusting.

                Also, I’m more worried about low paid workers in convenience stores. They are at risk, too. Without the benefits that cops have, like pensions, healthcare and unions that will do everything to keep a rogue cop on the force.

              • Angela Robinson

                Also..in my example of the cop in the logging town. He pulled them over for nothing more than being a crummy full of men. There was no “law to uphold”.

              • A lot of cops choose the job so they can bully people. The good cops need to police their own or be made to look like shitheads. Trinity county sheriff seems to be taking care of the problem which makes him and his force look good.

          • Angela Robinson

            I have to come back with a little story about a cop.

            There is a small logging/mill town in my county. Half of the houses were literally built by a lumber company to house it’s workers.

            The one cop, like so many cops, the young guys come to the small towns to puff up their resumes, not even from the area. and they leave after a few years.

            So, it’s 4:30 in the morning and this cop sees a crummy filled with guys. he pulls them over and wants to know why they are out “so late”. A bunch of guys in caulk boots and work clothes (high water pants, old hickory shirts, suspenders, the usual). He is told what they are doing, which anyone that grew up in Humboldt County would also know…they were out so “early” because the sale they were working was over an hour away and they wanted to start at sunrise.

            The cop still didn’t believe them and demanded to inspect their thermoses. He was so completely ignorant of the area and it’s people.

            So many cops don’t live in the community they police, they also don’t understand those they are supposed to “protect and serve”. You have to give respect to get it.

            • That is the community’s fault. They should provide the local police from their own ranks so they do have a feeling for the community. Or work the the newby to explain. With patience. Sometimes it’s hard for a community to drum up such people because of rules regarding history. But it’s more likely that mostly the locals have contempt for police work.

            • shone the fishermone

              Angela, You never logged or fished! Maybe your husband did those things? But not you. You chime in like you know something about working a dangerous job. You do not! By the by, its snagged pants not “high water”. Another woman acting like shes done what her husband done.

              • Shone what a lamely sexist thing to say. Angela thank you for sharing. Don’t worry, some boot lickers worship the cops and despise women.

                • Hey Shone,
                  I know a logger who is an 85 year old woman. She’s getting a little slow these days but in her day I’da trusted her on a cat over you and any one else I know, any day.

                  • shone the fishermone

                    No you would not! She 85 for gods sake! nobody in their correct mind would, like i said you guys live in a fantasy! When was back in her day? lol

                • shone the fishermone

                  Sorry they kicked me off lost coast for using the F***** word, So now Im here..

              • I didn’t read what she wrote to say she did those jobs. What are you rambling about? We are talking about something else let the adults have the floor. You can continue on with your misogyny some other time.

                • shone the fishermone

                  Yeah ok Dan, Let the flat landers tell us all about it! Ive worked fishing in Alaska with women and they cannot do a man job… period. Go live in fantasy and tell each other how wonderful you are. There is a core group on here that makes me sick! Blah blah she know so much!

                  • Bullshit. The main reason they won’t do the job is because of misogynists like you. Women are very capable of doing so-called “men’s work.” And women often do it better. I would take a woman President over a man every time. My guess is you have never understood what it means to be a man…and your single, lol.

                    • shone the fishermone

                      calls em like I see them! And no you are wrong! Women cannot commercial fish like a man. I finish my side of the deck then I walk over and help the female cause she cannot do it! Seen it 3 times in my life! They sure talk a big show tho. And wrong again Dan I am happily married.. So guess some more old man! Old man Dan! Besides we all know it was your generation that has made such a mess of the planet!

              • Angela Robinson

                LOL….I started fishing out of Eureka, in the late 70s. (and had to work harder because I was a woman…nothing like the old Italians lining up above me on the dock to watch “the girl” unloading salmon). I wound up moving to Oregon because of fishing. My last job was in Bristol Bay, AK. I have fished from northern California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska (from Kodiak through the Bering Sea/Bristol Bay). I did quit some years, because my husband made a sad little joke:

                “I’m the only guy in the fleet whose wife drives a bigger boat than me.

                Want to swap stories about anchoring up in Domingo Creek? Or how a few years later I was fishing in a Washington fleet off Cape Mendocino (after the Boldt Decision) and as I was the one who knew how punch bait I spent a lot of time teaching them how. Those WA fishermen were total junk guys. Though if you want to discuss the Egegik liquor store, sit on down. (and do not google it first).

