Arcata Professional Firefighters Endorse Measure R

Press release from Arcata Professional Firefighters Local 4981:

Arcata Professional Firefighters local 4981Warning of a potential risk to fast and effective fire and emergency medical response, front line firefighters are joining community leaders in urging voters in the Arcata Fire District to support Measure R on the March 3 ballot.

The 19 members of Arcata Professional Firefighters Local 4981 today endorsed Measure R, saying it will provide critical revenue to prevent the loss of a fire station and dramatically longer response times to fire and medical emergencies.

“The people who live in our district depend on us to be there fast when seconds count,” said Scott Gordinier, Vice President of Arcata Professional Firefighters. “Measure R will help us keep our fire stations open and our firefighters on the job protecting lives and property.”

Firefighters in Arcata respond to nearly three times as many calls as they did just two decades ago, even as their resources have shrunk. The community also faces the ever-increasing risk of catastrophic wildfire. Fire district officials warn that, without additional revenue, one of Arcata’s three fire stations will be closed, and the district could lose one-third of its firefighters.

“As firefighters, we always work to do more with less, but our district is at a critical point,” said Gordinier. “If Measure R isn’t passed, we could see longer response times, especially for medical calls when seconds count.”

Measure R, placed on the ballot by the fire district board of directors, would institute a modest and accountable parcel tax for a period of ten years. Every dollar of the funding would be used to support fire and emergency medical response in the Arcata Fire Protection District.

Expenditure of the funds would be overseen by a citizen’s oversight committee, ensuring that the funds are spent the way the voters intend.

Arcata firefighters also noted the connection between strong fire protection and insurance costs. With the risk of catastrophic wildfires threatening to send insurance rates skyrocketing, Gordinier said Measure R could potentially save ratepayers as it protects taxpayers.

“Our community and its residents can’t afford to lose its fast, effective fire response,” said Gordinier. “We would ask voters to please say yes to Measure R to keep our fire stations open, keep our firefighters on the job, and keep our community safe.”

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  • This is all well and good, but…

    Every member of county government, especially supervisors, needs to keep a running tab of how much they increase individual parcel/property/sales taxes during their tenure. I would support a state paid job for somebody within the county to keep tabs of how much more everybody’s paying per month for their property, per dollar of sales etc. as a result of measures and taxes and fees and initiatives etc. that have passed, per representative who supported them.

    If looked at as monthly payments, cumulative over time, these little additions to our bottom line is what kills seniors and people on fixed incomes and pushes more and more people into the streets.

    • Another three dollars a month is $36 dollars I don't have times four, five, six...............

      Not only firefighters. Law enforcement is always looking to tap us for more. And school districts!! Eureka High just broke ground for a $50 million gym. And they are asking for more. CR has a gym that is rarely used. Fifty million would pay for a lot of bus trips. Why can’t the play there? Same with HSU. They have two gyms that Arcata and McKinleyville HS’s could be using. We are being taxed into the poor house. I don’t buy anything on Ebay because Ebay collects California sales tax on everything sent to California buyers. 8.5% That’s nearly nine dollars per $100. And most sellers on Ebay don’t even have a business license. And what is sinister about Ebay the seller nor Ebay never put that information on their sites. When you check out SURPRISE sales tax. The same is true for Amazon. What next sales tax on garage sales? Car washes? Charity functions. Fourth of July booths? And why is it Churches skate on taxes. Shouldn’t they be taxing contributions and paying property taxes. It’s never ending.

      • So you don’t want to pay sales taxes, and bitch about all other taxes. Seems like they should be figuring out more with what they have. You are the problem that they are trying to find d solutions for. You want to pay nothing and expect everyone else to pick up for your short comings. Grow up already!

        • People will say the anything they don't know anything about just like Trump

          You have NO idea what I pay in taxes. Get off your high horse and telling people what you don’t know. Saying I want to pay nothing says you have no idea who I am and what I pay in taxes. I gave alternative ideas. Apparently $50 million for a basketball court is chump change? Have you looked at the overtime for firemen and police officers? Most likely not. How about sending a huge ladder fire truck to a vehicle accident. You shoot from the hip and pretend you know the reality of people you don’t even know. Take a class you post like you missed. Get Real!!

    • Totally agree that Arcata is asking way too much of its property owners. The non property owners just love taxes like these because they don’t pay crap in taxes. And HSU’s students will “screw you to the ground” with their illegal voting policy. First Arcata wanted a tax for paid employees-volunteers can’t have them!!, then a tax to “tear down the old hall” and build a new one, then a tax to buy new equipment. If it was a sales tax increase, then everyone pays their fair share. However, prop taxes are immoral, they discriminate against actual APN owners, and last forever(too long)!! Not having a distinction of APN voting only versus everyone votes shows the radical blackmail/trickery policy pushed by Arcata FD commissioners and paid employees.
      This is a blatant NO NO NO tx. The Arcata Fire needs to be audited via the FOIA policy. Vote NO!!!!!

      • Progress Isn't Progressive

        Yep, only property owners should be allowed to vote.

