Free Rex Bohn to Be a Good Neighbor, Vote Cliff Berkowitz for Humboldt County Supervisor, Urges Letter Writer

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Cliff BerkowitzI keep hearing that the 1st District Supervisor incumbent is a good neighbor: he picks up discarded needles, helps selected charities with fundraising.

Cliff Berkowitz is also a good neighbor. He also has helped numerous charities as an MC, an auctioneer, and through the power of radio. Cliff started the national Stop the Violence, Start the Healing campaign, and has helped local organizations ranging from the Discovery Museum and Food for People, to the Kinetic race and Stand Down. (Speaking of Stand Down, when a disabled veteran risked being homeless, Cliff invited him to live in his own home.)

But being a good neighbor is not a supervisor’s job, nor is being a good neighbor dependent upon being supervisor. A supervisor’s job is to make well-researched policy decisions that benefit the entire county.

It is time we replace the incumbent with a supervisor committed to respect, transparency, and informed decisions that will protect our forests, clean water, ag lands, and unique character.

Let’s free the incumbent to play ball with his grandkids and be a good neighbor. Let’s vote for Cliff Berkowitz on March 3rd.

Phillis A. Seawright

Eureka, CA (District 1)




  • Anyone is better than Rex. Dumb POS

    • id take rex any day of the week over berkowitz.

      This berkowitz guy is out of touch with the local community, he doesn’t represent the interests of this district.

  • Estelle Fentanyl as well is USELESS except for lining her own & VERY Close Friends, pockets!!!

    • But she’s gonna get you good broadband for cheap!

      Free Rex from his boring $100,000/year part time gig! Just elect someone else!

      It is time to have someone who isn’t taking bribes for favors, someone who isn’t a complete racist, someone with a discernible moral structure…

      Vote for Cliff, even if you don’t like him that much…

      GET RID OF REX IN 2020!

      • Rex has done a great job, he is not racist. I’m sorry making a joke from a Cheech & Chong movie is not enough to disqualify you from office. Everyone needs to get over it, it was a harmless joke, it was not racist and Rex cares about everyone in our community. The people who don’t like Rex simply don’t like conservative male leadership and they are the ones who are racists against traditional white culture. Don’t come to my district and shit on our people. We like Rex, and he will get re-elected for sure!

        • I’ve lived here a short time, and I’ve seen how much Rex cares about this community and it’s zero percent. I’m voting to get rid of this screwball. I hope the next guy hires a forensic audit of all of his BS travel expenses and kickbacks from his construction friends.

        • “Traditional male white culture”: aaaarrgggghhhh…. I’m sorry that anyone of any race, creed, gender, or however identified, including white straight males, is left out, left behind, and disfavored by the “system” but the fact is that people of other races, creeds, genders, etc. have been left out, left behind, and disfavored by the “traditional male white culture” since this country was created (and before, but I am only tackling the USA here). Many groups were more than left out, but suffered genocide, enslavement, deprived of their lands, raped, forbidden to vote, deprived of choicesfor jobs, education, and housing, mocked, and — I’m sure I’m leaving something out. I’m sorry if some of today’s traditional white males feel they are deprived of their traditional top of the heap status, and even sorrier if they can’t find good jobs, housing and so on. The past is not your fault, but none of us can escape us. You’re just going to have to do what traditional white males have always told non-traditional non-white and non-males to do: Study hard, work hard, be kind, be good, turn the other cheek, accept that life is unfair, and raise yourself up by your bootstraps.
          And I don’t like Rex Bohn on his own (de)merits, race, creed, gender, and traditions aside.

  • No Thanks! I’ll Keep Rex.

  • Rex for us……………

  • Really La Dj whos inlaws brought khum for him

    • Really, look at what he did with it. Way more for the public than some that got a million from their dad.

    • For the record. My in-laws (Robert and Chris Cogen) did not buy KHUM for me; we built it from scratch with a lot of hard work. In 1994, when my wife Amy and I moved to Humboldt with our 2-year old son, we were flat broke and moved in with them. During that time I worked as shift supervisor for Roundtable Pizza in McKinleyville. My business partner at the time and I raised about $40,000 begging friends and family to invest in our hair-brained scheme. We were then able to parlay that money into an SBA loan and got KHUM on the air in 1996.
      The company has had a lot of ups and downs over the years, but it has grown into an amazing organization providing jobs and community service. As it grew, my ownership stake has diminished to just over 1 percent of the company. And as you know, in November, I was forced to resign from the company I started to pursue running for supervisor. This was not a decision I made lightly. I am doing this because I think I can make a real difference in the community I love.

      • Dude! You rock! You have my vote and if you need any help in southern eureka you’ll get it. Rex and his gang decided they couldn’t get any money by putting in stop signs for the schools, and refused to help with the drug and crime problem that is just getting worse all the time. At least one district is getting a new sherrif sub station and we need one near ridgewood because getting help can take upwards of 45 minutes! Please fix this cluster and make it safe here again!!

      • Cliff is speaking the truth folks…I know because I was there and saw it all.
        Gary Franklin (Former KHUM DJ, and first on air personality hired.)

