Letter Writer Wants Signatures on Recall Gavin Newsom Petitions

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Please join Humboldt County in representing our state in the Official drive to RECALL GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM.

This is a statewide grass roots effort organized by Erin Cruz and Restore America Now Action Fund, or RANAF.ORG for short, and approved by the Secretary of State. Each county has petitions available as well at www.recallgavinnow.com

All registered California voters are welcomed and encouraged to sign this petition by Feb 7th, 2020. This is TRULY non-partisan, supported by Law enforcement, parents, Libertarians, Truck drivers, property owners, uber/lyft drivers, gun owners, farmers, construction workers, cannibas dispensaries, and so many more!

We are paying the highest gas prices and taxes in the nation, while also paying exorbitant registration fees and driving on inadequately maintained roads and infrastructure.

He is challenging our 2nd amendment rights while at the same time releasing those from prison who have committed violent crimes using guns, and hiding them from deportation. Ultimately taking away law enforcements ability to protect our citizens and themselves.

Fining us for NOT HAVING healthcare insurance so he can pay for ILLEGAL immigrants to have FREE full coverage healthcare and more, all the while completely neglecting our Veterans, elderly, hard working middle and lower class citizen.

He is Fighting AGAINST the president who wants to give our farmers more water desperately needed in the central valley for food production.

Over 700,000 residents have fled California due to suffocating restrictions, taxes, red tape, regulations, and allowing homelessness and crime to climb exponentially!

Please join us on Facebook at

California 2019-2020 Regular Session Legislation
For all the legislation he has passed or Vetoed.

Veronica Schneekluth.Contact information:


Republican party office

311 5th st
Eureka  10-1 m-f
WILDWOOD saw and Wild Cactus clothing co
906 S. Fortuna Blvd
Or Contact
Veronica Schneekluth
RANAF.ORG  Committee Authorized Personnel





  • While I absolutely support this effort for other reasons (mainly the military he sent to attack small farmers), please get better informed before you spew this racist rhetoric. No human is illegal. My husband is from another country and doesn’t want our bogus healthcare bc he is healthy, it’s a horrible system and also his brother is a doctor. Seeing any doctor in Mexico runs about 5-20$. BUT when the legal immigration process of marrying someone and getting a green card is so impossible and takes years and thousands of dollars, people need healthcare in the meantime especially for emergencies. They are stuck in this country without the right to leave and come back. Fixing the immigration system is essential, not denying basic human right to survive while you are in line. Also my healthcare and my sons healthcare is in compromised bc Of trumps most recent racist law change. We are both citizens so if you only care about citizens rights this should make you realize how it’s all connected, the inhumane immigration system and citizens basic rights to healthcare. But yeah Gavin has got to go.

    • If you come to the US, or any other country, and you do not have permission, you are here illegally. Please go to Mexico, or any other country, without any ID or other paperwork. Try it. And if you cannot abide by our rules and laws concerning immigration, it just says you probably don’t care about the rest of our laws either. Ask an Angel mom or dad. Trump is not the racist, especially when the pictures of kids in cages were taken when Obama was president.

    • Government Cheese

      Ice-T for governor! That’s Ice,“Motherfuking” T biiittcchhh.

      • Obama did not care that Murietta did not want to be a sanctuary. It he had no care about what American citizens wanted VB all these orphans coming to this country in his country 12 year olds are brainwashed go kill those that do not feel the same as d Islam feels and we had San Bernardino terrorist attavk and others too trump needs to put up all the walls Texas new Mexico arizona the demos love in la la land in there brains

    • Mexican is not a race. A person who immigrates illegally is an illegal immigrant. An illegal immigrant may or may not be “undocumented”.

      I support much easier paths for legal immigration. Denying facts is a big part of what is driving people away from the left. We have to stop that.

    • That is only true for people who crossed the border by stealth, intending to violate the law. If they had a visa and they are illegal only because it expired, then it is relatively easy and fast to green card allowing travel. But why should a person who committed a crime not expect a penalty?

      Why would anyone stay in the US with such hatred of it as you show? Why not move to wherever with your husband if it’s so much better there? You can express your right to do whatever you want to the authorities there.

