Southern Humboldt Stores Open/Closed At This Time

We know you many of you don’t want to be traveling except for essentials during the Shelter at Home Order put in place to protect against the spread of COVID-19. So the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce checked with every business in the area and noted whether they were open or closed. Remember essential businesses are asked to stay open. And businesses that you might not realize are carrying essential items, need to stay open for those that need access to that item.

That said, please try to stay home. Go out only when you must. (Exercise is considered a necessity for health so please walk or recreate as much as possible.) If you must go out, maintain a distance of six feet from others, and wash your hands as well as surfaces you touch in order to cut down on transmission of the disease. Wear a mask when indoors or within six feet of others.

Southern Humboldt Business Directoryv


On a computer, to find a business, push the CTRL key and the “F” key at the same time, a search box will appear. Type in the name and it will be highlighted.

On a phone, this can vary depending on the type, but generally tap the menu option in the upper right corner of your screen. It looks like three dots stacked on top of each other. Select something like FIND IN PAGE and type in the business’s name. It should highlight it.

Also, the businesses are grouped by town and are in alphabetical order within the town. Click the business’ name to go to their link with information like phone numbers, new hours, and specials.

For now, this post is accessible near the top of the front page of Redheaded Blackbelt.


Business Name Open / Closed
Allsport & Toys Open
Amillia’s Open to go orders only
Best Western Plus Humboldt House Inn Open
Blue Moon Gift Shop Open
Blue Room Closed
Blue Star Gas Open
Bon Bistro Open for take out only
Boot Leg Open
Brannan Realty Closed
Branscomb Center/Radio Shack Open
Brown’s Sporting Goods Open
Calico’s Café Open to go orders only
Cecil’s Bistro Open to go orders only
Chautaqua Natural Foods Open
Cinderella Day Spa Closed
Clary’s Auto Parts Open. Clary Auto is changing hours. Mon.- Sat. 8-5 and Sun. 10-3. Weekends subject to change.
Clearwater Ag Services Closed (working from home)
Clover Willison Insurance Open
Dazey’s Building Center Open
Department of Health & Human Services Open
Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do Online classes five days a week
Divine Origin Closed
Eel River Café Open
Emerald Technologies Open (See new hours at link)
Feather Rose Open
Flavors Coffehouse Open
Frank Gloeggler – Tax Accountant Open
Garberville Chiropractic Open TUE WED and FRI 9a – 5p
Garberville Farmer’s Market  Fridays, 11am-3pm, on Church Street and the Garberville Town Square
Garberville Laundromat Open
Garberville Library Closed
Garberville Sanitary District Unknown
Garberville Thrift Shop Open
Garden of Beadin Closed except for online
Getti-up Open (As of 3/23 hrs will be 7-pm)
Got Respect Store Open
HB Business Solutions Closed
Hemp Connection Open Mon,Wed,and Friday from 10:am to 5:00 pm
Humboldt Bar & Grill Open
Humboldt County Smoking Caterpillar

