[UPDATE 10:40 p.m.] Woman Falls Off Her Moving Vehicle After She Attempts to Stop Thief From Stealing It

Press release from the Eureka Police Department:

Feature icon Eureka Police Department EPDOn 01-08-2019 at about 5:50 pm, officers of the Eureka Police Department responded to a parking lot at the 1500 block of 5th Street for the report of a stolen vehicle that had just occurred. The victim had parked her white 2002 Subaru Outback (CA License Plate number 4ZSU884), leaving the engine running and went into a nearby business. Shortly thereafter, an unknown suspect entered the victim’s vehicle. The victim ran outside and attempted to stop the suspect from leaving, by jumping on the hood of the vehicle. The victim quickly fell off the vehicle as the vehicle sped away.

The victim described the suspect as a black male adult, 20 years old, dark hair, wearing a black hoody with black and red lettering on it.

Officers immediately began searching the area. Officers quickly located the vehicle traveling northbound on Highway 101, near Airport Rd. As an officer pulled in behind the vehicle, it began making erratic lane changes and accelerated. A short pursuit ensued. By the time the vehicle had reached Bayside Cut off, speeds had reached in excess of 90 mph. Due to totality of the circumstances and the safety to the public traveling on the roadway, the pursuit was terminated.

Based on the investigation, it appears that numerous persons witnessed the incident, but left the area prior to the arrival of officers. The Eureka Police Department urges these witnesses or anyone else with information concerning this case to contact Officer Nunez at 707-441-4060.

The Eureka Police Department would also like to remind citizens to turn off their vehicle’s engine and secure their vehicle, if the vehicle is going to be left unattended. Unsecured and running vehicles are an easy target for thieves.

UPDATE 10:40 p.m.: Update from the EPD: “The stolen Subaru Outback was located by CHP in Arcata on January 9, 2019 just before 8:00 a.m. The vehicle was unoccupied and no suspects have been identified at this time. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the Eureka Police Department at (707) 441-4060.”



  • This is a short study in “What Not To Do”.

    • Not that you should, but If you can’t leave you vehicle unattended for 5 min without someone stealing it there’s some serious problems,wake up California! We need changes! VOTE!

      • Vote against peabrain Conservatives. They want to destroy the world!

        • Unlike Clintonian liberals who promote baby murdering, mass genocide (vaccines, more baby murdering), drug use, illiteracy (it’s called modern education), pedophilia, etc etc.

        • Yeah, conservatives have ruined California. Just look what they’ve done to the state in the last 30 years, oh wait…

          • Yep….The fifth largest economy on the planet. The lowest unemployment rate since 1975 and and an economy thats growing far faster than Trumps wet dream.

            • Also the welfare capital of the United States, with the highest poverty rate in the nation. The second highest crime rate and the 10 most polluted cities…

        • This place just keeps getting worse and worse, how can you blame that on conservatives? Both parties are the same coin, if you don’t see that you should see an optometrist.

          • ^^^

            Guest knows.

            I’ll bet at the Skull and Bones induction you are assigned a party. Then you pretend to take a stance on a few decisive issues. Then you and your fellow elites laugh as you fleece the masses.

          • most of the perps are a product of conservative values and that’s also true nationwide. the main culprit is low income.

            • Divide and conquer, as long as you have every idiot blaming one side or the other not realizing that there is no difference nothing will ever change. And given the amount of apparent idiots now days it’s going to last awhile.

            • What’s true is that most “perps” are the result of no values at all. But I suspect there is some truth, not causation mind you but coincidence, in the idea that many criminals are not liberal. Liberals are by definition demanding of government to fix social problems and of course the social problems object to being fixed.

          • Hunting for the Truth

            It’s the blame game!! Conservatives are quick to blame the lefties for everything they don’t agree with although the subject matter is most times outside the political arena. Followed by the liberal segments blaming the right for issues that usually don’t have anything to do with politics. Our media of much of this nation has become polarized. MSNBC versus Fox News etc. I think it started with the racists who were against President Obama. Our present President was complicient with anti Obama gossip. Eight years of tossing smelly, sticky stuff back and forth. Much of the comments that were racists came from the likes of Rush Limbaugh types and select FOX News people. Today there is the reverse. Although Trump doesn’t help his case. There are no liberal Limbaugh types, but there are plenty of liberal leaning TV channels that throw crap at right leaning media. It has become who can throw throw biggest lies. Including i24 News that is very biased.

            I have deleted the aforementioned news outlets. I read FiveThirtyfive and Al Jazeera live in English, German NEWSNOW and PBS. I have not read or listened to any crap throwing from any of these news sources. There are many more if you just do searches. The truth is important and should be to everyone. Otherwise the lies one hears from main stream media just ends up mudding the issues.

          • Pay attention and stop drinking the right wing kool aid.

      • It always amuses me, when Humboldt County persons say that they need government to handle their problems. For example:


        Personal responsibility, sobriety, and showing some common sense will go a long, long way where solutions are needed!

        • That’s not what I said at all, if you get the same charge and jail time (zero) for stealing a candybar as a car then laws need to be changed, if we are out of room for criminals in the jails then we need more Jails, or be able to distribute Justice our selves, something needs to change and that’s the only route we can legally take.

          • 5% of the global population, 25% of the globally incarcerated population.

            1 in 4 inmates around the world is locked up in the Land of the Free.

            Yea… more jails.

        • Bird got to fly, fish got to swim, troll got to troll.