                But really, I think you are just talking out your keister.

                Oh yeah, perhaps it’s been because I have lived in Oregon so long, but it is “high water pants” here.

                • shone the fishermone

                  Us Crabbers do not hold much respect for Salmon fisherman, But good for you Angie, You Salmon fished! Hauled many 9by9″s weighing a thousand pounds each? Let alone stacked that kind of gear? Ever fished 30 footers every single day? Ever took a greener 67 feet tall? No I am impressed that you did go to sea . Thats what I think a fisherman does.

                  • Angela Robinson

                    “Us crabbers”….

                    Aren’t you special. I used to build those pots in Kodiak, btw. I was fast and good and of course, like all the big manly men also building them (only one was faster than me), used an I-beam hoist to move them around.

                    But tell me, where you were slamming pots? When? You are also neglecting to mention the cranes, aren’t you? Because you weren’t physically stacking pots 5 high by your big ole muscles alone. You also weren’t launching pots all by your lonesome either, unless you were that one guy with the joke t-shirt that said “I’m the pot launcher”….hydraulics are great aren’t they.

                    Also want to mention that the rest of the fisheries consider king crabbers to be the gorillas of the fleets. Just saying. The nicest way I’ve heard them described is as Klingons. The trawlers being the Romulans. My age group have all either jumped into the wheel house or retired, or, shockingly, bought salmon boats. It’s brute force to be on the deck of a crabber.

                • shone the fishermone

                  Do you even know why a logger snaggs his pants? I am from Kodiak by the by, Lived there my whole life. My father died there and its my home. Always thought the world dropped of past town cause i get to know you people from lower 48 and never see them again. If you have fished out of my home port of Kodiak then I give respect.

                  • Angela Robinson

                    Yes, I have, before and after the Bridge was built. Before the harbor on Near Island was built (and remember taking a skiff over to the new harbor before the bridge was finished). I lived there for several years and regret that I moved away. Even after I moved away I would go up in the summers to tender and in the winter to just visit.

                    My favorite t-shirt is one from the 1983 King Crab Festival. The joke being 1982 was the last year there was King Crab fishing around the island. Of course, that was “fixed” soon enough and it’s now just the Kodiak Crab festival. I still have that t-shirt.

                    • shone the fishermone

                      Funny you trash crabbers yet it was your generation that ruined so many industries up here…. You raped the wilds of Alaska before regulation sent you packing down to the lower 48! Yeah thanks Mom! No shrimp left! I could go on but you know you did it! And I have to tell ya something theres nothing good about sitting in a bar in Alaska, spent most my life do that and it sucks when its the only place open in town! The bar? Or the boat? great you went to the shitiest bar ever in Bristol bay!Yeah I have worked years on draggers! say something bad about them too!

                    • Angela Robinson

                      Shone, please stop. The Egegik Liquor stop isn’t a bar.

                      Take care of yourself. Word of advice. Don’t call women, or anyone for that matter, liars.

        • The meme isn’t even an attempt at humor. It is a clear threat: you resist and we will kill you.
          Claiming citizens resisted arrest is one of the ways police justify their actions, much police brutality occurs in Humboldt (against all ethnicities, though more so to people of color) without murder and no doubt much of it leads to mental health problems and suicide for victims.

      • It has definitely been open season on cops for the last five days at least.
        And I’m not generally a fan of cops, and have been manhandled by them more than once.

    • What a fu¢€ up. Fire this a_hole raging idiot. Is this fuck up rallied by all the injustice going around, and excited to bring to our counties…

    • I say we start by subpeonaing his IQ test. Brandon my boy, as one coming from a law enforcement family I would like to say ” You acted like a complete ass, if you weren’t framed”, and now you will pay the price, whatever the price is in Trinity. If you really did this, hold on to your knickers and watch out for the spitters.

  • Know the rules

    There are others, there are racists in every police department. It should be the job of every department to root out the racist members of their departments. It should be the clear policy of every department that racism will not be tolerated.