Call/Text for Deliveries

& Online

Humboldt Redwoods Inn Open
Karen Miclette Insurance Open via phone or maildrop payment
Little Bits Food Truck Open
Lone Pine Motel Open
Madrone Realty Closed
Motel Garberville Open
Nacho Mama Open
Nice Cars Closed
Old Stuff Antiques & Collectibles Closed
Organic Grace Open
Pineapple Express Closed (To go orders once a week)
People’s Real Estate Closed
Randall Sand and Gravel Open
Randy Cantua Insurance Agency Closed
Ray’s Food Place Open
Redwood Raindrop Harmonics Open by delivery only for wellness products or online
Roberto’s Humboldt T’s Closed
Root 101 Nursery Open
SHC Open by appointment
Sherwood Forest Motel Open
SoHum Community Park Open 
SoHum Yoga Studio Open for online classes
So Hum Smoke Shop Open
Souji House Open 
Southern Humboldt Fitness 
Southern Humboldt Health Care District (Garberville Hospital) Open
Stone Junction Bar Closed
Sweet Grass Boutique Online by apt (call for details)
The Cuttings Closed
The Humboldt Independent Open
The Papermill Closed
The Stonery Closed
Tranquility Lane Flowers Closed
Trees Foundation Working from home but sometimes in office.
Tsunami Closed
Umpqua Bank Open
Vocality Community Credit Union Open
Who’s Your Barber Open
Wonderland Nursery See One Log Gifts in Piercy
Woodrose Café Open to go orders only
Yours & Mine Hair Salon Closed
Meadow’s Business Park
Brooks Enterprises Closed
DMV Open by Appointment only
Evergreen Self Storage Open
George’s Glass Closed
Greenwired Open/by appointment only
Humboldt Performance Cycle Open
Jim’s Quality Quick Lube Open
Just Rent It Open
Leo’s Auto Repair Open
Mateel Botanicals Open by Appointment only
Meadow’s Café Open
Partners in Grime Closed
PigMint Press Open
Randall Sand & Gravel Open
Redway Community Services District Closed see here for more info
SoHum Automotive Open
Sylvandale Garden Supply Open
Trim Scene Solutions Open
The Security Store Open
Wyckoff’s Plumbing Open
Brass Rail Bar Open
CHP Open
Criss’s Flowers Closed
Dazey’s Inc. Open
The Dump aka Redway Transfer Center Open but some services limited.
Deb’s Great American Hamburgers Open
Healy Senior Center See here for more info
Home Cooking Open
KMUD Open but not to public
Lost Coast Paw Spaw Open
Lost Frenchman Open for to go orders. 10a-8p m-f ,12-6p Sat
Miclette’s Automotive Open
Northern Inn Closed
Parkinson’s Building Materials Open
Persimmons Closed
Planning & Building Department Closed?
Redway Feed Garden Supply Open
Redway Liquors Open
Redway Community Services District Closed. See here for more information (Mostly by Appointment only)
Redway Tire Open
Redway True Value Hardware Store Open
Redwood Towing Open
Redwoods Rural Health Center Open by appointment 
Shop Smart Open 8 a.m.-9 p.m. 7 days a week.
Signature Coffee Company Retail Coffee Shop CLOSED. Wholesale and mail order OPEN.
Slightly Twisted Coffee & More Open
SoHum Motorsports Open to service generators, etc.
South County Auto Repair Open
The Country Club Open with curbside orders
Unleashed K9 Training Inc. Open by virtual training online
Benbow Historic Inn Closed
Benbow KOA Campground Open
NorCal Mechanical Open
Redwood Roots Closed?
One Log House Espresso & Gifts Closed but dispensary open
The Chimney Tree Closed
The Trader Closed
Deerhorn Market Open
Art of the Burl Redwood Gallery online orders available
Avenue Café Open to go orders only
Bear Butte Rock Quarry Open
Hwy 254 Sweet Cravings Closed
Korbly Wood Products Closed
Miranda Gardens Resort Open
Miranda Farmer’s Market NOW ON MONDAYS! 2pm-6pm, in front of the market
Miranda Market Open
Redwood Palace Closed
Sips Coffee Shop Open
Workhorse Welding Open
Toni Genaro Insurance Services Open remotely by phone or email
Weott Store Closed?
Weott Visitor’s Center Closed
Myers Flat  
Daily Grind Coffee Shop Open
Giant Redwoods Rv & Camp Open on with self contained RV’s
Myers Flat Store Closed
Myers Inn Open
Redwood Garden Supply Open
Shrine Drive Thru Tree Closed
Where it’s At – Smoke Shop Open
Burlwood Gallery Closed
Redcrest RV Closed
Bob Downing Electric Open 
G R Wilcox Enterprise Open 
Lost Coast Adventure Tours Open
Whitethorn Construction Open but change in hours
BLM  Closed
Briceland Vineyards Winery Open–delivery and curbside service
Shelter Cove  
Delgada Pizza Open
Fish Tank Call-In Window Pick-Up orders only
Gyppo Ale Mill Open for online and phone orders.
Inn of the Lost Coast Open
Mi Mochima Open to order online and curbside
Oceanfront Inn Open for locals & essential travel only
Shelter Cove Farmer’s Market Open Tuesdays, 11am -3pm, near Mario’s 1st MARKET APRIL 28
Shelter Cove General Store Click link for more details
Shelter Cove RV Deli & Campground Open
Sky’s at the Cove Open for takeout
The Tides Inn Open
Gas Stations (all towns regular hrs) Open
US Postal Service (all towns regular hrs) Open
Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce SHCOC is working remotely, keeping lines of communication open with county officials, keeping the greater area of Southern Humboldt informed as well as continuing to support local businesses and Chamber members.
Southern Humboldt Business & Visitors Bureau SHBVB is officing remotely and in communication with county officials for updates for their members & partners. They are serving on Humboldt County ad Hoc economic resilence committee on behalf of Southern Humboldt.


