Possible Hash Lab Located Near Old Pulp Mill Across From Eureka

Special Services hcso

Officer in bullet proof vest speaks to another officer outside one of the buildings. [All photos by Mark McKenna]

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Special Services team is serving a warrant at 936 Vance Avenue in Samoa near the headquarters of the old Samoa Pulp Mill. The deputies were at the site before 10:30 this morning.

According to scanner traffic, there is a likely hash lab in the building. Scanner traffic has officers referring to asset forfeiture and to “popping” a safe.

Spokesperson, Samantha Karges confirmed that the Special Services team were serving a search warrant in the area but wouldn’t give details at this time.

We have a photographer on the scene and hope to update with more information.

Note: To clarify: the deputies are not on the site of the actual Pulp mill but rather at the site of the former headquarters which is nearby.

UPDATE 2:25 p.m.Multiple People Detained After Raid on Illegal Hash Lab at Old Pulp Mill Site



  • Can't You Smell That Smell?

    Well one thing for sure, it’s not a Meth lab. They don’t do those! No money in Meth labs and they are quite dangerous. Don’t have the equipment or knowledge either, to deal with them. I know all the Meth comes from Mexico, RIIIGGGHHHTTT!!! If a Meth lab is in your neighborhood, good luck, you are on your own. You can kiss your Health, Air, Water, Money, and Property goodbye!!! ***Welcome to Humboldt County***

    Author of the following: Victor G. Flashman

    Meth is the REAL drug “industry” in Humboldt. It’s really terrific, apparently, to completely occupy your whole life with doing speed, dealing speed, buying speed, and being on, speed.

    • Humboldt County Line

      People don’t really cook dope anymore, not for a while. It’s so cheap coming out of Mexico it’s not worth it to face a manufacturing charge. Also, for once a crazy California law actually had an impact when they cracked down on the sale of ephedrine products in California.

      • Can't You Smell That Smell?

        Your wrong! Who will face a manufacturing charge of a controlled substance when Meth labs are not being busted and haven’t been for over 6 years. This might be true as far as large quantities are concerned, but your local meth mongrels are cooking their own. It’s cheap and fast. Look up the chemicals they are spewing out every night. Toxic,toxic,toxic! Their little gophers can still somehow come up with cold meds that have ephedrine in them.

        Nope, they’re still cooking here! Not all the local junkies trust the Mexican meth or have contact with them. Why should they worry about their small labs when no one is looking for them. Don’t believe everything you read or what you’re told. Open your eyes and nose and decide for yourself! Take a walk in the evening around your neighborhood. Smell that smell? Yep, that’s cancer causing chemicals you are breathing.

        Bet you thought old Wilbur, next door, got himself a rank cord of wood, didn’t you? Don’t you see all the little hillbilly, gremlins, walking around the Dollar Stores with tombstones in their eyes? Just because this epidemic is being ignored doesn’t mean it isn’t happening! Wake up and smell the chemicals before they kill you!

      • People definitely manufacture meth in willow creek, hoopa, and wetchepec. I would assume many outlying areas as well. Sherriff is well aware of many who do, but claim is there are no resources to go after them, and as they only sell to meth addicts anyways, let them kill each other off. Meth labs are EXTREMELY dangerous thing to go after, they explode very easily.

        • if that were the case we would see images of various shades of non-transparent light yellow to off-white product in busts in these locations. at least once. but we haven’t, we see typical transparent white double ended crystals that can’t be produced using that method. I noticed the change starting in 2000. the last one that was raided locally was in Mck in a house on the Hammond trail by the market, that was over 10 years ago

          • De Nile is not a river in Egypt! You won’t see or find what you are not looking for! Most all Meth busts now involve people from Mexico with a large quantity of Meth, or local users with a small quantity, that are on probation and have a search clause. I wonder where all our local generations of home grown Meth Monkey cooks and junkie friends have gone? That’s what’s great about Kym’s news blog. You can read all the comments and then decide for yourself what you want to believe, or not. Talking about something and living it are definitely two different things!

