Danco Hosting Ribbon Cutting to Open River Bluff Cottages in Rio Dell on Tuesday

“There will be a ribbon cutting to open a 26-unit housing for low-income, elderly, homeless, and other special populations in Rio Dell at Rigby and Center, east of the freeway.”

This is a press release from the Danco Group of Companies:



  • 🕯🌳Thank you Oliver for that information. 👍🏽🇺🇸

  • Circle your calendar and then count the number of police responses to problems arising from these apartments. To say no one from extreme low poverty/homeless/ or discharged prison felons are not going to be a problem, you are lying! This complex is the result of the partnership with Governor Loonie Wacko Newson and your Mayor. This facility will be worse than Title 8 ,and cost the City more money and require more officers for enforcement at that location.
    Time will tell and I would love to be wrong in my prediction. LONG LIVE SOCIALIST BERNIE! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You are so bigoted + narrow minded! I live in a very nice government subsidized apartment in Arcata + it is NOT anything like your mistaken imagination.
      A closed mind is a good thing to lose

  • Interesting that there is very little publication and/or internet presence for these structures. Anybody take any photos of the project? Any links leading to information about renting etc?

    I get that there is great demand, and that folks may already have reserved, moved in etc, but what is really happening here? Why only 26 units?

    Is it Federally subsidized? Who qualifies to live here? Odd that I can’t find this info…

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