Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Frankovich and Sheriff Honsal Clarify the COVID-19 Situation Here

Late yesterday, Humboldt County’s Public Health Officer Teresa Frankovich and Sheriff Billy Honsal answered questions sent to them by the media. They deal with a number of subjects. And the videos really deserve to be watched. We’ve added some important points they address in a summary below each video but this is by no means comprehensive.

Frankovich says we’re in the early days of the outbreak here. But she says she can’t tell us how long before we here reach the peak number of cases but she warns that the surge is likely coming.

She clarifies what it means that we now have community spread in the area. She says we’re still continuing to test as it allows us to track the spread and we’ll do tracking of the possible spread from the person. However, as the virus becomes widespread, it may no longer make sense to try and track contacts of those who are ill. It would take more manpower than we have.

She says there may be some value to masking when you are out and about.

She emphasizes that people shouldn’t congregate in parks or play team sports. Don’t jog or bike in groups unless they are your family unit.

Frankovich says that rentals and motels shouldn’t rent to people from out of the area except for those that are essential workers.


Sheriff Honsal covers a number of subjects. Including why shutting down the county is the last thing we will do. He said that we don’t have resources to put checkpoints on all the roads and airports.

He also talks about why County government is forbidding tourism. “Our hospitals are set up for our population,” he said. If people come from out of the county, they could impact our medical system.

He addresses concerns about not shutting down the airport. He said he requires an order from the governor or president, he said. And we have a lot more travelers on roads than we have on airplanes.

Honsal addresses renters not paying rent.



  • In the beginning I bought the CDC line that gloves were much more important than masks. I now believe that masks are just as important but not for the reason Teresa gives. As stated before, the head of China’s CDC says that community spread was exacerbated by infected people who had no symptoms, and that masks would have cut into this threat considerably.

    We should all be wearing masks when in public in the chance that we could be asymptomatic and spreading the disease.

    I should add that Teresa may have covered this but the sound quality wasn’t good on my comp and I struggled to get half of it.

    • Pissed off Marine

      How can anyone rely on what is told to you by any level of government? Local government are really incompetent, state officials are corrupt, and the federal government haven’t much of a clue to a pandemic. They are just guessing. I personally am following the training I know and the mind God gave me. If you are out and not thinking everyone is infected, then i have let my guard down. The news is terrible! I watched the same clip of a hospital that was reported as Italy, and the same clip reported as New York . Just can’t believe what anyone tells you. Makes me totally disgusted

      • So true. If you listen to the government or the media at this point, sadly the joke is on you. Use common sense and read some scientific papers to form opinions about this pandemic and other issues too. I will never stop advocating for more people to have a better base in STEM… it is really hard to be deceived by the government or media if you do.

        That said, while wearing masks is undoubtedly the best protection, I saw the purpose of the government trying to deceive the public on that one. There is a shortage of the masks and they were trying to get the best masks for medical professionals. Of course it would have been better if they had been prepared and had a cache of masks (the CDC clearly has their head up their $%#), but given the situation, I get that they needed to try to stop the rush on masks.

        • STEM is a mindset of specialties. In none of the syllabuses I read was there even a single reference to the Precautionary Principle. If you don’t know what it is look it up and ask why our hubris, our can do, is at a base root of the problem. Also examine our woeful neglect of EROEI in those studies. It is all human centric and on this piece of interplanetary billion year spaceship, a piece of dust in the universe the failure can doom this species. In the 11 mile timeline of this planet we were only here the distance of a palm width. We need a bit of humility.

          That’s my thought about it.

      • 🕯🌳I thought I was the only one that noticed that.🕯🐸🖖

      • Meanwhile, Eastern Europeans and the Mexican mafia (only ones left paying the extortionists supervisors) are importing workers for there “seasonal “ help with zero disregard for locals. Money Trumps ehhh ol Billy Bob? Wonder what will happen in 3-4 months when we get our influx of Spaniards for trim work? Are they welcome?

      • Why would you not trust what the experts at CDC and other health care workers tell you? They know!
        It is very simple, stay home if you possibly can, and wear gloves AND mask if you must go out.
        Listening to anything from the Oval Office is a mistake right now, and anyone with a brain knows that is true. The 1% are lying and manipulating to protect themselves, and thats how its always been.
        LISTEN to the health care workers! They are truly on the front lines and put themselves -and their own families- at risk everyday for the rest of us. People who are in denial need to be isolated from the rest of us who are trying to make this all better, nor worse.

