[UPDATE 4:19 p.m.] Convoy in SoHum This Morning

convoy featureA law enforcement convoy was first spotted this morning about 6:45 gathering at the Dyerville Overlook area. Later, a reader reported seeing a convoy heading south on Hwy 101.

One reader reported that at 7:30 a.m. she had seen a seven vehicle police convoy by China Creek Road heading towards Whitethorn.She told us she saw the vehicles were “Black and white Sheriff vehicles—three pick up trucks and SUVs.”

We’ve requested more information from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and will update when we have some answers.

UPDATE 8:46 a.m.: According to Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, “We are serving a search warrant today in Shelter Cove.” She said she will send us more information when she can.

UPDATE 4:19 p.m.: According to Samantha Karges, “Our Special Services Unit was in Shelter Cove this morning following up on leads regarding the possible whereabouts of Aaron Arlotta. They unfortunately were unable to locate Arlotta today.”



  • Kym , Any word on where about in the cove ??

  • Hopefully here to round up Aaron Arlotta and crew

  • Thicker Than Thieves

  • I saw three or more sheriff’s pickups about 1/2 mile down Telegraph Creek today. About eight sheriffs with assault rifles. Two pointed at the occupant(s) of a beat white Tacoma. One was firmly telling the driver “ What part of don’t move your hands don’t you understand.?” I was expecting to hear rifle fire next.

  • Why do you warn potential armed suspects of impending arrest? Couldn’t that possibly be more dangerous for law enforcement to proceed to scene?

    • The post was published at 7:52 a.m. The drive time from Briceland Road at China Creek Road where the convoy is last stated to have been seen at 7:30 to Shelter Cove Airport is roughly 20 minutes, according to Google Maps. Even if the person was sitting on the computer refreshing my page expecting to see that law enforcement was on their way (so unlikely as to be impossible) and levitated out of the area, the officers were likely already to the place they were serving a search warrant before my article was posted (I don’t know where the officers went this time so I can’t say exactly.)

      • Guess it is not breaking news after all….So why take the chance of possibly interfering with law enforcement?

        • Law enforcement more than once has called me up and requested I not post about a convoy that was headed after someone that might be able to flee and I held the report. I trust that if they are concerned that I might post something that would alert a criminal, they’ll ask me not to post until their people are in place.

        • Freedom of the press back off

    • Posting the convoy’s whereabouts is no worse than when, on most of the popular TV series, they show large number of patrol cars arriving on the scene of the location of some “bad guy”, sirens blaring, where they sneak up after they get out of their cars and “surprise” him. I’d love to know how they expect to surprise him.

  • AR stands for Armalite Rifle company which was sold to Colt firearm company. THATS what AR stands for, NOT assault rifle.

  • I am not a gun expert and didn’t say AR. I saw the sheriffs with black rifles with curved clips. This was at 8 AM about 3/8 of a mile from the top of Telegraph Creek Rd. The sheriff’s trucks were on a short cul de sac near a sorry looking class C rv that has been down there for a while. The Tacoma was stopped about 50 feet north of that intersection. One gun aimed at the passenger window, one partially through the drivers window that was down. Most of the other officers had the same or similar guns.
    Edit- I just looked up “AR15 images”. They sure looked similar.

  • Wow…they really want him bad! People violate parole everyday, you don’t see this kind of force! Got to be more to the story than meets the eye…

  • Sickofitalreadyagainstill

    Amazing! He was in the Shelter Cove General Store two nights ago but the cops can’t find him! And the white Tacoma mentioned above=Sarah the accomplice/girlfriend whom they arrested and let go after the first convoy failed to find him. 99.9% says It’s also the same white Tacoma that stopped the woman on Briceland Rd Christmas Day! Aaron drove a silver 90’s 4-Runner. Shaggy haired man accused her of stealing the silver 90’s 4-Runner she was as driving. Sarah drives a white Tacoma! Just a coincidence? Ya, sure! Come on HCSO figure it out already and get them out of here please! Both of them!!

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