Cash, Cannabis, and Multiple Butane Honey Oil Labs Found at the Old Pulp Mill Site in Samoa Yesterday

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Phillip Morgan Likos

Phillip Morgan Likos

On Jan. 10, 2019, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) served a search warrant to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation and extraction at a property on the 900 block of Vance Avenue in Samoa. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit and the Humboldt County Planning and Building Department assisted in the service of the warrant.

The parcel investigated during the service of the warrant did not possess the required county permit and state license to cultivate or extract cannabis commercially.

During the service of the warrant, deputies located a substantial indoor cannabis cultivation operation and multiple butane honey oil (BHO) labs. Deputies eradicated approximately 991 growing cannabis plants. Deputies seized and destroyed approximately 8,479 pounds of cannabis trim, approximately 277 pounds of cannabis bud and approximately 26.5 pounds of concentrated cannabis (BHO). Deputies also located and seized over $13,000 in cash.

Assisting agencies found the following violations:

  • Failure to submit a Hazardous Materials Business Plan (up to $5,000 fine per day, per violation)
  • Unauthorized storage of hazardous waste (up to $70,000 fine per day, per violation)
  • Failure to prevent a hazardous waste release (up to $70,000 fine per day, per violation)
  • Failure to make a hazardous waste determination (up to $70,000 fine per day, per violation)
  •  No EPA ID number (up to $70,000 fine per day, per violation)
  •  Mismanagement of lead acid batteries (up to $70,000 fine per day, per violation)
  • Unpermitted cannabis operations
  • Development within coastal zone without permit(s)
  • Building/property use or operation in violation of zoning code
  • Construction of building/structure in violation of building, plumbing and/or electrical codes

Additional violations with civil fines are expected to be filed by the assisting agencies.

Phillip Morgan Likos, 36, was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of manufacturing a controlled substance.

This case is still under investigation. Additional arrests are anticipated.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

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  • Venting out the stack at the pulpmill has yet to been featured in news stories.

    It has to happen….


  • Someone should have seen this way before now,I mean they may of done some surveillance but that’s pretty well set up. Meaning some kind of traffic. Wouldn’t it be close enough to the Coast Guard or a variety of other place’s that people frequent in the area

  • What do you know, he was starting seeds too. In that well organized mom room, the smallest plants with the labels in each pot. Seeds!

    Funny thing, I was just debating a few of you on the relevance of seeds. Oh, during the robbery of the seed genetics off 36.

    For unpermitted legal growers: start 26 seeds in spring. 10-15 will be males, 5-7 might get eaten by squirrels or disease, and 1 for your neighbor. That should leave you with 6 females in your yard for the year!

    Rock and roll!

    • People were talking about how growing from seed is obsolete in the Meyers Flat burglary, too. Great way to wind up with a stagnant monocrop culture!

    • Spring? No way, gotta start those in January.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Trouble is, when you actually DO this, you realize that, unless your early starts “showed”, you have to have 12 to 20 seedlings all season long in order to have at least 6 females show in the fall. The law seems to presume that you will always have 6 female clones and that all will survive until harvest. That’s a joke. This is gardening.
      I agree that you need to start about four times the number of seeds for a given goal of females. For 25 females, start at least 100 seeds to allow for attrition and males.
      None of this is as easy as our foes love to imagine and as some alleged experts seem to imply.
      This is gardening. Anything bad can happen at any time.
      Clones are efficient and convenient but seeds will always remain the bedrock of the industry and the reservoir of genetics; the source of future strains. Plus, mother plants eventually wear out and get weird since cannabis tends to be annual not perennial. Anybody who goes on and on about bogus seedlings probably has no idea what they are talking about.

      • I agree that 6 plants for anyone who actually farms with seeds is impossible.

        Fuck the red tape on that… Start 25. End with 6.

        Boys should be showing and pulled by June or July. Before the authorities or neigbors will know or care about anything.

        Thanks for your input.

  • He’d be the perfect Pablo Picasso model.