        • Pissed off Marine

          Close your ears and open your eyes. The ” experts ” are telling you what they want you to believe! I have been on the front lines, in another world. Doctors and nurses are dropping like flies. WTF man, just open your eyes! Or not.

      • Face Masks are The New Fashion Accessory.
        Be ahead of the trend and wear them, please!

      • You Don't Want To Try

        Veterans see a side of society and human behavior that civilians typically never experience. Some don’t remember though. I’m glad you do.

        The general populace still doesn’t understand just how bad things are.

        CYOA Marine. A drink on me at Fiddler’s Green.

    • I believe you are correct. And what’s up with folks who simply won’t follow any recommended precautions? I was at wildwood waffles today in rio dell and the girl was bare handed preparing food and taking money? She was actually asked by the folks in the drive thru why she wasn’t wearing gloves and “aren’t you a little concerned” she laughed and said she was “over it”…
      Yet I thought the health dept of humboldt county requires gloves in the first place before the virus scenario..
      Hey if you want to be an asshole in your own time, on your own property so be it, but she’s serving the public, and that commands a basic understanding and respect of your civic duty. Weather you agree or not.
      I wonder what the owners have to say? Are these people even trained or updated properly. I tossed my waffle. Never again..

      • Why the hell are you or anybody else going out for waffles in the first place? Stay home except for necessary items!!! Just go home & report it if you must! Perhaps you will save lives!!! 😉

  • “More people are in cars than planes” but airports and planes are literal breeding grounds for spreading contagious diseases, how do you think it spread all over the whole world so fast, in a car it can only spread 65mph…well more like 90 but you know what I mean.

  • On the mask thing, you don’t have everyone wear masks to prevent them from catching the disease, everyone wears them to prevent the spread of the disease. The latest research is indicating that we are wildly off on the numbers of infected because of limited testing, we are really only catching 11%. The 89% that we don’t catch are asymptomatic spreaders…that is a huge element of this disease! These asymptomatic spreaders, while not as infectious, are very effective spreaders because they look and act like normal and are believed to account for 78% of new infections. That is why everyone should wear a mask, even if it is just something made out of a t-shirt, you just have to stop the droplet spread out of your own face holes.

    South Korea has flattened their curve with just everyone wearing masks, thy didn’t shut down their economy. Think about that if you are sweating bullets about paying the bills. Singapore same thing and they have also eradicated their seasonal flu 2 months early. Everyone has to wear a mask and there needs to be huge fines for being out without one like in these countries. Also, lets distinguish here, we are not talking N95 respirators, anything N95 is classified as a respirator, those should be reserved for medical professionals, they are designed to keep bad stuff out, but the exhaust valve lets bad stuff out of these masks, if you are one of the 89% of asymptomatic spreaders wearing an N95 you are infecting others out that valve. A face mask made out of a t-shirt or anything to keep your spit droplets in and not spraying all over everyone is what we are talking about.

    The first video on the page explains the science of why we should all be wearing masks, the second is on a peoples movement in the Czech Republic to make and wear mask that has taken off and the people got it done. Again, the solution is in your own shirt drawer.

    • Every doctor in the world: Literally Nazis

      Firefighters: Literally Nazis

      Law Enforcement: Literally Nazis

      Ultranationalist, racist, anti-immigration, militaristic conspiracy-theory-peddling politicians: Just Misunderstood

      • What in the (edit) are you ranting about? Who called a doctor, firefighter or the police a Nazi? Besides Antifa, they’ve always called the cops Nazis, but no one cares what they think.

      • Everyone who wants a strong, independent, self sufficient populace: racist
        Everyone who can’t disregard reality just because it is ugly: racist
        Everyone who objects to incivility : racist
        Every politician looking to enrich themselves by pandering to the begrudging blamers wearing agenda colored glasses… Just misunderstood but only by the begrudging blamers.

  • HKMask Manual 說明書

    • Make your own masks! Thanks.

      • It’s called a fukin 1.29$ bandanna!!!! Get real people! It’s not fuking rocket science.

        • Actually it is an informative bulletin and the mask it recommends is a big step up from a bandana.

