Trash-Strewn Property From ‘Murder Mountain’ Series to Get Cleanup and Be Resold

Screenshot from Episode 4 of "Murder Mountain" shows the cabin on a piece of property with a large amount of trash. Many viewers assume that the property is on "Murder Mountain" but the actual property is located about a 45 minute drive west of there.

Screenshot from Episode 4 of “Murder Mountain” shows an abandoned ambulance on a piece of property used for marijuana growing by a man known as Austin. Many viewers assume that the trash-strewn property is on “Murder Mountain” but the actual property is located about a 45 minute drive west of there.

A Briceland property soon to be on the market is a scene straight out of “Murder Mountain,” says Marcus Schaible, a realtor with Country Real Estate. Literally, the land was featured in the docudrama “Murder Mountain”–a popular series about Humboldt County that recently came out on Netflix and gripped the nation as well as the Emerald Counties.

The series implies, though it isn’t stated, that the property is in the Alderpoint area on Murder Mountain which is more formally known as Rancho Sequoia.

abandoned ambulance on the property in Briceland.

Marcus Schaible provided this photo of the abandoned ambulance on the property in Briceland.

“I’ve been up there a few times and the garbage is just incredible,” Schaible said. “There are diapers and garbage all around…17 and 18 cars up there…There are just a lot of cars in disrepair on the property. They are pretty much all intact except the wheels and tires. That ambulance is on the property. But inside it has carpet cleaning equipment.”

He pointed out on a Facebook post he made about the 35 acre property, “It is really a spectacular piece of land misused and left for someone else to deal with.”

Trash heaps scatter the property and line the end of the driveway. [Photo from Marcus Schaible]

Trash heaps currently are scattered over the property and line the end of the driveway. [Photo from Marcus Schaible]

In contrast to the hum of violence that underlays the Netflix series, Schaible says he hasn’t seen any sign of guns having been used on the property. “I haven’t found any ammunition cartridges,” he said. “Just garbage…Like they just lived up there and never took any of the garbage down.”

Austin, the black market grower who lives on the property in the series, describes himself as a fairly recent immigrant from Utah in the series. And the property reflects some of the worst of the greenrush that flooded Humboldt since 1996 and legalization of medical marijuana.

Screenshot from Episode 4 of Murder Mountain shows an abandoned ambulance on a trashed piece of property. Many viewers assume that the property is on "Murder Mountain" but they are about a 45 minute drive apart.

Screenshot from Episode 4 of Murder Mountain shows Austin at the battered cabin.

Schaible, who came to Humboldt in 2000, said that he didn’t know what happened to Austin but “the person that lent on this property foreclosed on it and immediately started cleaning up.” Schaible explained that his job is to oversee the cleanup.

Luckily, he said, other than the garbage, the property hasn’t been really damaged. “There are no giant oil spills,” he explained. “There is that pond that is dug but it is not being fed by a spring. It is highly likely that there are not a lot of violations up there except for the nuisance of the garbage.”

The cabin currently. [Photo by Marcus Schaible]

The cabin currently. It already looks better than in the series. [Photo by Marcus Schaible]

The owners, he said, “are not trying to grow on it again They just want to clean it up enough to sell it…I don’t think the cleanup is going to be very difficult.”

The vehicles he plans to load on flatbeds and take to a dump. “Eel River Disposal will take cars for $35 and they will do the paperwork,” he explained. “We’re bringing it back to a clean natural site.”

“This is a beautiful property,” he enthused. “There are roads throughout it [and] nice flat pastures. There is a small cabin. The cabin is like 20 x 30– about 600 square feet with a nice deck that looks over a meadow.”

“We’re confident that everything will be shipshape when [the crew hired to clean] are done,” Schaible said. They are just waiting for the weather to clear up. “We can’t do much when it is raining continuously,” he said.

Meanwhile, has Schaible thought about taking a metal detector and looking for an ammunition can full of money? “No,” he laughed. “That’s the old wives tale that there are millions and millions in these hills.”

UPDATE Sunday: A friend of Austin’s defended him and sent photos he said were taken prior to Austin’s arrest and the burglary that occurred then. The friend said,

As a matter of fact Kym, I found a whole bunch of pictures of the property that I helped take for him. To show the owners the improvements he was making as per their agreement. It really was a beautiful spot. I cant batch upload on your site, so I’ll just email them to you.

