50 Positive Cases in Humboldt County: April 7 Results on COVID-19 Testing

April 7 Public Health Lab reportPress release from Humboldt County COVID19 – Joint Information Center:

Humboldt County’s total number of COVID-19 cases now stands at 50, following confirmation of a single additional case today.

Data available to date indicates the following means of transmission for all Humboldt County cases:

  • Contact to a Known Case: 23
  • Travel-Acquired: 18
  • Community Transmission: 6
  • Under Investigation: 3

Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich emphasized the continued importance of social distancing and other measures to limit spread of COVID-19. “While we saw only one case confirmed today, we are really just at the beginning of this pandemic locally.” she said. “Sheltering and all of the measures we have put in place will be critically important in slowing transmission over the coming weeks.”

For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit cdc.gov or cdph.ca.gov. Local information is available at humboldtgov.org or during business hours by contacting [email protected] or calling 707-441-5000.

Notes on patient and demographic data

To protect the identity of people with COVID-19, their specific location of residence will not be disclosed. The Humboldt County Public Health Branch is legally responsible for protecting personal health information, including residence address, specific age, recent travel, the identities and locations of any contacts, the provider of medical treatment, the course of illness and any other information that might identify an individual with or exposed to the virus unless it serves the interests of public health to do so.

Although we understand it is of interest to residents, providing location and demographic information to the general public does nothing to slow the spread of illness. Humboldt County is experiencing untraceable person-to-person transmission, also known as “community spread,” and there is no place that can be considered safe. To reduce your chances of acquiring or spreading COVID-19, avoid travel, wash your hands, keep yourself and your environment clean, follow the shelter-in-place order, and do not leave home for any reason unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.

The following case information is provided daily Monday through Saturday:

  • New positive cases
  • Total positive cases to date
  • Total hospitalizations to date
  • Total Public Health Lab tests to date
  • Total commercial lab tests to date
  • Public Health Lab test capacity, total and daily, and estimated turnaround time
  • Transmission data
  • traveler-acquired
  • contact to known case
  • community transmission
  • under investigation

Additional information will be provided each Friday:

  • Regional data
  • currently measured by percentage in densely populated area
  • soon to be represented instead by region after minimum thresholds of positive cases per region have been reached
  • Gender
  • Mean age
  • Test rates and positive test rates relative to the State of California.

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APR7 Case Count (PDF)


Press release from Humboldt County COVID19 – Joint Information Center:

Total new positive cases confirmed on April 7: 1

Daily COVID-19 case report for April 7

  • Total number of positive cases: 50
  • Total number of hospitalizations: 3

Total number of people tested by Public Health Laboratory: 646

Total number of people tested by all other sources: 543
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, California Department of Public Health and commercial labs)

The Public Health Laboratory currently has a capacity of approximately 500 tests and can process about 50 samples a day with an approximate turnaround time of 48 to 72 hours.

For the most recent information about COVID-19, visit CDC.gov or CDPH.ca.gov. For local information, visit humboldtgov.org, call 707-441-5000 or email [email protected].

April 7 COVID by the Numbers
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Earlier test results:



  • I love how the pubmmlic health never says anything about how ti stay healthy.. Only a buncha authoritarian claims and insults… There is a lot you can do besidsmes wearing a mask… And just curious.. How many peolle have gotten the flu this year in humboldt. I know i knowbthey are notbthe same but it would b interesting to see nonetheless.. Ok. Let the hate begin

  • This is a hoax no buddy sick

  • “ To protect the identity of people with COVID-19, their specific location of residence will not be disclosed. The Humboldt County Public Health Branch is legally responsible for protecting personal health information, including residence address,”
    sounding like a broken record here . other county’s in California specifically LA county are publicly disclosing the town or city of positive cases ,specific addresses of course are not divulged. absolutely no reason to not provide this basic data. In fact every day I read about positive cases in the media actually including where someone worked. This is bananas ! the Examples are endless. Just tell us where these people work at least 🇺🇸.


    Coronavirus updates: Sac City Unified worker who tests positive handled food, union saysRead more here: https://www.sacbee.com/news/coronavirus/article241771266.html#storylink=cpy



    • We are not “other places.” We are small enough in population that a little ID can pinpoint an individual. This is still a place where, if your tread on someone’s toes, their friends , family and neighbors 5 miles away say “ouch.” And reading these comments makes clear how intrusive and vindictive people can be.

    • Bug on a Windshield

      What makes you think they are working? They could have contracted it from WinCo, or the Co-op, or whatever stores are still open in So Hum. Maybe the package they received via UPS carried the virus all the way from New York. Or, maybe, they ARE still working, as a front line medical worker. If the latter is the case, will you then NOT go to the Pharmacy to get your meds?

      I understand the “want” to know, but I don’t think the “need” to know is there. Not everyone has a stockpiled WWII era bomb shelter they can live out of through the end days. Most of us still “need” to replenish our essentials, whether we “want” to or not, despite an employee getting sick.

