While Redway Family Was Sleeping, a Burglar Crept Into Their Home

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A week ago tonight as rain fell, a couple and their teenage daughter lay sleeping on Apple Lane in Redway. When they awoke Sunday morning, they discovered that between midnight and 7 a.m., someone had entered their home and stole from them.

The thief slipped in and took not only purses belonging to the two women but also opened their refrigerator and took out the orange juice container, drank the contents and discarded it in the backyard.

According to the resident, not only his place but a “half a dozen places in Redway that I know of on Saturday night” were burgled in the rain. “At least two other people were burgled that night within 100 meters of our home,” he said. “The person just found an unlocked door and entered (not a break in).”

He wanted the community to be on alert and remember to lock their doors.

If anyone has any information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.



  • Oh the times they are a’changing…

    Having been burgled myself, it is a sick feeling that stays with you for a long time. Even worse when you are home when it happens.

    • Seems like people leave there doors unlocked still! In town ? 🤯 Times are a changing , they had a long time ago. Even lock my doors in the hills every night . You never know who is lurking around. Can be anyone. Even a friendly neighbor. Sometimes, it’s not the bear the dogs are barking at. Stay safe

    • CanYouSmellThat?

      The stress from a series of burglaries wrecked my health for months. The predators seem to not get it that they are not only stealing physical objects.. They are also stealing the victim’s peace of mind and ability to function.

      Is it that they don’t get that? Or is it that they get it but don’t care? That would be worse.

      When it looked like they were going to keep coming back, I felt like leaving them a note; “Hey, you’re doing serious harm to a nice person who works hard for this community.. Breaking into my place is stopping that work and destroying my health…” etc.. Just in case they need it spelled out for them..

      Also, the time and cost of cleaning up the series of messes they made, and paying the locksmith, installing cameras.. etc.

      • It can be scary but what’s even scarier is when you don’t protect our selves and become victims- Talk a self defense class , buy a gun and learn how to shoot it, get a killer dog or dogs and you know your house Better then anyone , set up traps ,

  • Pharmstheproblem

    Not much people can do anymore as Leo will Just site and release, cause you know we don’t want our criminals getting sick 🤒 in jail!

    • We the people are now the criminals. Criminals are now treated like victims. Welcome to California.
      This is why I sleep with all my doors n windows locked, two bad ass dogs inside at night and three loaded firearms at my disposal. Yes. I have children.

      • But how do you handle the invasive microbes? And the chem trails? And the bed bugs? And the killer bees?

        To quote a classic anti-left trope, if you don’t love it, leave it?

      • punkybrewstersmind

        One of the things that is still great about the USA is that you are free to move to another state.
        Let us all know how it works out for ya FOG.

      • @fanofguest please leave California if you don’t like the State, take someone with you when you go. A white guy was doing the same thing In Mckinleyville near the high school & the papers didn’t even bother to warn ppl.

      • Fear shall not replace Freedom?

    • CanYouSmellThat?

      …and the sheriff wanted detailed lists of the stuff that was taken. Why?
      What for?
      Do I get it back ?
      No. Even though they know who broke in, I did not get my stuff back.

  • When will it be my turn?

    “This is why I sleep with all my doors n windows locked,foil on the windows. Duct tape on the cupboards. two bad ass dogs inside at night and three loaded firearms at my disposal. I have even used them at the range before! I’ve got a costco flat of a variety of chips, in the basement, an ample supply of off brand cola and a pack of moist towelettes by the toilet. My wifi router is in a ruby case. I have a payment plan set up for my bus ticket to Kansas. Yes. I have children. They will stay with MiMaw until I can save up for a Buick LeSabre.”

  • Whatever happened to the ‘bravada burglar ‘ in north county a couple years ago.
    Arcata, mckinleyville, eureka. He ever get jailed?

  • That is terrifying. They should have had a dog.

  • We had a neighborhood watch meeting in Benbow, which a Sherriffs deputy attended. He said law enforcement is powerless these days. But if someone breaks into your house and and you shoot them, they’ll come clean up the mess free of charge. Protect your family at all cost. I don’t care who doesn’t agree with me. I will say this. Don’t break into my house, you won’t make it out! I guarantee it.

