Fire in the China Creek Area Under Control, Says Cal Fire

vegetation fire icon featureAbout 6:41 p.m., Cal Fire received word of a fire in the “China Creek area near Blue Slide Creek and Crooked Prairie,” according to Cal Fire Division Chief David Esteves.

He said the fire was controlled at about a 1/4 acre. “It probably escaped from a residential burn,” he said.

Cal Fire and local government fire departments responded, he said.




  • Another one? Come on people, we just had one in the same area last week, although that one was probably just a distraction for the manhunt. Can we at least wait for a good rain before burning?

  • It was spotted at 6:41. Urban are supposed to be totally extinguished at noon! What about rural ones?

  • 🕯🌳Its in the genes, they don’t care.🖖🇺🇸👍🏽🛐

  • “Well there’s fire on the mountain, smoke up in the air. Burnin’ embers landin’ in my hair”
    Apologies to Charlie Daniels.

  • Well you better all be prepared because the the least capable Chief Peter Lawsky Who can’t get water out of his own engines and can’t use an SCBA doesn’t have a license to drive an engine . Is going to come the rescue if he can find his way there which he usually can not. Still this pathetic after 30 yrs. Now you want to raise taxes on all of us by 800%. You had better be raising the standards and services by 800% before you try raising the tax. Vote no on this joker! Vote no on U until there is real trained leadership that all can be counted on why give more money to a Chief that wants to keep the same poor standards that have been in place for his entire tenure. This is terrible for our community and things are long over due for change.

    • If you are going to make these sorts of allegations, Norrad, please have the fortitude and the sensibility to identify by your real name and back up the allegations with some reasonably acceptable evidence of their credibility. If not, then what are we to make of YOUR credibility on this or any other matter of public importance?

      Kym — why are blogs seemingly content to allow anonymous character bashing? At least print media demands that commenters identify themselves, rather than hiding behind pseudonyms.

      • Dave,
        First, this is not a blog. This is a news site.

        Second, people are sometimes fearful of consequences so anonymity allows them to speak freely–think whistleblowers

        Third, people reading should take anonymous accusations with large grains of salt. There are a lot of folks who do not take responsibility for making sure the accusations they make are accurate. While of interest, an anonymous accusation should be viewed skeptically.

        Fourth, letters to the editor here do require a name just as print media does. Print media does not allow comments like we do. I think of that as a handicap for them for the most part. (Though there are some days…)

        Fifth, anonymity has a long and valued history (think Benjamin Franklin, Think this guy:

        All that said…I don’t live in Peter’s neighborhood but I do interact frequently with people who do and this commenter is the only one I’ve heard speak negatively of Peter and only after the criticism of the behavior of those who post the No on U signs appeared on this website. See third point above.

      • Well David rather than make accusations about the truth of my comments . Why don’t you ask Peter if what I say is true. Because there has been witnesses to every thing I have stated. All of what I have said is true and has just happened. It took him 2 hrs to get to the last incident. Nobody likes a cop calling Chief and no one should have to accept this poor standard of leadership. Just because no one has said any thing about the problems of TRVFD doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The guy is an untrained fool that has no business being in charge of our emergency services or the poor members who have to serve under this joke of a Chief .

        • If you are comfortable that you are right, ask for a vote for a new chief.

          • This was tried but when you have a Chief who has a 30 yr strangle hold and a board that doesn’t do any thing. There are no rules that govern this dept no way to remove him. They ran off the asst chief that tried. I feel that this platform is the only way people my know how bad things are. This provides a place where you can state these problems without fear of retaliation from a Chief such as this one. Who wants a person like this with political power dropping your name in the wrong ears.

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