Armed Robbery in Eureka This Evening

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About 5:39 p.m., a black male adult in his twenties wearing a black mask, brandished a firearm, and demanded money at the Texaco on Broadway in Eureka.

According to a dispatcher relaying information from an employee to officers, the suspect took an undisclosed amount of cash. He was last seen in the alley to the rear of Leon’s in the 900 block of Broadway in Eureka.

The suspect is described as 5’5″and about 130 pounds. He was last seen wearing a dark grey sweatshirt with blue shoulders and a blue hood, dark pants, and white shoes. Reportedly he brandished a semi automatic pistol

If you have any information, please contact Eureka Police.

Below is the BOLO [Be On the Lookout] that went over the scanner.




  • I wonder if these shops could just stop accepting cash ?

    Its the future anyway.

    • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

      Do you suggest banning cash entirely, or just eliminate its use in shops? (Or just these shops?)

      In China you use your phone to pay for everything. Well, everything allowable to an individual provided their social credit score is high enough.

      Eliminating cash is tantamount to banning all private transactions. I’m sure some think it’s a grand idea. Personally, I am disinclined.

      Is it the future? Perhaps. It has been prophesied: something about everyone being required to receive a mark on their hand or on their forehead to be used for commerce…

      • Still think we “won’t be Italy/”

        • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

          First off, I’d say “We are ALL Italy!” Compassion is primary.

          But that’s not what you’re getting at: I guess it depends on the definition of “we”. Perhaps the NY Metro and/or Washington State are of a more similar geographic size and population density and risk as Italy. I haven’t compared. And perhaps certain other metro regions as well (NOLO, LA, SF Bay, Denver…)

          And sure, perhaps even the rural lost coast may become as Italy, as selfish folks flee their high-risk metro habitats for more remote areas so they can “sequester in style”. (Boo!)

          I still think we (the USA) “won’t be Italy.” Not the whole country. Not like that. I remain hopefully optimistic, but also pragmatic. There’s been plenty of times I’ve been wrong. But I hope I’m not wrong this time, when it really counts!

        • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

          But I really haven’t been paying close enough attention. (And I don’t have your special percipience, Thirdeye. Someone once told me My Bindi was blocked at birth to force me to develop some my other talents, this time around.)

          It’s hard when yesterday’s news gets recycled so quickly and yesterday’s narrative gets flipped upside-backwards before tomorrow!

          Like, I thought there was a big shortage of EPP masks in CA, but it turns out—stop me if you’ve heard this, and feel free to correct me if I get my facts wrong—somebody found an extra 39 million of them in a supply closet, hidden behind the toner!

          And I was lead to believe that there was a serious lack of ventilators in NY. I heard rampant speculation about death panels imposing DNR orders on a certain class of triage patients, too. But then again, whoops! 40,000 ventilators were found inside—you guessed it—another supply closet, behind some mops! And NY’s nice but perhaps befuddled Gov is now wearing a fried egg face mask, which is just silly!

          So then the nice Dr. science lady on the CDC task force says, ‘no shortage, respect your boundaries’ and all of a sudden the people who used to claim they were the ones who believed in science say she’s contaminated with the Orange Man Disease and now they don’t want to listen to her or believe in her science, anymore!

          Except for the nice, befuddled Gov, who is saying stay out of the parks, but the science-denying Mayor decides to make a big thing of it, grabs his wife, and down they go from the upper east side all the way to Brooklyn to—you know where I’m going with this—take a walk in the park! So then everybody else says, ‘to hell with social distancing! We want a bit of exercise too!’ and they all go out to the parks to play frisbee golf and/or show off their tai chi yoga moves with their buddies. Which is IMO not only rude, but also irresponsible!

          So then what happened? 1/348 NY’ers have tested positive for the Tom Hanks’ Disease, most of whom are now expected to drop like royal celebrity CEO’s. But not before they high-tail it across the pond to Rhode Island, or up to wilds of Connecticut, or deep down below the ‘river of grass’, aka Florida’s Okefenokee swamp. All while sharing their ‘bounty’ with any and all they chance upon, during their escape.

          So It’s getting hard to know what is real, anymore. It’s easier to just hunker down, do my best to ration my sardines and chocolate and read some favorite fiction out of my personal library. It’s certainly better than any of the dystopian fan-fiction being spewed in lieu of facts by the talking heads on the glowy screen!

          When I come out of hibernation, I expect you to have sorted this all out. Please and thank you very much!


          • it sounds like you read alot of fiction

            • Cite the “fiction” in his/her post.

              • What do you disagree with though? Just curious.

                And this line: “It’s hard when yesterday’s news gets recycled so quickly and yesterday’s narrative gets flipped upside-backwards before tomorrow!”

                EXACTLY explains how trump gets away with lie after lie after lie!

                Good people are so shocked by the words and deeds yet before anything can be done he just does something more traitorous/disgusting the next day! And its worked!

                We need off this merry-go-round. We need a leader again.

                • Who needs stinkin’ facts OR the truth? Certainly not the useful pawns who voted in The Flaming Orange Satan.

                  • Not sure what folks expected when they put a failed businessman, former reality TV host in charge of the country? ‘What could possibly go wrong’?!

                    • No shiz. 700M in bankruptcies before even running for office? Why did we even have an election, when it’s obvious that he was the most presidentially skilled among us? With all the other AWESOME qualities this guy has, i’m surprised it took this long to elect him. We should’ve elected the young, just out of college Trump back c. 1970. That way we could’ve benefited from all the worldwide publicity (read: shame), and gotten this ball rolling years ago. I’m totally voting Fetal Alcohol Trump in 2020.

