Multiple People Detained After Raid on Illegal Hash Lab at Old Pulp Mill Site

Hash lab located on the site of the old Pulp Mill. [Photo from HCSO]

Hash lab located on the site of the old Pulp Mill. [Photo from HCSO]

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Drug Enforcement Unit has put out some information on the hash lab located near the old Pulp Mill that we reported on earlier.

The Sheriff’s Office has released the following statement:

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Drug Enforcement Unit is serving a search warrant in the Samoa area investigating citizen tips of illegal cannabis cultivation and processing on the property. While on scene, deputies have located a substantial indoor cultivation site and multiple butane hash oil (BHO) labs, one of which was active when deputies arrived on scene.

Hash lab located on the site of the old Pulp Mill. [Photo from HCSO]

[Photo from HCSO]

Fire personnel responded to the scene to investigate the hazardous conditions created by the active BHO operation. These cultivation and extraction sites do not have county or state permits for operation. Multiple persons have been detained for questioning. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Humboldt County Planning and Building Department, and Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit are on scene assisting in the investigation. More information and photos will be released at a later time.



  • One industry leaves and another moves in. Neither one follows the rules.

  • Footage of this building from back in the day. Starts at 3:15.

  • And yet this operation is connected to others with permits. Will those permitted spots suffer any consequences. Doubtful- since this is all about pay-to-play and once you have paid permit fees they let you do pretty much anything you want with minimal penalties. I know of a bunch who did double-size crops and only one got popped and he only got a small fine and a chance to upsize his permit, not a revocation or pulling of original permit. Oh- and they are none of them track-and-traced and the county could care less where it gets sold. Normal citizens are the only ones who still think this thing is regulated and not just a money grab shitshow where the big get bigger and the little people get smashed.

    • Anonymous Humboldtian

      I agree it’s unfair to the people who actually follow the rules. If the person responsible for setting up this lab has other permits they should be revoked.

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      You don’t know shit, farce.

      • About who exactly got popped and their connects to other scenes? Maybe you’re right. Everything else I said is exactly what’s going down. In any case…if there is connection to other permitted scenes we won’t hear anything because the follow-up to those will never be done. And I’d bet the store on that, just like everybody else is doing. Run multiple scenes- some permitted some not. Then arrange some product through a friendly lab for a friendly lab result. Then sell some on the books, sell more off the books. Claim some as damaged. Write it up however you want. The “regulation” IS a farce and the little people are being destroyed by the greediest and most selfish who in turn are hoping to sell their permitted scenes to corporations from out of the area before the curtain falls. The police are agents of the county collections force with no moral compass. And everybody is lying, faking and scamming their way along. There is very little honor left. Most players are worthy of zero respect.

        • Seems like you’re ready to be offended whether the scenes connected with this lab are permitted or not, and whether they are busted or not.

          It kinda seems like you’re just angry.

        • The out of the area corporations already own plenty. Lots have already sold!
          It’s the only option the county made lucrative.
          Ya and do that math. 15000 growers estimated. The county will allow 3000 or so to continue. Then some of those are being sold to the highest bidder because after all we are Humboldt County we have quite a name.
          You can’t blame the people who sold either. If you owned 4 pieces and could fuel your legal grow( permit costs, consultants, water rights, state licensing) by selling your other spots off as legal start ups…
          why would you not sell your excess to hopefully secure your own profit into the future for the sake of your retirement and children!

    • “Normal citizens. . .” gotta love it.

  • Good use of vacant pace, at least that what they were thinking.

    • I’m pretty sure that the Humboldt Bay keepers are in charge of those buildings they had a a lot of people they were considering renting those buildings to but you could be sure they are watching you better than some people you might rent from it was a pretty big cleanup they did there

  • I am just glad to see folks are still outlaws and rolling the dice on their futures. Getting caught is their own ballywick and they know it.Used to be tons of us till a bunch of scaredy cat shit heads took over. Buck the system at all costs,,,,,peace on the cottages & war on the palaces. Much rather see hash labs than pulp mills anyway,,,just me I guess

  • As predicted Track and Trace is a farce. 25% of “legitimate” production is passed through Track and Trace 75% to the black market,

  • All this mom and pop shit’s going by the the wayside after 2020. Make hay while the sun shines.

  • Isn’t that zoned for everything up to and including meth?

  • HMMMMM. Weed again. Shocking, just fucking shocking…

  • Looks like a UFO landing site…

  • you mean OG stands for ‘other galaxies’. I always thought that was true. I remember Mars weed from the 70s. Definitely not from earth.

  • This is what Wilson, Marks, and Wiggens meant when they said they would creat living wage jobs.

  • The Owner is a good old boy, and just working to make a living, I met him a couple years ago and he would give you the shirt off his back… Permits, track and trace.. WTF, LMAO!!! Humboldt won’t be Humboldt much longer if we don’t stand behind the good old boys, better think this over 🤔

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