    • What planet are you on illegal is illegal and I’m tired of paying for them and their anchor babies the black community is affected the most because they settle here sale food unlawfully and keep the money no taxes when we did the police shut it down so whose racist? Lady please go someplace with that. It’s thousands upon thousands waiting to cone in from Africa Haiti all over how the heck are we supposed to take them in while we have homeless people on the street. Newsome cares nothing about us citizens and he proves it by raising taxes. He’s gotta go when people get fined next year for not having medical something will be done. He’s evil

    • The law of this country is that if you cross the border without a visa or a work visa you are here illegally which makes you a criminal also can illegal immigrant. All laws should be followed but seeing our politicians don’t seem to want to follow the law,I mean democratic socialists, then we have to hope someone does

    • Then if our system is so bogus and it cost 5 to 20$ in mexico and his brother is a dr. Why are you not in mexico. You call trump a racist because he wishes to enforces our immigration laws when in fact u know hes s patriot is sad. [edit]

    • If you come into the country legally. You can work and get healthcare without a problem. If you get married to a legal American citizen green card takes about two years to get with lawyers help and you are able to work and obtain healthcare in the meantime. However if you broke laws and came here without proper documentation then you basically broke the law to get here. What stops you from breaking other laws and this comes into question while trying to obtain a green card.
      Laws are there for a reason and so are protocols. If you don’t like the laws here and want to come here illegally that is without papers or following legal channels then exactly what laws or rules do you follow or agree with?

    • If they come across our borders illegally then the are illegals. We could just call them invaders.

  • Cmon 2020 elections cmon justice

    Signed mine already, gavin Newsom is the enemy of the people and is the end of everything good this country used to stand for. He is a modern day slave trader who under the liberal flag wants us all enslaved (regardless of race, gender,shape or color) he is exactly what the people that started this country were trying to protect us from when they wrote the constitution of the United states!!! He is gentrafying California with ridiculous fines,fees,taxes, and extortion!!! He is a fake liberal and uses the ENVIRONMENT as a means to commit mass extortion and outright treason. This state is through for 90% of us unless you’re pulling down 6 figures you’re not part of the plan to be able to make it here under this rich,spoiled, entitled,corrupt theif.stand up for yourselves, stand up for your kids,take a few minutes of your life to better your life

  • The racist right wing is in full force in Humboldt. Nothing but a bunch of backwoods, uneducated, fearmongering idiots. You should take your own advice, “if you ain’t happy then leave”.

    • Government Cheese

      Would rather be uneducated backwoods hillbilly and be free than a slave to socialism. Government handouts is government control. Nothing is free in this world. People are dying by the thousands in country’s where the government has disarmed its people. These people are protesting for freedom and democracy and are getting slaughtered for it. Here in California people are protesting for disarmament of its citizens and revolting in favor of government handouts! These people are tyrants to this country. Socialism is not democracy. Socialism is slavery. Wake up!

    • Exactly so!!!!!

    • I’m sorry “Tired” but the only seemingly uneducated one here is you. Name calling seems to be the first line of liberal defense. As a conservative I may not think the same way you do, but don’t call me a racist because I am not. I think legal immigration is a good thing, but anyone here without going through the proper channels is not here legally regardless of how nice they are – hence they are illegal.

      I would never go into another country without going through the proper channels, nor would I expect them to take care of me. Every country has a right to protect it’s borders and it’s citizens. The Governor of this state has shown that he is not interested in putting the rights, needs and security of the legal citizenry first, therefore he needs to be removed from office.

      • I might cross a border illegally if desperate enough. I would never though accuse them of being horrible people for not breaking their own laws to support my breaking their laws. It’s hard to demand accommodation by being as loudly and angrily insulting as possible. That would assure they would prefer I went elsewhere asap. Somehow in America it has become required to belittle its people and expect them to embrace the belittled. How stupid.

    • Word.

    • Too bad they’re right?

  • Maybe if they are going to claim support from the CANNABIS industry they should learn how to actually spell the word “cannabis”… taxes placed on cannabis farmers were created and in place before Newsom took office.

    Also, the gas tax that affects our registration, for one, was put in place by legislators several years before Newsom was governor. The attempt to remove it failed on last November’s ballot. As in the California voters basically indicated they were for the gas/registration hikes. I don’t agree with that personally and given we have such a surplus in our budget I think taxes need to loosen up a little, but to place blame on Newsom for the gas/registration hikes is absolutely ludicrous. Many more of California’s issues have been issues long before he took office.

    I’ve noticed those who want to recall Newsom are those are unhappy with what most Californians want. Not just our Governor. They didn’t like Jerry Brown either, dislike Kamala Harris, or any Democrats for that matter. Maybe they need to step up in the voting booth or move to a red state where racism, failing education systems, destroying the environment and Trump are more welcome.