  • most everything is a code violation, fuck thos rat bastards,,,this cat had one of the cleanest fucking scenes of that caliber in world. All they had to do was tell him how to comply and he may have who knows,,,,they fucked the guy straight up. The rest looked like trumped up charges or pumped up over rated allegations,cats innocent till all the shit is proven and it’s only the cops word as to what he got popped for and fuck them too. That is the best use for a pulp mill I have ever seen in my life and I worked mills in three states for over 25 years. The shit the pulpers left behind is a million times more toxic than his lab, again,,,,,,fuck those guys

    • They left behind four million gallons of “Black Liquor,” a mixed slurry of caustic chemicals. The waste products of crude hash extraction are empty butane canisters and gooified cannabis.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Yeah, and if Rep. Jared Huffman had not quickly acted to remove those four million gallons of toxic liquor, that poison would be waiting for the next big quake or tsunami. The Taiwanese industrialists just left it. No regulations, no inspections. I know, let’s get off the backs of industry. Another reason to vote Republicans out of power, everywhere, all the time.

        • Boy, did you fall for the lie! The Harbor District knew the liquors were there and assumed the liability of disposal before buying (for $1) from Bob Simpson. The District feigned surprise at “finding” the liquors and brought in the EPA to “avert an ecological disaster”. That way they could push the cost onto the taxpayers. The District got a steal of a deal on the property and saved Bob Simpson clean up costs that he should have incurred before selling his property. We’re supposed to believe that neither Bob Simpson nor the Harbor District knew about the toxic waste on the property? The Harbor District then borrows $1M+ from Coast Oyster Co (Pacific Seafoods Corp) in exchange for a 40-year oyster lease and a new completely permitted site at the old pulp mill docks. That $1M helped renovate the pulp mill site to ready it for new tenants (like the one busted here) despite Coastal Dependant Industrial zoning. The Harbor District hasn’t made a single payment on that “loan” from Pacific Seafoods essentially making it a bribe. Pacific Seafoods has an employee on the Harbor Commission leveraging these decisions.

    • Was not aware that honey oil manufacturing operations are legal. Thank you for not quite clarifying this.

    • Are you high? I quote, “…this cat had one of the cleanest fucking scenes of that caliber in world.” What world do you live in…this place looks like a shit hole. Equipment is filthy, cords and hoses running to God knows where, walls are covered in black mold. I could go on and on.

      Secondly nobody fucked, this guy, he fucked himself. His “business” was illegal, simple. He could never have gotten a permit for a place that shitty. He was told no but carried on. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

      Lastly I do agree that the charges are extremely trumped up, but if the penalty is too light these dirt bags will continue with this type of behavior. This is all part of the game bro.

      • THANK YOU!!! Took the words out of my mouth! 🤘

      • you don’t know the deal even if you think you do. for all you know he can just be a worker bee trying to pay for the roof over his head. You try to navigate this new world order, oops prop 64 compliant. Let me know what type of shit show u wind up in.

    • Is the guy I hear advertised on the radio to bring him your trim for top dollar??????

      • Don’t know. The advert is the reason i can’t listen to The Point KWPT 🙁

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        “Top Dollar” meaning 60% or “up to” $229 per pound? I can get more growing saffron or vanilla beans. Or hell, rare types of roses and ornamentals. As far as I’m concerned, at this point, bring in the wrecking balls and bulldozers. Level that whole old LP plant to the ground.

        • No, you can’t. Shake is just byproduct of bud production. Name another agricultural byproduct that gets 200 bucks a pound.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Sure you can. So do it. Wow. Yeah, and I could make a lot of money crapping pure gold, but every time I try, it doesn’t work. Geez. Another example of marijuana driving people crazy who don’t use it. WTF?

      • this guy is just worker bee that is getting the wrap for everything, non of this is his shit.

    • All I have to say is the state told him how to be compliant and he chose the outlaw life . You are correct this property could probably be permitted but the operator that was arrested wasn’t intersted in following the rules. You can’t ask for forgiveness after the cops come.

      • “Compliance” means the art or process of complying to a desire, demand, or proposal or to
        coercion. Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1982.

        “. . . an ordinance which makes the peaceful enjoyment of freedom which the Constitution guarantees contingent upon the uncontrolled will of an official – as by requiring a permit or license which may be granted or withheld in the discretion of such official – is an unconstitutional censorship or prior restraint upon the enjoyment of those freedoms.” Staub v. Baxley 365 US 313 (1958).