    • and yet police unions and brass, as well as both democrats and republicans resist accountability measures. almost like they don’t have any interest in addressing the racists, or the violence and harassment that they perpetrate.

      i hope the dozens upon dozens of instances of police using agents provocateur, staging burning vehicles where protestors haven’t been yet, breaking windows themselves in full uniform, brutally assaulting bystanders and children and elected officials, etc. is enough to get both parties to stop siding with authoritarian violence.

    • Whatever. It was funny lol

  • Curiouser and curiouser

    Thank you TCSO for transparency and prompt response. This is I’m sure a union position thus needing to go through proper channels of investigation.

  • Too stupid to be on the force. And that’s giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Elvis Costanza

    Officers too stupid to stay off social media with obscenities like this NEED to be fired and then de-certified so they can’t just move to another agency somewhere else.

    • Slowly turning the boat

      Bad Cops with an agenda are starting to be recognized as the huge liability that they are. For sure the problem of excessive police force has been continuing, been a problem, and we only hear about the tip of the iceberg, But look how this Derek Chauvin punk triggered massive protests, He triggered the angry mobs, instigating Generalisimo Orange Glow to send the military in on it’s own citizens. I’m ok with just firing, but maybe somebody needs to create a meme with the TCSO deputy getting dipped…Caption: You’re Fired!

  • Reminds me of when Id see the LAPD kicking my friends heads in while they lay in the ground with the cops saying stop resisting, stop hitting my boot before arresting them for assault on an officer.

  • This guy needs to be fired and not allowed another position where he is armed and has power over anybody. I’m not a pc guy at all but given the circumstances his behavior shows complete disrespect and utter stupidity. It’s scary that this guy had a job as a cop- fully armed and with the authority of the law behind his badge! Yes- That’s exactly what all the demonstrations and riots are about…what a dangerous knucklehead!

  • I am so done w liberal MSM!! Everything bad going on is trumps fault. Do they ever tell the truth? CNN, Yahoo, WSJ! Comical!

    • Angela Robinson

      Did I miss the mention of Trump’s name, or that the major media outlets reported on this?

      Sounds like it has been handled locally.

      Also, just a head’s up..the Wall Street Journal is certainly not “liberal”. The same man, who owns Fox also own the WSJ.

    • Truth is Trump is using Active Duty military to hide behind and threatening to use force for participating in our constitutional right. You just watch if blood spills I bet he tries to come after our weapons.

    • FanOfGuest. It’s the plan. Tyrants are destroying this country for political gain, economically and socially. What’s really disturbing, is that some people agree with this, as any means to get rid of our elected sitting president. Millions see through the BS. Trump 2020, let’s make America great….. again.

      • What’s really disturbing is how many people line up to lick trumps boots. They’ll ignorantly and pathetically blame the tyrannical government while pretending trump isn’t the head of the government/ tyrants. What a joke!

      • “Pulling back the veil.”

    • local observer

      i bet trump re-tweeted this meme on the half a dozen sock-puppet accounts he has on twitter. trump has proved himself to be an adult child moron and like most adult morons, they can’t handle when things get complicated and overwhelming.

      • There goes that liberal paranoia that can’t seem to account for other ways of thinking except to suspect conspiracy.

        • There goes that conservative way of thinking that can’t seem to help but lump everyone together under one label…That’s a giant sarcasm in case anyone missed it. I don’t think all conservatives think one way. I just think Guest should stop lumping liberals together in a way she would despise if it were wielded against conservatives.

  • GUILTY of daring to think the First Amendment applied to himself.

    • you must also be a virulent racist, otherwise you would be troubled by a police officer posting that.

      a law hasn’t been passed by a state or by congress abridging his speech. he’s being investigated for having publicly outed himself as unreliable at best, a violent white supremacist at worst.

      wanting police officers to be professional instead of crass racists shouldn’t be bipartisan.

    • He can say anything he wants on his social media now. Any Stupid Thing

      He just can’t expect TCSO to allow his stupid utterances to harm their relations with the community.

    • The first amendment means the government can’t throw you in jail for your beliefs. It doesn’t mean your neighbor, your boss, or the community has to think well of you for posting them. And, it doesn’t mean that if your posting show the lack of maturity needed for a tough job that you should be allowed to keep it.

