Redwood National Park to Restore Accessibility and Resume Basic Visitor Services

Lady Bird Johnson Park [Photo from Redwood National and State Parks]

Lady Bird Johnson Park [Photo from Redwood National and State Parks]

Press release from Redwood National Parks:

Redwood National Park announced today that recently closed areas of Redwood National Park will once again be accessible to visitors using revenue generated by recreation fees. Previously closed National Park Service bathrooms and day use areas will be cleaned and reopened during the week of January 13th with all bathrooms and day use areas reopened by January 19th.

National Park Service officials have determined that by using Federal Land and Recreation Enhancement funds to immediately bring back park maintenance crews to clean restrooms and remove trash will restore accessibility to the park for visitors while ensuring health and safety.

Outdoor areas of the park will remain accessible.  Most facilities will remain closed including Hiouchi and Kuchel Visitor Centers and the Crescent City Information Center.  Park roads, lookouts, and trails at the Redwood National Park unit of Redwood National and State Parks, will remain accessible to visitors, but emergency and rescue services will be limited.

The Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park units of Redwood National and State Parks will remain open as normal because they are managed by California Department of Parks and Recreation.

“Our partnership with California Department of Parks and Recreation has allowed Redwood National and State Parks to remain accessible and safe during the lapse in appropriations,” said park superintendent Steve Mietz. “Their efforts have contributed significantly to our ability to restore access and basic services to Redwood National and State Parks.”

While basic visitor services have been restored, other services may be limited or unavailable during the lapse in appropriations, including visitor centers, ranger talks, educational school programs, and scientific research. Permits will not be issued for vehicle access to the Tall Trees Grove trailhead. No backcountry permits will be issued except for backcountry permits for Gold Bluffs Beach, which may be obtained at the Prairie Creek Visitor Center.   Trails may become impassable due to down trees and other debris and may not be cleared until all employees return to work.

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  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    Good news, everybody! I applaud this decision by NPS officials.

  • What happens in each division of government is different and depends on the interpretation of the agency head. Some agencies try to keep public services going as much as they can. Others would rather inconvenience the public as much as possible. At some time either way, there are points where, with no current funding authority and all the juggling of accounts has been done, it will be increasingly difficult to pay bills.

    • You can thank our Man (CHILD) in the White House for this ridiculously outrageous scenario!!! ” If I don’t get my WALL then everyone else will be miserable”!!! As well as some Federal employees out of a place to live if they don’t have income to pay the rent!!!

      • every president including clinton used this. the differance is all the others blinked when folks called their bluff. this one doesnt appear to be blinking.

      • For once the Trump blamers are right in that it is mostly Trump that called the shots on this. Before they simply screamed hateful insults into the air without bothering with reality. But in this, Trump owns it pretty unilaterally.

        Previously government leaders have never left it to go on for long. After all of what use is a politician without a government to enforce his wants? A pretty impotent noise. What they all do will telling if the general run of idiot is willing to listen. For once it is not obvious. Not that much is ever obvious to the “crappers on everything” crowd.

        • remember he was elected to build this wall.
          omg ! parts of the goverment shut down !! i cant think of a better thing honestly.
          isnt no goverment just what all those protesters wanted anyways no goverments ? seems like shutting down part of it is a great start.
          oh look the goverment is shutting down. and the sun still rises !

  • Thank you President Donald J Trump

  • “…recently closed areas of Redwood National Park will once again be accessible to visitors using revenue generated by recreation fees.”

    They probably realized, or were advised, that collecting user fees obligated them to provide the services.

    • Yep. It serves the Orange Man Bad narrative to leave it all closed, so there must be some penalty involved or they wouldn’t open.

  • This posted bridge picture is my Z-E-N it should be a painting!

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