  • NorCal Mechanical is open for business. Shawn 707-223-2100

  • Garberville Sanitary office is closed. Directions were to leave payments in the outside box + the BOD meeting next week is going to teleconf available.

  • Why is Dazeys’ Open. Total greed! It’s how this corporation is ran

    • Garden shops, hardware shops, auto shops are all considered essential businesses. People growing gardens for food for instance need access to supplies. In addition, cannabis is considered an essential business (I’m thinking a calm population is preferred right now;> )and Dazey’s supplies growers.

      • Yep i was in there today and most of the food seeds were gone!
        I dont think of Dazeys as an evil corporation, they are employee owned and run.
        Beyond amendments for farming they have a great supply of rubbing alcohol, water system parts, tarps, etc. The cannabis farms are operational so places like garden stores are obviously needed.

        There are many things there that are essential to rural living.
        Plus we want our local businesses to survive!!!

      • You are the BEST

    • If your toilet breaks down I’m sure you will want a hardware store to get the parts.

      • Not only that, the only way the divorce rate doesnt go to 100% is if everyone can get what they need to get the honeydew lists done and keep their hands busy and their minds quiet thru this mess. Which is stated to last thru the summer….probably more like thru spring next year tho.

        Because they cannot get a vaccine out any sooner than that.

  • Thanks Kym and crew. This is useful information.

  • All of these places other than grocery and pharmacies should close immediately. There are 11 confirmed cases in Sonoma and already one person died. This is very real. That number just jumped to 22 cases, it was like 3 two days ago.

    • Our economy has to survive. People have to work and keep their homesteads functioning. If your water system breaks you need to have somewhere to get parts so you can have water, we need soil and such to get food growing, we may need parts for pumps and other equipment, need gas for backup power when solar isn’t happening enough.
      The virus has already been here for awhile.
      The numbers are going to go up as testing becomes somewhat available. It seems like a lot of folks arent getting it….

      The reason the numbers are low is because there have been very few tests available and the feds refused to buy the kits the rest of the world was using. The ones our govt got were faulty which produced false negatives so people were sent home thinking they didnt have it. Even now only symptomatic folks get tested.
      So logically the more we test the more cases we will find.
      So the numbers are going to go up whether businesses are open or not.
      Its too late.
      Read some news from around the world.
      The places with the earliest large amounts of testing fared the best. WHO has been saying for weeks test test test.

      Our tests were also delayed because the president didnt want more tests as he said that would mean more positive cases which would make him look bad. Look up all his concerns about the “numbers” . Thats why he didnt want cruise ship passengers getting off ship in San Francisco, Trump said he was worried about the numbers.

      So instead of wanting local businesses to stop serving the community maybe call the white house and your reps.
      And look for testing kits, theres thousands on the black market right now, maybe you could find some for the county to buy.

  • Trim Scene Solutions is open!

    • Full Circle Forestry continues to help our neighbors achieve wildfire resilience among other forest health and productivity goals, while scrupulously maintaining social distancing to maximize human as well as overall ecosystem health. Less than half our average rainfall totals to this point demand accelerated attention to wildfire safety, and the crew is continuing to address these essential needs for public safety and related goals.

      Kym, you have my permission to facilitate communication with those who express legitimate inquiries.

