Man in Prison for Shooting Death of Humboldt County Resident Allegedly Killed a Fellow Inmate Yesterday and Critically Injured Another

Jonathan Watson

Jonathan Watson

A Shasta County man, Jonathan Watson, in Corcoran State Prison for the shooting death of a Humboldt County resident in 2008, is being investigated for killing one inmate and injuring another yesterday. According to a press release issued by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Watson attacked his two fellow inmates about 2:30 p.m.

The inmate who died, David Bobb, age 48, was serving a life sentence for aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14 years old. The name of the other inmate who is in critical condition hasn’t been released.

Watson was convicted of killing 27-year-old Garrett Benson, a Cutten resident, during a marijuana ripoff. According to accounts at the time, Benson was a “a UPS driver and former National Guard member who served overseas.”

Press release from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation on yesterday’s homicide:

Officials at California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, and State Prison, Corcoran (SATF) are investigating the death of an inmate on Facility A as a homicide.

On Jan. 16, 2020, at approximately 2:34 p.m., correctional officers responded when inmate Jonathan Watson, 41, attacked two inmates with a weapon and causing multiple head wounds to both victims.

Medical staff continued life-saving measures while waiting for the ambulances for both injured inmates. Both were transported to a local medical center. However, one inmate succumbed to his injuries while en route to the hospital and was pronounced dead at 4:01 p.m. The other inmate remains in critical condition at an outside area hospital.

Watson was received by California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) from Humboldt County on September 4, 2009 to serve life with the possibility of parole for first-degree murder and intentionally discharging a firearm causing great bodily injury or death.

The deceased victim has been identified as inmate David Bobb, 48, who was received by CDCR from San Diego County on October 17, 2005 to serve a life with the possibility of parole sentence for aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14 years old.

SATF’s Investigative Services Unit and the Kings County Coroner’s Office are investigating.

SATF opened in Kings County in 1997 and houses Level II, III and IV inmates. The institution specializes in substance abuse treatment, houses more than 5,400 inmates and employs nearly 2,000 people.

UPDATE: Second Man Dies After Man Convicted of Killing Humboldt County Marijuana Grower Allegedly Assaulted Two Fellow Inmates Last Week




  • No honor among thieves (or murderers & pedos …)

      • The facts are not right in this article not even his name is correct. He was convicted in the A.V. FOR INVOLENTARY MANSLAUGHTER .

    • I have no issue with the death of child abusers however wide the spectrum may be. If the justice system was really just, then these crimes would carry much much harsher punishments. But many of our political representatives are guilty of crimes involving children and hence the lack of support for better laws to protect our kids.

    • I put money on Mr. Watson’s book. Till today when I went to give him more, then the state thugs blocked me. [edit]

      • You support the murderers of the US military. Why don’t you take some action yourself [edit] Why don’t you carry a sign saying “murder US military memebers” ???? [edit]

        • I write this as a current 10 year service member myself.

          The guy he killed was a national guardsman who was murdered because of a drug-dealing gone wrong. Occupational hazard. That was his choice and he gets no special consideration because he was a veteran.

          • Leah,

            I am a veteran as well. As you and I both know very well….. especially you being a woman, some veterans AREN’T WORTH A FLAT LEVEL DAMN. Vets are no different than any population – we have some really good people, many middle of the roaders that just need a job but would rather be somewhere else and some bad ones that get away with rape and all kinds of crimes over in the sandbox and across the world. And some do get caught and punished. I am not saying anything about the person that got killed because he could have been desperate for money and the other guy could have just killed him out of the blue to take all the money / dope in a drug fueled haze. Whatever the case, a drug deal like you said is a dangerous ILLEGAL game and everybody knows how it’s played.

          • Like I said that information they wrote is absolutly wrong in this article I posted the true story

      • I sent a care package that will arrive monday or so.

      • How do I do this for him. There are so many con sites. Much appreciated for the info.
        rkrater then out look for com mail.
        I have never heard anyone ever stick up for us.

    • I wrote the facts of what really happened below this comment or the next one

  • Well there goes the chance of parole!!!

  • Well, way to not let prison stand in the way of doing what you love…

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    [edit] Good riddance to a worthless piece of shit and scum of the Earth. May he forever rot in HELL.

    • Danny …. You ARE aware, I presume, that a LOT of people are paying attention to the type of criminals you always seem to be defending… hmm? “The company we keep…” It ain’t looking good for you, man.