  • Cliff is a good person.
    Cliff would be an excellent person for Arcata city council.
    Cliff is not the best choice for 1st district. 1st does not cover fortuna or arcata, 1st district covers ferndale, Lolita, small southern part of eureka and bear river and the mattole valley.

    A couple of concerns:
    The last of supporters on his campaign website listed many educators and persons cr and humboldt state. The only ferndale supporter listed was mccloskeys campaign manager. No mattole valley names..check the mattole NEST list…none.
    Cliff is smart to recognize obvious problems ex. Bad rural roads
    I have not heard a specific plan from cliff to fix the road problems….So does cliff want to RAISE TAXES?
    Cliff wants micro grids solar/wind grids… to pay for it cliff- MORE TAXES

    A person can promise. Rex has delivered on helping to fund road repair.

    Journalists are considered the fourth estate, are supposed to watch and report on the
    Executive, judicial and legislative branches of our state/fed/municipal governments.
    So does control/owning the media make sense when your running for elected office.
    I feel that owning media and being in a powerful political position is too much power for one person. It is just my belief…

    Cliff please run for Arcata city council if you don’t win.
    Arcata has unsolved crimes (justice for Josiah) and my heart hurts when I think of josiah’s moms pain. Overdoses on New Year’s Eve. Street crime and violence.
    My dad got his masters at hsu and I fondly remember the watermelon festival.
    Arcata was safe in the past and Arcata should be safe for everyone. I went to sunnybrae as a kid.

    Cliff: Arcata needs you

    Cliff is an urban candidate
    Cliff is a good person
    Cliff owns media with huge Impact in our county…everyone read lostcoastoutpost
    Cliff promises and has not specific plan or history of success
    Cliff can I trade places with you at the next fund raiser for a good cause:
    I can talk for a hour and show up just in time
    you can show up two hours early and set tables /chairs and have people tell you “great job” and then not help at all. And then be the last person to leave after putting away half the chairs with grey hair people and then sweep up and lock up.
    Cliff you were asked to MC because you own a media outlet that they need coverage.

    There are no polling locations in the Mattole Valley and therefore all votes are done absentee. I already vote for Rex and Elizabeth Warren and against all taxes.

    FYI: I have voted in every election since I was 18 and my parents hosted Democratic Party meet and greet for Brian Bilbray when he ran assembly in the 1960s in Imperial Beach California.

    Cliff Arcata needs your help and I know you will get easily elected to arcata city council.


    • Raise DOG WHISTLE taxes?

      Supervisors. Do. Not. Raise. Taxes.

      (trying to stay respectful here but you’re pushin’ it)

      You and Rex could both use a vigorous fact-check.

      • I fact-checked and it seems clear that county boards can levy and collect taxes:
        “County Revenue Authority- Boards of Supervisors
        can raise local revenue by imposing or increasing a
        tax, an assessment, or a fee.” -

        As a member of the board, a district supervisor has a strong vote and influence on those new taxes, assessments and fees. A supervisor can’t raise them by themselves, but it is certainly misleading to say they don’t raise taxes. In my humble opinion.

        Good Luck Rex!

        • Raise DOG WHISTLE Taxes?

          Read your linked article further (if it’s not too much trouble):

          “a Board of Supervisors may not impose new taxes without a vote of the people. Subject to a vote, a Board may impose a utility users tax, a business license tax, and a transient occupancy tax (hotel or bed tax). If the proceeds from these taxes are designated for general purposes, majority voter approval is required. If the tax proceeds are restricted to special purposes, two-thirds voter approval is required.”

          It is always the voters who decide on taxes. We are the ones who raise taxes.
          And we elect the supervisors too! We’re in control.

          • Correct. That’s the “can’t raise taxes by themselves” part to which I was alluding.

            Cliff wants higher taxes. Hopefully voters disagree.

            • Raise DOG WHISTLE Taxes?

              Supervisors have influence. They *do not* raise taxes.
              We the voters raise our own taxes locally.

              Now you gotta actually think about why you’re voting for Rex. It’s not taxes.

              And if in the future our BoS puts a massive utility tax or an onerous, completely objectionable business license tax in front of us voters, you’re free to write your own letter to the editor and blow that DOG WHISTLE as hard as possible.

    • I live in the Mattole Valley. I and many of my neighbors do support Cliff. Even though we still love Rex for being Rex. For the first time in many years, after folks out here bitched and complained constantly, ALL the pot holes on the road from Ferndale to Petrolia finally got filled. All it took was an election year with a credible challenger making the road an issue. So in a way Cliff already got the job done. Democracy in action.

    • Rez is deceptive…sometime he’s a BAD NEIGHBOR! like when he refused to even put the issue of rising rents in Mobilehome parks on the agenda. Hundreds of seniors gathered at meetings begging him to, but he ignored their pleas month after month, as did Fenell…

  • Cliff gave up his holdings and job at lococom. I’ve heard his and Rexas commercials. Both paid for fair and square. Wish some political types did the same.
    Ps, someone is stealing Cliff signs, that’s dirty. Is rexes base anti self expression?

