8-Year-Old Boy Among Dead In Willits’ Murder Suicide, According to the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office

mcso Mendocino County Sheriff's Office MCSOPress release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff’s Detectives have concluded scene investigations which included interviews and collection of physical evidence at the residence located in the 5000 block of Hearst Willits Road in Willits, California.

Sheriff’s Detectives were able to determine the incident was the result of a murder-suicide wherein a 49 year-old male killed a 32 year-old female and 8 year-old male before committing suicide.

The murder-suicide was accomplished by use of a firearm determined to be stolen during a burglary of a nearby neighbor’s residence (the caller requesting the welfare check).

The male adult and female adult were identified as having a romantic relationship to include being the biological parents of the male child.

The Sheriff’s Office has no documented domestic violence case involving the individuals outside of this specific case.

The identities of the deceased individuals are not being released at this time due to the pending notification of the next of kin. Forensic autopsies are scheduled for 01-15-2019.

Anyone who might have information that they think would be beneficial to Sheriff’s Detectives are urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office Tip-Line at 707-234-2100 or the WE-TIP anonymous crime reporting hotline at 800-732-7463.

UPDATE: Victims in Suspected Murder Suicide Identified

Earlier Chapter: Large Amount of Blood Found at Willits Home Leads Mendocino Sheriff’s Deputies to Three Dead in Apparent Homicide



  • Prayers for the young boy to leave the planet in such a way.

    These stories really make me feel very sad for the suffering of humanity.

    • Nothing for the woman? She was 17 years younger than the murderer. She was probably going to leave an abusive relationship.

      • Anonymous Humboldtian

        The woman knew he was 17 years older and she consciously made that decision as an adult, that alone doesn’t mean anything. Nobody knows what was going on but what is clear is that the 8 year old payed the price for the parents problems.

        • The father’s problems, not both parents. The only one to blame was the one who pulled the trigger. People split up all the time, even when custody battles or cheating is involved, without any parties resorting to murder. There is no justification for this crime. The man was a loser and a piece of shit.

          • Thank you you speak truth. She was my wife’s bestfreind. She left him before christmas and he tracked her down. It was the dad’s fault. We will always remember them . Damian was my sons best friend since they were born. Thank you to those who care. And he did attend willits schools as an off site homeschool child. Thank you for your compassion

    • That’s what I’m saying poor little boy

  • Where are we going for lunch?

  • How many more have to die at the hand of their domestic abuser???
    Every adult mass shooter in this country has history of DV.
    We need a system that feels safe for women to report threats. Too many fear the reality that many abusers would rather kill them than let them go. If i cant have her no one will. A wonderful nurse lost her life infront of her child in eureka not 6 months ago.
    Let us not forget these victims.
    Tho harder to see sometimes, im sure many abusers are very wounded inside. The cycles of abuse need to be broken and shame dealt with.

    • We need a domestic abusers register like they are trying to do in the UK:


      It would include stalkers, sex offenders, & domestic violence.

      • ^^^YES. Just add them to the sex offender registry and keep an eye on them.

      • Yes, definitely ad women that make fake rape allegations, false paternity cases, so that men have some defense against feminists with their agenda.

        • Domestic violence is not just a problem for women. Men suffer domestic violence, too.

          If you see the prosecution of domestic violence as a “feminist” plot, then you have some seriously fucked-up ideas about masculinity.

        • Yes, the horrible epidemic of men, falsely accused of rape and paternity, so many of them are killed everyday at the hands of these crazy feminists. This is for sure, the real tragedy of this double murder, suicide. Thank you so much for speaking out for these victims who too often remain silent and nearly invisible.

          • So many women do these things, it’s something men need to be able to look up.

            Liberalism has made men the enemy, yet all these chicks getting surgery or injections to grow a beard, all have a Dad.

            It’s even worse when they hijack a comment on a child being killed, and turning it into a conversation of feminist bullshit.

            Prayers to the child caught in the nonsense…

            Very sad

            • Men are more likely to BE raped than to be accused of rape, falsely or otherwise.


              Your views have no grounding in reality. See a therapist.

            • @Y Knot
              This is your comment dude,

              “Yes, definitely ad women that make fake rape allegations, false paternity cases, so that men have some defense against feminists with their agenda”

              Who hijacked this thread with utter nonsense? A child AND a woman were murdered, BY A MAN, in this tragedy. Your agenda is showing.

              May the souls of this mother and her son Rest In Peace.

  • Post states there were no prior dv incidents with this couple reported. Most likely the shooter was depressed. And feeling hopeless. Even if there is a,age differnce in the couple. Doesnt mean there was abuse. People need to not judge when the facts are not out. And people need to read fully before responding.

    • Who gives a shit If the shooter was “depressed?” Murder is violence. I don’t understand what distinction you are trying to draw here.

    • brutally murdering your child and the mother of your child IS ABUSE! WTF is wrong with your thinking?

