Norman Grant jr: ‘Bright Smile…Kind Word for Others and…a Funny Wit’

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Norman Grant jr

Nov 26th 1991- Feb 8th 2020


Norman Grant jr was an actual life time member of south east Humboldt. His parents living in Alderpoint while he was born in Fortuna Calif.

Entering the public at Bridgeville’s first official preschool class, 94-95. He loved these mountains and always wanted to be a mountain man.

After moving to Blocksburg he attended,one year at Casterlin Elementary then went on to Bridgeville Elementary then 10 yrs later moving with his mother and brother Jack Jager to the town of Bridgeville 2003, where his children also attended the preschool and elementary. He later went to Fortuna High. After graduating high school,and marrying his high school sweetheart Julianne Harder-Grant, they returned to Bridgeville and started a family.

While occasionally helping his mom and step dad manage the town of Bridgeville there was a house fire of the local community centers liaisons house in the town, (which she helped all the local kids over the years) as a member of the community he went to help aid in the fire. Upon his arrival,with some fire dept already on scene, what he seemed like, he heard screaming coming from the back of the house & and unfortunately no proper training in rescue, he acted upon impulse and went to her back door and broke the sliding glass door with a bbqer and proceeded to crawl towards her bed, as the fire raged into the bedroom he pulled the blankets off the bed to make sure she wasnt in it unconscious. He crawled back out the door the way he came in just as the bed room was engulfed in flames, without being able to save the dogs which was the actual screaming he heard. He later found out the owner was in town and those were her dogs he heard screaming.

Even though it was wrong of him to go in without training and backup and reacting out of emotion, that was the beginning of his yearning of joining the local fire dept. He wanted to get proper training. So he joined the Bridgeville volunteer fire dept at the young age of 20.

He attended and graduated the Eel Valley Fire academy and also completed the first responder courses offered by the dept. He completed the Calfire courses to be certified to also do wildland fires which he enjoyed doing.  He also was one of the major attributes representing Bridgeville fire dept in the complex fires and also bringing revenue to the dept for the use of their fire engine on that fire. Along with 4-5 years of dedication to Bridgeville fire dept and his community while also working as a local logger in the Bridgeville area, he also manned the Bridgeville Cal-fire station while they got called to fires down south or out of the area. He made a life time lasting impact on anyone he met.

He loved to ride motorcycles, hunt, hike, camp fish, snowboard and on his off time always spent time with his family doing adventurous things.He also had a love for fords and video gaming.

He was a family man and such a carrying loving husband,and father,to his 3 wonderful children and a wonderful son,brother, uncle friend, always had a bright smile and kind word for others and had a funny wit about him.

Norman and his family moved out of the area due to below substandard housing in Bridgeville after his 3rd child was born, he got the opportunity to work as a commercial fisherman on the fishing vessel Allusian Storm in the Crescent City harbor for 4 years with the intentions of returning to his Humboldt roots where his heart belonged. 2 of the hardest jobs out there in the workforce but did them with pride for the love of his family.

He got a job in Bridgeville this past summer and he felt like he was home again and was able to resume logging in Bridgeville and continue to full fill his love of logging and working in the woods and with the goals of relocating permanently with his family, he also completed his Calfire requirement for timber faller license at the end of this summer and was also thinking of re joining Bridgeville fire dept, upon his return to the area, but had to go crabbing for this last season.He seeked a seasonal crabbing position out of Brookings Oregon on the fishing vessel the Prolific this winter and was one week of being done for the season but during an unloading time, he lost his life in the Yuenta Bay in Newport Oregon, the weekend of Feb 8th 2020.

To know Norman was to love him. He was a one of a kind of person that left an impact on you. He lost his life too soon at the young age of 28 and will be deeply missed. He is proceeded in death by his grandmother Kathleen Ann Aeviour and step mother Leeann Grant, step father Paul. T. Jager, brother in law Dylan Harder.

He is survived by his brother jack jager, his wife Julianne harder Grant, his son Kaden carson Grant,(10)and his 2 daughters Avonaco lillian Grant,(7) Violet nova Grant(3). His father Norman Grant sr. His mother Elsie Seviour-iloff and step father Troy Iloff and step brothers and sisters, Sherice, Troy jr, Cody and Josh Iloff, and sister in laws Bertha del a Cruz and Taylor Wheeler.

Everyone is invited to his celebration of life Sat MARCH 21ST Pamplin Grove in Carlotta off Highway 36 at noon.



  • Another life cut short,gone way too soon so sorry to hear of this!!!! RIP Norman you will be missed!!!

  • This young man lived his life with courage and a positive attitude. Thank you for sharing his story, even as you are facing a terrible loss.
    I want to encourage those who are neighbors and friends of his family to step up and support them, especially in the care of his children. My community did this when we lost a well loved father. We made sure, over the next dozen years to support his children and their mom in many ways. Five of us gave as if they were ours and another ten people treated the whole family with special care on a regular basis. It will always be a tragedy to lose someone who gave so much and worked so hard. Other losses going forward can be reduced and even overcome. Both of the children are now adults. Although they are still affected by their father’s loss they are well on their way to fulfilling lives. This was a fantastic way for so many of us to honor their father’s memory.
    Again, thank you for sharing the story of Norman’s life. My deep sympathy for everyone’s grief.

  • His son Kaden Carson bardin-grant

  • So sorry Elsie.. I didn’t know your boy but he sounded amazing!

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