Humboldt County Has Two New Cases Today May 30

Press release from Humboldt County COVID19 – Joint Information Center:

Public Health Lab report

Humboldt County’s total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is now 101 after two additional positive cases were confirmed today.

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit or Local information is available at or during business hours by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000.

New confirmed COVID-19 cases: 2

  • Total confirmed cases: 101
  • Total recovered cases: 73
  • Total deaths: 3
  • Total hospitalizations: 13

Transmission information for all known cases

  • Contact to a Known Case: 59
  • Travel-Acquired: 24
  • Community Transmission: 17
  • Under Investigation: 1

Number of tests run since last report

  • Public Health Laboratory: 72
  • OptumServe public testing site: 124

Total tests run to date

  • Public Health Laboratory: 3,007
  • OptumServe public testing site: 2,493

Public Health Laboratory testing Information

  • Supply capacity: Approximately 1,800 tests
  • Testing capacity: 70 samples per day
  • Turnaround time: 48 to 72 hours

For the most recent information about COVID-19, visit or For local information, visit, call 707-441-5000 or email [email protected].

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Earlier test results:



  • How many new cases of Herpes?

  • Hopefully the warmer weather will have an influence on spread in the next couple of weeks, slowing things down again. However, a second wave in the fall is now a real possibility. One reason is because of South America. In Brazil, Peru and Chile the virus is spreading at an alarming rate. Since they are just now in their flu season, when conditions are ripe for covid, this spread doesn’t look like it’s slowing down. And next September and October when we head for flu season the virus may still be running strong down there and spread to North America very easily, putting us through another wave.

    Of course spread from other countries may not even be needed for a second wave depending on how we protect ourselves this summer.

    • Government Knows Best

      Obviously it will spike again during FLU season. This won’t go away until large amounts of people develop antibodies. How does one develop antibodies? Through exposure. Wearing a mask and hiding in your house is the complete antithesis of what we should be doing right now. Our government is setting us up for complete failure because they want us to have an outbreak. Then they can go total lockdown and instill martial law. That is, if these riots don’t force their hand earlier.

      • That’s 100% correct. This lockdown made no sense. Sick ppl, or compromised should stay home and sip. All others need herd immunity not another vaccine.

    • Somebody’s sky is always falling! Today that sky belongs to researcher.

      • “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.
        You can teach a dog to sit and bark but not when to blink.
        You can show a person logic but you can’t make them think.
        That’s the nature of the game.”

        From my song ‘Nature of the Game’

        Kinda fits yeah.

      • Researcher is simply stating what is to be expected based on basic scientific facts and a basic understanding of how deadly viruses behave. If you don’t like reality and must turn it into an optimism/pessimism battle than I would say that you are the one with issues. Perhaps you could take even a minute to read even a wikipedia history of any pandemic- the Spanish Flu is a good one. It was also a coronavirus. The 2nd Wave killed many many more than the 1st Wave. This thing is real, the transmission by asymptomatic carriers is real and the deaths are very real. Happy-Joy-Smiley Face magic thinking will not change that. Neither will retreat into crazy conspiracy theories. Good Luck- sounds like you will need it!

        • Government Knows Best

          Estimates of fatalities of the Spanish flu deaths were ~10% of the population. Covid-19 deaths currently are around 0.2-0.4%. You’re comparing apples to oranges especially with the advances in medicine, technology, and communication. Being a negative Nancy won’t change those facts either. Sounds like you need to do more research. You’re kinda basic.

          • Umm…you are using the death rate from the 2nd wave of the Spanish Flu. The 1st wave was much smaller, maybe a little more than this 1st wave of Covid-19. That’s all- I can tell I’m in a conversation with somebody who cannot grasp basic logic. Good Luck- you also will need it!

            • Government Knows Best

              Cool. So deflection and refusal to discuss the subject further… You’ve really convinced me of your point! You were the one that brought up the Spanish flu. I did read up about it. I then used the 2nd wave numbers because that was what you were referring to in your post. Do you not think we’re better equipped to handle viruses than we were in 1918? Do we not have advances in medicine that are more likely to save lives? Do we not have the ability to track the spread and communicate information in a superior fashion? I think we do.

