Mendocino County Supervisor Candidate, Sakowicz, Challenges RCS in Letter to Editor

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Letter to the editor

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To the Editor:

Let’s face it: Redwood  Community Services (RCS) has a monopoly on our county mental health services, and monopolies are bad business models in any marketplace.

But as a candidate for the Board of Supervisors, I’m getting hammered on the campaign trail for asking for a simple review of RCS and all of our county’s other mental health service providers.

If elected to the Board of Supervisors, I’m specifically asking for an “Independent Financial Audit” of RQMC, RCS, RC3, and their subcontractors.

I want to know: Where does the money go? All those millions?

Also, I’m asking for a “Mental Health Outcomes Study” for RQMC, RCS, RC3, and their subcontractors.
Knowing our Mental Health Outcomes will allow Mendocino County to compare our outcomes and provider performance to those of similar providers in neighboring counties.

We need “Data We Can Use”. I’ll explain.

An independent third-party must conduct a thorough analysis of all data collected about all our county’s mental health service providers, especially RQMC, RCS, and RC3, and present that data in streamlined, easy to understand reports to the Board of Supervisors that will provide them with actionable items to support their performance improvement efforts.

Is this too much to ask?

As a private citizen, I’ll sue for this data, if I must. It’s public information about public money.

John Sakowicz, Candidate, Mendocino County 1st District Supervisor



  • It should be part of every thing the government does, whether in-house or contracted out. Every program should include a goal and a method to evaluate whether there has been progress towards that goal.

    But how do you suggest such an audit be accomplished? Towards what goal? It’s hard to measure mental health when there is so little defining what it looks like?

  • Mr. Sakowitz the corruption runs wide n deep and sweeps a huge broad broom pushing everything under the rug.
    It is no secret there are so many people that complain about it but anytime it issue is brought or placed before the Board of Supervisors it turns into a blameshift and a big circle of well it’s because of this and we had to do that because there was no other choice all of these other little shady things that go on. The 100% lack of any consistent quality services with good outcomes is non existant. If anyone questions the corruptness like County Council being arrested for DUIs, people on staff that have been arrested for embezzlement. Stuff that when you look deeply into their background have some not so lovely past yet they run the top levels. Have watched two candidates in a row as far as supervisors go hit the campaign trail hard and claim to really want to push for some reforms on this upper-level. Then after a while they get beaten down as they are micro managed to death and their hands are tightly tied, every syllable watched.. All forward movement as far as Mendocino county goes is at a snail’s pace at best. Beurocratic boondogling at the finest level! Big county “GOAL” is to get all people on line and internet high speed oh boy!!! SOME FOLKS DO NOT HAVE RUNNING WATER OR HOMES BUT 98% OF MENDOCINO COUNTY NEEDS INTERNET!!!

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