Accident Victim Near Laytonville Needs Help Finding Her Dog

Otto left a car accident on November 29th between Willits and Laytonville at mile marker 60

Otto left a car accident on November 29th between Willits and Laytonville at mile marker 60.

A reader named Holly writes that on November 29th around 11 a.m. she was in a very serious car accident, and her dog, Otto, was in the car with her and has not been located since.

Holly wrote,

I was in a car accident Nov 29 around 11am at mile marker 60 in between Willits and Laytonville.  My dog Otto got out of the car somehow.  I don’t know. I sustained major injuries and was most likely unconscious.  Someone tried to catch him at the accident site and failed.  I read on another thread he was seen outside of Laytonville.

If you have any info or have found him, please call Holly at 919-412-0054 or Declan at (919) 271-8917. Please help me get my little guy back.

In a phone interview, Holly said she has just recently been released from the hospital from this accident. She also said she feels really lucky to be alive. If another driver had not seen the accident happen, Holly said she might not have ever been found because her vehicle rolled down the steep terrain and was hard to see from the road.

After being cut out of her vehicle, she was put into a medically induced coma to help reduce the swelling in her brain. Holly said she doesn’t remember the accident or first 20 days of her hospital stay.

little Otto is about 7 years old

Little Otto is about 7 years old.

Holly said her condition was so serious that her friends and family are amazed and grateful at the extent of her physical and cognitive recovery. Holly said she is just now well enough to begin her search for Otto and that she is optimistic someone has found him and has him safe.

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  • Oh sweetie! I am sad for both of u & wishing a happy out come

  • Get that cute little fella home!

  • Hope some people that don’t have a lot to do can come help. Good luck.

  • Facebook groups for lost animals are full of excellent and helpful people who network well. I found this out when I was looking for a lost dog’s home- I found the dog near Leggett….SoHum lost animals, Mendocino County lost animals, Laytonville lost and found and there may be others. Someone may have found this dog near the highway and took them out of area instead of leaving by road- a decent move by a caring human. Use those facebook groups who are full of animal lovers! Good Luck!!

  • My husband and I were in a car accident and our dog was thrown from the car. I tried catching him but he was terrified and just ran off into the trees. When I was released from hospital family and friends helped me search to no avail. But then one day my father-in-law & mother-in-law were searching the wreck site spotted Bear our dog!! He was so scared and would’t come to them. So we got our young daughter to coach him out and it worked!! Bear stayed at the accident scene the last place with our scent. So keep checking back to the scene and I bet you will find your dog! Best of Luck!!

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