Children Taken Into Protective Custody, After Four Detained on Drug Related Charges

drug kitThis is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On March 25, 2020, at about 10:00 p.m., Detectives with the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Team (POP), with the assistance of an Agent with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force, served a warrant in a room at a hotel on the 4200 block of Broadway in Eureka. The warrant was obtained following a multi-week narcotics investigation.

During the execution of the warrant, Detectives detained four adults and learned two children were also in the room. During the search of the room, Detectives located and seized approximately 19 grams of suspected heroin, 20 grams of suspected methamphetamine, and scales and drug paraphernalia. As a result of the investigation the following arrests were made:

Michelle Leigh Odjick (45 of Eureka) was arrested for possession of heroin for sale. Shaunah Marie Sovereign (42 of Eureka) was arrested for possession of heroin for sale, possession of methamphetamine for sale, child endangerment, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Theodore Lonnie Kellermann (51 of Eureka) was arrested for possession of heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, all three suspects were cited and released at the scene. The two children were taken into protective custody.

Anyone with information regarding ongoing drug or nuisance activity in the City of Eureka is asked to call EPD’s POP Team at (707) 441-4373.

Note: an earlier version of this post stated that four were arrested. We have corrected that to read four were detained.



  • So the kids suffer but the criminals are set free. That sucks!

  • The kids suffer but the dumb parents go free!

  • 🕯🌳Hmmmmmm. 👀👁👁👁

  • The kids were endangered in the situation they were in. Children have unconditional LOVE for their parents when they are young. Children are dependent on their parents. How well can a child really depend on a heroin or meth addict? Dependability is not a quality found in a great degree with addicts of these subsistences.

    • Could Keith Richard’s kids been taken away? I’m not for the dope addicts, but I’m sure Whitney Huston was caught with crack and her and Bobby kept the kids

  • ….this is where molestation starts. A house full of druggies. Scum of the earth is all they are.

    • Have another drink sonny. FYI-Its a drug too, and continues to harm FAR more children than any other drug.

    • Holier than thou make me sick!

      Just cause it’s legal, doesnt mean it’s safe or ok! Anyone that loses control of their lives over something is an addict that’s addicted to whatever that something is. So when u over indulge in spending & cant pay ur full pg&e bill then u are addicted to spending & therefore you are an addict! And a functioning addict is still an addict nonetheless. And no one knows the things that happen in the best of homes with the richest of ppl. Just cause it looks bad, dont make it bad & just cause it looks good, dont make it good! Dont judge a book by its cover. And being understanding of someone else’s plight in life does not make someone an enabler. It enables when u dont do anything to help make things better cause you refuse to allow them any other way to live due to lack of understanding, programs, & helpful resources. Cause instead of trying to help fix the problem, ppl want to sit around on their high horses talking crap about everyone else. While meantime in their own backyards they got hidden stuff going on that’s probably worse than the worst abuse & addiction going on anywhere in the world…but hey sweep that crap up under the rug & keep acting like uour crap dont stink to high heaven! Your skeletons will come popping out if your not vigilant so stop paying attention to everyone else & pay attention to your own closet instead of looking at other ppls backyards. Sounds like this is the real problem that needs to b addressed here! Get rid of the heartless uncaring judgemental ppl & then those that care can actually give ppl some place to turn to for help when theyre hurting some place other than to drugs.

  • Detained four adults, then list only 3 adults with charges. Who was forth? And are they innocent of all charges?

  • Ridiculous, once again 4 people doing drugs and only one taken into custody, and there probably out already on bail, or own reconnaissance.

  • I say arrest and incarcerate. If they commit crimes of this magnitude, they must be caged for the good of the community. If the virus ends up in the jail, so be it. They should have thought about the risks before committing the crime. I would have a hard time feeling sorry for them. Just another case of those of us having to shelter in place at home being in prison and the criminals running around free. Law enforcement didn’t think that through very well.

    And for the “human rights” crowd, let it go. Criminals infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens all the time. It’s about time they lose some of theirs.