      • Government Cheese

        Good one! Liberals defending thieves n murderers, telling me they have rights, than acting cool and saying they should die and rot in hell. Remember who passed the no capital punishment law Dan.

    • I was thinking the same thing Eldon.

  • The nature of “deserving” to get murdered is a very, very slippery slope.

  • [edit] He just saved California taxpayers between $100k and $200k a year 🙂

    • Yikes! This is a sad story, but, nobody deserves to be murdered.

      I think it’s dangerous to start thinking that people should kill each other, for any reason…

      • California voters consistantly support the death penalty. State sanctioned murder is still murder.
        The people of California do think people deserve to be murdered.

        • Parents are the problem

          The State of Washington had a death penalty. Across the border Vancouver its country had no death penalty. After 15 years Seattle, Washington counted their murders and Vancouver counted theirs. Seattle, Washington had nearly 1800. Vancouver around less than 50. The death penalty doesn’t deter murders. Parents who didn’t raise their children to respect human life causes most murders.

      • Some people likely do “deserve” to be murdered. The trouble is that individuals lack the knowledge and understanding to choose what anyone “deserves.” And frankly make frequent errors in judgement. That won’t help the person they decided “deserves” death.

      • Good god man, woman, you have to know that some people just cant be fixed. No matter how much money, Dr’s or drugs we throw at their issues. So the “occasional” P.O.S. that walks the planet and does shit like this deserves to go out asap via any judge and jury. And I do mean courts.

      • No person deserves murder yet No child deserves to be molested. Guess we live in an unfair and sad world. [edit]

      • It isnt just any reason, the two were sentenced to life in prison, for aggrivated sexual abuse of a child under 14. They served their time and now their victims can rest easy he wont be back.

      • You can’t be serious! What would you do if someone raped your child, and you knew the guilty party?

      • Have you ever been raped or molested???
        I have.. From 3 to 11 by an adult.. Im 45 today and i can explain into detail what where and how the very first time it happened..
        Until you have to live with this… Dont underestimate what us victims feel about pedophiles and what should happen to any of them.. They all desrve death [edit]

      • When you isolate men they tend to get a lil barbarric

    • Just made room for one more dirt bag thanks buddy

    • Him.thatdude.[edit]

      That is a widely discredited figure for the actual cost a year per inmate. Especially when you factor in the free labor aspect of incarceration.

      My look at things is a Nazi scumbag murdered some other Nazi scumbags solidifying the first violent nazi scumbags life to certainly be spent in prison and never released. [edit]

    • I agree. And although I don’t agree with what happened to him to get him there, I have no problem what he just did.

  • This will not stand, Gavin Newson will not allow this.

    • Yes, he will fix it! Fixing it is the morally right thing to do! And first, very first he just needs a tax, a really small tax that is the right thing to do, and he promises that it won’t go to the bullet train, this time.

  • Good riddance pedo

    Jason Belles sure didn’t do much time for being an accomplice with Watson in UPS man murder. I wonder where he is at now.

  • Sad to take a life but I’m
    Ok with it being a child abuser – I hope you get a 2nd chance in life – I’m sure there’s more to this story. 2 against 1 and all.

  • Sometimes people are wrongly convicted, remember?

  • [edit]

    Build more prisons, I would much rather my tax money going to putting these criminals behind bars rather than passing more liberal legislation to let them roam the streets and cause more damage to society.

    • Until you realize that everyone is a felon , just some are caught and tried and some aren’t.

    • Instead of parroting/blaming EVERYTHING you dont like on your neighbors and fellow citizens Bill, why not turn off Faux and read about how it is CONS who refuse to build more prisons. Maybe actually READ some of that ‘legislation’, including WHO is signing it? I know thats not what Hannity tells you to do, but you’re better than him, correct?

  • This is why we need the death penalty imposed and enforced frequently

  • Please stop painting this POS as some kind of hero, he is still a worthless waste of breath who took a good local mans life.[edit]

  • 🕯🌳Again, he was someone’s bullet. He had nothing to loose. Seen it done before and it will be done again. [edit]

  • This man is a thieving POS that murdered another man over weed. Just because he saved tax payers money and snuffed out an even bigger POS, does not make him a hero. All of you people praising him should think a little deeper about the situation.

  • Thank you kym for deleting my comment that stated “a murderer kills a pedophile and nothing of value was lost.”