              • Yes we do. We have all those. I don’t have time to debate with you. Good Luck and I hope you are right…The 2 week incubation inside of asymptomatic carriers is the major troubling difference. I still insist that people be aware of the potential situation heading into next flu season as it may be a doozy. Sorry that I took the snobby way to address you. Thanks for checking me on that in a civil way…Take care!

            • The people who died in the second wave were the people not exposed in the first. Although it was possible to catch off again death was less likely among those who had been exposed to the first wave.
              “A team of Australian and American researchers, writing in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, says its analysis suggests that those who were infected in the mild first wave, in the spring or summer of 1918, remained susceptible to infection in the deadly second wave in the fall, but were protected from death.”

              But it’s too late now. The pandemic will play out as it will. And it might go the other way – the second wave might be less virulent. Whichever it is, we have already made what choices are available to make. We just did so without learning from history.

    • Second wave uhhh like the virus has gone away wtf .We actually had the MOST positive cases reported of sars -cov-2 today in California 2,992.Alabama Wisconsin Arizona also had record cases.

      • Agree w/ your sarcastic comment! The virus does not go away between waves. Much like the water in the ocean does not go away between waves. The predicted 2nd wave that will hit us next winter will start from a million little sparks in the general population…asymptomatic carriers who will be all over the country. I hope I’m as wrong about this as I am for mixing fire and water analogies…I’m not into spreading fear, just spreading awareness

  • Fake news!

    • What part of it is fake? Do you believe the numbers are not accurate? That the tests are faulty? This is a simple informational release with nothing but numbers, so you should be easily able to point out what part of it is fake. [edit]

    • 🕯🌳What’s up FOG?🖖🕯🖖🇺🇸

  • Covid will not magically “go away” in summer, especially here in our mild climate. You only have to look at the spread that was still happening in the southern hemisphere during their summer/our winter. The only accounting for a summer /winter effect is people’s spreading out outdoors vs. being confined indoors due to inclimate weather. Warmer weather creates a bit of natural social distancing, that’s it.

    • Government Knows Best

      Then why is south America seeing a spike in cases? They are going into winter, aka FLU season. Also, uv light kills corona viruses in an estimated 30-90 seconds. How does temperature have an effect on that? Bro, it’s only mild on the coast. Go 20 miles inland and tell me how mild it is. Now WARMER weather creates natural social distancing? I think you need to re-read your post. There’s a lot of statements that are conflicting.

      • Australia had it spreading during one of the hottest summers on Record. South America is spiking because it came to the continent late and many governments have not reacted well. They are also going into winter where more people will congregate indoors. Yes, this county’s climate can vary widely, but the mild climate holds the main population of the Humboldt bay area. People spread the virus. Connect the dots there? And Yes, warmer weather gets more people outdoors and away from each other naturally. The way you are most likely to catch the virus is in an indoor closed circulation setting like a home or office while spending time or sharing common areas with an infected person. You are very likely to be in some sort of enclosed space during bad weather, you are less likely to be indoors on a nice day. If you project those social patterns for millions of people you will get a significant statistical rise and fall that has nothing to do with the virus survivability rate of our summer climates. It has everything to do with seasonal human behavior..see how that works?
        *The more you know*…..

        • Government Knows Best

          If Australia had one of the hottest summers on record, wouldn’t that be counter intuitive to your hypothesis that warmer weather slows down virus transmission? I will agree that government entities in south America have handled it less proactively, but maybe the spread has more to do with population density and sanitary conditions in those countries? To posit another dissonant concept, shouldn’t OUR governmental bodies encouraged us to be out doors if the virus spreads in enclosed areas such as the home and office? Your last post was a lot more coherent and although I disagree with some of your points, I appreciate you sharing your point of view.

          *Do,do do dooo*

          • Warmer weather doesn’t slow it and that is not my hypothesis, except in the case of human behavior. It continues it’s spread and slows as humans are less clustered. It will live and thrive anywhere people are in close proximity to each other. Humans are in less confined environments with each other in summer. That’s it.

            Yes, probably many countries are suffering from population density and sanitary problems. In our own country where people live or work in highly population dense environments the numbers of cases are significantly higher. However, we have no high horse to stand on…we are the world leader in infections and death. It will most likely continue that way for awhile, sadly.

  • 🕯🌳Looking at a man with a beard in a mask is like looking at an old female underwear and from the 70’s. 🖖🌍🐸

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