    • my Beef with sb1 is that a significant amount was deliberately diverted to the bullet train. They lied about it when they were passing it. It’s not that I hate the bullet train it just that the only thing these politicians do is figure out a way to tax you. And if they can’t tax you for something they lied to you and pull a bait and switch. We have the second highest road tax in the nation with the 5 th worst roads in the nation. We have a hard time keeping schools and hospitals open, homeless rates have skyrocketed. These politicians could win the lottery and would claim they lost money cashing the ticket. But liberals would still love them because trump supporters are racist.

    • Government Cheese

      Right lazy daze. Because anyone who votes red is a racist Nazi. Stfu already. This is the shit I’m talking about! Why am I labeled a Nazi because I am a republican? Do you know why California is the state of being it is? Democrats ruling the governors office! Failing schools, homeless,? Look at who’s running (ruining) this state!

      • Labeling someone a Nazi is a pretty serious accusation. Can you point out where someone did that?

        • If this site were a dart board, hitting that word would be easy. Chance would favor it. But as long as they are appearing to “direct it to the air”, no matter how clear it is meant as a personal attack, it will be disingenuously received as a political opinion to which they have a right. Just saying it to the air…

        • I think the now is “White Nationalist” or “White Supremacist” not “Nazi”, a sign of the times.

      • As someone who watches from my adopted perch up here in Oregon (not Portland), I find it amazing that somehow Gavin Newsome has totally destroyed California in the less than a year he has been in office, according to some.

        As though California was doing just fine until January of 2019.

        California has had issues through Republican and Democratic governors.

        I was fortunate to attend California (in Eureka, Lincoln and Washington then Winship and EHS) schools in the 60s and 70s, before funding went all the hell in the 80s on to now. This has been happening, as I said, in admins of both parties. The “Golden State” is a kind of myth, there have always been problems in California. It’s a huge state with a huge population.

        I went to the RANF site. And I question why this sudden need to recall arose. And who the actual backers are. Newsome won with 62% of the vote. Apparently enough people in California thought, knowing his record and views, thought he was the one they wanted. Also, when I see the word “socialism” in big letters on their front page..well, there it is.

        As for the homeless situation, welcome to the west coast. California isn’t alone in that. Every town on the coast here in Oregon, every little burg, also has a proportionate amount of homeless. And undocumented workers.

        Should the west coast collectively put them all on buses and send them to the less populated states, you know the ones that like to rip up California as the epitome of evil every chance they get? The homeless come to the coast (o rare sent here, ask Hawaii about that) because the weather is better (would you rather be homeless in California or Chicago in the winter).

        Sorry I’m meandering here.

        • Hmm… Interesting that weather is given as a reason for not moving homeless on. Of course But I suppose that the sun has to shine on lefties- snow harshes their fantasies.

          Speaking of fantasies, Washington DC and New York have the highest per capita rate of homeless while warm, ocean abutting states like Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia are way, way, way lower. Way. Maine, Massachusetts and Alaska are up there too. Hmm… https://www.statista.com/statistics/727847/homelessness-rate-in-the-us-by-state/

          • Well, that’s nice, but here’s another one, which has Texas and Florida at quite high rates. Oh look, it’s a government agency, too.


            As for Alaska, I can tell some of what Alaska has going for it, I suppose, in a high homeless rate. People manage to get up there thinking they are going to make it big on the pipeline (still, decades after it was finished) or make it big in the fishing industry or whatever pipedream they have. Once they are there, and things fall through, they are kind of stuck. I’ve seen that for years, being in the fishing industry.

            • I saw that graphic on several sites. I chose not to use it as it was not really informative. What makes not so useful is that it is a total count so a state with a larger population is likely to have more homeless simply because they have more people in total while the link I gave was per capita stats which eliminates that distortion.

      • If you want to know what real Nazis look like, watch the AHC, the American Hero’s Channel, 287 on Directv. You will see all the horror brought about by Nazi’s. Rounding up Jews, Down Syndrome people, the mentally ill, gays, and Christians, and systematically eliminating those they deem to be inferior, and not deserving of life. They also killed anyone who was opposing the Nazi party. If you spoke out about these atrocities, you were tortured and killed.
        In contrast, Ashley Judd stood in front of thousands of people in Washington DC, and said Trump had wet dreams about his daughter. Nothing happened to her. Nothing. If Ashley wants to put down major politicians, we suggest she go to Venezuela. Better yet, go to China and say Xi has wet dreams about his daughter. Please do it!

