‘Busy in the Field’: Humboldt County Marijuana Eradication Team Has Conducted at Least Ten Raids So Far This Year

With the COVID Crisis, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t been as quick as in years past to issue statements on marijuana raids. Still, a number of press releases have been issued and we’ve listed those below.

With the help of Samantha Karges, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, we have gathered a little more information on additional law enforcement actions on which a press releases haven’t been issued so far. She told us the team has “been busy in the field” and hasn’t been able to get her details on everything. But we’ve added what she has been able to tell us.

Known Humboldt County Marijuana Enforcement Actions So Far in 2020:

  1. On Monday, April 27: Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) Served Search Warrant in the Mattole Road Area
  2. On Wednesday, April 29: Indoor Grow Raided Today
  3. On Thursday, April 30: Marijuana Enforcement Team Served Search Warrant in Garberville Yesterday
  4. On Friday, May 8:  878 Plants Eradicated in Redway Bust
  5. On Monday, May 11: Over 17,000 Plants Eradicated at Miranda Property Today, Says Sheriff’s Office
  6. On Tuesday, May 12: There wasn’t a press release but our request, Karges was able to gather some details for us. She told us,

    …[D]eputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) served two search warrants to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation in the Cathy’s Peak area of Honeydew. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife assisted in the service of the warrant.

    Two parcels were investigated during the service of the warrants. The parcels did not possess the required county permit and state license to cultivate cannabis commercially.

    During the service of the warrants, deputies eradicated approximately 2,000 growing cannabis plants.

    Additional violations with civil fines are expected to be filed by the assisting agencies.

    No arrests were made during the service of the warrant. The case will be forwarded to the DA’s Office for review.

  7. On Wednesday, May 13: Citizens’ Complaints Lead to Marijuana Bust on Wilder Ridge, Says Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office 
  8. On May 14, Karges said a search warrant was served in the Dinsmore area. At this point we haven’t received information on what MET discovered.
  9. On Friday, May 15: Over 14,000 Plants and Nearly 2000 Pounds of Marijuana Found at Salmon Creek Grow, Says HCSO MET Team 
  10. On May 20, Karges confirmed that there were search warrants served in Southern Humboldt but she hadn’t been able to gather details as of late last week. We have reports that at least one warrant was served in the Weott area.


  • Cannabis Is Legal

    Cannabis is legal.

    • Yes and enforcement is petty enough to bust a two rack clone operation in Redway for their politically backed corporate overlords. Fuck Legal!!

    • Wheres the accoutabilty?

      Hooray! Pat them on the back!
      If they did 150 between now and December would It change anything? NO!
      Did raiding farms fix the problem last year? NO!
      How about the year before? NO!
      Or the years before that? NO!
      Are we paying them year after year to do the same thing that doesn’t solve the issue? YES!
      Are they selectively playing whack a mole with small to medium grows? YES!
      Are they acting like they are the noble saviors of our community? YES!
      Are they allowing dangerous criminals to terrorize the community while theyre waging war on a plant? YES!

      Year after year these raids dont fix the problem, yet we keep paying them to do it. At what point does it become misappropriation of taxpayer dollars? Isn’t that the definition of crazy, doing the same thing over and over expecting a differen result?

      • The cartel is nothing to thumb your nose at! Little do you know there are some bad asses out there! It’s sad when a mistake is made, better safe than sorry!! Get your permits and quit whining!! We’ve come a long way since the 70’s so be grateful to your predisessors!

        • Cartel???? They were from San Jose. San Jose, a town in the bay area (near San Franciso, also in the United States of America) of the United State of America. We call them American Citizens cause they were born in San Jose in the United States of America.

          Is that clear cause I do not think I can be clearer.

        • Happy Memorial Day

          Golly, I’m grateful for all the old timers with experiences in these neck of woods. This is a cool comment section on this site…minus willie and legallettuce 😂

          I’m not thrilled about my personal life being affected by mexi grows on the daily. No water source, water trucks, generators all night, the county and authorities don’t have anyway to hold these people accountable. You guys have heard it all for sure. The last few years has been really disappointing.