  • Special Services Team? Is this the new Home Invasion Unit? The Asset Seizure Sector? Looking forward to the “Cash on the Table” press release photo. Maybe those funds could go towards a Homicide Investigator, you know, for Police Work. Clip below comes from the HCSO website and clears up any confusion re priorities and the proliferation of open yet cold cases (eg. rape, homicide):

    Detective Bureau
    The Detective Bureau consists of a detective sergeant, five detectives, one evidence technician, and a secretary. The detectives investigate major crimes such as child abuse, homicide, rape, robbery, burglary, arson, and other serious felonies.
    The Drug Enforcement Unit of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office … utilizes helicopters and up to 35 drug enforcement officers from the State of California to combat the problem this county has with marijuana cultivation.

    • Nice post bboy. Hard to argue with those numbers. I wonder if measure Z $$$ could possibly bolster that thin detective bureau instead of buying military surplus armored personnel carriers?

      • Really? I doubt that HCSO has 35 helicopters nor 35 deputies devoted to drug enforcement. If “utilize” is meant, then HCSO probably has the ability to “utilize” hundreds of others in their investigations of “major crimes” too. Unless of course the real purpose of the criticism is to complain about them being effective on the type of crimes you prefer to be given a pass.

        • DTF and CAMP do not have a very good record of getting drugs off the streets. Prohibition raises prices and the market responds by flooding the streets.

          I would prefer to give drug crimes a pass and focus on law enforcement that ISN’T proven to be counter-productive.

          That said, if the Lab is unsafe, good on the SO. Fuck people putting their employees and neighbors in harms way.

        • FYI It doesn’t say anything about 35 helicopters lol (different guest)

        • I think most if not all of us would like to see more resources go to violent crime. Thanks bboy for showing us how our local police need to divert more resources to protection of the innocent and most vulnerable.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Tinfoil is a bit tight on that head of yours Bboy.

      • I just hope the tinfoil isn’t too tight for the tears…

        Reading is nice, reading comprehension is imperative. As noted, this is from their website.

        I’m holding out a little hope your finding said site is within is within the realm of possible capabilities.

        Truth doesn’t require your participation. Truth will stand the test of time. Kick the tires and squint your eyes as much as you like…

  • When the HCSO raided my house they “popped” my safe with a sledgehammer, despite the fact that the combination was written on the top. They found nothing criminally relevant inside😊
    I was never charged with a crime.

  • Anonymous Humboldtian

    I wonder if this bust involves glasshouse garden supply. They moved out there a year or so ago and they sell hash making equipment.

  • This is the site where the board shot down the permit for a hash lab.

    • No way…the one where they finally stopped fighting to get it approved, by the water sources? Went to the board of supes a bunch of times.

  • It was actually 35,000 Apache attack helo’s. General Electric Mini Guns (7.62 ) with chopper mounted chipper’s… Bitches…

  • I delivered clones over there not 3days ago, my mind was boggled with how fast n loose everything was situated!

  • Harboring District

    If people were wondering why this story wasn’t in LoCo, it’s probably because This is the site of the Harbor District. This is one of the businesses that the Harbor District had “oversight” on. Harbor District meaning Richard Marks , Pat Higgins , Mike Wilson who are all friends of Madrone. And LoCo has an ongoing Bromance with all of them, so they would never run a story that might embarrass any of them.
    And since it was a Harbor District hash lab, that was a real live operating unpermitted hash lab as opposed to a non existent Mercer Frazier hash lab that was going for permits; seems Wilson, Marks, Higgins ,Madrone and LoCo are all good with that. We get crickets 🦗 🦗

    • but in reality it was Jack and his staff, just like the dredger and dredging dysfunction. Jack got the district to buy a dredger from the location of his prior employment before taking a job here. one would assume the reason they were selling it was the same reason we can’t use it. blaming temporarily elected officials for problems that don’t seem to end no matter who is elected is short sighted when its the same or similar (as in connected to the previous) staff all along.

  • Good point. However, I’m thinking this wasn’t a “look the other way” situation, but then again, how could you not know something was going on?

  • Lmfao Shane steel, what a loser went to high school with him, he was a loser then and apparently a loser now hcso are the most pathetic inbred toothless lions if ever was. Do some real police work what are these tools really doing for our community’s well being. Nothing. Straight tools have a good life living in the humboldt burbs. Lmfao if they are lucky they can make a career arresting the same people each week. Quick question people what is with all the hhumbolft sheriff’s they are over weight and out of shape looks like they couldn’t bench there own body weight 10 times or run 2 miles wtf lol

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