        • It is wonderful that we have a country where people can criticize the powerful. I do think Ms. Judd went too far in that rant. But if we sent everyone to other countries who criticized the presidents harshly, I believe there’d be few people here. I remember a few anti Obama rants that were rather ugly.

          • https://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/the-administration/335915-conservatives-forget-history-with-trump-effigy-outrage

            The Hill trends conservative and event they pointed out the ugliness of the right regarding Obama (and his family…let’s not forget “Manchelle”, the ugly meme still bandied about that Mrs. Obama is actually a man).

            But the above article talks (and shows the video) about effigies of Obama hung with nooses and then set on fire. Something so ugly and harkening back to actual lynchings words fail me.

            But Judd said something untowards about Trump and his daughter, even though Trump himself has said, recorded, that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter he’d be dating her.

          • Government Cheese

            It’s an every day thing in this country kym. Do you not look at social media and left news media? Everyday trump and anyone who supports him is called a Nazi and/or a racist. Its funny since He is a complete supporter of Israel and its agenda. Did you see millions of republican conservatives posting and yelling from the rooftops that anyone who voted for Obama was a N- – – – -? No. Kym, don’t act like you haven’t heard the Nazi comment thrown around on your website. No different in my books as calling a black the N word. It should be banned all together.

            Obama era increased funding via homeland security to the ICE program . Obama installed and signed into law the use of tear gas against “illegals “. In Obama’s reign he incarcerated, detained and deported more illegals than in other president before him. Obama killed more innocent civilians including woman and children due to drone attacks than any other president before him.
            Who is the real Nazi?

            • Trump loves Israel?

              This is a direct quote from Trump, speaking to the Israeli American Council in the past couple of days.

              “You’re not nice people at all, but you have to vote for me. You have no choice. You’re not going to vote for Pocahontas, I can tell you that. You’re not going to vote for the wealth tax!”

              Yeah, Trump’s love for Israel/Jews is a weird kind of love. Nice little “money-grubbing Jew” subtext he’s got going there.

              • Government Cheese

                Jews are capitalists. They vote red every time. So yes, they have no choice. He is right! America will ALWAYS support Israel, it has no other choice. We don’t have to support Ukraine though. Your point?

                • LOL…

                  Something like 70 to 75 percent of American Jews vote Democratic.

                  Nice to lump all Jewish people into the “capitalist” category, though. You might want to check your own bias.

                  • He was stumping in front of a pro Israeli group of wealthy donors, not in front of a Democrat convention. Now that the Democrats have embraced their strong Anti Israel members, it may change those percentages at least for the national offices.

                  • Government Cheese

                    Something like….

                • Many Jews are capitalist. Many Jew are university professors. Some are both.

                  • Many Americans are capitalists, and some are University professors. But they are all capitalists and vote “red”, according to what GC was stating, and what Trump also seems to think. The subtext that Jews only care about money is the issue.

                    I find it particularly offensive as my daughter-in-law and many of my neighbors and friends are Jewish. None of them would ever think of supporting Trump. He says he loves Israel, and yet he called them and others like them “disloyal” because they don’t support him or Likud, and they were very offended that he sees them as Israelis, when in fact they are 100% American. He is actually condemning for not having dual-loyalty. Even worse, he is accusing them of not supporting Israel as though that is their actual country. It’s ugly.

                    • Government Cheese

                      They must be poor Jews. Jews with real money vote red. One of my good friends is a Jew. I was madly in love with a African American woman who died of an overdose. I voted for Obama (twice) so please don’t play the race card on me.

                    • Gov Cheese,

                      You have no idea what you’re talking about.

                  • I lived with a Jewish family for sometime. They were very kind to us… and I luv them. They are very good people! I loved getting drunk with them and the Rabbi on Purim..L’Chaim! Lol.. Anyhow.. the family I lived with were very liberal, but many of their relatives were very conservative! I was suprised.. Many of the extended relatives I met did vote Red, and often it was because, at least with the folks I met, and what the family explained to me, is that many supported the war in Iraq.. Even the family I lived with supported it on some level.. Maybe, this is just my perspective and others can say differently. I suppose it’s like any group of people, who have thier political differences…

              • https://www.timesofisrael.com/trump-tells-jewish-group-theyll-vote-for-him-to-protect-their-wealth/

                “In his 45-minute speech to an audience of over 4,300, the president criticized American Jews who, he said, were not sufficiently supportive of the Jewish state.

                Speaking about finding a location for the US Embassy in Israel, he told the audience, “A lot of you are in the real estate business.”