  • We the corparation,by the corporation, in corruption we stand

    My fingers are crossed for Humboldt county that cliff wins.this county is economically knose diving,the policies that these current BOS have backed is destroying buissnises and raping the people through illegal UNCONSTITUTIONAL against the supreme court’s ruling theft.they are theives and think there above the law of the entire country. There borderline Treasonous because they pay no heed to the constitution,the supreme court or the California constitution. There definitely not a good choice for the future of Humboldt county!!! Cliff for supervisor of the 1rst district is definitely the rite Choice.

    • Legal weed would of happened regardless of the supervisor. I think Rex handled the legalization is a respectable way. Early on in the permit process property’s under 5 acres were not going to be able to cultivate. I wrote Rex an e-mail about this issue and told him my property was 2.2 acres. I got a response soon and Rex said he would try and look into it for me. Once the cannabis ordinance was written they allowed for cannabis cultivation of properties below 5 acres in size, in fact they went to far as to allow grows on property’s of .5 an acre or larger. This is amazing. the supervisors are really looking out for the small farmer in this respect. No other county allows cultivation of this small of parcels. I will vote for Rex, because he is the guy who delivers!

      • So taking contributions from a cannibis consulting firm is appropriate??? And making sure that your son and friends get their permits first, equally appropriate.

        I can think of plenty of people just in the valley, who vote, that hate the Rex Bohn Grow Bro Cartel.

        Its cute that you guys are supporting Rex. Really. He needs every bit of help he can get going in to this election. …

        DUMp soup Bohn 2020

  • I’m voting for Rex. He is in the mix for this county EVERY DAY. Not just his district either. He calls or checks on cancer victims, puts time in for youth events, all the non-profits he helps with … the list goes on and on.

  • Rex can do a wonderful job checking up on cancer victims, and putting in time at youth events and all his non-profits, on his own dime.

    There’s no reason to pay a supervisor to be a party animal – no matter how much “help” and “community” that seems to be.

    I’d rather have a supervisor with a grasp on the issues, and the moral compass to stay the course even when dollars and firetrucks are being tossed around for votes.

    Cliff isn’t ideal, but Rex has had two terms to do things for people other than his friends – and I don’t see it. I see his kid with the first grow permit, and other interesting things, but I don’t see that Rex’s here for all the people in his district, only his pals and good old buddies.

    It’s time for a change. Vote Cliff.

  • Time to start electing people that are actually GOOD people, not just giving lip service.
    Sick of the good ol boy network. I will be voting for Cliff Berkowitz.

  • Rex is not so bad, his district is made up exclusively of Good old Boys.
    This is why he keeps getting re-elected.
    The worst thing that Rex did was green light permits for his family and friends.
    This sorta stuff has been happening in Humboldt forever.

    If we had a better contender against cliff, say another conservative who is better disciplined and could represent the community better, then i would vote for them. However Cliff Berkowits does not represent our side of the county, he is just another Arcata liberal who think Rex is the equivalent of Donald Trump. We do not want our district run by activist liberals who wish to change out area and have an agenda.

  • what’s the address to send Cliff some money?

  • Rex is a wanton piece of garbage. He wouldn’t let girls play baseball when I was a kid growing up here. [edit]

  • Captain Courageous.

    Anyone who knows Rex Bohn knows him to be an honorable and dedicated public servant who serves our community well. Given the current political landscape and climate it is not surprising to me there are those amongst us who will disagree with this statement, as is their right; however no one has the right to denigrate a man who has proven his value to all our citizens by his continued service in the pursuit of progressive community development and representation. To the miscreants, deadbeats, windbags and mudslingers who will try to bring him down to their level, I say put your name where your stupid mouths are and stand up for someone doing something to better our community even if you are only interested in belittling a far more noble person than yourself. Rex Bohn deserves our continued support, what he doesn’t deserve are people like those on this page who have written garbage comments because that is all they can do.

    • <Successful, contributing member of the community, tax payer, what else do you want? I didn't vote for rex before and won't this time. Not everyone is here to belittle with a comment. I believe Cliff is a better candidate than Rex for our district.

      • Captain Courageous

        You were clearly wrong not to vote for Rex the first time around, as evidenced by his election win even without your lack of support. Rex’s ‘people first’ track record speaks for itself. I possess first hand knowledge of his dedication to do the right thing by people. He is an honorable man whom I trust to confront challenges and find solutions, which benefit our citizens to improve their lives. There are enough board members already hiding in the deep pockets of the donor class and special interests. Rex speaks for those who would otherwise be voiceless.

  • Yes. Two terms is enough for Rex. Time for change. I voted for Cliff. I know him and he has a heart to serve this community. Increased experience will come through time and learning the job. Anyone who starts a new job should know this is part of the process. Let’s give Cliff the chance and see what he can do. After four years, Rex can try again and return to wow the masses.

  • Mary Ella Anderson

    I interviewed both of them several times and was present at board meetings where they insulted everyone who wasn’t just like them. Rex Bohn is a bully and Estelle is a Narcissist. And if you look at the condition of the area they are responsible for, you know they are doing much better financially than the districts they represent. And do you really want your supervisor to be in the pocket of a corrupt sheriff’s department and a self-aggrandizing supervisor?

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