          Does anyone else have neighbors that get 3-8 water tankers per day?

        • Wheres the accountability?

          @ Tootalou
          I have my permits. I’m whining because I see good people getting their lives ruined over a plant. I’m whining because I see our money paying for a non-solution (raids) year after year. I’m whining because of our sanctuary state coddles everyone and enables illegal immigration, fraud, and organized crime. Are you saying that the sheriff leaving the B[edit] and Mex[edit] alone is being better safe than sorry? I suppose your right, the head in the sand technique sounds like a good approach. And believe me, I’m more than grateful for our predecessors, many of them are still here and still fighting for freedom. They are some of the people, now in their golden years, who I see getting the short end of the stick and raked over the coals.

      • Willow Creeker

        Well, the raids plus abatements have made the price go up about 100% since this time last year. So that’s a change.

      • Well said!!!

    • Tell that to le. Seen a bunch of em an a chipper headed up bluff creek off 96 thus morning and dfw and 6 unmarked cars. Hey kim do u know anything about that.?? Today the 26th

    • Dogs run free, Why can’t we~ Bob Dylan

  • First, this is certainly valuable information. People should know that enforcement actions are happening.

    Personally, however, I feel conflicted about this. On the one hand, cannabis is legal, and the idea of shutting
    down unlicensed grows seems like an affront to the industry that is bent on getting the medicine to the people.

    On the other hand, enforcement is a crucial part of ensuring the legal market’s ability to flourish. The legal market continues to be overshadowed by the legacy market, and has a hard time succeeding with all of the licensing, taxation and compliance requirements.

    Ultimately I believe this is a good thing. It seems like there is an emphasis on busting large unlicensed grows, with most of the busts being upwards of 1,000 plants. This helps the legal industry, but also the small farmers across the region. Even the unlicensed small-time farmers are suffering from a decrease in sale price, and destroying these large grows will help them sell their product at a higher rate. If you consider that, plus the safety concerns of having large operations without regulatory oversight, these busts are a good thing. I’d love to hear some differing opinions.

    • I feel like I want to be an unlicensed human.

      Free range kind of human.

      Organically fed and raised…

      Take my chances with the wildlife.

    • You might want to pinch those

    • It is not a good thing because corporate growers do not care about the plant and are willing to taint the product for money. All corporate weed cares about is how much per square foot will produce x amount of dollars.


      Legalization means you have enough money and are granted permission to sell product only within that state you grow. Nothing in the previous statement means you know how to grow, care for the plant, care about the people who consume it and mostly they care nothing for the lives torn apart because of the war. The issue with someone such as yourself and those that have paid to participate is growers like me that know how to grow (well I love and care and I learn every year how to grow is more like it). I am not going away and have been on this very nice expansion, even got hit last year and already lost a shipment to the po po this year. We love the plant, it’s our plant and we will be damned (by those that lost so much for us to be at this point) if we allowed careless fools to take it away from us.

    • As a Farmer of a crop that is distributed worldwide, (All we ask is a can a week!), I’d like to comment on the licensing and permit issues. If you want to FARM, you comply with the State, and sometimes Federal laws, or, you do not FARM. It’s as simple as that. And it all starts with the purchase of your property, the improvements to said property and all stages of improvement in between. We pay fees on watershed, water used, permits of various types for FARMING. We pay a different rate from electricity used as well. We are subject to inspections and if not in compliance, fined. All of our equipment must meet State and Federal guidelines. If your tractor or truck do not meet these guidelines you’re allowed to either retrofit or buy new equipment. My husband and I have been doing this for many years, these are only a few of the hoops you must jump through to farm. With that said, if these individuals feel that they fall under the auspices of FARMERS, then let them be as responsible AND good stewards of the earth as we, the farmers that produce the real necessities are.