      • Youre the best at it hands down Dave!!
        My ex worked a big fire with you in San Diego 20 years ago or so and he said walking through the fire camo with Dave was like being with a rock star, everyone knew him and wanted to say hi 😊

        • Thank you, LS – I don’t know about the best, but…I am certainly blessed to have had a full and satisfying career.
          That was the Cedar fire, in 2003, which was the largest in California history until the Mendocino Complex in 2018. That was also your ex’s first fire, and at morning briefing the first day (after driving all night to get there), he got to witness the Incident Commander break down and bawl like a baby while addressing the firefighter fatality that occurred the day before. Very heavy; I’ll never forget and I’m sure he won’t either.

      • Hi Dave, I’m in need of some help with some fuel reduction. How can I get in contact with you?
        Lou Iglesias, Weott

    • Thats not essential.

      • The possibility exists that you may reconsider your position on this, the next time there’s a wildfire bearing down on your place and the engine captain decides its too risky to deploy his crew to defend your home because of a lack of defensible space.
        We considered telecommuting, but…

      • You should go to youtube and look at some video coverage of Australias recent wildfires.
        Daves saying we’ve had less than half our average rain. And everyone is stuck home all summer long…the percent chance someone starts a fire is quite high.
        If dave’s crew has been through your neighborhood, you are much more likely to live thru the event and with your house intact.

  • Western star tree company will also continue to operate in forest environments. Adhering to social distancing requirements.

  • We, here at western star would also like to give a big up, and massive respect to Dave Kahan and crew. We strive together, to attain the same goals. Much love for trees, and working in the woods.

    • Thank you, Goose – and right back at you. I’ll look forward to the end of this fiasco so I can buy you a beer and we can swap stories! Hopefully “Embracing Fire Day, 2.0” on April 25 at the Mateel doesn’t get canceled and we can toast each other there.
      Nothing like working in the woods, eh?

      • M. Bigelow- Arb Tech Tree Care/ North American Training Solutions

        Dave has been a great mentor and teacher in forestry/fire and forestland management education. Had the pleasure of working with him in multiple settings. He always passes on definitive and effective applications for safety and management of forestry and arboriculture practices that he sustains, locally, and statewide with his local forestry service and his Forest Service and Cal Fire wildfire experience.

  • Garberville Community Member

    I totally understand the need for small businesses to still maintain operations during this time – and even without this pandemic, it takes a lot to run a small business. However, I also know a lot of this can be done online – OR with specific pick up and drop off times – something protocols I see being modeled by certain small businesses up north. “Non-essential” brick and mortars though, staying open during this time, just seems very irresponsible to me.
    I guess I’m trying to wrap my head around currently, after reading this list why the Boot Leg and All Sports Toys are open to the public. And as I’m never someone to point fingers and accuse, I am hoping someone could explain why these two businesses, as brick and mortars operating under normal conditions, are still open to the public, like business as usual. It just seems like this could all be done online but maybe I’m missing something here. Thank you.

  • I am surprised the motels can stay open. Mendocino Co. has closed them expect for the rooms people call home. The motels, etc., are to stay available for emergency purposes, such as people working (think health care) with the public but want to isolate themselves from their families.

  • Black Rifles Matter

    A big thank you to all the businesses staying open. Whether you are an “essential” business or not, I applaud you. I think all businesses are essential……..Thank you for serving our community and ignore the peeps saying you should close.

  • Deb’s Great American Hamburgers is open for to go orders.

  • Thank you. Deb and I are trying to figure out how to safely do local delivery, so people don’t have to expose themselves especially older ones.

    • In Eureka for a while there was a delivery service that contracted with several restaurants. Don’t know if it’s practical to share delivery services, just an idea.

  • Real farmers dont buy dirt!

  • The Oceanfront Inn in Shelter Cove is open for locals only and for essential travel only. Not accepting reservations from out of county. Our highest priority is the safety of our community. Stay home, folks, it’s not vacation time!