                “I know you very well, you’re brutal realtors.””

                Nonetheless, the vigorously pro-Israel crowd in Hollywood, Florida, cheered the president with chants of “Four more years!” and loud applause.

                Jewish Democrats criticized the president’s remarks about wealth as anti-Semitic.”

                • And yet, 74% percent of American Jews disapprove of Trump.

                  So are you saying that they are disloyal to the foreign nation of Israel? As Trump did. Even though they are Americans.

                  • Government Cheese

                    I disapprove of trump. But…. like many. I have no other choice.

                  • Again Trump was talking to a select group who do support Israel. He was making his point towards them and got cheered. Because THEY think that Jews who don’t support Israel are disloyal. Me? I’m not saying what Jews are required to think whether Trump says it or you. I am saying that it was not anti Semitic no matter how much Democrats – Jewish or not- want to spin it.

                    • Fine. 3/4s of American Jews were offended, actually even more.

                      He may have been speaking to groups he feels support him, but those comments went out over the ether. When the vast majority of Jews says, yeah, no, that’s anti semitic, maybe he and anyone defending these comments should stop and think.

                      Like Raylan Givens said:

                      ‘If you run into an a**hole in the morning, you ran into an a**hole. If you run into a**holes all day, you’re the a**hole.’

                    • If indeed 70% of Jews were offended, it was because they are Democrats. Not because they are Jews. This can be seen by the reaction to Representative Ilhan Omar. While her comments are high controversial, Democrats make efforts at reconciliation with her. With Trump’s much less virulent remarks, Democrats seek to increase putrage.

            • I’m sorry. I thought you meant called you a Nazi here on this website.

              • No.. I called Gavin Newsome a Nazi, for attacking non violent citizens with military power, and initiating policies to rat out your neighbors! And I don’t take it back either, JFYI..

          • It’s the different standards of response in the media that is so awful. If it were not for the liberal strangle hold that the press has, it would not be a big deal that both liberals and conservatives choose to ignore the broken windows in their own glass houses while pointing out those of their opponents.

            The press should not be allowed such behavior. They have become cheer leaders for their own agendas. It means never covering something good their opponents do and harping on what is in essence the press’s personal opinions. And since they are overwhelming liberal in their opinions (while falling pretty short of those ideals personally) , it has come to mean being hateful to anything conservative who they saddle with every evil in history because that is how they define conservative.

            • The press should not be allowed such behavior?

              have you never heard of Hearst (and others) and his yellow journalism? “Remember the Maine, the hell with Spain”? Even though McKinley had already reached a compromise with Spain, and the sinking of the Maine was not something Spain had actually done, but the newspapers pushed that idea and so, after public pressure based on the sensationalist press, the US went to war.

              Or more recently, the absolute scandal I tell you of Obama wearing a tan suit or eating some supposedly fancy mustard? Both of those were pushed by Fox (you can look this up). Though the most amusing was the Fox panel tut-tutting Obama wearing the offending color were all wearing tan suits. As had Reagan and other POTUS’.

              So I guess the agenda is good or bad, depending on which ox is getting gored, right?

              • And somehow you think that means the press has every right to be partisan? Yes, it does have a history of that. That is no excuse for its current status.You think that is a good thing? Well I guess you really believe it does depend on “which ox is getting gored” or rather “whose ox is getting gored.” I prefer not having any oxen getting gored.

                • Well, the truly extreme partisan press to be found is FOX (and when they veer from the Trump party line he threatens them or complains, like they should be all pro-Trump, all the time). I agree that MSNBC definitely leans left, they are open about it. Fox still tries to pretend they are “Fair and balanced”. CNN manages to tick off both sides, so I wouldn’t call them “left”.

                  As for the WAPO and the “failing” NYT, both are owned by raging capitalists. Just saying.

                  When I see you condemn Fox or OANN equally then perhaps we could have a conversation. Don’t confuse the press with social media. That’s a whole different critter.

                  • “Just saying ” is right I didn’t actually condemn any particular news outlet. You created that opinion yourself. I just pointed out that liberal ideals dominate the press in general. Kym has some sort of chart about this. Although it was more liberal in assigning conservative values than I would be, it was interesting. I remember reading the same sourced article on the Fox site and MSNBC. I knew it was from the same source as the shared some of the exact same sentences. The editing was so biased that it was possible to miss that both outlets were covering the same story much less from the same source. I tracked down the source to a local paper. It had all the words in both articles and was actually pretty informative and complete. Something neither of the national outlets’ articles had.