        “I champion an economic order ruled by free prices and markets…the only economic order compatible with human freedom.” Wilhelm Röpke

  • No wonder there have been so many wrecks on the Samoa Bridge lately.

  • So this is essentially a permit violation…a multiple permit violation…producing a product which is legal to manufacture, possess and use, but only if the gub’ment gets their cut.

    And if they don’t get their cut? $70,000/day/per violation? And six different ways each violation can be written up?

    Anyone see an over-reaching, tyrannical government in action here?

    This guy was running what looks to be a professional operation, and he’s being charged with a bunch of environmental crimes, while the company that previously occupied that space pumped noxious smelling toxins into the air, and foul liquid by the millions of gallons into the ocean, for thirty freaking years, and was given a pass by the Board of Supervisors and every regulatory agency in the county, state, and country.

    And he’s being harassed over some empty butane canisters.


  • Walter White?

  • Why can’t they extract oil from it and give it to cancer patients…? It’s such a waste.

    • Well….. that would be free. Goverment Entity’s don’t give away stuff. They destroy millions of pounds of rice/food grain every year because of market price control…… free weed!?!? Lmfao

    • Because it’s not clean . If it was the operation would be legal. Read more about the quality of black market trim

  • Fish and wildlife involved ? Are there fish and wildlife inside that building ? Not even an outdoor grow but f&w is involved . Wow .

  • Who else is in that building?

    • Rule of Law not Leftists

      Glasshouse Garden Supply, Emerald Employment, and Virginia Bass had her campaign office there. The owner is Bendow carrying a loan to Glasshouse who is under federal investigation for interstate cannabis smuggling. The location is in the coastal zone which can’t even get permits but Glasshouse was selling space and telling folks it was legal. They even held open sales and consumption events. County has been notified for well over a year by multiple people and only now did something because of the political connection to supervisor Bass.

      • Keep On Dancing 🕺💃 🎼

        I thought crass Virginia Bass had her campaign headquarters located at the Redwood Teen Challenge “call center” (also known as a political telemarketing sweatshop with drug rehab “volunteers” providing their free forced labor). Whatever happened with the Political Fair Practices investigation of crass Virginia Bass’ latest act of political corruption, other than her usual sucking up to Republican politicians at the federal level in her ongoing neverending desperate attempt to find a job and get the hell out of Humboldt County? Should I do the residents of Humboldt County a favor by sending a glowing letter of recommendation to the Trump regime on Supervisor Bass’ behalf, so that we can finally be rid of her obnoxiously dishonest political presence here once and for all?

        • Yes. I’ll second it.

          Twenty-some years gorging at the trough of the public treasury – pee yew.

          Wait – a recommendation letter? More like a get outta town one-way ticket to not hold public office ever again.

  • Hmm…scrubbing of comments that were previously posted. Not just here but also over at LoCo. Interesting what that reason might be…have not seen this before. Your decision, Kym or is somebody requesting censorship?

      • Possibly he’s thinking of ones from earlier article on this. I couldn’t see the link you normally put to refer to earlier reports on same subject but I know there was one.

        • That’s probably what happened. Kym usually has links to earlier stories but not this time. Sorry to raise the paranoia flag! LoCo probably has their own technical reason so it would be a coincidence. (Feel free to scrub these comments!)

        • No, my post got scrubbed too.

          • No one from your email address has commented on any of the Pulp Mill stories on my website. I can’t speak for the Lost Coast Outpost.

            • I made a comment on this tread about cool trick he could do with his eyes. It disappeared.

              • My apologies. I don’t know how I missed it but yes, I did remove all unnecessary comments about the suspect’s eyes. I don’t allow people to insult people based on personal appearance that they don’t choose.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            Sometimes you just get scrubbed, dude. Possibly for a reason you cannot discern. We all get carried away sometimes. I mean, I just heard about it and stuff. Search and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened onto you. Man, this is some strong shit.
            Good luck.

