[UPDATE: Found] Dog Missing After Crash

Pit bullYesterday around 5 p.m., a vehicle crashed on Kneeland Road about four and a half miles south of Kneeland School. Tara, this white and tan pit bull was in the vehicle. In the confusion, (two people had to be hospitalized) she ran off.

The owner, Leiko Leilani, says that the dog is “very sweet and friendly.”

If you have any information, please call Leiko at (707) 273-9856.

UPDATE: Found.



  • Get on nextdoor kneeland, most folks in the neighborhood are on it.
    I so hope your dog is found safe soon!!!

  • Leiko, I hope Tara comes back home.

    As a kind note, your phone message box is full. Please allow it taking messages should someone call.

  • Sorry about the full message box. We are with our son at the hospital. Stretched thin just now. Please text. Thank you

  • I went looking for Tara for a couple of hours as I live nearby in Freshwater– no luck. Sorry.

    Leiko, as many folks here would suggest, it’s always good to please post Tara’s description and picture just like you did here on Humboldt Paws Cause and check their listings ( http://humboldtpawscause.com/ ) and the found animals at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter, too ( https://humboldtgov.org/377/Animal-Control-Division ). These sites have a wide audience and have proven successful for missing pets.

    Good Luck, Leiko and Tara. I wish you both the best. Sigh.

  • No harnass/collar tags, nor shots tags!!!!!! You southerners/hillies who don’t want to follow public safety protocol deserve these scenarios. Its over and over like a broken record that my dog got loose. Oh Oh Help me find my dog WITHOUT TAGS OR ID!!
    This is BS.
    So if the dog gets some distance and is found by a tourist or motorist, how are they going to id the dog and get it back to you??? First off, pit bulls aren’t to be trusted so that’ll cause some fear. Big deal you say its friendly? No-[edit] You caused it, you suffer the results.

  • Don’t give up hope. This happened to me,I was rear ended on the freeway in Oakland and the door of my camper shell popped open, my dog ran out, across all the lanes of the freeway, and disappeared. I was screaming and hysterical and the idiot who hit me said, oh, your dog will come home. I said, I live in Humboldt! Anyway, I stayed in Oakland for five days looking for my dog and someone found her her and posted an ad in the paper so we were reunited. Never give up!

  • My dog went missing for 9 days. Someone saw my 🐕 & luckily had seen my flyer, earlier that day. Good luck. I hope your reunited!

  • I would try and give the local ranchers a heads up. Or try to get a friend to. Best wishes

  • This happened on my Ranch. I am out looking. I have put out food. I have seen her and will keep trying to catch her. We helped the people and they told us about her. We have stayed on it ever since. We will get her. We are in contact with family members

  • This happened on my Ranch. We helped the people and have put out food for the dogWe have seen her and are continuing to look for her. Neighboring ranches have been contacted. We are in contact with family membets

  • Kathy you can call me at 707-362-5695. We know you from your store. I was at your home with my son and friend. I am more thankfull to you and your husband than i can tell you. Tara comes to a whistle. Please call me. Thank you

  • Former maple creeker

    Leiko? Chad? Boys ok? Hmu 7078347285.
    You know who

  • Tara was captured the day after we returned from the Oakland children’s hospital where our son received surgery and treatment for injuries from the crash. She got Her taste of the wild out during those 3 weeks and is happy to be a house dog again! Big thank you to everyone who kept her fed and tried to get her. Especially Kathy Mullen!

    • Thanks for letting us know.

      • Thank you Kim for posting. It was a stressful past month being away and stuck in the city. I just needed to focus on my sons health and healing. Now I’m trying to catch up on life but it’s definitely a good time to be back in the mountains! The sound of my roosters crowing is so much sweeter than constant monitor alarms going off in the hospital! I’m finally catching up on sleep as my son continues to heal. Mahalo❤️

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