You can do whatever you want with them, I just felt like Austin was catching a pretty serious amount of flak, and people were ignoring the fact he lost everything he owned, his home, and livelihood all at once.

Then gets crucified by everyone here as if he was the perpetrator. Both sides of the story should probably get told. If you can post the photos I email to you, it’d do him a service and probably quell the lynch mob significantly.

"Murder Mountain" property

"Murder Mountain" property

"Murder Mountain" property

"Murder Mountain" property

"Murder Mountain" property

"Murder Mountain" property



  • I was removing a small cluster of oaks with a friend a few years ago in Whitethorn. He said, “this is one of my old money cache spots, I guess I should give it one last check.”
    He started digging, and found a Tupperware with $7000 in ziplock bags he “forgot”.

  • Just goes to show how full of crap this series really Is.

  • What the hell are these people talking about? Trash? I see some slightly disorganized building materials and paper to start the woodstove. I did notice a distinct lack of eu2000 generators strewn about, always keep the old ones for parts, if you don’t need something your neighbor will, think of it like a landing library. You all over there in Humboldt are so puritanical compared to Trinity, what about recycling don’t you understand? Doesn’t anyone appreciate the feng shui of raw materials writ large across the landscape anymore? An excessively narrow aesthetic viewpoint is why our forbears told the British to piss off.

    • You build with bags of used diapers??

      • Don’t be so puritanical! You can top dress your plants with those!

        • I for one, only smoke weed that was grown with feces via diaper top dressings. I dont know what kind of idiot would grow without them!


        • Seriously, complete the circle. Fresh ones (depending on baby’s diet) are perfect top cover, and dry ones are great for bundling into insulation, shredding and adding to rammed earth construction, compost aeration, starting the burn barrel, etc. When ever I take the range rover out in the woods to change oil, I always place a few around the hole I dig to catch splashes, that way oil doesn’t contaminate the watershed. Just toss them in the hole before you bury.

          • Of course, who doesnt know that you can just bury your oil and not pollute the enviorment! You can even use the old diapers as sleeping bags for your trimmers! Just sew them together with some tooth floss! Theyre the most useful thing on the hill…. Makes me want to have kids just so i can use the old diapers!

            • Pouring used oil into a hole in the ground is not polluting according to my hillbilly brother. He’s sez “ Jus puter back where it came from!”

            • trimming costs? it Depends..

              we’ve been having the trimmers wear diapers for a few years. they don’t have to be taking all those bathroom breaks, so, because of the extra efficiency, they can do ok at $80/pound.
              then we use the diapers like pre loaded Gorilla crystal tea bags. one per container.

              • Good enough for the Chinese Foxconn iphone plant, good enough for us here in the emerald triangle. Productivity and worker comfort are key. And yes, 1 per container is about right, but last year we had a crew of skinney Spanish vegans and we had to double up. If prices get any lower I may have to install sucide netting around the second story of our stacked container workspaces. Pro tip: blasting early 90″s heavy metal really helps moral, gets those toes ‘a tappin. Especially our French workers, its like they have never heard whitesnake before.

          • You and your mentality, dear sir, could be part of the problem.

          • (news flash– this dude’s a fukkin moron)

      • You couldn’t tell?

    • Hooray for this!

      Thanks Trinity. The public needs a good knock on the head every once in a while.

    • It’s Trinity that has sucked the life out of the river with all your chemical’s going into it & rat poison killing off the wildlife. Humboldt or Trinity, no respect for the environment. Disgusting how Trinity has trashed the river.

      • Snorkel surveys of the south fork show the devastation first hand. Of course the dam on the mainstem doesn’t help either. Btw, the joke I made about digging a hole and changing your oil is something I’ve seen a deceased red neck neighbor do first hand on the side of the road coming in. At least he didn’t do it in his front yard by the creek, so there’s that.

  • “Kars for kids” will take car donations and pick them up. See if they’ll do it

    • Sounds like a great organization, but letting children drive a jankey 3/4 ton Ford ambulance filled with carpet cleaning equipment just doesn’t sound prudent, at least not without adequate supervision.

  • This is no different than about every 3rd grow site out there, I guess outlaws are also pigs.

  • Media helping shitbags growers and scummy realtors

    • Well aren’t you the cheery wave of sunshine? Lighten up. Folks are interested in “Murder Mountain” stories right now.