      • Keep On Dancing! 🕺💃 🎼

        I left two humorous comments, and the by far funnier comment was deleted. (No profanity and no idea why it was deleted. ???) All I did was make fun of the guy’s left eye, is that not allowed? Or is it just not allowed to make fun of WHITE PEOPLE on this blog? I notice y’all apparently have no problem with making fun of Native Americans, Latinos, African-Americans, etc. on this blog. But making fun of some criminal WHITE MAN? Why, I never! I am (fake) outraged!

  • Imma hand it to this guy, eye issues or not, that is a great set up. Doesn’t get much more commercial than that. Don’t know if he was the brains and driving force of the operation but I’m impressed nonetheless. Hope he does well with his legal issues

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    To the commenter who asked if anyone See’s a tyrrany saturated,corrupt, extortionist, lying theiving government who’s unconstitutional and treasonous to there people!!! I certainly do and anyone who’s present and of there rite mind should as well. What’s become of extortion Estelle’s recall??? Maybe we could get a shout out to Shakti on this news site ????????

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    Let’s give that little turncoat theif a recall instead of her self given raise!!! Thinks she’s a CEO of an extortion based corporation

    • She is.

      The incorporated part of “The County” is Humboldt Leasing – Bartholomew’s Tax Collector position is listed as ‘private’. It’s a self-stroking, homogenized, state/fed Bribe/Grants infested gig. Things that make you go hmmmm.

      • I can’t find anything about John Bartholomew’s position being listed as “private” or a company called Humboldt Leasing. Links?

  • It would appear that Mr. Likos was at least trying to keep an eye out for LEO.

    • LEO – incompetent fact witness.

      Enforce law is foreign. Is it not?

      Do unto others and all that that implies. If you can’t do it in the private, you can’t do it in the public. Where would my delegated authority, consent of the governed, be, for me (as a so-called LEO), to kick your door in? Growdoze your private property? Threaten you? Harm you?

      • From a judge.

      • ADDENDUM

        “Color of law” means The appearance or semblance, without the substance, of legal right. Misuse of power, possessed by virtue of State law and made possible only because wrongdoer is clothed with authority of the State, is action taken under ‘Color of law.” Atkins v. Lanning, D.C.Okl., 415 F. Supp. 186 188.

        “Lawful” matters are ethically enjoined in the law of the land – the law of the people – and are actual in nature, not implied. This is why whatever true law was upheld by the organic Constitution has no bearing in a modern day “Legal” system.

        “Legal” matters administrate, conform to, and follow rules. They are equitable in nature and are implied (presumed) rather than actual (express). A legal process can be defective in law. To be legal a matter does not have to follow the law. Legal then is the ‘Color of Law.’

        “The property which every man has is his own labor, as it is the original foundation of all other property, so it is the most sacred and inviolable. The patrimony of the poor man lies in the strength and dexterity of his own hands, and to hinder his employing this strength and dexterity in what manner he thinks proper, without injury to his neighbor, is a plain violation of this most sacred property.” Butchers Union Co. vs. Crescent City Co. 111 U.S. 764.

        “They conferred as against the government the right to be left alone – the most comprehensive of rights and the most valued by civilized men.” Olmsted v United States 277 U.S. 438, 478 (1928), Washington v Harper, 494 U.S. (1990).

        While here on planet Earth we have two choices – the truth, or the lie.

        • “While here on planet Earth we have two choices – the truth, or the lie.”

          HumCo, would you clarify, for all the new readers, that when you say “Earth”, you may mean “flat-earth.”

          It’s just good to know, and remember, and remind constantly, until you know, one way or the other.

        • A Judge issued a warrant for this location, so everything as evidence is admissable.

          The Butcher case is especially irrellevent, since it was from a time before the Louisiana constitution was brought into consistency with the English Common Law you love so much.

          This tactic you are employing is called the Gish Gallop. Its commonly used by lying cowards who know they are wrong, trying to muddy the waters.

          Either way, the OBVIOUS answer to your question is still Judges.

          • Thanks Jaek.

            Personally I wouldn’t take legal advice from a online over-commentor in Humboldt who thinks we live on a flat earth.

            But, in case someone wasn’t sure, your added clarification helps!

