Community Raising Money for Woman Bicyclist Struck by a Car Last Weekend

A week ago Laura McNulty was riding her bike in Arcata. She collided with a vehicle just near the parking lot of the Fickle Hill Trail on Fickle Hill Road near Park Avenue. She received a spinal injury and facial lacerations, according to a GoFundMe started for her.

Laura McNulty

Photos from the GoFundMe

According to the post there,

Laura McNulty, extraordinary athlete, cyclist, runner, swimmer, horsewoman, personal trainer, photographer, wife, mother, friend, … our Laura … was hit by a car while bicycling Saturday afternoon February 8, 2020 in Arcata, California. She remains in ICU at St Joseph Hospital in Eureka, CA with a spinal injury as well as facial lacerations.

It will be necessary for Laura to get to a spinal cord injury care and rehab institution to receive the best diagnosis and treatment for this most critical injury.

Laura McNulty

Laura with her endurance horse, Sparta. ” Laura always likes to try different and challenging activities, and doing 30-50 mile endurance riding was on her list. “

She is waiting for conformation of admittance to the Rehabilitation Center at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. It is a nationally-recognized specialty hospital that provides comprehensive treatment of brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, and other disabling neurological conditions. Based in San Jose, California, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is one of just 16 facilities designated a Model System for spinal cord injury care. Its commitment to new research, excellent care, and helping patients through every step of the recovery journey has earned it a reputation as one of America’s best spinal cord injury recovery centers.

This is where Laura needs to be – to get the best chance for recovery from this terrible accident!

For those of us who know Laura personally, we know she is  extraordinarily talented, deeply insightful, thoughtful, and such an inspiration to us all. She is loved by animals and humans alike. But her animals cannot pay her bills, she needs us to help her and her family with that!

The community has been helping but friends are hopeful that more will pitch in.

If you would like to help, click here for more information.

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  • So sorry to hear about Laura. If I may, as a Health Care Practitioner myself & having had spinal injuries, I would strongly advise her starting Acupuncture ASAP to help with healing. There are several good ones in our area tho I would strongly recommend Redwood Coast Acupuncture across from the Old General Hosp. He has the magic touch & I have used his services over 20yrs & never been disappointed!

  • Is she not insured?

    It’s tragic and devastating.

    I hope she recovers quickly!

    • I was wondering that too. If the other person is at fault her bills will be taken care of by their insurance. Glad it’s not a grim outcome. I have a friend with spinal cord injuries and she only had state medical insurance and they cared for her here. She received great care and still does physical therapy to stay mobile.

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