      • I respect what you are saying and thank you for all you do for the world. We are not Farmers in my opinion just growers. We get no federal subsidiaries and cannot apply for any hardships should something occur to our crops. No write offs, No banking and no protection from any lobbying/legislative branch other than enforcement.

        If permitted we can only sell within the state and at high taxes and fees. We are not allowed to feed the world as you are. The reality is we are in the middle of a war with corporations and politicians, a price war between legal and traditional and at this very moment we are in a war for our land.

  • There has been a study where weed shows a deterrent to corona 19. Just an other benefits from you’re friends. What more do you non believers need too prove this is medicine. Their is plenty of studys out their. You just need too open you’re mind and eyes. Free Tibet.

    • Get Real!!! Quit spreading BS!!

      • [Quote]

        Thousands of people have shared articles referencing cannabis as a treatment for coronavirus, but some of the headlines have been misleading.

        It’s true that there are several trials taking place worldwide, including in Canada, Israel and the UK, investigating whether cannabis could be useful as a treatment.

        Medicinal cannabis has been shown to reduce inflammation and so could, potentially, be used to treat ” cytokine storms ” – the dangerous immune response sometimes seen in the sickest Covid-19 patients.

        But these trials are at a very early stage, so it’s too soon to draw any conclusions about whether cannabis will prove an effective treatment against coronavirus.

        One of the articles about a Canadian study has been flagged on Facebook for containing partly false information. An author of this research even told the PolitiFact website that the headline claiming cannabis may stop the virus from infecting people was “an overstatement.”

        The potential for cannabis to treat various conditions has attracted particular attention in recent years, with mixed evidence.


  • Stay at home orders only apply to the citizen, but the police state is taking advantage. Yes this plant is medicine, “it’s not the cure all but it sure helps. I’ve been using cannabis for pain and anxiety caused by pain since I broke my back on the job in 2003. It took me two years to figure out that my pain management doctors only way to help was to manage opioids. The opioids was going to kill me. You know, pain managed by, soma, tramadol, Norco , oxi, fentanyl patch’s , and that was just to get through physical therapy and get me walking. Those pills caused so many problems, more side effects that was getting worse than a five broad base herniated disks pushing on nerve root with little cracks all through my vertebrates, they call that arthritis. CANNABIS IS THE ONLY THING ON THIS PLANET THAT HELPS MY PAIN MANAGEMENT. IT HAS IMPROVED MY QUALITY OF LIFE. My pain will never go away, it all about management without highly addictive substances that cause major side effects.

    The MET team is helping big pharmaceutical. We got 100,000 people die a year on just opioids, imagine all the other pharmaceuticals that cause major problems that are not televised.
    Now since moon beam merged medical with rec ,actual patients like me , no longer get the cannabis delivery like we used to before recreational law.

  • What comes around goes around

    Hopefully karma=covid

  • We the corparation,by the corporation, in corruption we stand

    Gentrification by a dirty corrupt government has stolen our freedom and democracy!!!!
    You retarded lemmings make sure to go vote for the same representation in the next election. Wouldn’t want to try someone new that actually represents the people now would we ???????

    • Like Arnold Schwarzenegger? You retard. Newsom is a New governor. Just like bush or Arnie, after a big Republican comes in, the state or state of the union collapes for years to come. , then when the tracks are laid for a new foundation, here comes more Republicans putting their trains on an already built track saying, Look how fast I’m moving….

    • Its about to blow up. they are trying to hide the fact that Trump is a Pelosi/AOC TROJAN HORSE!!!!! Why did Hillary concede so quickly? The Obama-Clinton cabal recruited the NY celebrity to play the BAD REPUBLICAN. They want to destroy the Republicrans and the NRA. They want Americans to BURN THE FLAG. Why the cozy relationships with North Korea, and Russia? The Communists got rid of NAFTA for the unions! Now they are letting the various races out of JAILS! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Jared and Ivanka are DEMOCRATS running the show! Trump and the Clintons go way back. EPSTEIN KNEW!! Why does Trump still wear his hair like a COMMUNARD FROM the 70’s!!??Why is Obama so jovial and smug??? HE KNOWS!! They figure they will have trump screw everything up so bad you will vote for Biden, then Lo and Behold, an anurism, and it’s Commandant Cortez in charge. Look up the Fauci – Pence connection: Why was Pence Go Go dancing in the Gay bars in the 80s when Fauci was heading up AIDS “research”? Criss Cross! https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/mike-pences-gay-past/

  • Permit What Permit

    More busts in 2 months than they do in an entire year. What’s different about this year?