  • Walkinthereshoesbeforeyoujudge

    Wow, you guys always go to the extreme with things! You act like just because 4 adults where in a hotel room and they got busted with honestly looks like personal and it’s a big deal OMG the kids where in such a scary situation! When majority of you can’t tell me that before weed was legal that you didn’t have weed in the house !! Hell half of the community had there kids helping them grow weed! But because these certain drugs are taboo then the children must of truly been in horrible danger and oh ya they must of had a bunch of people in and out that would rap these kids right!!?? Wow!! No where did it say anything like that!! Just because someone has an addiction problem doesn’t mean they are putting there children in danger all the time! I somewhat know Shauna (the mother) and what I do know is the children never even knew those drugs existed! She is very strict of the people she lets around her kids! And she is even more strict about how she used her drug of choice around her children! And Michelle is the same way with kids! I don’t know this guy myself! And from reading this report I see a mother who was doing whatever she could to survive to keep a roof over her kids head and feed! This is a woman whom is single and the system has failed her! But because she did what she could shy of ROBBING ANY OF YOU OR SPREADING HER LEGS but she is just a horrible parent huh? Well not everyone has a silver spoon in their mouth and not everyone got to make millions when marijuana was still in the black market! Stop judging others! Now if this was a report where it said something of the children being neglected of the health, or Was being molested then I would understand all your closed minded judgments! There is a lack of housing! And if you see on her Facebook page she was just asking for help for her and her children to find a safe and stable housing so she didn’t have to pay an arm and leg to stay in motels just to keep a roof over her daughters head! I’d like to see one of you working a minimum wage job and pay 100 bucks a night at hotels and motels that aren’t roach infested and atleast half decent with a pool for the children’s entertainment, I’d like to see one JUST ONE of you do this and not finding your self will to do whatever you can shy of actually bringing strangers in the rooms because you have to spread your legs to pay the bill or shy of robbing people because you need that hundred a day to keep your kids safe off the streets and out of shelters where a ton of strangers are! Just because they busted THE ADULTS WITH DRUGS does not mean the children where actually being exposed of them and a bunch of strangers that “next thing you know will be molesting them” god get a life and stop judging addicts! If they aren’t robbing your house or fucking your husband then stop with your incredibly uninformed comments! And read between the lines to see a single mom whom was doing everything she could to keep a roof over her kids head and food on the table! And now her poor amazing kids are actually with strangers in a system where they actually do get molested and neglected because it’s only just a pay check for that foster family! Majority of them could give two shits for the actual children they have! It’s sad! Because this mother does love her children! And how strict she is, those drugs where never anywhere near the kids reach! And I know the kids have never even seen her do a deal let alone the “strangers” you guys are just assuming she had around! Another house broken up that shouldn’t of been! Stop the drug war on parents and children that don’t actually have there kids I’m danger! The only danger here is the part that will now scar the kids minds of being taken away from a loving mother and put into a home with a stranger and being worried when they will see there mom again and what is happening next! Now that really fucks kids up big time! Have a good day everyone! And god, just because they are drug addicts doesn’t mean they deserve the covid virus! That’s like saying everyone with mental health should just get it so they can kill over and die! You all always make me disgusted! Because your the reason it’s that much harder to get help for these people, right? “NOT IN MY BACK YARD” right?!!

    • So let me get this straight.

      You have posted a rambling rant railing against the lumping of people into groups and judging them en masse. In that rant, you have lumped the commenters here into a group and judged them en masse.

    • Nice rant at 3:40am. Put the meth pipe down, stop making excuses for druggie behavior and go to sleep!

      • Druggie scum protecting a “loving” mother failed by the system. Blaming others on life choices….. and I know what the true love is when your a junkie, I’ve been there, the love is more junk, nice try convincing an ex addict but it’s all only crocodile tears. Take self responsibility, quite drugs, get rid of “support” friends like you and let your kids be your new “fix”. Grow the fuk up!!! All of that is no ones fault but your own.

    • Wow! You have no idea do you. The truth is drugs kill. Therefore dealers are murderers. The list of stuff is clearly not just for personal use by an addict. And yes, I don’t want these people in my neighborhood, my County. People have choices. Becoming a dealer is a choice. It’s a selfish choice. It’s selfish to their family, children, and yes their community. I don’t care if the children didn’t know about the drugs. The mere existence of them in the resistance is child endangerment. Drug users know where the dealers live. Don’t kid yourself. If an addict needs a fix and doesn’t have money, the children being in the residence will not stop them from robbing the dealer. The foster care system isn’t perfect, but it is far better than an addict’s household, much less a dealer’s household.

      Instead of condemning those who have no use for this criminal behavior, since you apparently know these criminals, you might try reaching out to them and assist them in getting help. My experience professionally working with this population for over 15 years has been they don’t want help.

    • well, , I guess we know who the 4th person was now.

    • Tweaking hard, eh?

    • Comparing weed to meth an heroin is pretty silly. Kids could and do die from getting into their parents meth and heroin. Weed isnt a deadly substance.

