Neighbor Alerts Police to Ongoing Burglary, One Arrested

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Christopher BlountOn March 23, 2020, at about 9:00 a.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the 900 block of Dowler Drive in Eureka for a possible residential burglary in progress. The caller said an unknown male attempted to open her front door and then was last seen in her neighbor’s garage.

Once on scene, officers located a broken window to the neighbor’s residence. While officers were setting up a perimeter, a burglar alarm was activated from inside. Officers then heard glass break and saw a male suspect flee from the rear of the residence into a greenbelt. Officers followed the suspect into the greenbelt where he was taken into custody without further incident. The male was identified as Christopher Blount (32 of Eureka).

Based on the initial investigation, it appears Blout gained entry to three residences on the 900 block of Dowler before being taken into custody. Blout was transported to the hospital for medical clearance and then was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for burglary x3, resisting arrest, and probation violation.

The Eureka Police Department would like to thank the observant neighbor for calling in this suspicious activity. If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call (707) 441-4044. Be prepared to provide detailed descriptions of clothing, vehicles, etc.




  • Super glad that they got him but where is he now? As if we weren’t already soft on crime, police around the country are now being told not to arrest non-violent offenders.

    Ahh, good times…

  • Is that a tattoo of a band-aid on his Head? Lol!

  • Victimless crime. Protected under California law. Out before the end of the week and on to the next.

  • he was taken into custody without further incident.

    resisting arrest


  • 🕯🌳Boy got thumped up.🖖

  • [quote]
    The “Castle doctrine” says that there is no duty to retreat if a resident confronts an intruder inside the home. California Penal Code 198.5 specifically applies the doctrine to a resident who uses force against an intruder who breaks into a home, or tries to force their way in.

    “A Person’s Home is their Castle.”

    The Castle doctrine designates a person’s home as a place where the resident

    can use force up to and including deadly force to defend against an intruder.

    In California, there is a legal presumption that the resident reasonably feared imminent death or great bodily harm to themselves, or a member of the household, if:

    an intruder unlawfully and forcibly enters or tries to enter the home;
    the resident knew or reasonably believed that an intruder unlawfully and forcibly entered or was entering the home;
    the intruder was not a member of the household or family;
    the resident used force intended or likely to cause death or great bodily injury to the intruder inside the home.
    A legal presumption means the prosecutor in a case must prove that the resident did not have a reasonable fear of imminent death or injury when he or she used force against the intruder. It basically gives the benefit of the doubt in such cases to the resident.

    The public policy behind this law is that the very act of forcible entry entails a threat to the life and limb of the residents. See People v. Silvey (1997) 58 Cal. App. 4th 1320.

    Great bodily injury means significant or substantial physical injury. It is an injury that is greater than minor or moderate harm.

    Please note that if any of the requirements are not met a person will be unable to invoke this doctrine.

    • Well it would still be a shitty long court case with no guarantee that you won’t have your life ruined (if you are the homeowner who uses deadly force on an intruder) and you would surely have all your dirty laundry aired to the public. And you risk getting shot by having a shoot out with a burglar and losing your life over a stupid incident (happened right down the road in willow creek a few years ago- Mike hangar)
      Better to think it through before you play tough guy.

      • Are you implying that if someone forces entry into your home you would just hand over whatever he or she wanted rather than defend your castle (home and family)?

        • Pissed off Marine

          I would guess who’s house it is.

        • No. Willow creeker would stand there and “think it through”(sic).

          • I would think it through, also; that’s not a bad thing. I would definitely give an intruder the opportunity to give up if they were not an IMMEDIATE threat (e.g. over 20 ft. away with no gun in hand pointed at me, while I have them at gunpoint). No need to shoot someone if you have tactical advantage. Now, if they forced the situation I would do what I have to do and deal with the emotional consequences later.

            • Mark out 20 feet and time how long it takes for a person to cross that distance at speed. Not much time to think… it takes less than 1 second.

              I hope I am never in the situation where I have to decide to shoot an intruder, but if I am I will make damn sure my family and myself come out unscathed.

              • You would mentally go over all the stipulations in the castle doctrine while someone kicked in your door before you shot them? I think you’ve watched too many movies.

                • Reading comprehension is a good thing. I specifically said there is no time to think about those things when it comes to it.

                  The Castle doctrine is clear: if someone is breaking into your home while you’re in it forced entry constitutes a threat to your life and can legally be countered with deadly force.

      • I have insurance and high paid lawyers for worst case situations like this. Another reason to have a CCW. It puts you in a better position with the law against scum like this. Know your rights! And exercise them!

      • So according to Willow Creeker if this tattoo necked scumbag enters your house you’re playing “tough guy” if you defend yourself. Unreal! [edit]

        • That’s what I was gonna say!!! I don’t claim to be a, “tough guy,” but if someone breaks into my house, you can BET YOUR ASS I’m going to protect my family! By any means necessary!

      • Lmao “playing tough guy”. That boy is asleep if he enters 100% of gun owners homes without an invite.

        • Funny, everyone seems to be gun happy and the break-ins never let up yet a burglar hardly ever gets shot. Lots of tough talk always emanating from those whose self-identity is wrapped up in gun ownership but thankfully they don’t end up shooting as many people as they profess deserve it.

