Thieves Steal From Elementary School

Vehicle caught on surveillance tape.

Vehicle caught on surveillance tape. [Image provided by Junction Elementary]

Junction Elementary in Somes Bar, CA was broken into at 6:14 a.m. this morning. A light colored Ford Excursion smashed into a shed and the occupant(s) stole a number of items including an expensive kiln, reports Sammi Offield, the Chief Administrator of Junction Elementary.

She said that cameras captured the thieves’ vehicle “ramming into our only storage shed and [thieves] stealing everything they found deemed valuable.”

She stated, “[The vehicle may] also has a front bumper guard and will have some chrome and reflector damage.”

A Facebook post on the Junction Elementary school page states, “We now at least know that the suspects headed towards Orleans after they broke into Junction… .”

Reportedly the thieves in the same vehicle “hit another place up river.”

If anyone has information, please call the school at (530) 469-3373 or the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office at (530) 841-2900.



  • Hint: School District needs a better camera.

    • Maybe people could take up a collection to purchase a better security system for this school. School budgets are tight.

      • This shit shouldn’t be a problem without junky thieves….. Maybe we should invest in an incinerator for the scum bags responsible for these sorts of things…..

      • Rubbish, they’re swimming in money. They’re not broke, they’re incompetent.

  • Government Cheese

    Tweekers would steal the gold out of there grandmas teeth if she was sleeping hard enough. Scum of the earth.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead


  • Unfortunately, many schools do not have the necessary funding to purchase much needed items. I hope they are able to catch the thieves.

    • Exactly the problem Politicians on BOTH sides of the “Fence” have cut school funding down to Bare Bones, over the years most barely if at all have enough to operate minimally!!!!

      • They want it in the colleges and universities where they see a greater financial return on our investment of taxes…….

  • The Excursion is probably stolen too.

  • I agree that we need better camera systems, but unfortunately the schools budget barely covers the immediate needs of the students. Junction is a very small single school district so our budget is extremely small. Something to think about in the future for sure though.

  • Kilns are super easy to move on the black market because of all the hopped up scumbag throwers out there. The government need to put stricter controls on clay before this gets out of hand.

  • Also, we did find the Kiln in the mess. What we know so far that was taken is a full set of brand new winter tires for our school van, all of our maintenance tools, which include power tools, a tote full of Chromebooks, and baseball equipment.

  • Children take these things very hard. I feel badly for them. Their things were stolen, probably to feed some POS’s habit. Focus there please and stop blaming this tiny district for not having state-of-the-art cameras etc. Look for the vehicle, and ask “where can I send a check?” “What can I do?”
    BTW: Where can I send a check?

  • What other place did these crooks loot up river?
    ☹️Sad for Somes

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Maggie Mae,
    Thank you for your kindness. Please call Sammi at the number in the article. She can give you the mailing address. Our school is a part of a strong river community of past and current students, their families and staff. We appreciate the support!

    • LeAnna. I’m sorry for the theft. I will also send a check. But you have a captive audience here. It takes an extra step for us to remember to call & then call. Pls help us out by posting the address we should send checks to. And if it should be written to the school or a school district (even though you only have one school) in the district. Thanks!

  • This is reason we need humans like ole Mabel Nitchie
    She wrote articles in the news paper. Sounds from Somes
    She would have shamed these thugs in her stricked motherly way I miss our old timers and their uncommon common since

  • Any disgruntled employees of this school district or neighboring school districts? When I was an assistant teacher on Hayfork, the head teacher stole my paycheck and said her “dogs ate it.” I wish I was joking. She had a previous theft charge related to this where she stole another coworker’s check. Thanks to nepotism, even with no college degree and a recent criminal conviction, she was hired as the head teacher. The county we worked for is one of the few counties that doesn’t drug test and apparently meth was a big part of her life. I am not an advocate of drug testing for marijuana, but testing for other drugs should be mandatory for school employees. She would probably not have been hired if drug testing was a job requirement.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Mailing address Junction Elementary School
    HC 11 Box 757
    Somes Bar, CA 95568

    I will ask Sammi how checks can be made out.

    Thank you kind folks for your kind concern, encouragement and support.

  • Appears to me to be some stickers or markings on the side of the Excursion. It shouldn’t be hard to find or determine who it is up that way, unless of course the vehicle was stolen in the first place.

    Either way, screwed up to a small, rural community.

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