Humboldt County Maker Community Rallying with Donations of Supplies for Mad River Hospital

OR Staff at Mad River HospitalPress release from Mad River Hospital:

Mad River Community Hospital (MRCH) has been looking for alternate solutions to protect their staff in response to the supply chain disruption from COVID-19. Face shield eye protection is one part of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required to keep our frontline healthcare workers safe from infection. Unable to restock the head bands used to hold the shield in place, the hospital reached out to staff contacts in the local 3D Printing Maker Community.

“This is one of the situations 3D printing people dream about when they buy a printer,” said one 3D printer who asked to remain anonymous. MRCH is expecting to be able to replenish and replace face shield stock in a matter of days for staff with these donations.

In addition to the 3D printing community, Humboldt County’s sewers and seamstress community has banned together creating a Humboldt Coronavirus Mask Makers group on Facebook to help connect makers with facilities in need of homemade PPE masks. Mad River Community Hospital has requested a donation to outfit their staff in an effort to extend the life of the N95 masks which can be worn until soiled per CDC guidelines. “We are grateful for our community support. Our community is caring for the caregivers so we can care for them” said Pamela Floyd, Chief Compliance & Public Information Officer, MRCH. Over 100 of the locally sewed masks were delivered to the hospital yesterday.
Facebook group creator April Alexander, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, St. Joseph’s Cancer Program, shared her drive behind the movement “I’m very aware of immune compromised patients and the importance of keeping caregivers protected from the COVID-19 virus…We expect a PPE shortage locally, so we wanted to get ahead of that and start making masks now. It’s been amazing to see the community come together so quickly for such an important cause”

Donations of PPE can be made at the Main Hospital Entrance Monday – Friday 12 pm – 2 pm. Facilities in need of masks can reach out to the Facebook Group, Humboldt Coronavirus Mask Makers, for donations.

For more information on how to respond to COVID-19 go to www.madriverhospital.commasks shields masks



  • Hooray for people who do something!

  • Katie, you stay safe.

  • Beautiful. That’s the kind of effort that will get us thru this crisis. Thank you.

  • Many thanks to all involved. This will truly take a village as we continue on.

    A good reminder we all posess a valuable helpful quality that can be utilized right now.
    Your job is to find yours and put it into action.

    Like the beautiful rainbow pictures, it takes all the colors to make a rainbow just as it takes all of us to cover every aspect of life. Yes its cheezzy.
    I think i learned that on Sesame Street😊

    I saw a post of people who were doing their dog walks outside of nursing homes just to make the isolated old folks smile. Not sure if that’s allowed or not now, but it was very sweet to see. Especially how much the elders loved the dogs chasing balls/Frisbees.

  • You guys f’n rock! Check out what the community (country) of Czechoslovakia is doing to come together and kick this bug out, friggin amazing! I have been trying to fire people up that this is a community thing, very local, and that our hospitals are a very vital, CRITICAL part of the community. We are on our own on this one, get up and get to it. Do this. The day is coming that we will have to bring our first line people food, organize. Just watch NYC go down the toilet and figure out what your strength are in this. We are not China, we don’t have an authoritarian black hole to shove this in (yet, and we don’t want to go there). At this point, wear a facemask. Singapore not only has crushed any spread with facemasks, they have eliminated their seasonal flu 2 months early…while we are descending into a pit of despair telling people masks do not work! This is the stupidest, most Orwellian bullshit I have ever heard in my life! Tomorrow is mask day in Humco! Lets get over this stupidity! You will see me and others with common sense stopping this shit tomorrow! Use a fucking t-shirt if you need to because we just went way up the ranks in the testing and with exponential growth we are toast in 2 weeks.

  • People have needs...............Help a family survive

    We could all do more to help. Even a small donation when added to other small donations can help. Drew Brees gave $5 million to Louisiana. I’m not suggesting you donate a lot, but do what you can. Brees has a lot of money, but he was willing to help out big time. Other sports stars are following suit. If everyone gave ten bucks that would do a lot to assist CVID-19 programs. Especially to workers who have been laid off or have PG&E bills and water bills or need some money for vehicle fuel. RCAA has programs for distribution, Open Door Clinic has programs, school food programs and probably many more. Now is the time to help out. Get your church to collect money for donation. The Elks, Moose, Lions and Rotary clubs and other fraternal organizations. They could start Go Fund ME pages. Give out vouchers. It is going to get a lot harder on families without an income in the next month or longer. Unemployment won’t cover the bills.

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