EPD Encourages Appliance Recycling Over Dumping

Eureka Police Services removing appliances that can be recycled for free or low cost

Eureka Police Services removing appliances that can be recycled for free or low cost

This information is from the Eureka Police Department’s facebook page:

Did you know the Eureka Recycling Center takes most appliances for FREE? No need to illegally dump in front of our beautiful bay.

Appliances without Freon are FREE to dump
appliances with Freon cost $20.00
TVs and Computers cost $2
Mattresses are FREE to dump at the HWMA transfer station
Tires can be dumped for FREE with a coupon
Also, don’t forget that Recology Humboldt County provides 2 FREE bulky item pick ups per year per customer. Just call to schedule.

Furthermore, Recology Humboldt’s website says Eel River residents can also recycle their appliances at both the Fortuna and Redway transfer stations.  Recology’s website describes how the appliances are used,

Recology Eel River is a licensed appliance recycler. We remove any hazardous materials from the appliances before they are baled and shipped to market. Major appliances or “white goods” (clothes washers/dryers, refrigerators, ovens, water heaters, air conditioners, etc) become valuable sources of scrap metal when they are no longer wanted.



  • Thank you Kelley for that info.

  • I wouldn’t think there would be any Freon in appliances, because dopers like to inhale it to get high.

    Dumping things along the bay has a long history, Manila is actually built on an old garbage dump.

    It’s never good to dump trash around, put down the bong for a month and clean up your scene.

    The world would be a much better place if so many people weren’t stoned on weed and piling up garbage and thinking that it’s a shrine to Jah.

    Normal people who don’t get stoned put their trash in cans and make sure it goes to the dump.

    Weed people pile it up and actually brag about who has the largest pile of garbage at their place. I’ve seen marijuana users fighting over having the largest trash pile for miles.

    The moral of the story is don’t dump trash in the bay, we don’t need another Manila, don’t smoke weed because you’ll start piling trash everywhere and thinking that normal people do this, and clean up after your pit bull, because we don’t like that either.

    Get haircuts and jobs, real jobs that demand drug screening, and report marijuana grows when you see them.

  • Or you can grow mushrooms in it.

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