                    One of my favorite sources is actually CBC. While it doesn’t have all the US news and occasionally doesn’t understand the US mores, it is not written as much with an instance on supporting one emotional ideology over another. At least when they write about the US. I don’t know enough about Canada to know whether they are become more biased as the news becomes more local. But even then their tone is simply more civil- something not seen around here in decades.

                    BTW it is unlikely we will ever have “a conversation” as listening with understanding is required. Not partisan leaping to conclusions. My interest in such “conversations” is not great. I mostly respond for readers, not commenters although there are a few who do have useful information that I appreciate.

        • What’s wrong with Truth Telling Resident Rump DOES have ___ dreams about his daughter he has publicly said if she wasn’t his daughter he WOULD…!!!

      • Well said you probably believe in free speech and gun rights and the rest of our civil liberties. Oh my God what’s wrong with you? Sarc

    • Well said indeed!!!

    • Failing education system? It flunked about 12 years ago when the communist/ Socialist Demacrat teachers started teaching our young the left propaganda in the classrooms instead of subject matter for the class.

  • where can we sign in Humboldt CO??

  • Fees and taxes are voter approved.

    Recall yourself.

    Leaders from both recall efforts acknowledge confusion about the separate petitions. They recommend people sign both. And they’re hoping to pick up steam as voters learn more about the bills just passed by the Democratic state legislature and signed by Gov. Newsom.

    Recall efforts are just a fact of life for governors in California, especially since voters recalled Davis in 2003. Seven petitions tried to terminate his replacement, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Five recall petitions targeted Jerry Brown during his second stint as governor.

    Political analysts say a lot of the petitions are just a way for candidates for other offices to get their names in the public eye. Cruz, who ran for U.S. Senate in 2018, is running for Congress in 2020. Veltmeyer ran for Congress in 2016 and 2018 but is not currently seeking office.

    “We believe it would/could be beneficial for congressional and other candidates to fund this effort – much like Darrell Issa did in 2003,” said an organizer with Veltmeyer’s petition. “Plus, candidates can certainly use the issue as a campaign platform and fundraising pitch.”


    The California GOP is officially endorsing the campaign from Erin Cruz to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. 

    One America’s Pearson Sharp reports the endorsement appears to be on paper only, as the party is refusing to provide any financial support.


    • Veronica Schneekluth

      Tax payers agreed to gas taxes to beallocated for infrastructure , however, he has chosen to put that money towards his own agendas like the failed bullet train and global warming. NOT TAXPAYER APPROVED. I believe if you actually researched the 900 or so bills he passed in this year, majority are not in the best interest of California voters.

      • Global Warming. Climate change.

        I’ll assume you aren’t old enough to remember the smog of Cailifornia cities that was so common in my childhood. Or even the eye-watering stink from the pulp mills on the peninsula in the 60s that pervaded Eureka. Not that the last has much to do with AGW, but it was really, really bad.

        Global warming is a priority of California, and has been for quite some time, ling before Newsome became Governor. See the Scoping Plan.

        But good lord, if the fires of the past years haven’t made you concerned, I don’t know what will. Unless the RANF are agenda driven themselves, as climate change deniers.

        • Comedy magazines in the early 90’s advertised for LA as such:

          Visit LA, where you can SEE the air!

        • Importing Chinese goods without limit favors those who generate great deal of the problem. Yould think that would get California’s liberals’ focus but Nooooo… Those myriads of little electronic gizmos are not without cost especially when made elsewhere.

      • Gov. Gavin Newsom called for an investigation into high fuel prices after the California Energy Commission released a report Monday detailing unexplained cost increases at name-brand gas stations.

        The report showed Californians pay as much as 30 cents more per gallon of gas than people in other states for unclear reasons.

        The commission found that even though name-brand stations have raised their prices, they have not lost market share to stations charging less, and the energy commission wasn’t able to determine why. It identified Chevron, Shell, Exxon, 76, Valero, Costco, and ARCO as brands that advertise higher quality gasoline.


    • I don’t remember voting to increase the cannabis tax when the legal industry I already failing and my friends are going bankrupt. I also didn’t vote to pay $200/yr in extra bogus taxes based on the value of my car just to drive. Taxes are not all voted in.

  • 267,494 votes is what this Tea Party “Revolution America” wing nut got in the 2018 primaries for CA senate. Feinstein got 3,000,000. it says “This is TRULY non-partisan” yet it is actually part of a nation strategic plan these right wing nut jobs crafted.