      • Sharpen your pencil

        Kym, by folks do you mean the people who would believe this series and its benevolence. I will say this much, how many times does anyone that knew Garret think he thought to himself, “I should cash out and get out” but didn’t. Ultimately he paid the price as some do for lapse in judgment and working with people whom you wouldn’t in ANY other situation. I mean for shit sake they tried to make Garfield Elementary seem like it was in Rancho.

        • I think there is a wide range of folks interested as can be seen on this post. Those who disagree with the depiction and those who love it.

          And yes, I personally find the lies by implication very frustrating.

  • Marijuana leads to a desire to stack garbage in piles as tall as possible, collect junk cars, kill people, collect welfare, and live in a dirty shed.

    This series truly represents the horror non drug users see when looking at marijuana growers and users.

    The more marijuana a person is around, the larger the junk pile grows.

    The drug must warp their perception of the world because the marijuana user will stand next to a pile of trash and speak about the beauty of nature.

    Marijuana users all seem to be waging a war against nature be it cutting trees to grow more weed, killing fish with pesticides, pouring used motor oil down water wells, burning old tires to keep warm in the summer, etc.

    If you can think of an environmental problem, a marijuana user is behind it.

    • Wow. You’ve got to be kidding me. That is definitely the stupidest correlation I’ve ever come across. I agree that drugs like heroin and meth destroy someones urge to be productive and clean up their act, but claiming that the more pot someone is around makes them go animalistic. How 1930s of you.

      • Please tell me Ynot is joking, right?

        If someone was around more cannabis id like to think theyd be able to afford to pay people to clean up the trash or something to that effect.

        And there are good growers, and there are shitty growers. Some growers actually care about the enviorment and are up at the crack of dawn to water their plants, and work steady 12-16 hour days taking care of the plants, digging holes, building soil, transplanting, leafing, training, spraying, ect. Dont lump the good ones in with the bad ones.

    • This criticism from an individual who has dodgy ideas about pit bulls, gold plated or real. You must hate all the freedom we enjoy, and the markets we create. Why criticize my gold plated pit bull likeness when the very president of our country likes golden showers? And you judge all pit bulls by the ones you have in humboldt, which, statistics show, are mostly fed a vegan diet. This makes them really angry and aggressive, and not exemplary of the breed. Never feed a carnivore tofu kibble FFS. We stopped this practice years ago at the intentional community I overwinter at in Costa Rica, all 28 of our collective pit bulls eat local grass fed beef and we haven’t had a serious mauling in over 8 months. As for the trash piles, read my comments on real recycling above, get creative, and stop judging, enjoy the freedom and quit projecting your bowl obstructionist world view on the rest of us productive citizens.

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      Don’t like anything this guy, ‘Y Not?’, says.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Nixon, is that you?

  • Most true growers properties dont look like this. This is what happens when tweekers try to be pot growers.

  • Austin impressed me as a total piece of shit. Property mirrors the man.

    • Seconded. Nice of him to come here, trash our land, and GTFO, while also exposing a small child to this trash…

    • cranky is the new black

      i met austin a few times when he came into a local restaurant. he was a ketamine mess honestly. twitching around trying to make shady connections. kinda smart, but incomplete.

      • Sharpen your pencil

        Smart? Or a conman? Dude seemed like he would say or do anything to feel like an outlaw. Guy seemed more like a junky piece of shit than a farmer. Just my opinion….

  • Interesting. Glad it’s getting cleaned up.

  • Anyone that thinks living on your own landfill (minus the burying things part) is limited to dope growers and users has not been in Humboldt County very long. The size of your trash pile used to be a sign of prestige in McKinleyville when I first lived there; it indicated you were a well-established member of the community.

    • Well, as the county code enforcement unit has told me on several occasions, “its not against the law to be a slob”.

    • Yep I’ve cleaned up a few old homestead properties and I think back in the day before growing was a thing, most hillbillies either buried their trash (the neater ones) or just pile it up for future possible reuse.. or something like that. Growers definitely aren’t the only slobs out there in the hills, for sure. But they do make a lot of plastic trash, which is a shame.

  • Just dig a deeper hole, motherfucker.

  • So much for the green rush it’s all in the past the days of being able to make alot of money on weed again is over

  • Maybe with all this money the county is raking in from the ‘legal’ grows, they could invest in rural trash services for Southern Humboldt.. oh wait.. they just pocketed the money instead. Oh well…

    • Oh! But they created jobs!