  • Too bad. I’m not a fan of BHO, but it is going to be made somewhere, and this looks like the way it should be done. Mercer-Frazer take note.

    The only thing missing is the pieces of paper handed over to the bureacracies to get the pieces of paper saying you can do what you do.

    • An OSHA inspection would be nice.

    • You have to record your Fee Schedule, based on precedent, into the public realm in a sister state – La Paz County, Arizona. The Full Faith and Credit clause covers this. Altho, if any one in here can accomplish recording into the public at “The County” – i’ll buy you dinner.

      The direction begins in the grass roots – as a Notice to your public servants – including imposters.

      Then you need the people.

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    The peices of paper and the initial bribe,and the steady flow of payoff money. Trickle up economics. By by middle class!!!! Impovrished or 1%%.

  • Thank God that none of you have a commercial hash lab or make any high level decisions. The comments lead me to believe that, most of the commenters, don’t know what a proper set up looks like.

    This place is a prime example of how not to do it.

    Now they are starting with their hillbilly politics…bashing everyone from the sheriff’s to county supes.

    Thanks Kym for the story.

    • I’m going to have to agree with you on everything.

      Other than the mom room, I like the LED mom room.

    • Show us what a “proper” setup looks like.

      • I would start with the open wall-insulation in feet of open-BHO product.

        I dont know if they’re testing for fiberglass particulates yet…

        Nothing is built or constructed. He bought some expensive equipment, put it on pallets and 5 gallon buckets. It’s pretty junky by Colorado standards.

      • Start with a C1D1 explosion proof room.

    • the pic that they put up is only a worker be that has only been there for a couple months. he didn’t know what to expect. he is knew to the industry and getting all the blame for someone in who had a companies name behind him.
      Sad day for phil

  • Gee, Humboldt allowing people to be ripped off because they are trying to make a living is really gross. The concept of freedom in Humboldt has degraded over the years. The days of hippies was Humboldt best.

  • Probably gives really lousy driving directions… “No, left here, wait, um scratch that, right here, um, fuck it flip a u-turn…

  • This guy has a future in Westerns! The next Jack Elam.

  • You on the left, I see what you’re doing!

  • It’s not my place to educate anyone on the proper use and set up of concentrate processing facility. Google it.

    However, how about the open walls within feet of bho production? How about the Romex stapled to the walls, the plywood walls, illegal wiring, equipment on pallets, trim everywhere (that they will most likely sweep up and run), filters sitting on rusty pipes, rusty pipes, no exhaust system in place, no fire suppression system in place, hoses strewn about, globs of something all over the equipment, black mold on the walls, open insulation in the purge room, open purge in a non sanitary environment, waste containers in excess, huge filthy pile of trim in trash bags, unsanitary conditions not in accordance to GMP standards, no blast containment area, no chemical containment area, no emergency equipment in place. I could go on and on…

    This lack of understanding and the complacency with anything cannabis has led to a bunch of misinformation. This combined with the desire to defend all things cannabis have spurred many of the comments on this article. Unfortunately it is indicative of the mind set of some people in this region as well.

    If you’re defending this shit hole and feel it is of suitable composition then be not surprised when corporate cannabis subverts the industry.

    If you expect me, or any other reputable individual or organization to post pictures of a legal, well built lab, to engage in a weenie matching contest; you picked the wrong dick…

  • Kym,

    Any new information? The only photo posted was the poor sap the bosses sent to pick up the evidence. Where are the names and faces of the money and brains behind this operation? I can only guess they are clients of a certain DA turned Defense / Permit acquisition attorney, and are therefore being spared the public grilling normally associated with these types of busts?

  • Would love any update on this. Am I wrong to think that just like outdoor grow properties these fines should be attached to the property itself and therefore the property owner is responsible? I mean- that’s what they are doing to everybody in the hills! Who is the owner of this property? How could they not know what was going on? It stinks of corruption and fact-hiding that we have received no information beyond the initial press release.

  • Jackass – I’m disappointed that you overlooked, perhaps, one of the most dangerous threats at this facility: Someone is gonna slip on that pile of banana peels and conk themselves out cold.

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