      • Civil war

      • If the government is your employer, yes it does mean that. Exactly that. You just can’t represent your government employer while doing it. “At the same time, it is impermissible for a government employee to have fewer free speech rights than a private citizen not employed by the government. The law attempts to balance these two interests.” https://www.freedomforuminstitute.org/first-amendment-center/topics/freedom-of-speech-2/free-speech-and-government-employees-overview/

        • It is possible that his employment contract includes maintaining a certain image even in his private affairs. After all, cops are never really “off-duty”.

          • Which is why it matters whether it is protected speech or not. If it was a matter of public concern such as a comment on the police being fired for excessive force, not just a racist rant, then he is protected. If not, he isn’t. It’s impossible to tell from the bits in the article. We don’t know the facts, only the opinions.

            • There was a recent item on RHBB about another LEO getting fired for off-duty conduct that reflected badly on his character. This is no different. Such incidents can interfere with LEOs’ ability to do their job effectively. For example, if there were a criminal case to which this Deputy contributed work, it could devolve into a Mark Fuhrman situation depending on the situation. Whether or not he did good work on the case it could be eclipsed by his off-duty stupidity.

          • In a sick way, the fact that so many of our elected officials probably feel the same way, but are just too clever to ever let that known publicly, is almost worse.

            When you deal with the worst of society, your view is that everyone is a criminal.

            You can be a boy scout with good intentions, but the reality of the job will make every LEO see society differently.

        • This is an individual who is tasked with protecting the civil rights of all individuals. His post shows definite bias and an inability to do that. Thus, regardless of whether he was speaking as a private citizen, and I would argue that he is not due to his account including a picture of the TCSO badge and himself in uniform, this posting would likely go against his terms of employment.

        • I’m for unpopular opinions getting their say and not being fired as a whole, but if your opinions indicate you might be harmful to those you are supposed to serve–say a person who believes pedophilia is healthy is working with gradeschoolers–then you need to find another job.

          • Doomed. We are all doomed when laws are just made up on the spot and justified by hate. Isn’t that exactly what you are complaining about?

            • I’m a little unclear on your point. I think you are saying that using common sense to avoid trouble by removing a person advocating for pedophilia from a job involving children is going to doom us because that’s acting from hate.

              I’m hoping I’m misunderstanding.

          • In my 1911 I trust

            Exactly Kym, this man has a gun and is backed up by the law. Certain things are just not ok when an individual is given that sort of power.

      • Agreed. That’s what makes it work. You can say anything you want, but….you also have to accept the consequences of those who have the right to choose not to interact with you.

        The rights of bosses to fire, customers to refuse patronage, these things make it impossible for bad ideas to survive in the light.

        But is it racist or does he just hate everybody he arrests? I don’t know, but I’m willing to reserve judgment with the information I have….

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Way,way too many hypocritical police officers and emergency personnel out there. I know of a couple of them drink so much in the evenings when they’re called out in the emergency calls are often times drunk. I tried to bring some type of information to the supervisor and the supervisor I went to told the drunk who called and it just got me in trouble . He still drives drunk at work FREQUENTLY SIGH in government rigs to boot!…so this is just the tip of the iceberg for local Leos that aren’t appropriate. No sorrow that would watch pornos on the dispatch computers or their personal laptop while on duty because the office was a little slow . The co-workers complain because they didn’t like that and nothing was done about that either . Not saying they all are. YES. there some good ones out there but the bad ones way overshadow them and keep the good ones oppressed and bullied keeping them from being the good LEOs that they are.

  • This incident does NOT reflect the good standing of the TCSO. Tim Saxon will do the right thing which is following protocol. I have lived in Trinity County for 15 years and I can say the SO and CHP have some outstanding officers. As in any area of employment, there will always be the ‘dirty dozen’. I see many of the comments are from folks that don’t seem to be residents of Trinity County. You have every right to freedom of speech but I think trying to improve the conditions of your own backyard would take precedent.

    • Well we fired the park ranger that was passed out drunk on the job in his car with a beer can between his legs, so now we have time for your Instagram guy.

