New Democrat Led House, New Legislation to Loosen Federal Restrictions on Cannabis

Democrats and Marijuana

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This post was written by Thadeus Greenson and posted first in the North Coast Journal. It is reprinted here with their kind permission.

In one of its first acts, the newly seated House of Representatives introduced bipartisan legislation that would require the federal government to take a hands-off approach to cannabis and let states establish their own laws and programs.

“The national consensus on medical marijuana is solid and bipartisan, but our federal drug laws continue to treat patients and their doctors like criminals,” one of the bill’s authors, Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee) said in a statement supporting the bill, which boasted 42 co-sponsors.

Over in the Senate, a bipartisan coalition stands ready to introduce the bill, with senators Cory Booker (D-New Jersey), Cory Gardner (R-Colorado) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) all having pledged support. And President Trump indicated last summer that he “probably will end up” supporting the bill.

So bully, right? Weed is all but legalized.

Not so fast. Those pushing to see the end of the folly that is federal prohibition still have two huge hurdles. First and foremost, there’s the fact that the Senate is still under Republican control, meaning Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) is still in the driver’s seat as majority leader.

Not only has McConnell flatly stated that he has “no plans to endorse the legalization of marijuana,” he also just trumpeted a big win with the legalization of industrial hemp — marijuana’s THC-less cousin — and CBD products in the passage of the federal Farm Bill. McConnell supported that effort in large part because industrial hemp is poised to become a huge cash crop in Kentucky, especially as the legal market for CBD products is projected to expand rapidly. Plainly, legalizing cannabis outright undercuts that.

The one thing working in weed’s favor here is that Gardner is facing a tough re-election fight in 2020 in Colorado, where close to 70 percent of voters favor federal legalization. Republicans currently hold a three-seat majority in the Senate and, if it looks like that’s in danger, it’s possible McConnell would allow the bill to go to a Senate vote in an effort to keep Republicans’ majority.

But that 2020 thing cuts both ways and there in lies the second hurdle. If the bill were to win the blessing of the Senate and head to Trump’s desk, his signature would give a huge win to Booker, rumored to be mulling a 2020 presidential run, and Warren, who last week became the first prominent Democrat to announce she’ll take Trump on in 2020.

Faced with signing a bill that ends decades of disastrous federal policy that has disproportionately hurt people of color or protecting his own self-interests, what do you think Trump would do?

If you want to read the rest of the North Coast’s Journal’s This Week in Weed, click here and scroll down to “In somewhat related news…”



  • They still have to jump the old white man hurdle.

  • You need shaggy hair, scruffy beard, junk cars, and dirty clothes to be a good liberal….

    Marijuana helps with this.

  • “Plainly, legalizing cannabis outright undercuts that.”

    That’s an assertion with no source cited or supporting argument offered.

    How would thc pot undercut the opportunities for hemp and/or cbd farmers? I don’t know that it’s necessarily inaccurate, but it’s also not prima facia.
    It’s a statement that needs a source for the opinion or supporting documentation. I expect more from the NCJ.

    I often wonder if hemp growers wouldn’t seriously impact thc farming in a given region given the sensimilla need for removing all male plants.

    Nonetheless, I think hemp and cbd legalization are still HUGE leaps forward in our national treatment of the cannabis plant and its political prohibition.

    • CBD’s can come from legal marijuana. Almost all do in California. If California high CBD marijuana could compete directly with Hemp CBD, then it seems likely that the CBD that is produced in higher intensity in high CBD marijuana would be cheaper as it would be easier to get a large amount of CBD from it.

      Hemp oil does have CBD, normally less than 25 parts per million (ppm) compared to medicinal cannabis oil extracts that typically contain between 3% and 25% C B D.

      • Hemp/cbd plants are huge. They can be harvested with a combine on an industrial scale.
        Our high cbd cannibis plants are very small. Short and squat.
        I doubt cbd from cannibis especially from here in the emerald triangle or California for that matter will garner even a meager market share.
        It will still be a niche product in my opinion that will need to be marketed as such.