    So many shitty people hiding behind county licences . If they can bust this many in 2 months, the can do some simple investigation and see who does not have a state license. These people are on social media and operating out in the open. Generators running, pumps in the creek, workers tearing up the roads and acting like they can’t be touched.

    • This + .
      Bumping starts on site with diesel generators for depo and replanting, running lights and fans is industry normal in humboldt . Its Sad that marry j is legal ,can easily be grown large scale-full term in the full sun ☀️ . We desperately need a permit system to allow higher sq footage limits for those that only grow one crop but do it without petrochemicals.

    • No State Permit= Illegal…as illegal as No Permit….The county is giving them yet another pass because of local pay-to-play policy. They are blowing it up mega-farm style and committing environmental crimes with a blind eye from the county. Meanwhile the county abates small mom and pops, inflicting huge civil fines. Why should we respect this policy?

      • Yes, the recent Wilder Ridge bust for example. Twelve-20′ by 100′ dep greenhouses, right on the main road, stuffed full, ready for a multi million dollar harvest in another month. The only reason they were busted is because of a neighbor complaint. How does this happen while the small farmer starves? This whole licensing process is corrupt. As long as you throw the county lots of money you may do as you please. I know that to be the case on Wilder Ridge. Oh we’re in the process so blow it up. Mom n Pop, one greenhouse and you’re history

        • Free up the herb

          Because the small family farmer actually cares about their land and community. They want to stay here and spend their money and raise a family. Many of these families have been targeted by abatements and busted just because they live next to these larger farms. This is the beginning of the end. Once businesses are allowed to open completely and we see evictions pick up and places sit empty with no grower cash or student money coming into our community the property value burn and reality will set in.

        • But my grow is just undocumented, doesn’t that make it legal in California! It is a sanctuary state

        • They want us dead, simple as that

      • VOTE everyone! It’s our community!!if you didn’t vote- suck it up!! And let your voice be heard in a positive way!

  • If anyone stands with these growers that are getting there illegally grown weed cut down and not with the law enforcement and fish and game, out there risking their lives trying to protect our community and our environment , your part of the problem and not the solution. Our lands, water and animals are getting ruined by these large irresponsible grows by who knows who out there. These are not people trying to grow a little pot for personal use. Be for our county and not these growers.

    • These new licensed grows in Trinity are way more egregious with their grading than 215 growers ever dared to be. Bulldozing acres at a time flat.

    • Most of the “large, irresponsible grows” here in Humboldt have permits or are in the permit process. In one neighborhood in Honeydew, the square footage of permitted greenhouses is at least 10 times the square footage of pre-legalization mom & pop greenhouses and outdoor grows. Pre-legalization, one could hear the birds and the river in that neighborhood – now, the only audible sounds are generators and massive industrial fans. Pre-legalization, the road saw maybe half a dozen personal vehicles on it per day – now, there are dozens of cars, trucks, tractors, side-by-sides and commercial vehicles every hour. There is no way that anyone will ever convince me that permitted growers are better or more responsible than the mom & pops who built this County and are now being destroyed.

    • Permit What Permit

      Same with large legal grows. What’s the difference, the tax? Does a legal grow require less water? Growing for profit without permit is worse than with a permit? There are plenty of shit grows hiding behind permits and several in my neighborhood, so I get to see it first hand. These shit grows have not sold 1 gram to legal market. Because they have made hundreds of thousands of not millions, they think they are successful. “IF” the county ever decides to enforce the rules, they will be out of business with a stroke of a pen. They have zero chance of success, ZERO.