        • Maybe just not allow non property owners to vote on what taxes only others pay? Or maybe require HSU to have to pay property taxes at all? Now that would be a student wake up call- tuition increased by a thousand a year to cover the property tax that HSU owes…

    • It is far past time that we ask how do we keep asking for more taxes when it can’t even be explained how they are spent. I and others are all for good paying jobs but this Measure R is asking mobil home residents and others on fixed income to nearly triple the fire part of their taxes.
      Obviously our objection to Measure R as posted in the voters guide is limited in word count so it is a bit disingenuous to suggest that the Tax Payer league is required to spell out the details of options that could be considered.
      Mr. Cambell lost me when he suggested in his Mad River Union full page opinion that if we don’t give in that AFD will only have 4 fire fighters. His suggestion that we did not do our research is also hollow. Before we submitted our objection we asked the fire chief to correct any possible errors. He did not. The statistics we used we got from him in the first place.
      I respect fire fighters tremendously but it is a fair question as to why there needs to be such an overkill response to a fender bender. We should be able to see the breakdown of how many of the increased calls are actual fires over the last decade or two. If we are going to compare apples.

  • No you have it all wrong, being progressive and raising taxes helps out seniors and poor people. Because now they’re safer as the government can take care of them better. And they’re less likely to be robbed because they have no money, your welcome.

    • Money for reactive little for prevention

      EXACTLY!! Law enforcement reacts to crimes already committed. They don’t prevent crime. It’s laughable to see on the sides of police cars, “to protect and to serve”. Neither is true.

    • Get your socialism out of my social security!

  • The population has not increased three times in the last 20 years. Why have the number of calls for service gone up that much?

    • A dollar twenty years ago is worth 1.49 today, and California property taxes are based on a property’s value at purchase, they are not reassessed periodically as in other states.

      • California’s property is also valued at far higher than allot of those states you are talking about and changes frequently. At the height of the green rush rural property of acreage here was valued at 15k plus a acre, allot of those properties are now back down to realistic prices of 2k a acre and not being sold. So your point is that every property owner in Ca should have to pay allot more to the government every time there is a boom? And then hope they can talk them back down in the bust? And the tax accessor here did increase property values during the boom. Not all but some

      • The number of calls has nothing to do with the value of a dollar.

    • Firefighters are increasingly required to act as First Responders to a broad variety of the communities’ needs.

  • This is governments workaround of Prop 13. Divert money from their main responsibilities and then endorse these piecemeal property tax increases.

  • Kym where’s my input

  • So everyone is complaining about tax hikes, it’s common place in this state. We pay more taxes than any state in the union.
    Suggestion to Arcata fire you know we want service but can’t afford another tax hike. Go ask Calfire for a honest priced bid for service, they provide 24/7 emergency response in several counties and communities across the state. I’m sure it could be done for what we pay now if not cheaper. They would be able to manage the district with far less people since they already have a fire chief and they could probably get HSU to pay a fair share to support increased call volume from the thousands of students who pay nothing for service. Just a thought before you ask us to give more for nothing gained. Oh and just so everyone knows Calfire is who handles the huge threat of wildfires not Arcata fire.

  • Vote NO on prop 13 folks. If you have an absentee ballot, vote no now so you won’t forget.
    California is ranked 49th of all 50 states with the worst education success, and the teachers paid the most in wages. Taxing more will not make successes out of high school students. Vote NO on prop 13

  • A few suggestions for AFD

    Why doesn’t AFD give Manilla to the Samoa Peninsula Fire District? That would cut down on the area they have to cover.

    Why do we need career firefighters with their great pay and pensions responding to medical calls?

    Would it not be more cost effective for Arcata Mad River ambulance to hire a few more Paramedics/ EMT’s who don’t have the huge pension liabilities?

    I can’t recall ever seeing AFD haul someone away to the hospital. Maybe we need a couple more ambulances.

    Folks its a 100 percent tax increase that is never going to go away!

    AFD has excellent service…. the only ones who seem to be rallying for this tax hike are the AFD staff.

    Very clever of AFD to have this in a general election when the only ones who are on the hook to pay for it are property owners and the ” Bernie everythings going to be free bunch ” are going to turn out in droves.

    AFD property owners please get out and vote.

  • A fire side chat?

  • Already voted NO! Absentee ballot.

  • As a former Vol. Firefighter with AFD, I have seen the corruption first hand. AFD has been exploiting tax dollars for decades. Anyone remember the sign in front of the current McKinleyville fire mansion that said something like: no tax dollars were being used to fund this project? What about the 1000’s of hours of time that the Chiefs put in to designing? AFD makes claims that some of their equipment is grant funded. What about the 1000’s of tax dollars they put in to the “grant funded equipment “ for light packages and upgrades? AFD is a good ol’ boys club with a Chiefs staff made up of people who have milked the tax payers out of money for decades. When AFD’s Measure A failed, the Battalion Chief boasted publicly that it was no problem and No negative impacts would be observed by the community. However, now they are being vocal about a negative impact on the community if Measure R doesn’t pass? They are only being vocal because it will directly affect their rank and pay. These folks are just trying to pad their hefty retirements that include full after retirement medical care for them and their families. It is time for the community to stand up and keep AFD employees out of our bank accounts. VOTE NO ON MEASURE R!

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