        • Medicinal cannabis strains contain tens of thousands times the CBD content of hemp. There’s room in the market for both methods, as a byproduct of fiber and smoke production.

          • What, “tens of thousands”? The definition of Hemp is a cultivar testing at or less than %0.3 THC. Right now there are hemp cultivars testing 20-26% CBD and reamining legal under the hemp laws. So show me the “cannabis strains” producing more than that.

            • Those “hemp cultivars” are a marketing gimmick. They’re crossbred with medicinal strains of weed.

            • Nm, I definitely misunderstood what the .3 percent meant in this context.

              • Yeah, def not a gimmick. Besides think about what you are saying. How could it be a gimmick? Why are we making such dividing lines between “medical”, “hemp”, “drug” varietals? Cannabinoids are cannabinoids no matter what cannabis cultivar it comes from. A cbd molecule is not going to get you high if it is sourced from a “medical”, “drug” cultivar or strain as most call them. The 2018 Farm Bill defines what Hemp is.

                Cannabis Sativa L. under %0.3 THC is defined as Hemp. and it doesn’t matter what cannabis genetics are used in breeding. So OG kush showing .3 THC in fact is defined as Hemp. Cannabis Sativa L. over the .3 is just that, cannabis or marijuana, pot, weed, grass, labrador, maui wowie, dope, reefer, jazz cabbage, devils lettuce, medicine, whacky tobacci, left handed hemp, the kind, kind bud, dank, jolly green giant, trees and so on

      • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

        FYI, FWIW, Dr. Bonnie Goldstein (author of ‘Cannabis Revealed: How the World’s Most Misunderstood Plant Is Healing Everything from Chronic Pain to Epilepsy’) claims that hemp CBDs have little or no therapeutic value as compared to cannabis CBDs and explains that a small amount of THC is necessary to activate the CBDs.

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    The old white man is starting to see $$$$$$$. Sighns and that’s all it takes for them to be a Hippocrate real quick !!! Gonna see some fork tongues start flapping !!!!!

    • As opposed to the $$$$$$ that was the motivation for illegal pot growers for decades?

      • Sure, it’s just a little hypocritical one was locking up the other for the same behaviour they’re willing to profit on now without batting an eye.

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    The criminals have just changed over to a new status qoe there guest. Look at Rex bone and his son in honeydew.theres a prime example of a slimy,fat, Republican, corrupt, Hippocrate lying theif !!!!!

  • This is exactly what started the green rush in the first place, fuck that! (See Cole Memo)Another nail in our coffin! Bring in the feds, black markets matter!

  • Awesome news,weed will be even more affordable. Hopefully the bearded ,baseball hat,sunglasses wearing grower douchebags that call everyone “BRO”in their Chevy volts will finally fuck off somewhere else when weed becomes super cheap. And before the commenters spout” their precious weed money won’t pay your poverty wages anymore “rhetoric. I don’t need their money, they can fuck off and take their lazy ,fake, massage/bodywork /yoga teacher guru wives with them. They’re all claiming bennies anyway, medi cal , care program, snap, head start.dishonest lying SCUMBAGS, good riddance.

    • Person: *exists*
      Sickofem: “You’re ruining my way of life! My taxes pay for your food stamps, maybe! The way you wear your hat makes me angry!”

      I think I’d prefer to have a random San Diego Flatbrim for a neighbor than a misanthrope like you.

    • Sickofem,

      When you point a finger their will be three pointed back at you. Now go flip my burger.

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    There not going anywhere there just faking a new game,lol. You haters are ablivious and jelouse cuz you choose to dedicate your lives to working for peanuts,live in shacks,and secretly collect welfare while downing it on redheaded black belt !!!!

  • We will see what happens.. Hey Kym why is you have not run an article on the supervisors giving themselves a hefty raise?