  • Fiscal Responsibility Is it True that all or most Deputies on MET do it on Overtime?

    Unbelievable that only 28 Permits have been issued for grows less than 10,000 square feet. So many of the large permitted grows are those that were initially deemed “egregious”. However, there were able to buy their Permits. There are a lot of permitted grows visible from public roads that have done extensive grading, tree removal, within streamside management areas, nigh time light violations, generators impacting neighbors, etc. Oh, but they have that little piece of paper that says “License”.

    I wish the Sheriff’s Department with their 120+/- deputies (this does not include court services, animal control, coroner’s office, OES personnel, airport security, etc) would focus their efforts on crime, burglaries, homicide investigations, sexual assault, domestic violence, battery, methamphetamine and heroin production and trafficking and other duties. I believe cannabis enforcement should be done by the State, including the Water Board, CDFW, CalFire and other State resource agencies. According to DOJ, most rural counties have one deputy per 1000 residents. There are approximately 70,000 residents in the unincorporated area. That would be 70-75 deputies, not 120+/-.

    The Sheriff’s Department 2019/2020 Budget ($41.4 million) narrative states “This budget unit supports working closely with county and state agencies to target the most egregious violators, while not impacting growers and producers in the process of obtaining permits.” I doubt the small indoor in Garberville, the Redway yard grow and even the one in Miranda qualify as some of the “…most egregious” in the County. Apparently, the one in Salmon Creek was “okay” when it was in the Permit process. Is that why licenses are considered an “Entitlement”?

    Because of the stories regarding property destruction and theft from those who have been abated (Thank you Bonnie Blackberry), all personnel serving on an eradication should be required to wear a body camera and maybe even be accompanied by members of the CLMP or other organization. I would think this would be supported by the HCSO. If not, why not? Is the Sheriffs Department the only law enforcement agency in the County that does not wear body cameras? Kym?

    • Good questions. Why doesn’t the sheriff wear body cams? Is it because the “Constitutional” Sheriff is consistently violating the People’s 4th Amendment rights with the destruction of private property without judicial oversight?

      In case you forgot, sheriff:

      Amendment IV
      The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

      • There had to be a push back, protests lawsuits, or nothing will inspire changed.

        Why do you pay taxes?

        Under the threat of losing your ass…!

        Let’s not kid ourselves about this is going to take to put a halt to violations.

        When people who work for these agencies can personally be held liable, we will have accountable government employees.

      • Civil Disobedience 2020


        As we pivot away from waiting for direction, to simply exercising your rights and moving forward with your own agenda.

    • Fiscal,

      You’re so correct that I’m unable to disagree any at all with your piece here.

      The 50 year history that’s being assembled is about to become true California history, thanks to HSU. We will tell the other side of the story.

      Some heads will roll. Mistakes are in all levels of prohibition. This current round of protection for the “legal” performed by the “legal enforcers” of $64 will cause more damage, that’s a given already. I hope to stall and possibly halt the retirement financial plans of every enforcer who in their lifetime, prohibited the growing of cannabis by the use of violence against peaceful people.

      Enough stupidity in the Sheriffs dept.

      I wonder what was the Sheriffs roster back in 1975? The budget tagged to MET?

  • its a travesty ,how dare they,they spit in are face,we are in trouble,we can not afford these cops salary to wast money wile are country falls its gross injustice ,NO NO NO NO,,,,,,STOP


  • So what’s up with the May 14th bust near Dinsmore? Why no info on that? Seems kinda fishy.

  • Here in Southern California, the Riverside Sheriff always do a bust on certain days. Monday’s is called Marijuana Monday’s normally they go to Anza or Sage CA. On Wednesday it’s called Wild Weed Wednesday where they will bust a home in the cities, most growers know their schedule.

  • Yeeeee!!!!!

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