    I’m glad to see that you stand in solidarity with pedophiles. It really shows a lot about you.

    • The rules on this site, , state there is no encouraging or glorifying violence.

      • 🕯🌳Didn’t mean to, just stated the truth. Until you’ve been in there and seen it happen first hand then you wouldn’t know. Does he have local family? If so are they now being taking care of? And by who?🖖👍🏽👁⚖

        • That’s a confusing comment there, Willie. Are you asking if the pedophile has local family, and whether they’re being cared for, now? Or are you asking if the murderer has local family, who are now being cared for by the organization which sanctioned this murder?

          C’mon, man, we’re dying to get your prison perspective.

      • Burnt Roach (new handle)


        Just read your rules on commenting. Problem with one; “Some people who have trouble following the guidelines above get put on moderation hold. It can sometimes take as long as a whole day for me to moderate—though it usually takes less than an hour if the comment comes in during the day.”

        While I agree with the rule, it sounds like you have to sleep sometimes. Is this true?

        Just tongue in cheek. Woke up today in a pain free happy mood. Hope you did too; otherwise, just delete.

        Everyone out there; try to see the good things in life. Bad things are always out there; avoid them if you can. Deal with them in a mature way when they do.

      • Yes, thank you I believe you are correct.

    • Anonymous K.Y.S. attacking Kym as a supporter of pedophiles—

      Your comment shows nothing about Kym except her high ethical standards and usually thoughtful and consistent moderation.

      Your comment, on the other hand, demonstrates [edit]

  • Is that a selfie? It is a really menacing picture taken from below looking up, which people do to make themselves look tougher usually. Mugshots are usually taken directly in front. Either way he looks straight out of central casting for HBO’s Oz.

  • Kym does a great job with this site. She is committed to bringing news to us as soon as possible. I had a portion of my comment from the other day removed, and i do not have a problem with that.

    Because, every once in a while I can get so upset on a topic that I write to let it out, Kym is there to provide that space and removes those items that can be inappropriate.

    Thanks Kym.


    • Burnt Roach (new handle)

      Total agreement with you Bill. I truly believe there are people out there who might end up on top of a building with bad intentions if they didn’t have an outlet to express themselves, like allowed here. Many of us wear our hearts on our sleeves these days, and getting upset on hot topics is the norm now. There are a lot of subjects to get upset about these days.

      On the article, my understanding is that pedophiles in prison are scorned by all the other inmates. While I strongly deplore pedophiles, I also understand many were molested themselves as children or young adults.

      I don’t have the answer as to what to do about them, but I’m willing to discuss the problem with anyone, anytime. I have young children, and protecting them is job # 1 for me. Sorry if you disagree, but I believe you would be wrong if you do. Children deserve to be able to grow up in a safe environment.

      • 1. Many boys & girls have been molested as kids & aren’t molesters when they grow up. People make choices, some of which harm other people.
        2. Decades ago , Philadelphia did a study with imprisoned pedophiles. They were given immunity from what they disclosed. Turns out pedophiles who don’t have their own family to molest, have approx 65 victims over @ of their lifetimes.
        3. About 8 years ago, a federal website (NIH?) claimed the avg molester of girls will have molested 54 girls over their lifetime; of boys: 140 boys molested over their lifetime. If you think about the access of priests, this makes sense, as horrifying as it is. Again, this would not include predators of their own families. They molest the same child repeatedly & would not show in these stats.

        • Burnt Roach (new handle)

          Thanks for the facts Z. In this difficult world I’ll take any information and/or advice up for consideration that I can get. Pretty scary facts. I have several friends, mostly women, who were molested as children. They vehemently hate child molesters, and not one has ever been suspected of molesting anyone.

          Someone I once knew, a gay man a few years older than me, now deceased, was described to me as a pedophile. Until that point I thought him to be a decent person. A trusted friend told me how he raped a twelve year old boy during a party. The worst part; the party goers all witnessed it and not a single one did anything to stop it. Pretty disgusting. Happened near Denny in the 70’s, supposedly.

    • Kym doesn’t only deliver news, SHE HELPS PEOPLE!