  • Interesting that many of these comments assume domestic abuse.
    The article didn’t mention that part – in fact it specified that there are no reports of domestic violence beyond the current event.

    Why rush to judgement, folks?

    Habitual finger pointing and blame?

    Projection? (the current political gambit)

    Simple laziness?

    Wishful thinking?

    Lack of compassion?

  • This is so sad the little boy didnt ask to be born into that so terrible man….😢😟😔

  • This seams all too strange… neighbor who had burglary and gun stolen is doing welfare check on family that robbed them where they just happen to find their gun was used? And no history of domestic violence… are they sure the neighbor didn’t do it with the “stolen” firearm which belonged to them???

  • Brad Kyrie Mcdonald

    This was my wifes bestfriend she was a beautiful soul and he was an abusive piece of shit! Her son was my son’s bestfriend. Our prayers to her and him. Please don’t talk any shit they were great people.

  • Ladies you have a voice please don’t let it be suppressed by a heavy-handed partner . So many times we are forced into compliance out of Need for support, fear of the unknown, not being able to support ourselves, having it too hard they’ll just track me down. Don’t cave… nothing is worth having it ending like this at the emotional or controlling hands of an abuser whether it be male or female. If you see those red flags get away get away fast. Damn is just horribly tragic for the families to even have to deal with this kind of stuff May their loss is not be without notice.
    😭😵☠❤😭😵☠❤ RIP sweet souls.

  • Why do they have to kill the children. It just so upsets me. To kill anyone is bad. But if u can’t handle it. We understand.

  • See that look in their eyes? Run!!!

    …”no documented domestic violence case involving the individuals outside of this specific case. ..”

    Oh that is just cop talk for these victims have no rights .

    Murder is the pinnacle of domestic abuse!! wtf. I’m not surprised at the abundance of apologists for EVIL .

    A woman’s greatest risk of murder is not from a random stranger but from her spouse or lover.

    No one knows the mind-bending, humiliating , and conflicting experience of being in a “love” affair that is tainted by the (typically man’s) need to control, dominate, demeen, manipulate , and destroy you until you have experienced it. Domestic abuse crosses all IQ quotients , races, and ages.

    The thick veil of secrecy and shame, our society’s tendency to blame the victim, blind hope, and the “charm” and amazing super-human deceptive powers of most narcissistic abusers are what keeps victims locked in….. for weeks, months, years, and sometimes decades ; until they rob you of your youth, your spirit, your dreams your health and often your life.

  • My condolences to their loved ones. R.I.P. dear victims.
    God does the judging even when somebody other than God arranges the meeting.

    • Pedophile Religions

      “God does the judging”…. Blah blah blah …. Does violence from god towards sinners really make anybody feel any better, everything that happens in this word is divine interaction, if god loves us so much then why does he allow little children to be violently murdered, this is how you know god is a scam. Organized religion does not care about god, or humanity, the Vatican is a perfect example of this with their hundreds of millions of dollars theu save and do nothing for humanity with, lets not forget that religious organizations are hosts to some of the worst pedophiles in the world, like the catholic church.

      • Shak has claimed everything from “cigarettes are good for you” to “the camp fire was started with orbital lasers.” He’s either got a tenuous grasp on reality, or he’s a VERY dedicated troll.

    • You’re bad shak. You’re just bad =^.^=

  • Please sweet baby Jesus if any of your female friends are in a violent situation, try to talk some sense in to them and give them a place to hide.

  • Nobody ever thought that the destruction of our mom and pop cannabis culture and economy would have these kind of repercussions, trickle down economics, struggling families, poverty, no food to eat, no money for groceries, worn out tires, domestic violence, who takes the blunt; the women, the children, the animals. Entire town of Willits is boarded up, empty store fronts, depression, economic depression, children going hungry, and people stepping on eachother to get by. It os going to get alot worse in the next few years, we traded in thousands of small entrepenueral families for a few greedy big dollar companies who promised jobs and tax revenue and now our entire region is suffering. Broke families equal crime, poverty and domestic violence. There never really was a problem wih cannabis farming, the problem was the hatred and shame caste by the anti-pot crusaders hell bent on revenge and power. May the oppressors rest in hell

  • Press Democrat has the name Wilkins. There is only one Wilkins I know around Willits about this name…. If itis who I think, that guy is a complete druggyy loser known to beat and pimp women

  • What many of you fail to realize is that women who girls up in abusive families do not have a role model to know that being intimidated,made to feel as if they have no voice, cannot recognize when that is not the NORM. Therefore, they don’t feel the need to seek help. Our advice is too late. Reach out NOW. Stop judging when you yourself are not in that situation and cannot SPEAK your judgement of woulda, shoulda, coulda.



  • Brad Kyrie Mcdonald: I am so very sorry for the trauma & grief to your child & honey caused by these murders. It sounds completely heartbreaking. I offer my profound sympathy to you and your family.

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