    • That was my attitude also, but when you go around a corner in your house and come face to face with someone it’s a different story. Luckily the guy was unarmed in my case and I verbally got him to leave without incident. So unless you carry your weapon with you in your house every minute of the day then it does you no good. You have zero time to go get it from your nightstand or god forbid you follow the law and have it locked up and unloaded.

  • Yep the shelters have a pooch waiting to be loved and protect you!

    In Blue Lake there were thieves that only stole one or two things at a time so you were like where the hell is my ipod I must have lost it.

    This sounds so opportunistic I doubt the person is really dangerous.

    Ah for the days of Pete the Wizard, who remembers him in northern Humboldt? ? He was the one who would get in a house make a sandwich then clean up and leave.

    Well its looking like its time to send the message of 20 years ago….trespass and we shoot. Im sorry someone lost their life in Eureka but it would have been the homeowner dead instead of the intruder without a gun. The pspray did nothing to the intruder there.
    If we can send that message again, that maybe the sheriffs wont get ya, but we will, that deters people.

    Crimes gonna go up from folks from the bay coming up to thieve again.
    Funny how the homeless pop in southern Humboldt stabilized a bit once the busses frim the bay werent running constantly.
    Any neighborhood that raises 70,000 to shut down homeless shelters as many in SF did can definitely afford to fill a bus and send them up here.

  • They come during full moon nites, that’s when I am more alert. They rifled thru our cars& our visitor’s car, right by the front door! Thankfully they didn’t come in the house, but we have 2 dogs, so I guess that wld stop them. The dogs ddnt hear them outside- doublepaned Windows make it quiet. Disappointing that even the police say we’re on our own.

  • This is why people are getting shot , I’m so sick of this bullshit , if you get passed my dog you won’t leave my home the way you came in.

  • I can’t help thinking, what if one of the kids had a nightmare in the middle of the night, and still dazed was stumbling around making noise, would this mighty armed protector, coming out of a sound sleep, convinced that he needs to shoot first and explain after, would he make a tragic mistake? Or when the kid’s a teenager, and kid has been out late being a teenager, lost the keys, climbs clumsily through a window — would that kid become victim of a tragic mistake?

    • That’s why I have flashlights attached to my “night weapons.” Also have a family plan, and no, don’t shoot at anything that moves!

      “Stupidity is not an excuse for sympathy.” (Me)

  • When the community largely lives off the grid for decades committing their own crimes and inviting strangers in to help them, what do you expect? The community never stood up against the local criminals all of these years. In fact the community largely stood for the criminals and against law enforcement. So Hum has been nothing but a drug haven of every drug and crime under the sun for decades. You created your community, don’t blame your problems on law enforcement now. You say law enforcement is the problem for trying to fight crime in your community and also that law enforcement is the reason you have crime. Do you know how idiotic that sounds? I guess not. You all have defended and protected each other for decades with your scanners, always reporting on LEO in your community, threatening witnesses, and putting LEO in danger and advocating your own vigilantism; Live your best life with the community you created.

    • Wow! What an eye opener

      Admit it. You’ve just heard about “So Hum”. You live in Arcata. Thanks for all your astute observations of our condition. Is Brio open yet? better get a mild tea.

  • I have signs in my windows warning we will shoot intruders and absolutely intend to follow through. If everyone did this, break ins would stop…

    • Anti gunnners hide behind people with guns. Imagine if we went the liberal route and everyone put up “gun free zone” on there house windows? Think about that for a minute…..
      “Criminals are not afraid of going back to jail, there afraid of getting shot by an armed citizen.” (Unknown)

      • All this liberal stop going around now hey protect those poor criminals they don’t know any better they’ve got problems four things let him out of jail they might get sick in there for things let him loose so they can come into law biting people’s houses and steal their stuff they might get found out get arrested 04 things let him go they might get sick in jail again yeah that’s the problem right there I agree with your assertions on this once we show these criminals that either are in or come into our community that we’re not going to put up with this s*** that we will fight back that we will protect our family and our property once we show that once they’re in our house they won’t leave our house

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