  • The pathetic thing about incarceration is that inmates have this unwritten code that if another inmate is found to be having a relationship with any female under the age of 18, he is considered a pedo and therefore fair game to have the shit beat out of him.
    Since they are all male and behind bars they just use this as an excuse for committing gratuitous acts of violence against other inmates as a sort of relief valve, whereby they can get some kind of cred built up (you know the really good I’m a shitbird behind bars kind of cred). I shit you not, tell them your girl is 17, or worse yet younger, and you will regret it.
    Nobody gas what happened to the idiot in this article other than to either promote violence, see above, or to pass judgement, see hell below.
    Fact is, God loves everyone, even the violent pedos, or not, behind bars.

  • Foothill High School yearbook from his junior year.

  • I think this is the same guy. His eyes seemed familiar. It’s weird how a name and a face could jog a memory.

  • My guess is sexual predator and his buddy (what’s he in prison for?) attempted or succeeded to rape their fellow inmate. Come on didn’t you see Shawshank Redemption…? Plus all parties involved have been incarcerated for over ten years, pecking order in the yard is established at that point. If someone was gonna take out the pedo for being a pedo, it would have happened long ago! Idk but I’m not sad for any of them, they are exactly where they deserve to be. They kill animals that attack humans or that are a threat to safety…or they keep them locked up in a cage! No difference in my opinion…

  • Jail house justice

  • This shitbag killed my Daughters Boyfriend for no reason! She was lucky to get out of the house alive, but not before the Big guy [Garret] fucked him up enough for the fuck to leave his cell phone, ski mask and belt, at the scene! His pile of shit cohort, Jason Belles is out and about now, cause he rolled. My Daughter lives with this shit every day! They both should have been exterminated like the cockroaches that they are.

    • If you really knew anything you would know Belles Wasnt there and he WASNT involved.. He didn’t have to “Roll” on anyone because as you know AND just said yourself that Watsons mask came off!!!.. smh How do you “roll” on someone thats been identified at the scene by your daughter?? Makes nooooo sense to me

  • This fuckers pic needs to go away!!!

  • What he did wasnt right but what he JUST did, IS. There are bigger pieces of shit than him that should be priority in eliminating, like child molesters convicted of aggravated assault on kids 14 and under that were eligible for parole, like the 2 he jus killed [edit] I got Moms sending him money and a thank you card and I give zero fucks how anyone feels about it. Our children are more important to me than ANYTHING. Period.

  • We’re collecting far too much trash and storing it away in prisons. Some people just need to be eliminated.

  • I put some money on his books online. Easy process. He should be given a too floor cell with his choice of cell mate, and the best food available in the joint. Thank you Jonathan. Big house hero!

  • Judge not..occasionally molesters ARE Innocent. Vindictive ex-wives get their children to accuse the Father/Stepfather. In “Shawshank” DuFresne didn’t do the crime. Dr. Shepherd (real-life) likely was not involved in his wife’s murder, either. The Central Park Five (HEY-I thought they were Guilty as Hell, from the way the media framed things) did not beat or rape the victim. A Latino immigrant did, and finally confessed. TRUMP wanted Death Penalty and even now-NO reparations for the five young men. In a Steven King HBO miniseries, a Real Monster (typical hocus-pocus) commits a molestation/murder and an innocent man is framed. I hope this skinhead gets Life without parole in Supermax. A Bully is a BULLY…and 60% of felons self-identify as such.

  • I will say ONE thing in defense of the guy with the cane…the robbery/murder he committed was over marijuana. The War on Drugs is a Tragedy. Also, I don’t know what trailer HE grew up in with what addicted single mom and her abusive boyriends.

  • Why is this news? Why do we care about what this bad person did in prison? What he did in Cutten is done, why does it need to be regurgitated?

  • I wonder if Watson killed them because maybe he was molested himself as a child.

  • We may be criminals in our own right and we may be animals to most of society….perhaps you are right i know the time i served was deserved….. But justice is justice. I met guys on the inside doing 15+ years for weed offenses… And we are TIRED of the system putting these kiddy fu**ers in with us. [edit] to any of you commenting who have never been incarcerated. STFU!!!! You have NO…..NO IDEA what it is like on the inside. Not a fu**ing clue!!!!

    • If you allow society to start condoning the murder of your fellow humans, your head will be on the chopping block next.

  • it might not be a coincidence putting these 2 pedo with a man that would kill them (he warned the authority to move him away from them). Probably they are eliminating costs, or having life sentence was not enough, and some vengeance plan made its way to put these two criminals to a desired punishment.

  • Is cheering a convicted murderer to kill pedophiles to cure pedophilia any different than cheering schizophrenics killing autistics to cure autism?

  • A heart felt “thank you.”

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