  • This is really stupid in every way. He needs to be fired. How come there is a difference between this guy and Rex Bohn. He should have been fired immediately after telling a racist joke, but no, the people of Humboldt chose to reelect him. I say this cop should go, but if it were a Humboldt Deputy I would say he should keep his job until Rex Bohn is gone forever from public service. That’s the problem with Humboldt. There is no consistency on how racism is treated. It’s ok apparently to be a racist, criminal pot grower turned Supervisor, but it’s not ok to be a racist cop? I am disgusted with the hypocrisy. They all need to go.

    • I agree with Alf on this. In fact the supervisors should be held to a higher standard than the police because they are in leadership.

      • Nope. Backwards thinking.

        Supes are elected officials. Other than that what is a supes required qualifications? Ability to lie while keeping a straight face.

        Leos earn their position by formalized education and training. They function within a strict military hierarchy. They can be disciplined and fired.

  • What kind of a twisted person would ever think to make a meme out of such a horrific event? He is to be fired immediately, administrative leave is barely even a first step and not nearly enough for such a vile act. How can the public be confident that someone like this is going to “protect and serve” their community? Absolutely disgusted.

  • This is all joe Biden’s fault. A congressional member since 1973 and failed to institute meaningful change! That has us where we’re at now. Yes, Joseph Robinette Biden!

    • local observer

      I notice that was the spin on Fox today. someday you might even learn about targeted multi-media marketing. everything you do tracked. I have a dumb phone for a reason. its so old that the lint and dust has waterproofed it.

  • Who wants to bet that he was drinking when he thought and posted this?

  • Justice for George, and better for “Wood”. He was not an actor Kym, simply a man in need of some cash. F’ing backwards Trinity, of course. More bars than stoplights #wearelegion

  • I noticed the Trinity County Sheriff left out crucial information regarding the leave, such as, is it unpaid disciplinary action or is it a taxpayer paid vacation. This is the bad apple. Let’s closely watch how they circle the bad apple and put out the false narrative that it’s a good apple and what you saw was not what you saw; just poor judgement. They always keep the bad apple until they kill too many people and it’s caught on video by a civilian and they can’t lie and control the false narrative. Get rid of him!

    • Depending on the surrounding circumstances, he may get a settlement for unfair labor actions. The only hook they have is the picture of him in uniform. So far offending a mob is not considered a just cause for termination.

      • I’m sure you’d love the whole department to be full of shitheads like this wouldn’t you. Why?!?! Is it because you share their racist ideology.

      • Did you support CNN firing Kathy Griffin for mocking President Trump by showing his severed head?

  • Dumbass.

  • I’m gonna say something here.
    It’s not meant to be disrespectful… It’s not an attack…
    It’s a perspective…
    It’s meant to be an irritant.
    It’s meant to create thought.

    I’m going to agree.
    Racism is learned.

    I’m going to disagree…
    You did learn it.
    It’s not possible to live in America and not learn it.

    This is the problem.

    If we take this as our position…

    I’m not racist.
    I’m one of the good guys…

    We are failing.
    We are racists.
    We live in and we have been educated and developed by a racist society and culture.

    It’s part of us.
    We are fish and this is our water.
    Especially as white men.

    To recognize that is the beginning.
    To work everyday to unlearn it…
    To go out of our way to change it is the task that is before us.

    To shun and alienate it is part of what needs to be our daily effort.
    It’s about doing things that go against what’s normal for us.

    My observation is that it is so deeply ingrained in our society that the people who watched George Floyd die were Black…
    And they knew and understood what was happening… And they didn’t stop it.
    This is not a condemnation – it’s an observation of how badly damaged and conditioned we ALL are.
    It’s no longer enough to declare we aren’t racists…

    We have to oppose it everywhere – we have to look for it and speak against it.
    We have to vote against it and hold those we voted for accountable if they fail to act on it.
    We have to stop what we are doing when we witness or even see the potential for it and, at a bare minimum observe what is going on.
    We have to object to it with every ounce of effort we can muster.

    It won’t be easy.
    We will lose friends.
    We will face consequences that are uncomfortable and unfair.
    We will be ostracized by the society and the culture we live in.
    It will cost us our white privilege.
    It will be painful.
    But this is the ONLY way that it will change.

    Honestly – I don’t think it’s really possible.
    But that doesn’t mean I won’t try.