          • That’s because they rob house with signs supporting Bernie, that way you they know there aren’t any guns inside. One reason you don’t hear about more incidents is a policy of shoot, shovel and shut up. How many people do you know with mini excavators? Or so I’ve heard….

            • Boy…they’d be wrong about Bernie signs and guns in my household…

              • Mine also. I know some democrats with small arsenals. They never talk about the weapons.
                Never talk about shooting people.

                • That’s me. Always loved weapons of all kinds. [edit]

                • Funny, voting for politicians that want want to inhibit your gun rights further but you own a “small arsenal “. Ingenious.

                  • Bernie is not about taking away gun rights. In debates with Hilary in 2016 he stood up for gun rights. Said that folks in his home state Vermont have guns, go hunting and he wasn’t about shutting them down. Hilary then misrepresented what he said, made fun of him for “supporting gun nuts” and lost my vote forever. And she lost the vote of many with that kind of urban-based mockery on country folk. Bernie’s position on guns has not changed. Keep them out of the hands of the violent and mentally ill as much as possible and don’t bother responsible gun owners.

                  • Wrong. No one is coming to take your guns. And plenty on the left would resist that ever happening just as hard as you. Quit parotting.

              • Mine too!

            • Yeah, and I hope that anyone that abides by your
              Shoot,Shovel Shut Up slogan gets caught and goes to prison where they can have I’M A DUMBSHIT TOUGH GUY tattooed on their forehead.

          • They should speak for themselves. Me? Different story yeah sure. Let me guess, your gonna say I’m a “tuff guy” for protecting my home and community right?

      • I totally agree. I remember that people were there in the dark waiting for intruders to return and one homeowner’s dad was killed. Your property is not worth your life people. Retreat if you can, because guns are offensive not defensive weapons.

        • Please don’t assume I blame the victims though, just saying that your possessions are not worth dying for.

          • What about your daughter? Wife? Are you gonna run away and give them up to a methed out tweeker thief to have his way with them? Nice mentality, maybe we should all have that and give away our life long hard worked for possessions to criminals. Lay on your back. That’s exactly what they want you to do. Just don’t complain when you have nothing left and can’t walk the next day….

            • He was talking about this specific case where they setup an ambush waiting for some thieves to return. No family was present, only the father and son. He also said specifically that “your possessions are not worth dying for”. Take the time to comprehend what you read and you won’t come across so poorly.

              Now, I disagree about guns not being defensive weapons.

              • I never read anything about “a specific case”. ? So maybe I missed something… my property is where I hold everything dear, including my family. I will die for the cause of there protection and everything that supports there well being.

              • That was a cluster fuck and should never had happened. They were outgunned and had no strategy for confrontation.

                • Mike Hangar wasn’t a dumb guy. He had the same attitude as you- that he was justified in protecting his property. He dies in his sons arms. Pretty tragic. Doesn’t pay to be the tough guy. Do what you need to do but don’t talk about on a public comment section because that’ll be used against you if you ever have a case.

                  • I didn’t call him dumb. They attempted to confront a few people and one automatic firearm. They had no idea. And very tragic.

                    I posted a legal interpretation of the Castle doctrine. That’s not an “attitude”.

                    • No it wasn’t. It’s very informative rover. People don’t care to educate themselves in guns or there rights and proper use of when and how. When people die in gun confrontations it’s because of ignorance,arrogance and lack of understanding the true threat of there target. Know your enemy and don’t be outgunned.

                    • “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.”
                      Joseph Stalin

  • did he do that so he could get a test , just a thief or both
    Now that the blood bank is full you can’t get a free test

  • Hello from the gutter

    Does anyone have the phone number of this guys tattoo artist? I don’t want a tattoo, I just want to call and tell them, THEY SUUUCK!!!

  • Come on guys, there’s an estimated 30 million modern day slaves, 40% of those known cases in amurica involve child sex slaves. Y’all get so pissed about some stupid possessions and always show your ignorance with how sympathetic you are to attractive victims compared to ugly or tattooed. Pick a less basic, emotionally ignorant, self righteous lane.

    • Sorry. I’m prejudiced. That is a prime example of what a tweeker thief looks like! From his haircut to his tats. Sorry. I’ll judge

    • I’m so confused.
      I’m not sure the “ugly or tattooed” guy in the picture is someone you could call a victim. Nor am i seeing the correlation between this uninvited guest and the 12m modern day slaves and the 18m child sex slaves. I understand that these are all crimes, but this page of the interknots is about a burglar, not human trafficking. Or Bernie supporters.

    • I forgot … Gunsss Dontt take criminals,, Criminals take guns…. So shoot up your castle , white castle or Dairy Queen for the hassle. Murder is better than a few payments for renters ind=surance.

  • Maybe he was just out of toilet paper

  • Man those cops kicked his ass.

  • Seems like a nice young man.

  • “Career criminals are not afraid of going to prison, they are afraid of armed citizens.”
    (Mike Darter)

  • I hope they used hand sanitizer.

  • BurglaryIsScary

    If you know of anybody on your Facebook friend list that has a history burglary block them on Facebook. This is scary if this happens to me.

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