  • 😅🤣😂😅🤣😂

    Get over it snowflakes!
    He was elected to fair & square!
    How dare you speak of removing someone from office!

    • Keep laughing all the way to Impeachment, sucker!

      • I think you missed the sarcasm, sucker! This isn’t an article bout getting rid of a Republican! Like it’s not ok, when it’s their guy, but it is ok when it’s not their guy? This is article bout getting rid of a Democrat. It’s reversed, using their argument. Get it?

    • Where can I sign up to recall Gavin newsom really want too I hope we get enough signatures cause I’m sick of this gray Davis was recalled fo t did outage us this side are you on I hope not la la land demos they don’t know the one world gov bring G’s in the Antichrist who will have no alliance to none but they are to blind to see anything anyone’s a snowflake it the demos who tried to take trump out of office he was elected fair and square in California the elections are corrupt and if Gavin has anything to do with it they might be more corrupt

  • Another attempted Republican coup by scumbags that can’t win at The Ballot Box

    • Isn’t it amazing that taxing the crap out of people makes their complaints sound Republicans while handing out money makes them love the Nanny State?

    • Government Cheese

      Coup! Lmao. Guess who’s next in line for president? Yep. Nancy Pelosi. Hmmmm I smell fish…..PS. We did win at the ballot box. Who’s your daddy?

  • Love it or leave it. If you don’t support our way of life in California, move to a place that reflects your beliefs. We are one of the richest, most powerful and free places on earth for a good reason. Try your luck in a state where the corporations rule everything, you get zero help and pay like slave labor. Have fun and get on with your racist, angry, bigot self.

  • groba dude trustafarian osn't

    To all the Trump lovers in Humboldt:

    At least Gavin Newsom is a professional politician. Next in line for this job, will be someone like Mike McGuire, and if you don’t like Gavin, just wait…

    Mr Newsom was elected by an honest majority, and, has been groomed by the oligarchy for 2 decades. He served as Lieutenant Governor for 8 years, and Mayor of SF for 8 years. I don’t know who you think is better prepared, but, Newsom, to me, is a good fit for this role, and I don’t expect you will be able to unseat him.

    Meanwhile, yes, the roads are crumbling, taxes are high, un-domiciled folks are everywhere, we got earthquakes, fires, landslides and floods, we got marijuana growing everywhere, and millions of out-of-control druggies, Mexican narco-terrorists, gang violence, and general craziness 24/7/365!

    So, rather than de-construct, just to be de-constructive, what is your plan?

    Raving about the stuff you don’t like, and starting a petition do do something that will never happen, is perfectly puerile!

    Start talking about your solutions, prepare your candidates or candidacy, and oppose the system, within the system, because wishing and hoping is not gonna accomplish anything at all!

    • I only got one solution, use road tax money for roads. If we have the highest tax In the nation are roads shouldn’t be the 5th worst. Quit misappropriating funds. But that won’t happen

    • Government Cheese

      I truly hope democrats take office in this country….. just to prove that nothing will change for the better, but only for the worst. Let’s all pray

  • Just a reminder that recall should not be used to remove someone from office because we don’t like their policies or their politics. If it’s used this way, the result will be just like having unending elections, with nothing ever being decided, and no one doing anything ever because they are too busy looking over their shoulder worrying about recallers coming after them. I know we all complain that our elected officials either do nothing or the wrong thing, but that’s nothing compared to what will happen if recall becomes a substitute for working to elect someone who really represents you. Why not run for office yourself? Afraid your constituents will give you flak every time you fail to please them? Hmmmm….

    • Maybe not, but when a Politician starts using Military tactics and weapons against non violent citizens, for essentially buisness and tax reasons, that to me in my mind is grounds for a recall!

  • Yes! I am all about an attempt to recall this scum Gov! He is WAY too disconnected to the plights of common people. Especially Rural people and farming communities which actually make up much of California! You might as well call him Democrat tRump! He is ALL about BIG Biz and large corporations.. He is VERY pro Biotech, GMO, and invested in it!


    The attack on small cultivators in our region with military force was a LOW act!

    However, it’s not just the small Canno farmers in this community getting the shaft! Small Family farms thru out the state are feeling the crunch in many ways as well! Overburdened regs will be the death of small Family Farms, and it’s happing all over the state!

    This is an excellent short doc 26 min about Vanashing family farms, often taken over by hedge funders! Often squeezed by over regulatory hurdles..

    “One thing California has become masters at is putting you in a corner and making you choose between bad or worse..” sound familiar?

    Enviro issues? Just write a check.. that will solve Anything!