      For every job they created with their regulations, they probably took another three from locals with their abatement bull crap.

      • Sharpen your pencil

        You mean shutting people down that wouldn’t come into compliance? Hard to feel bad for someone that raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars but were too stupid to save any of it for the future!

        • If only it were so easy

          There is no clear path to “compliance”. You can do everything diligently, then discover, the people running the systems are incompetant, an overwhelmed, at best, and prejudiced, and bureaucratically selfcentered most of the time

          • Or you do all the work, get the permit only to realize the market is shit and you are taxed out of business. That’s what I see happening.

  • Another nightmare brought to us by? Say it! Say it! Say it!

  • I have one thing to say. People stop dragging your trash heaps & dumping it on someone else’s property, Highway 36, or some other dirt road. I am so sick of people dumping there junk cars, motor homes, trailers etc.. on our private dirt road . If your making that much off your MJ, you can afford a trip to the dump.

    Have some respect for others, the environment & the wildlife!!

  • What a Meth!

  • I find it interesting that many people in the dope business are willing to live like pigs.

  • that austin guy was by far the arm pit of the documentary…. besides austin and his bs the series was on point and up to date, most long term residents (the only ones that really matter) thought it was pretty good… however allot of growers got burned by the county this year which has made allot of attitudes worse than they’ve ever been towards anything involving cannabis and their county… talking about cannabis in the northstate is like talking about Donald Trump, its a touchy subject to say to least, and you better be ready for a heated debate… Thanks Kym, Happy New Year!! : )

  • I’m from AP and that doc was pretty much spot on, especially depicting the ineptitude of HCSO.

  • Disgusting supervisors (we'll see madrone)

    This guy that was in the film whos place this was ,was a transplant lowlife little snitch.not a born and bread local who was brought up rite to respect the land and taught to leave a place better than you found it.this is a misrepresentation of how most locals are with there land.helping to spread extortion and theivery to the people propaganda,and helping to end the basis of the illusion of a free society. Property rights cost you a couple hundred thousand in northern California now.

  • Just as a point of reference. This is what the cabin, etc. Looked like when Austin was living there, before the property got trashed and robbed….

  • Oh no absolutely not. Most of those had been there for years, before Austin even got there. Cleaning up the property was part of the agreement for him to rent the place. So it wasnt pristine to begin with.

    Flipping vehicles over or turning them on their side’s was the handiwork of the robbers/ex-employees. Don’t really know why they did that, beyond just being purely destructive, which is certainly evidenced throughout the rest of the property as well.

    • I would bet the trash and burn piles were not on property, prior to your friend renting the place.

    • The company he keeps is a reflection of him… it’s his trash..his choices led to what happened to that land. Just another greed rusher parasite. Go back to Utah kook!

  • As a matter of fact Kym, I found a whole bunch of pictures of the property that I helped take for him. To show the owners the improvements he was making as per their agreement. It really was a beautiful spot. I cant batch upload on your site, so I’ll just email them to you.

    You can do whatever you want with them, I just felt like Austin was catching a pretty serious amount of flak, and people were ignoring the fact he lost everything he owned, his home, and livelihood all at once.

    Then gets crucified by everyone here as if he was the perpetrator. Both sides of the story should probably get told. If you can post the photos I email to you, it’d do him a service and probably quell the lynch mob significantly.

  • Property might be cleaned up , and it will be “listed” on the MLS ..but sold? Hahaha get in line buddy , behind THE HUNDREDS of other parcels on the market . Humboldt is circling the drain as parcels of any variety +funky, pristine, permitted or not+ are ALL LANGUISHING. 5figure and sometimes 6 (!!!) figure price drops are routine now as they try to entice a sale. Zillow is especially helpful, you can research purchase price over the years as it changed hands , days on market, and follow the list date/price reduced/ listing removed/ and relisted/ drama as they try to dump what is now an albatross. It will only get worse.

  • Too many humans left unsupervised and unchecked quite rapidly devolve into two-legged pigs. From a human being to a human stain. Can’t even leave national parks open w/out a police force .

  • But wait there’s more! The parties who now own this property had their foreclosure delayed by six months due to a fraudulant and unwarranted lawsuit, orchestrated by an individual who had too much time to read books like, “Look At Me: I Think I’m A Master Monopoly Player, Again”, while in prison. Otherwise the property could have been cleaned up before the rains.

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