  • I learned from a close friend today that 5 members of his immediate family are super sick with symptoms of this virus and they won’t test them. Not even a flu test to rule that out. Lots of things don’t add up.

    • Sounds like the family wants to do what’s right. Maybe Public Health is still in denial. Sounds irresponsible to me. Can only find out if there are more cases if tests are given… no tests no results.

      • People are gonna start thinking they are sicker than they are. Its a side effect of fear and low imnune system response ans bad diet

  • So the chancellor of Germany the Governor of California have already told us basically we will ALL get it.

    Guess what. I’m sure at least 1500 cases are walking around arcata.

    Who cares? Your gonna get it. Chill the f out everyone

  • You are all showing how easily misled you are

    This is a HOAX.

  • 🕯🌳Either they don’t won’t to admit that they don’t have the test kits or they’ve been told to down play it,you know to get the economy back on track. And Bobo I feel your pain,it hurt to read and I’m a bad speller, thank Kym for the ability to correct. 🌈🐸🖖

    • Wonder how many people will die because the economy doesn’t get back on track? Alcoholism, suicide, lost homes, starvation, broken family’s, domestic violence, drug addiction and all out poverty? Ever thought of that? I’ll guarantee you this, it will surpass ANY covid death numbers in the United States 20 fold.Or is the answer printing more money and giving people 1200 every three months to live off of? The inflation alone would drive this whole country into a financial early grave. Sacrificial decisions need to be made for the better of the whole and the good of the people. 10,000 deaths in this country…. that many people die driving drunk in this country alone. 160,000 people a day die across the planet every day, and yes, you could be next. There’s a million ways to die, sticking your head in the sand only gives you one more way to do it. Fighting natures will is a battle that will never be won.

      • People are gonna start thinking they are sicker than they are. Its a side effect of fear and low imnune system response ans bad diet. And yes. The sheeple dont wanna die. Its scary.

    • Yes i bet president Trump called Humboldt health dept and told them not to test people here because our economy needs to get up and rolling again.
      My question is do you actually believe what you say or are you just that ignorant to not understand how stupid you sound.

  • I believe we are still under the guidelines that only people who have traveled, or come into contact with a known COVID-19 patient, or have a very high fever qualify for testing.

    • Yup. I’ve been keeping a close eye on Sweden.

      • Me too. But when it becomes immediate and the stories hit the press , I doubt the government will stay the course. There are plenty of other places too poor with bad government that will endure what comes but unfortunately there will be little documentation.

        A lot of the virtue in not closing down the economy depends on things that are unkown as of yet. How long does it take for the process toneork its way through the society? Does herd immunity last? Do people develop chronic disease from it? The Swedes claim scientific rationale but there are unknowns in the science as of yet.

        Keeping an eye on Taiwan too for the other end of the story. Unfortunately their choice means the answer won’t come for a long time unless their control slips. But they too did not try the mass quarantining.

        • Yeah, Sweden is going to get more aggressive in their control.

          Just yesterday they announced that they are expecting a surge of death and may need to rethink their strategy.

          How long did that work for the UK?

          • The issue will not be resolved until a year or more has gone by because the issue is the long term resulting bottom line of fighting a battle with an enemy that can not be won until a useful and available vaccine is developed. Because, in the long term, it’s a caparison between the damage done along the way to achieving a level of natural immunity that allows a society to return to a working economy.

            Is the cost to humanity- to individual countries- in term of life and health less by allowing the virus to be unchecked, gaining herd immunity fast and returning to a damaged but surviving economy? Or does it cost less to ruthlessly attack the virus every time it raises its head by closing off borders, isolating people, shutting production down, draining the country’s wealth in the fight? That is an incredible complex dynamic involving unresolved science of the virus itself, what other countries do, the toll on the psyche, etc. That the human reaction is to panic at the threat is not the issue because that is a given. So of course it’s easy to say “how long did it work out for the UK?” A big point is how long will it work out for the countries capable of a long battle. While you might see only one way, it’s a whole sliding scale of action and reaction to the economy and power and psychology that will play out.

    • Ty guest. Cool info

  • Im curious if the current 3 hospitalised individuals will be participating in the new experiential treatment St. Joe’s was approved to being researching.

    • me too and if so i hope with good results

      • Bug on a Windshield

        Do people have a say whether or not they are forced to be experimented on? I mean, I’ve heard it is for the worst cases, and they’ll probably die anyway, but, some may wish to opt out.

  • And why dont they say that we have a young child in Humboldt that has tested positive. I believe 8 yrs old. Maybe parents need to be more cautious of where the kids go. Play grounds may not be a good idea.

  • out out brief candle, life is but a poor player who struts his time on stage and then is heard no more, a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!!!!!

  • I’m so proud of our county, I mean with being able to test 50 people a day and get results three days later we should be able to stop this virus in no time!! Maybe when China gets done hoarding supplies we can buy enough test to test 60 people a day.

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