Girl Missing in Eureka Area

The Eureka Police are looking for Jaimie Kathleen Christian, age 17. She ran away from home on November 11, 2019.

Jaimie is 5’1″ and weighs about 160 pounds. She has shoulder length brown hair.

The EPD is requesting the community’s help. If you have any information, please contact Eureka Police at (707) 441-4371. If you spot her, contact the Eureka Police 24 Hour Dispatch at (707) 441-4044.

Jaimie Kathleen Christian



  • Turn off the comments, what happened over at LoCo on this missing girl is disgusting and disgraceful.

    Hope everything works out, that is a tough age.

  • Running away from home, a rite of passage, has now become a spectator sport…

  • 🕯🌳Now you know why I’m glad I got banned. 🎅🇺🇸👁

  • Seventeen is a great age to be. We feel we have had a lifetime of decision making, feel brave and strong and independent. We feel ready to take on the world. Being a mature person also means calling family and friends and letting them know our plans. Being mature means not adding worry to those who care. If a 17 yr old can’t do that they are not ready to take on the world.

  • Hope she’s safe.

  • At age 17, the light bulb turned on for both my daughter and myself, in realizing that home was the place to be at that time, with our leaving home, and striking out on our own when our footing became more sure.

  • I am so glad they’re helping those parents! When my daughter “ran away “at 17 she came home with the boy she ran away with, he ended up getting angry with her was beating her up and BIT her leaving a clear mark on her arm and they said there was nothing they could do because she was “almost 18” And wtf does almost mean when it comes to 18 exactly? You’re either 18 or you are not, correct? Thank God they’re helping these parents. I hope they find her. ❤️

    • At 17, my granddaughter decided to live another family member, but that only lasted a few months, thankfully no boyfriend returned with her, and now in her 20’s, working, with a child of her own, living away from home, in a great relationship….. she’s much happier with life now than at 17.

      Hopefully this young woman will have a change of heart, and return home.

  • [This poster has been banned]

    • Do you have kids? If so I certainly hope nothing like this ever happens to them. It makes no difference what kind of parents she has. What matters is that a child is missing!!!!!! You should be ashamed of yourself for your thoughts about this little girl!

    • Just so you know I’m not defending tweakers, but a missing 17yr old girl is an entirely different matter. I despise tweakers but not all kids follow in their parents footsteps. Don’t be so quick to judge. People make it out of the ghetto all the time in spite of small mindedness that you remimded me is still very prevelant.

    • Umm who are you to have any say in what my sister is. You have no idea what she or any of my family has gone though so take a step back and watch what you say there is no need for your foul mouth comments. You might want to try and learn more about what your talking about before you try and put anyone on blast

    • Idk who you think you are but let me tell you this right now before you talk about anyone you might want to try and learn a little bit more on what your talking about before you run that mouth of yours. you have absolutely no right to talk about my sister like that. You have no idea what her or any of my family has gone through so once again take a step back and learn more about what is coming out of your mouth before you put your foul mouth comments online about someone you have no idea about.

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