Surveillance Testing Will Be Used to Look for Asymptomatic People in Mendocino

novel coronavirus Covid-19 MendocinoPress release from the County of Mendocino:

Mendocino County Public Health, in partnership with Adventist Health Ukiah Valley, and with the Public Health Regional Lab in Sonoma County, will be conducting focused testing (formally known as ‘surveillance testing’) for COVID-19 in vulnerable populations.  Surveillance testing is a tool used to look for asymptomatic people who may be infected with COVID-19 and to identify if undetected community spread is present in Mendocino County. The surveillance testing will focus on those who are experiencing homelessness, the frail elderly, and individuals who serve those populations as well as others.

“We want to ensure that COVID-19 is not silently circulating in our county,” said Mendocino County Health Officer Dr. Noemi Doohan. “Many of our county’s most vulnerable residents, who are at high-risk of developing serious complications if they get COVID-19, are currently living in congregate environments like shelters, or on the streets. Offering free testing to these groups can go a long way to evaluating the COVID-19 risk to our County now.”

“It’s important that we reach out to our homeless population and provide access to care, especially to the most vulnerable. We believe it’s part of living our mission and we’re happy to partner with Public Health in reaching out to the community wherever they need us,” explains Jason Wells, president of Adventist Health for Mendocino County.

The focused Covid19 sampling will occur at Plowshares Peace and Justice Center in Ukiah, because it’s an essential business that provides food, and other necessities for economically disadvantaged and vulnerable populations including those experiencing homeless, elderly and medically compromised.

Focused testing of vulnerable populations is an important step to understand if COVID-19 is circulating undetected in specific populations, and to respond by providing isolation and quarantine if any persons with COVID19 infection are identified.

All testing that has been done thus far in Mendocino County has been targeted to symptomatic people who had illness consistent with COVID-19 and were evaluated in the primary care clinics and hospitals and other clinical settings in the County. Of the 295 tests done, 4 patients tested for COVID-19 were positive.



  • Black Rifles Matter

    Kinda like The WHO ( chynas beeatch) saying they will enter people’s homes to test and then take away the infected. 👍🏻 Pretty sweet.

  • We need to be doing this in Humboldt!! I know tests are limited but this is crucial to saving lives!

  • TheBotThatNeverSleeps

    This is a significant step!!!! Humboldt doesn’t seem to give 2 $+#@’s about being on top of this. Though I give props to the efforts, they just seem like not enough is being done, at least in sohum. I’d say it’s 60/40 ratio of people who either don’t care or are not taking anything serious regarding this scourge. We need something like this immediately!

    • I live in the Gualala area in mendocino county and about once a week I go out for essential errands and every time I go I see families of tourists out having a good ole Time. .makes me so mad. I believe they need check points to monitor people’s coming and goings just saying good luck to humbolt county stay safe and protect your territory! All these other people need to stay home and protect their own

    • i think we are all taking it to heart……some have better preventions then others….

  • We should definitely be doing this in Humboldt!

  • The Adventists are a blessing .

    • Except when it cones to reproductive rights..

      • Seventh-day Adventist Church policy opposes abortion, assisted suicide, and the “homosexual lifestyle,” but approves of contraception, sterilization, and in vitro fertilization. There are about 90 Adventist hospitals and 350 affiliated provider organizations in the United States, and more than 500 facilities worldwide.
        Plus countless colleges and primary schools .

        I haven’t ever seen the Athiests join forces and do squat for anyone, but themselves

  • Ok. So you persuade a homeless guy to get a swab up their nose. Say it comes back positive. Then what? Track him down and offer a room in a motel? Contact his known associates? Arrest him if his paranoia or drug addiction won’t allow him to cooperate?

    Doing community testing in nursing homes- patients and staff- would at least stand a chance of catching the virus before it flames through a closed environment. But if public testing is done, the testing grocery store employees, in contact with everyone, would give us the most bang for the buck. Unfortunately Humboldt county is probably has no excess testing capacity anyway.

  • 🕯🌳Put up the road blocks and start going door to door on a grid system. Big Brother has arrived. I mean what the hell they’ve just put a satellite on you. But some of this might be necessary. 🕯🚑🐸🖖

  • I ♣️ Junkies

    A fucking homeless junky coughed on me. They all need to be rounded up, quarantined and tested.

    In that order.

  • In my 1911 I trust

    So they were able to test that tiger in the Bronx zoo for covid-19 through a blood test. They have found covid-19 in stool samples of infected animals and babies. Tell me why they can’t do a blood test/stool sample for us? Why must they use a swab style test that tests for covid-19 but also harvests our DNA as well?

    • They need to change the wording, because surveillance testing sounds funny, and immediately raised suspicion. I think free covid testing would suffice, and convey the message without raising suspicion.

    • According to The Lancet the virus in stool samples was usually detected long after the symptoms had appeared. It is not useful for early detection.
      Have you seen how far the testing swab goes up your nose? I would not volunteer for it if I was not very sick. I would happily do a pinprick antigen test when they have one to see if I had it already without getting ill. I am very curious what the incidence of ‘cured’ symptom free people in the community is.
      PS A stool sample also provides your DNA from the billions of sluffed off intestinal lining cells.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        I realize that. Poop and blood also degrade quickly. Poop has the potential for incomplete sequences. Usually a lot of blood needs to be taken for any one procedure and only one sample can be used for one test. Some nice epithelial cells laid out on a swab can be preserved easily and used for multiple tests and sequencing. I know how far those go up. That’s the same exact way they harvest uncooperative inmates’ DNA when charged with a felony. They ask you nicely to swab your cheek and if you don’t they hold you down and stick a swab up your nose to get em that way.

  • You do realize that DNA can be harvested from stool and blood.

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