Eureka Police Hired 2 Homeless Outreach Workers

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Brian Bolden

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department:

The Eureka Police Department’s Community Safety Enhancement Team (CSET) inpartnership with the City of Eureka’s UPLIFT Eureka program, is proud to introduce ourHomeless Outreach Workers (HOW), Larry Alexander and Brian Bolden.

As Homeless Outreach Workers, Larry and Brian will work closely with EPD CSET and UPLIFT Eureka to provide direct, street-based outreach to those in the homeless community.

UPLIFT Eureka guides members of our community through a series of resources and supportive programming to provide them with the tools to reclaim independence, dignity, and employment.

Funding for one of the two HOW positions is provided through Measure Z, Fiscal Year 2019-20.

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Larry Alexander



  • 🕯🌳But are they qualified in the mental health aspect of the homeless situation?

    • Willie Caos-mayhem As Outreach Workers they may work closely with the MIST program that does have qualified MH staff.
      Often an Outreach Workers duties is to connect folks/clients they up with
      services they need or qualify for.
      I found in my work as an Outreach Worker my connection to my clients often made it possible for them to interface with the next person whom the were linked to because of a positive experience working with myself.
      I wish these 2 fellows the satisfaction in their new positions as I experienced as an Outreach Worker.

  • Are they homeless? Or just outreach workers?.

  • That’s awesome that the city is hiring homeless people. Maybe they can find a place to live now that they have a good job.

    • I was confused as well & got a good laugh at your perfectly worded statement, that clears it all up. I kiddingly call it a dangling modifier. Thanks for the humor.
      I hope these 2 have much success going forward in their careers.

  • ~knowingly, or unknowingly, the corporate governmental service employees’ job is based on the gross misinterpretation of the “General Welfare” clause of the constitution.

    These paper-pushing for paycheck and pension do-gooders, would benefit society (as opposed to sucking from it), if they just stayed home and grew their own food by setting an example on how to be self-proficient, self-governing, and an independent thinker.

    Great these two got a job. But on the whole -not so much.

    • 🕯🌳👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🇺🇸

    • I don’t have land so I’m coming over to your place and take some acreage. I plan to grow grapes and olive trees though which take about 30 years to produce so I hope you don’t mind some company for the next few decades. By the time these grapes and olives come in though, we should be good friends!

  • I applied for this position and was not interviewed. The guy in charge would not respond to emails during the application process. When I emailed HR they forwarded my email and weeks later the guy responded saying the position was filled. He never said there were two positions.

    I have been homeless twice, have a college degree, many years customer service and public contact experience, many other skills, etc. and was not even interviewed.

    Entities like the City of Eureka and Arcata, the County of Humboldt and especially CR and HSU only hire friends and relatives (or those married to current employees).

    Nepotism and cronyism are king in Humboldt.

    • Actually, nepotism and incompetence are hand over fist the most common traits of public employment and in healthcare managment in Humboldt County, and cronyism is a distant fourth, behind “crooked”…

      Please, support your new “homeless coordinators” and “homeless cheerleaders”, and, support a member of “the homeless community” today! These are some valuable bums you have here, so give them everything, including free healthcare, free food, free places to camp, veterinary care for their animals, free smokes, drugs, beer and wine, and free passes to the “happy homeless ball”!

      Why should the “homeless community” have to work, or pay for anything at all? Just give them everything, so they will continue to multiply!

      Congratulations, bums, on being identified as a community, in a County so ignorant that it thinks vaccines are bad, that marijuana is “medicine” and that “harm reduction” is giving extra needles to addicts to litter… Not to mention that Humboldt County is so ignorant that it thinks that the “good old boys” are doing a good job of running everything!

      Welcome to the “new normal”, the “new community”, and celebrate these valuable citizens for their contributions to society!

  • trump is my little pony

    Doing anything without a badge and a gun is a step in the right direction.

  • They clean up nice for being homeless.

  • I hope they are able to reach out to my son.

    • And: It’s interesting that two men, each a certain age, were hired, instead of the usual “zaftig ladies” who seem to work all the public jobs in Humboldt….

      Good luck this winter, homeless guys, and, I think that Humboldt Bums should be hired to train regular citizens how to survive “PG&E Public Safety power shutoffs”!

      “Just get drunk, smoke some meth, steal something… Report to the ER when it all goes upside down…” “Aint life grand?” If you have a problem, talk to the “coordinator”…

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