Local Video Goes Viral: A Yoke of Oxen Helps Make Yolks

Thousands of people just fell a little in love with a small farm in Humboldt County–ShakeFork Community Farm near Carlotta. Local farmer’s market fans may already know about the 85 acre property in the floodplain of the Van Duzen River that uses oxen for tasks that causes most modern farmers to pull out a tractor. The yoke of oxen shown above is part of the entire farm team that works to create fresh eggs (and their yolks) and bring the eggs as well as fresh produce to market.

But to many of the new fans, their only introduction has been the video above with over 30,000 views that was shared by the farm on it’s Facebook page. In the video, oxen pull the chicken house to a new area to allow the feathered critters new opportunities to snack on bugs. Pasture raised chickens reportedly lay eggs higher in Vitamin E and Vitamin D.

And, if the video doesn’t make you smile, check out the little Shakefork farmer bringing in a couple of dozen of eggs in this photo from 2017.

Child Bringing in eggs

Bringing in the eggs on the Shakefork Community Farm. [Photo provided by the Farm]



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