  • I guess we will see what happens.. Hey Kym, why no article about the giant raise the supervisors just awarded themselves?

    • Because everyone else did it and I’m so far behind I can’t catch up.

      • Yeah. Shielding liberals and failed, olive-green ‘presidents’ is a full-time job!

        • Well, I generally use my breaks to respond to comments… But I also think of trying to keep some sanity in the comment section as part of the job.

          • Kym, I appreciate your blog and what you do.. I know it cannot be easy..But don’t you think that was a rather important article for the community at large? I mean the supervisors have boarder line bankrupted this community with thier overextensive and overeaching policies, and you did not think it was an important enough article to run? Sad. Can’t say I am not disappointed. It will be the supervisors political suicide. Kudo’s to Madrone for not taking a raise before the in home workers got one.. Hopefully next election the 2nd district will elect a real Supervisor, instead of a self-serving pretendor..

            • I’m really small (mostly just me) and sometimes I feel it is better for me to focus on a story that no one else is covering and let other media cover another. The reality is that I can’t afford to cover court cases or city council meetings and rarely can cover supervisor meetings(I live a three hour round trip away and can’t afford to pay someone very often to cover these).

              There is just no way that I can with a smattering of stories from free lance writers put out the same number of stories as the Times Standard with an entire building full of people working on everything from payroll to editorials. I pay the bills, put up the ads, deal with backing up the site, write stories and try to live my life. I just will never be able to cover the entire range of stories that large media outfits do. I read multiple media outlets and most of my readers do too. The Lost Coast Outpost did a good story on it though in case anyone hasn’t read up on this.

              • I understand you have a lot on your plate, and thank you so much for reporting on all the under reported issues facing the triangle. I just hope we can rely on your outlet as a source of independent news. I understand your strapped, and maybe if people donated more you would be able to provide a wider range of coverage.. but, I still feel the supervisors raise deserved at least.. a mention..

                • I would love to hire a full time reporter to help. But that would take at least $30,000. More than most people are willing to cough up.

        • Keep On Dancing 🕺💃 🎼

          Shielding fat-ass fascist orange 🍊 traitor presidents is your job, fool! 🐘🇷🇺

  • 8 years of 0bama raiding Humboldt grows and all we have to show for it is … [edit]bathrooms?????? What a laugh. The big game-changer in regards to cannabis / hemp = Trump. Trump has legalized hemp and allowed states to rule themselves in regards to recreational cannabis. He’s even bringing the troops home, much to the chagrin of democRAT war-mongers.

  • Keep it illegal. It’s gross

    Jail them all

  • This article is WRONG. The bill was introduced in another bill before the dems took over the house, but it was taken out.
    Why is he leaving facts out?
    It seems his article was written to try and bash Trump like most people who say they are reporters but really it’s an opinion article.
    I think Trump would legalize it, if given a well written bill.
    As for hemp let the other states grow all they want. It will make it harder for them to grow any females without seeds.

    • From the Article:
      “McConnell flatly stated that he has ‘no plans to endorse the legalization of marijuana,'”

  • Does anyone know if the new democrat led house plans on getting rid of the firearm laws pertaining to cannabis users?


    Unfortunately, the legalization of cannabis in California in 2016 will not end federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives regulations designed to prevent gun sales to cannabis users. If anyone thinks Nancy Polosi would allow that, I’ve got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

    “Every person who applies to purchase a firearm must (according to regulations implemented by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)) submit a Form 4473. Question 11e on that form asks “are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug or any other controlled substance?” (Firearms Transaction Record Part I-Over-the-Counter Form 4473)”

    Nancy Pelosi: Gun Confiscation “Will Be A Priority”

    Well, this sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Does anyone remember that under Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah and following Sandy Hook that the cries from the Democrats were that they were going to make gun confiscation a priority and try to ramrod gun bans down our throat?

    James Marmon MSW

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