[UPDATE 10:24 a.m.] One With Neck Injury After Crash on Buhne in Eureka

Traffic Accident DayA traffic accident on Buhne at H Street had injured one and blocked the street, according to a scanner report at 10:15. Two sedans, one a Honda Fit and the other silver collided. One person has a neck injury and and ambulance responded to the scene.

“Fluid in the eastbound lane of Buhne and a vehicle that is blocking Buhne,” the dispatcher relayed.

Please avoid the area if possible.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 10:24 a.m.: The other vehicle is a Toyota Matrix with major front end damage, according to the scanner. The Honda also has major front end damage.



  • Seems to be alot of head on’s going on out there.

    • Too many “Cracker Jack Drivers” out there, as in they seem to have gotten their CDL from a pkg of Cracker Jack, as the “Toy Surprise”!!!

  • Maybe its that bright yellow thing in the sky that we havent seen for a week

  • I was behind two different female drivers earlier today. Both were smoking cigarettes and playing with their so-called smart phones, while ATTEMPTING to drive a motor vehicle. Telltale signs of waiting at a green light long after the car in front had already proceeded through the intersection, and heads bowed down in order to view their phones while devoting partial (at best) attention to steering and operating gas and brake pedals, plus flicking their cigarette ashes out the window. Man, it ain’t multitasking if you’re not handling all the tasks effectively, and I can tell you these [edit] weren’t handling their driving very well.

  • A section of street in Eureka that needs to be improved (widening and lights) for public safety is Harrison near the intersection with Buhne, especially the turn into St. Josephs Hospital (where there should be a stop light and turn lanes). The section of Harrison from Myrtle to Harris is a mix of the major medical facilities in Humboldt county, residential, small business, and corporate business plus an intersection into the main emergency room in Humboldt county. Lots of traffic on Harrison, with elderly and other marginally limited folk much of the traffic.

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