Garberville Rodeo Cancelled Due to COVID-19

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  • Ok. We get it. EVERYTHING is cancelled. Why not just post that via nationwide? EVERYTHING that is remotely fun and has more than 10 people gathering is cancelled for a indefinite amount of time. Would take care of 90% of these public notices.

    • Deep breathing, FOG. For some folks, they are holding out hope that their event they are passionate about is still ongoing. For some, they expect everyone already knows but they have to publicly announce. In either case, all you have to do is scroll by. I have to put them together and post them and I don’t begrudge it.

      • You are doing a great job Kym .. don’t begrudge anything. It is better to cancel events then to have more people become sick. Never thought it would have affected our country like this a couple of months ago but it has. The new normal so to speak. It’s not easy at times and very disappointing for sure. We must be Humboldt County Strong!

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