Jury Finds Man Guilty of First-Degree Robbery in Case Involving Theft of Marijuana

Judges GavelPress release from the Humboldt County Attorney’s Office:

Today, a Humboldt County jury found 38-year-old Jack Kyle Daniels guilty of first-degree robbery of an inhabited residence.

The case arose from an early-morning theft of marijuana from a Eureka garage. Daniels, accompanied by Nathan Sanders (who has already pled guilty to first degree robbery), broke into the garage and attempted to steal packaged marijuana. When confronted by a resident of the home, Sanders attacked the person while Daniels fled with the marijuana.

Successful prosecution of the case relied on testimony by the residents of the home and Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy Chanler Bronson, along with the time and attention of the jury. The District Attorney’s Office appreciates their efforts, and the assistance of Community Service Officer Deanna McGraw.

Deputy District Attorney Tobias Hasler prosecuted the case with the assistance of District Attorney Investigator Braden Brawner. Russell Clanton represented the Defendant. Judge Christopher Wilson presided over the trial. The Defendant faces a maximum of six years in prison for this conviction, which is a “strike” under California law.




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