18-Year-Old Arrested for Child Endangerment After High Speed Chase

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Thomas Jordan Jacobs

Thomas Jacobs

On 11-29-2019 at approximately 9:20 AM, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call for service to check the welfare of a juvenile female in the area of Mill Creek Drive and Highway 1 in Fort Bragg, California.

When Deputies arrived in the area, they observed a female who matched the provided description, in the front passenger’s seat of a sedan being driven by Thomas Jordan Jacobs.

Jacobs turned onto Highway 1 and drove south toward Fort Bragg.  Deputies were aware that Jacobs was the restrained party in a recently issued court protective order that needed personal service.  Deputies attempted to stop the vehicle to check on the welfare of the female juvenile and serve Jacobs with the court protective order.

Jacobs failed to yield to the Deputies red lights and sirens and drove south on Highway 1 to the area of Airport Road.

At Airport Road, Jacobs turned around and drove north on Highway 1.  Jacobs increased his speed and began driving at speeds in excess of 100 MPH, while passing northbound vehicles in the southbound travel lane.  Due to the public safety risk, the vehicle pursuit was terminated and Jacobs continued to drive north on Highway 1.

A short time after the pursuit was terminated, the California Highway Patrol was dispatched to vehicle down a steep embankment in the area of Highway 1 and Abalobadiah Creek.

Deputies responded to the vehicle crash and determined the vehicle was Jacobs’ vehicle that had been pursued earlier.  The vehicle was not occupied and none of the occupants were located inside or around the vehicle.  Deputies located and collected physical evidence around the crash that was associated with Jacobs.

Deputies identified the two female passengers in Jacobs’ vehicle as a 15 year-old and 17 year-old.  Both female juveniles were later located and were uninjured in the crash.

Deputies learned that Jacobs was on pre-trial release for a separate contributing to the delinquency of a minor case that involved one of the female juveniles who was a passenger in his vehicle.  Jacobs was found to be in contempt of court [166(a)(4) PC] for associating with that female juvenile.

At around noon, Deputies were continuing follow up on this investigation and located Jacobs at his residence in the City of Fort Bragg.

Deputies established probable cause to arrest Jacobs for the above listed charges.  Jacobs was booked into Mendocino County Jail where was to be held in lieu of $35,000.00 bail.



  • Looks like someone told him to wipe that smerk off his face & what he’s facing now by time he turned for his side profile picture. The two pics go from day to night. Enjoy your hard times, entering adulthood, could of been a lot easier, with some better choices. SMH

  • I blame violent video games

  • There should be a charge for that hair as well.

  • I blame crap parenting.

    Liberal everyone gets a trophy california.

  • Mothers, teach your children well

    1971, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young


    And you of tender years
    Can’t know the fears
    That your elders grew by
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    Them with your youth
    They seek the truth
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  • The only difference between a 17 year old “child” and a 18 year old “adult” is one calander day, and can actually be a mere second depending on time of birth etc..
    Such is the nature of “rule of law” in a “democracy”.
    Our legal system of values is not the most insightful or accurate system of values by any means.
    Better than some, for sure.
    Stark legal lines of demarcation like these, are pretty silly, often times.
    Obviously, this young idiot, is by no means in possession of the mental faculties many of us would associate with adulthood.
    I have many solutions, non of them palatable for blue state California sensibilities.
    Guess we will just have to let the kids run the roost!

    • Humboldt County Line

      I actually agree with you on this, the felony child endangerment charge seems like a stretch. But felony evading is a legit charge that carries a decent term and seems more than warranted here.

      • Drive like an idiot and crash the car when you have minors as passengers then you might be endangering children. The reason there are judges to pass sentencing us to take into account the youth if the offender- if the case makes it that far. It is more likely to be handled as one of the many “diversions” that California has codified.

  • “100 MPH, while passing northbound vehicles in the southbound travel lane. ”

    There is not enough pain in the world for someone who does this. Ask ANYONE who has lost someone to a moron like this.

    LOSE the license FOR LIFE!

    • They give out licenses like candy on Halloween all over this great country.

      • Let me point out the elephant in the room. You need a license to drive, a license to hunt/ fish, a license to own a dog. Where’s the license to have kids? Any and every human who’s capable can reproduce and get rewarded for it. Cue the movie idiocracy.

        • Great, a fan of eugenics…

          • Nope a fan of people being responsible. It’s not a miracle because you don’t use birth control. Idiots impregnated idiots equals umm more idiots. But yeah, keep working and pay your taxes. Don’t forget to lock your doors. The dumbshit apocalypse has already hit. Just look at any board of supes or mateel or the president

        • i have heard this talking point but anyone can drive without a license so anyone can have a child without a license even if you were to make it ‘illegal’. what is your plan? to kill the child if the parents didnt have said license?

          • Parenting classes? Maybe a test to see if you are not a half wit and can raise a child, maybe pass a drug test or are mentally capable to raise a child and not 5150, I don’t know

          • I never said a license should be needed to have offspring. A license to be a responsible parent maybe, a class to show your not a complete failure. Anyone can produce crotch fruit, be accountable and have common sense. Children are great until they are adults robbing and strung out doing home invasions because the parenting was out to lunch

            • Where’s the license to have kids?

              you still havent answered the question. are you saying they can have the children and raise them until they are adults and then??? kill them??? your circle reasoning is not coming to a close. or do you suggest that no one should be parents except for you, because i think that is want you are thinking. dont make me laugh

  • I know! Just go to any DMV in the nation. Go see who shares the road with you

  • Who wants to bet that the next time he is arrested he will have a neck tattoo?

  • Leo's should start policing themselves

    Man!!!$$# if my parents only knew the boys I was hanging out with.I feel bad for him based on what I read.Poor kid. Drive safe every other time..🙏🙏

    • Don’t feel too bad for him, I live in Fort Bragg and I see him a lot, he’s a snarky little boy who deserves everything he gets after his idiot, car chase, movie drama.

      Plus, he crashed at the Abalobadiah Creek corner (a bad corner if one is intoxicated or going way too fast), so the folks living there had to deal with the disruption to their lives too, plus, I’m sure the road was closed for awhile, holding up others.

      I’m glad he didn’t hurt anybody, but what a self centered child he is, I hope he can find his way out of his adolescent life cycle soon, it’s not healthy for anyone.

  • May those (men) who did not do STUPID stuff when they were teens cast the first stone (or negative comment).
    He is young enough to learn. He has a chance now.
    Penalize him. Teach him a lesson (without prison; strict probation seems appropriate) and see if can ‘turn a new leaf’…. that isn’t just cannabis. 😉

    • Word, he who is without a bong
      Should buy one

      I agree, I got a DUI and it was the end of my shit turd days. The sheriff’s schooled the crap out of me, beginning around crazy criminals still gives me nightmares, and the judge, well let’s say it was like meeting God, and he bitch slapped the fuck out of me.

      So I hope, dude hey, does enough time to realize that jail sucks

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