    • Ok now Mr walkinthereshoesbeforeyoujudge
      You said, the children were never put in any danger by her using and selling drugs, right?
      Oops, My BAD!
      Give her the MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD, she NEVER put HER CHILDREN in danger J U S T
      Her Customers CHILDREN!!!!!
      I AM WAITING!!!!!

    • Shaunah Sovereign

      Thank you I do love my children and I do my best to care for them. I haven’t seen or heard from my girls since this has happened. I have tried contacting the people that took them and all I get is a message machine.

  • Families who suffer from drug abuse

    Another Sovereign. That family has had its drug problems. Ten years ago nearly every bust had the name Sovereign. It’s an old Eurekean name. That’a not to say every Sovereign is a druggie. There are non druggie Sovereign’s. Sad the family has had the problem. I worked with one on a fishing boat. Worked his ass, but loved his meth. The Captain of the boat knew it, but did nothing.

    • You are 100% correct. Those from said family never wanted treatment either in my experience.

    • We were burglarized by a Sovereign years ago. Mom remembered this family name and they were trouble 50 plus years ago. Why is it a generational problem? Hope the best for the good family members.

  • 🕯🌳Wow this place has become the new darkroom. All the escaped greys that are now trapped at home are showing up here.🖖🛰


    My comment about “NOT IN MY BACKYARD “ is about getting these people help, but the close minded have made it clear that they would rather have druggies running around instead of setting up more rehabs and methadone clinics or any kind of clinics that would help get people off drugs or atleast get them in some kind of maintenance program. So yep let’s keep rounding them up and throwing them in jail and screwing there record up so that when they finally do get there lives together it’s that much harder to get a good job or even make the baby steps to stay clean and make their lives better! We need more stepping stone programs for addicts in recovery. But the close minded that think once one picks the life of drugs then that’s it! And that’s so not true! And I agree yes it is our choice! But what I will say is when my back got fucked up I didn’t know what I was getting into when the doctors started pumping me with Fentanyl patches and oxycodone at 23 years old! And all those years I did fight off several SEVERAL people trying to push heroine on me. But after dealing with one of my best friends being around me off and on for a year on heroine it didn’t seem so hmm shocking or so bad! He looked like everyone else around me that where on the pills the doctor prescribed me and everyone else (thank you again Mrs. Joiner 😟) and then one day my kidneys for reasons the doctor never found out started shutting down and I ended up in St. Joseph Hospital for two weeks and majority of that time due to the extreme pain I had a Dilaudid drip and a button I could push every 5 mins! And then all of a sudden my kidneys where in good enough shape to be released from the hospital 2 weeks later tho I was still experiencing pain, but instead of helping me come down from that Dilaudid drip and detoxing me properly I was released from the hospital with absolutely nothing and told to see my main doctor on Monday when she would be in again. So still in a lot of pain and now thrown into a detox I had never EVER experienced, I desperately called around looking for pills to buy! The last guy I called (whom for years said hey your on patches you mine as well be doing heroine) said I don’t have any pills but you know what I do have and I can hear how sick you are, they have already been pumping you with shit in the hospital what’s the difference when I told him no. But for some reason this time I wasn’t strong enough to fight him and I made the absolutely biggest mistake of my life shooting up heroine! Which took me years and years to come back from! I will be honest I still fight my battles with it from time to time! So I also am an addiction in recovery! No I was not in that room and No I’m not a meth addict! I can’t stand meth! But I really don’t care if you guys believe me or not because I know the truth! I also know that if Humboldt had the right help for people a lot more would get clean! So I will atleast ask those of you who love to chant “NOT IN MY BACKYARD “ To please stop and let the right treatment come in for these people! Because I only got clean when I went to the city for a few years!

    • Did you have a scale? Did you package drugs for sale? Did you endanger children while selling? There is a serious difference between a medically induced addiction and a dealer. You sound like you got treatment and are in recovery. That is fantastic. As I said earlier, most addicts don’t or won’t seek treatment. In 15 years working with this population, hundreds and hundreds didn’t want help. Probably less than I can count on my two hands actually accepted help. Most programs I worked with had extremely low success rates, whether court ordered or any other reason they were in treatment.

      The point being missed here is that these were not addicts, but dealers. Maybe they were also addicts, but they were indeed dealers. Last I knew, there aren’t dealer recovery programs. If prosecutors, judges and lawmakers would actually put away dealers, cooks and all those parasites who only have making money on their minds with no consideration of the lives they ruin, there would be far fewer addicts. And if doctors are causing addiction and not being responsible to treat this properly, they too should be held criminally liable.