    “A legislature full of ‘progressives’ and you can’t communicate a message”


    Gavin Bluesome is ALL about Adgenda 21- 2030!! He would luv to see every last rural person removed from the country and in a tenement yard in a super high tech smart city.. that’s all his privileged ass understands! Who the hell initiates a TAX on DRINKING WATER! What a douche! Follow down this path and 3/4 of your income will go to the State of California! Kick this guy to his city curb!

    I have NEVER voted Republican in my life.. but I strongly feel in so many ways, it’s time for a change in the Golden State!

  • Hahahahaha hahahahahaha
    Trump gave the biggest tax break to himself, his pals and the rich. Corporate welfare is off the charts. Trumps ignorant tariff debacles are costing US consumers and, hahahahahaha, Gavin Newsome must be recalled because he’s taxing you. Oh, this is rich. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍

  • Trump isn’t fighting for water for farmers, he’s fighting for their donations and votes. 1600 dairy farmers have gone out of business in Wisconsin alone because of Trumps tariffs. Trump doesn’t give one f*ck about the people in Humboldt. Sorry, there’s no onerich enough here. C’mon, let’s be real here, you don’t like Gavin because he’s stood up to Trump. It’s not the taxes. Or you would be concerned about the rich paying their fair share.

    • Just for the record, I am not a Trump supporter either! But Biden is just as bad in my book! The Democrats are no Hero’s either where was Biden for Standing Rock huh? We are all just supposed to throw our votes to them while they pretend again and again to be the good guys? They are not! Gavin’s Not! Maybe if people settling for the less of two evils and actually start taking some actions! But yeah.. just pretend harder that Gavin and his Corporate sponsors are America and California’s great hero’s. Choke on pretenders all day if you want. I am Ovah it! Ever wonder why younger people stopped voting? Ever wonder why many POC didn’t turn up to vote against Trump? Yeah.. Give the people Something to VOTE FOR instead of AGAINST!

  • We the corparation,by the corporation, in corruption we stand

    Small fry good post !!!! Another former Democrat seeing things in a new light since Brown’s departure. I too will be switching to the Republican party ESPECIALLY in the California elections!!!! Not really a trump supporter but will absolutely not vote for these Democrats in California no way no how !!!!!!!!

    • Exactly! THX! What makes them the Cali Demo’s the “Good Guy’s” these days anyways? Brown was ok, in my book. But Gavin.. he’s a big Corporate puppet! Absolutely No way No how!!!

    • Exactly. Has no idea how transparent he is. Takes us for idiots.

    • Soo what exactly am I lying about TRB? Absolutely No fucks givin what You think..

      • The reply was not to you, check it out.

        • It is the corporation, by the corporation, and in corruption they stand..tho. What’s so fake about that? Wake up…Are u asleep behind the wheel? Looking for another commentor to Bullie TRB?

          • I will defer to the Rasta for the oracle speak.



            “I’m like a flashing laser and a rolling thunder
            I’m dangerous
            I’m like a stepping razor
            Don’t you watch my size
            I’m dangerous, dangerous”

            Peter McIntosh
            Stepping Razor

            Far from being “asleep behind the wheel” that is the passive way to look at the active ingredient in the mix, like David Attias standing on top of his saab, but claiming to be the:

            “Angel of Truth ”

            Free thinkers are a threat to the system.

            The PC mob demands allegiance.

            I think its safe to look at how much of a revolutionary Robert Nesta Marley truly was.
            His children carry their fathers important messages, in even more creative ways, with compassion and love, something that’s missing from many people here who selfishly push personal agendas.

            Even his daughter speaks about the responsibility to address bullying.

    • Government Cheese

      I was a registered democrat since I was 18. Voted every year since. Now I’m American Independent. I seen the writing on the wall with the Democratic Party and the installation of socialism starting with Obama on his second term. Scary shit on the horizon. Free government handouts and abolishment of the second amendment was enough for me to change….

      • Define Socialism.
        And if your indignation does not extend to Corporate subsidies and the obscene tax break for the rich that the GOP passed then your selective outrage is laughable.

  • so, as we Americans guzzle fossil fuel, which is directly affecting climate change, maybe we do need to “pay more taxes” . If you decide to drive a huge gas guzzling pickup or SUV , then maybe you should pay more taxes for gas. We are standing at a critical moment for our planet. People, Wake THF up! Think about your own footprint on the planet. We either pay now or pay BIG later. Gavin Newsome is NOT the enemy. We, the people, are.

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