        • It is for you! Rocket science I mean, because it takes more than a bandana and if that is all you are wearing then along with spreading your shit to others they can be appear totally free of illness and still pass covid 19 to you!!! A bandana will not protect you or others Mr. science! 🙄

  • Some Random Guy on the Internet

    I am amused by the constant barrage of stuff from Dr Frankovich and Billy Honsal…

    Not only has the “surge” failed to materialize, but, the county contains much less than the number of cops it would take to enforce drunk driving laws, or even the speed limit, so, having a line to report persons failing to shelter in place properly, is more a form of therapy, than anything else… Guess what, no jails, no cops, no law, no nothing, except constant talk!

    And, the hospitals are set up to do: Not much of anything at all! Humboldt Hospitals are incredibly unprepared, poorly staffed and equipped, and, largely, they are operated by idiots! Hiring with consistent nepotism and incompetence has resulted in the ultimate expression of the Peter Principle, where the least honest and competent hold the highest roles! And, after they stuff the building full of “family and friends”, there is only room for travelers, “mid-levels” and housekeeping…

    The virus, is significant in it’s impact, but, if we take into account the people who were exposed, were asymptomatic, who are “recovered” and now immune, the mortality rate is actually much lower than the 1.5% claimed. Nobody has been spent time rationally making less of the risk, and, everyone seems to be blowing up the hysteria! The most wigged-out people have the loudest voices, and “shelter in place” might be a good tool in Wuhan, but, California is a big place, mostly full of non-compliant types, and, every government is taking this space in time to work furiously on the roads, to keep the employees who are still on the payroll engaged in make-work, “emergency response tasks”, miscellaneous clerical tasks, and, even the schools are still operating, while students are absent… The compliance with “stay at home” appears to be very low, farmers are still farming, builders are still building, trucks are still running, and, life goes on… Nobody in business wants to take a loss, and neither does government…

    I just spent a month in Hawaii, coincidentally, and the entire state is essentially “closed”. Don’t go there, it’s closed…

    So, Dr Frankovich and Sheriff Honsal, carry on fussing, and, it has been real…

    • You Don't Want To Try

      The people who are dying now were infected 2 to 3 weeks ago.

      Perhaps in a few weeks you will not so confidently spew your expert opinion on the matter.

      • Some Random Guy on the Internet

        Please aim your epidemiological epithet elsewhere…

        It only works if you work it. In this country, I would like to see you try to enforce a goddamn thing, much less surgical masks for everyone…

        If you can afford to hide out, while wearing a mask and gloves, please do so, but your theories and hyperbole are somewhat less than germaine. Also, be sure to buy up all the TP, flour and butter, rice and pasta: Heck, clean out the grocery store!

        That will help.

  • I’m still not sure why the CDC&others don’t help ppl to understand that more than 50,000 ppl pass away every week in the USA , PRE-Covid. (Google it), the statistic is 7452 ppl/ day, approx 1 every 12 seconds. That’s close to 3 million/year. Inthe USA.
    Stay home! Stay safe& keep others safe. Now ppl are feeling horrified that 100,000-200,000 will die. Initial reports from UCSF& others was 1.6-2 million deaths, and 40%-70%of us citizens will get this virus, BUT- by shutting down non essential activities , we can change that number.

  • Thanks for all you do to keep us safe. I wish I could get a mask, gloves, and Lysol wipes.
    Can I play golf and walk the course?

  • Why do locals have to compete with non permanent residents who come here and tap out our resources?!! The Greenrushers”s and Millennials think its a sence of entitlement to manipulate our economy which has resulted in limited resources like FOOD! and other desperately needed services for those of us who have PAID TAXES AND CONTRIBUTED YEARS TO THE BETTERMENT OUR COMMUNITY!

    We now have a large drug dominate population of addicts, losers, organized crime, mentally manipulating individuals who have destroyed RELATIONSHIPS, MANIPULATED OUR ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY AND THE RIGHT TO ENJOY OUR COMMUNITY WITHOUT HARASSMENT, AND FEAR FOR OUR SAFETY!! LETS NOT FORGET THE ONGOING DISRESPECT FOR THE ELDERS!!




    • Some Random Guy on the Internet

      Couldn’t have said it better, myself…

      Whoops! Newsom says: All alcohol sales must stop!

      Happy April…

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