[UPDATE: Owner Located] Pet Pig?

PigA week ago this curly haired pig showed up at a remote home on Bell Springs Road, almost into Humboldt, but still technically Mendocino County.

“He cannot be more than a year old and is quite friendly, which makes us think he is not feral,” says Steve Guinn who is taking care of the pig. “He also has hair and the markings are quite similar to what we have identified as a Swallowtail Mangalica pig…We would like to get him back to his own family ASAP. He seems quite lonely. Any help or advice would be greatly welcomed.”

If you have any information, Steve’s cell is 206.715.7659.  But, he says, “Of course we have horrible service up here in the mountains, so if I do not answer, please tell people to leave a voicemail. People could also email me at:  penguinn1@mac.com which is a more reliable way to reach us.”

UPDATE: Owner Located



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