    • There is truth in what you say. The thought that comes to mind is relationship. In a couple’s relationship, if it is to work out, both have to be fully invested for the benefit of the other as well as themself. I applaud you for your decision to actively pursue this. The point I make, however is that there will be many who don’t buy in, and that is why it may not be possible. That will not have anything to do with your efforts.

  • Burnt Roach (new handle)

    Sheriff Saxon,

    As a citizen of Trinity County, I accept your apology. Now go ahead and discipline your employee in an appropriate manner.

  • I guess I’ll step up and be the only person to render a defense for this deputy.

    People make nasty jokes in response to unsettling shit. It happens. Posting that isn’t necessarily indicative of a angry heart or a racist ideology. Black humor (not the race) is a coping mechanism.

    That well endowed black fellow has been making the rounds in tons of memes and tons of clickbait type links (where your buddy sends you a link to, say, the weather forecast for tomorrow’s kayak trip and when you open it….bam!). It was only a matter of time before he got put into the Floyd thing. His appearance in the meme really is kind of beyond the death and more about the continuing gag of him popping up at inappropriate times.

    I don’t know this cop. I do, however, know the type who makes “jokes” like this: probably a little brash, loud, funny, blunt, not PC… and like most cops who are like that, I’d expect he’s also a solid dude who does a good job but maybe doesn’t do so well at winning hearts and minds. To that end I’d be very surprised if he was a big ol’ racist; more likely he’s just an unthinking jokester.

    It is entirely possible to chuckle at an offensive meme, joke, what have you; and pass it on, without actually subscribing to the ideology. Someone above brought up Rex and his “Mexican” comment, and that’s a perfect example. I laughed at that comment. I repeated the joke to a few people in discussions. They laughed. It was funny and yet tasteless; and yet my finding it funny and repeating it doesn’t show what’s in my heart. It doesn’t prove I’m a racist. It simply means I appreciate a funny comment, and the funny is increased by the relative inappropriateness of the statement…. like any dirty joke, it’s funny BECAUSE it’s wrong.

    Additionally, and the part everyone else who responded is really gonna hate: it’s first amendment protected speech. If he’s fired, that’s the government firing him, and he would likely get his job back through mediation. He posted a meme on a personal account, it had nothing to do with TCSO. The same constitutional protections that apply to the protester waving “fuck the police” signs should apply to this guy.

  • Wearing His uniform in his post infers that his place of business stands behind his opinion.
    That’s what people see when they read that post.

    • No one sees that. They make that connection because they can, to jam a guy up. Show me bad things he’s done while on duty and I’ll agree with you. Show me a meme he’s posted on a private page and you’ve shown me a meme. It has no meaning without actual bad behavior to back it up.

      • The biggest thing I see is that part of being a cop is using good judgment. If he saw the meme and laughed, that’s fine with me. However, knowing the current mood of the Country toward cops, is there a chance that posting it on social media is at least a lapse of good judgment? Sure it was his right to post it. It was Kathy Griffin’s right to post Trump’s decapitated head, but for that, even CNN fired her. Rightly or wrongly, that’s what this is about. It’s about the image of the department.

  • Dave Cadorette

    I wish they would stop JUST firing cops. They should be fired and tried under the same system as everyone else.

    If I was a grocery store bagger and beat the crap out of someone…… shouldn’t I be fired AND be arrested and tried for assault?

    • Posting racism on social media is not a crime. It is exercising poor judgment. Any cop who is involved in a violent incident or death IS investigated. If they are found guilty they are charged. Some things that warrant termination are not criminal.

      • People are being fired left and right for social media posts, unless you are a leftist or communist you are big game hunting by big tech.
        It’s really getting scary.

  • Police cars engage in the business of interstate commerce


    ““Based on the above information, … there is probable cause to believe that Timothy O’Donnell committed the offense of causing damage by fire to a Chicago Police Department vehicle used in interstate commerce and in an activity affecting interstate commerce, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 844(i)” the complaint said.”

  • Anyone know where I can get the full image of this meme tho

  • I think if an employer can make you piss in a cup and Fire you for weed…. An employer should have every right to fire you if your a racist asshat! Especially if you are entitled to carry weapons, entrusted with protecting the public, and keeping the peace!

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