      This is no time for excuses, but a time for change.

      • Yes when I was using I did have a scale and I did middle man when I could to pay for my habbit. Middle manning is even down to I would but a larger amount for cheaper and sell it to already addicted people buying smaller amounts but paying more. I had to leave and go to another state to get clean because the rehabs here either there detox was unbearable to go through or I had to pay a ridiculous amount to go to a rehab. Also I started in methadone clinics which there are none onsite around here! Methadone clinics make it a easier transfer than suboxone. And I have talked to several addicts whom all say if they could get on methadone they would be ecstatic because suboxone isn’t working for them. And then the ones that for one reason or another can not do either Canada has actual clinics that distribute pharmaceutical heroin. Zero overdose, strict maintenance, crime rate dropped rapidly, and those people now have good jobs and housing! Plus sales went down also! Now with meth I don’t know, like I said not my drug of choice and no clue on how to help them. But there are thing that Humboldt county could be implementing and are not! And just so you know, I have to reread the article but if the room was in the mother’s name she may have not been selling at all but if anyone else is then she also gets those charges. What baffles me is why they hit these people with sales charge besides the ounce of meth everything else is legally in the range of personal use! There is no baggies for packaging of sales that I seen, nor was there a controlled buy. And again so should we be crucifying all the people that take pain pills from doctors or drink alcohol, or smoke weed with children in the house? Alcoholics are some of the most violent addicts and children live amongst them all the time. But they are never taken out of those homes just because there dad has a 30 pack in the fridge and a bar in the basement. What use is that? What adult taking care of children needs a fully stocked bar in there house? Yet majority do! But because these drugs are misunderstood and shunned in society as of now a mother who does actually love her children just made a poor decision is being crucified by all of you! I’m sure majority of you have your own skeletons in your closets and have no right to judge but do because your skeleton doesn’t consist of this. But still yet would be even worse! Also why isn’t the 6 pound bust on this website that happened today? And why was everyone ok with mr. Kemp who was putting seriously deadly drugs in an already deadly drug like heroin crucified? That man has bodies several bodies, mothers, dads, brothers, sisters over his head but yet everyone said ” I hope he is alright and the family is ok”. Oh probably because it one less addict off the streets that he killed right? So backwards!! And please don’t give up so quickly on addicts! And yes I agree the TRUE DEALERS the ones that are not using and bringing it into our country should be put to jail for a very long time! I absolutely agree with that! But it is clear that isn’t this group! Besides the scale I don’t even truly see why they are hitting them with sales! Now if there was a substantial amount of money found I would understand more but clearly there wasn’t!

  • Cite and release – damn

  • Idk the ppl in the article but I’d just like to say that I feel sorry for all the holier than thou judgmental ppl that have nothing better to do with their time but to sit around wasting it with talking crap about others when they have no clue what these individuals have in their minds or their hearts. Nor do they have a care about their pain or the reasons they’ve turned to drugs either. These so called druggies r human being too! And a mother doesnt love her children any less just cause she messed up & has become addicted to meth or other drugs. And ripping children from the only stable home they have IS NOT necessarily helping these children! Were they abused sexually, physically, verbally, emotionally? Did they have clean clothes, toys, food? Did they show any signs of neglect whatsoever? If the answer is no, then they weren’t fucking abused & should remain with their parent(s)!!! CPS destroys families & causes damage that can never b repaired! Not just to the parent but it damages the children for the rest of their lives & they dont ever have a feeling of being secure, stable, or safe after they have dealt with CPS. CPS makes mistakes too & never answer for those mistakes! Far more children are damaged way more while in the care of CPS or while in foster care that CPS deemed as safe & good than they ever were at risk of suffering while safe at home with their loving parents. If u haven’t been in any situation to understand someone else’s, shut the f up & mind ur own business. We all have addictions, mayb u won’t admit yours but as humans every one of us has an addiction or 2. And addiction destroys no matter what the addiction is! An addiction is an addiction is an addiction. Gambling, sex, food, adrenaline, alcohol, prescription drugs, spending money, tv, watching porn, talking shit about others! These can all b addictions & these innocent sounding everyday things destroy ppl, families, & lives every single day too! Dont judge until u have walked the mile in someone else’s shoes cause u have no right unless u have walked down that dark path & came out the other side a saint without any bad habits!!! Just saying.

    • Stop the chant ot "not In my back yard"

      Thank you! I thought I was the only one out here feeling this way! Thank you!

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