  • Sorry, didn’t mean to post twice. Please delete, Kim

  • Sky’s at the Cove restaurant open for takeout in Shelter Cove

  • The lost Frenchman is open for Togo orders. 10a-8p m-f ,12-6p sat

  • If this demic progresses, as it could, even essential businesses will have problems keeping staff. 40 years and this will be the first time The Blue Moon will be closed for more than a day or two. We have the advantage of a population density here that should lend itself to smart measures.

  • Thé Benbow Historic Inn Will be open for to-go food, cocktails, other beverages from 4-8 p.m. tonight (Saturday) then closing down Sunday after checkout. The Benbow KOA store Will be adding more groceries to help local shoppers. The Golf Course, RV Resort and propane station will remain open. Stay healthy everyone.

  • post offices? DMV? ups? state parks at benbow and tooby park and peircy and ave of giants?

    • The post states that all post office are operating normally and the DMV is in the Meadows Business park is open by appointment only. The Avenue of the Giants is a Road and all roads are open as normal.

      As of March 17, according to press releases by the State Parks, “California State Parks temporarily closed all campgrounds in the state park system to support state and local efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Camping reservation holders will be contacted via email for refunds.

      As of [the 17th], non-campground outdoor areas of parks, including trails and beaches, remain open. Visitors are reminded to practice social distancing and maintain at least six feet between other visitors and anyone who is coughing or sneezing. Restrooms also remain open, and visitors are advised to take soap for hand washing and alcohol-based hand sanitizers when water is not available.

      State Parks previously announced the closure of high public use indoor facilities including visitor centers, museums and cafes, and temporarily suspended all tours and events.”

  • Is the P.G.andE. Office open?

  • South County Auto Repair in Redway was never contacted. They are open!

  • Kym, Whitethorn Construction is open Mon-Fri, 8am-2pm. We are limiting to two customers at a time in the store.
    Chamber, thank you for putting this together!

    • Each business name is a link that goes to your webpage. Rather than have us continually update anything other than open or closed, we’re pointing to business’ webpages where the owners can keep them updated with the most current info. Good luck during these stressful times.

  • Dr Brian M. Ormond

    Garberville Chiropractic is and has been open for business for the last 35 years.
    Due to COVID19 we are open MON 10a – 5p
    TUE and FRI 9a – 5p

  • Kym, can you update the Shelter Cove General Store. As of 4/1/2020 no customers in the store. They are taking phone (707-986-7733) and email ([email protected]) orders only. Pick up at window. Hours currently are 8:30 – 5:30. Gas is available. Thank you!

  • Garberville Chiropractic changed its hours.
    Due to COVID19 we are now open

    TUE WED and FRI 9a – 5p

  • Kym, There is misinformation listed with our business, Hemp Connection, Garberville. When you click on the Hemp Connection listing a facebook listing comes up for a Hemp Connection located in Tennessee, which no way represents us. We have not kept up with our facebook page, but intend to revise it, since the virtual world
    seems to the only way a mother/daughter retail can survive these days.

    Another topic: We are the original Hemp Connection and have recently been invited to become a landmark on
    the Northern CA. Historical Cannabis Trail. This involves working with a non profit and meeting state requirements. It is an incentive to continue our business, if we are able to survive these difficult economic times.

    • Marie, I remember when I did this post making sure I grabbed the one with the photo of your business but I was working fast and must have screwed up. I’ve linked to the correct page now and hope you keep folks up via that now that we’re all stuck in this virtual area.

      I love that you will become a landmark! If you need someone to write a letter, I’ll gladly do that. I always suggest to tourists that they make some time for your store.

  • Redwood Palace in Miranda open for take out but not every day. Check their facebook page.

  • Mary Ann Machi

    Kym, can you change the Shelter Cove General Store info to just say “Click link for more details”? thank you!

  • Kym can you post the hemp connection is now open Mon,Wed,and Friday. From 10:am to 5:00 pm we are working on being open more days but for now you can call us to schedule other times to come to the store,We are following county guidelines , so mask up everyone before coming inside

  • Talked to Frank Gloeggler(tax accounting) his office is open. Dont have his hours but he is open.

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