                • We need Chiefs not presidents. Just sayin’

          • I like your style. Thanks.

            Italy and Spain are outliers. I’m guessing they have a lot more cases than for what they’ve tested, but time will tell. With the mortality rate among US cases at less than 2% and going down with every new case I think we’ll be fine as a whole. Epidemiological projections keep getting better as more solid numbers keep coming in.

            For those who want to make this about the failings of the US healthcare system, the mortality rate in the US is on par with Ireland and Iceland and better than Austria, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Netherlands and, of course, Spain and Italy.

            Kym, what the heck is going on with your website? I post something and it doesn’t show up. I repost and it says it’s a duplicate comment. I close and reload your site and the comment is still not there. This has happened numerous times over the past 2 weeks.

            • It did that to me a while ago when I was trying to post a link to a LoCo article. I think it’s the spam filter randomly false-positiving things.

              • Bug on a Windshield

                Perhaps the covid-19 has finally mutated to infect electronic devices.

                My guess on the mutation evolution:
                1. Person gets infected
                2. Coughs on or near their dog.
                3. Dog gets lost.
                4. Dog gets found by vet or pound.
                5. Dog gets scanned for chip.
                6. Virus transmitted to scanning device and office computer.
                7. Kym posts a link about a different dog for adoption.
                8. RHBB infected with e-covid-19 virus.

            • 🕯🌳Same thing was happening to me UrLLr and eventually I just couldn’t post and thought she banned me. After I had a certain person look into it it’s a bug from another commenter possibly or something someone has dropped on her.🖖

            • I noticed that a month or more ago. My comment didn’t show up. Then it DID much later. Was I being moderated? I don’t know. It wasn’t out of order in MY mind! Ha ha ha It was Sasquatch related.

            • There will be 1,000,000 cases in the US by friday. And y’all non believers have allied yourselves WITH THE FUCKING VIRUS

            • I’m sorry. I don’t know.

              We have someone starting in the next week or so to fix things.

              • These are common problems with poor connectivity and RHBB glitches.

                I have poor connectivity and understand these glitches pretty well.

                Why some of you may be experiencing it more now, and in the last 2 weeks, is due to the general increase in internet usage with sheltering in place going into effect.

                This has been an issue with Europes lockdowns. Netflix and maybe YouTube had to decrease their quality of streaming so more could use the internet in general.

                In other words, work keeps people off the streaming net.

          • Wow, you’ve been listening to a lot of hate radio. It’s probably good that you’re a hermit.

          • Hermit,

            You’re right.


          • The masks were found by a Union, not the Federal Government.

            Thank the right people. Do you even know where they were found? Doubt it.

            The masks were needed, and people started looking.

            Masks were then found.

            Those are 2 separate news events. Good to know both.

            The masks are going to cost 5$ each. Much higher than normal, indicative of a shortage during a necessary run on supplies.

            What’s the story about ventilators?

            Link please. Are you requoting Trump’s claims that Cuomo refuted?

            And what about Tom Hanks?

            Are you serious or is this an attempt at writing fiction?

          • I think you pretty much just hit the nail on the head there, pal.

      • Hermit,

  • I hope they get this evil scumbag. My friend works there.

  • At least he was wearing gloves right? People are getting desperate. While idiots like AOC try to stall the checks from going out, this will continue to happen. I understand she believes Americans will not be made right with 1G, but we can always write more checks. Quit with your BS, AOC. Perhaps you should be helping out your district by emptying the bed pans on that Navy hospital ship in NYC.

  • I guess he didnt want to wait for his stimulus check.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    The Texaco requires cash drops every time the register hits $200, so unless the clerk was too busy to follow the rules, the robber got under $200. If he hadn’t used a weapon, when caught, if caught, he’d be given a citation and a warning.

  • The jail is downsizing and letting out lots of inmates. Arrests are near to non because the jail doesn’t want new introduction of possible corona cases. So-unless you kill(?) someone-all arrests are none and the criminals have free rein in Humboldt County. This is really wrong!!

  • why don’t the cops/county use that 2 billon dollar satellite system they just got that pat on the back award for being legal peep and toms(or as they say to bring down all those big bad marijuana farmers)to protect the tax paying citizens and the companies/businesses being robbed and crimminalized and are communities being flooded with meth and heroin, but then again they couldn’t line there pockets by actually doing the real work that really matters and makes a difference in Humboldt county, no instead they use the 2 million dollar eye in the sky and there tough guy(lets go get them bad pot growers) attitude to take out the only $revenue$ this county needs to thrive and to be the #1county in the state and constantly trying to convince the community that they are doing something great and now emptying jails they can’t take care of(or don’t want to deal with)and filling are streets with more criminals creating more homeless and drug addicts on are streets they already don’t monitor, drug flow and crime rate goes up and they hide in an office on the computer seeing what harmless marijuana farmer(family)they can threaten with abatement letters and ridiculous fines(the easy money they live on) in turn creating more homeless that possibly turn to drugs and crime to survive, why dose’nt the county learn to use are tax paying dollars to help fix the problem instead of creating more and stop acting like marijauna is the problem instead of it being the solution and again turn there attition to the real crimes tax payers live with on a everyday basis because of lack of effort on the counties part it’s not the virus, times are going to get hard and crime rate will rise, be wise and be safe, 40 years in humboldt and counting

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