          I hope this glorious new year brings joy to you. You seem so bitter and angry. It must be miserable.

          • I like stars too!

            No, no baby, I am retired. You don’t need to worry. Every day is good!

            I know personal responsibility is tough. For you especially.

            Sobriety, too. Hang in there!

            When I leave my vehicle, I shut it down, and lock it. Everyone else should, too!

            As for Mr Guest, it’s expensive to put people in jail. That’s why drugs will become legal. Stealing, on the other hand, is low, and thieves are, well, bad. Protect yourself, and, make sure your insurance is paid up.

            At least the car was not taken at gunpoint.

            • Nice to know that I like stars too! and Taurus are the same bitter man. Thanks!

              • herebetrollsandghostaccounts

                Kym? Here you go, 2 in one. I believe there are more, but at least you can see this one. Or two.

                • I don’t see the issue. Do you want to clarify?

                • herebetrollsandghostaccounts

                  If you read the conversation above this it looks like “I like stars too!” and “Taurusballzhoff” are the same person.

                  Some of us feel you have a troll or a few trolls here posting as several different people from several different accounts or IP addresses.

                  Maybe I’m wrong and this is only one person using 2 names from one email address.

                • There are more than one person who uses more than one account to post. While I’m not a fan of that practice, I allow it. Sometimes people want to step out side of their regular pseudonym or real name to make a comment that isn’t attributed to them.

                • herebetrollsandghostaccounts

                  Thanks Kym. I can understand that. I post anonymously on some topics too. Just wanted to say something in case it was a professional troll. People are paid by public relations companies to post on social media using several different accounts and sometimes they even answer themselves in threads. They’ve been hired past and present by major companies, countries and both US political parties. I wonder sometimes if I’m seeing a major company or 2 here. It would make sense for them to do so.

                • Thank you for looking out.

        • T …Why did you have to go all the way to Modoc to find someone who’d hire you? Let me guess.

          • It’s all the mean old hospital’s fault. You know that. 😉

          • Dave,

            Why the heck would you care?

            I go where they pay the most and where the need is greatest. Once upon a time, that was Garberville. Too bad the incompetent, corrupt, idiots in charge could only tell lies!

            “Hey, join the community, we need you”. The first lie from the CEO…

            District Hospitals, in general, are poor quality employers. Your hospital, possibly the worst.

            I work for me, not for you, and I do fine. Social Security is a nice change…

      • Uh this has been happening in ca for at least 30 years. I witnessed carjackings in Hollywood all the time when i lived there as a teen.
        Its just the redwood curtain effect.
        Our bubble has burst and now we are experiencing what most in our state&country already have.
        Locally our jails have been full and important cases have been pushed aside due to the ineptness of fleming and the board of supes.
        Lets get someone else in as our DA.
        Cant wait for Madrone to rattle the good ole boy club.
        At least our DA isn’t married to a supe like it was in 90’s.

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      Leaving a running vehicle it a gas station or liquor store happens regularly especially if you have a diesel with a turbo. Turbos are often oil and water cooled and they run extremely hot. If you just shut off a hot turbo diesel truck, or car, the oil in the turbo gets baked into sludge. Not letting the turbo cool isn’t a good idea, but leaving a running vehicle is way worse. Thieves are ballsy, especially if they are high on drugs and liquor, remember someone swiped the keys off the cash register at the Chevron station in garberville and stole the attendance car a couple of years back.
      Personally I hate it when people leave their trucks running, diesel exhaust chugging along stinking out everybody in the area with toxic fumes. With no care for others, especially sensitive groups like asthmatics, and/or young children sitting in the car next to them.. okay off my soap box.

  • Never leave your vehicle running. I’m sorry for the lady but it’s her fault. In San Diego they gave out tickets for awhile for promoting theft if you left your car running and went inside.

    • Wait they actually gave out tickets for promoting theft? Sounds like something California would do. Don’t get me wrong, leaving your car running is just asking for it. Still, it’s not your fault a douchebag steals your fucking car whether it’s running or not.

      • This is possibly the only instance where victim blaming is pretty legitimate. You don’t leave your car running nor do you jump on the hood if a thief is stealing it. I really hope she’s okay and learns to make better choices in the future.

      • Yeah, it is. Don’t feed the wildlife.

      • had a friend that warmed up his truck every morning go inside the house then after a few minutes we go back outside and get to work well one morning his truck disappeared was found stripped out doesn’t warm up his truck anymore

    • Agreed 100+%!!! Certainly NOT the smartest thing to do unless you can afford insurance that will replace the vehicle!!! I don’t know ANYONE off the top of my head who can afford such insurance!!!

  • Why did she leave the engine running? Too much trouble to turn it off and then restart it? This is what some guy told me at a gas station recently when I asked him why he left his car running while he filled the tank.

    • industrial disease

      California Code of Regulations
      3319. Fueling.
      (a) No internal combustion engine fuel tank shall be refilled with a flammable liquid while the engine is running. Fueling shall be done in such a manner that likelihood of spillage is minimal. If a spill occurs it shall be washed away completely, evaporated, or equivalent action taken to control vapors before restarting the engine. Fuel tank caps shall be replaced before starting the engine.

    • If god didn’t want me to smoke while I’m pumping gas, he would have come down and told me in the form of a burning truck.

  • That boy’s what you call an opportunist

  • Tough not to blame the victim on this one.

    Still sorry for her. We all do stupid things occasionally. Sometimes nothing happens, sometimes there are huge consequences. That part is pure luck.

  • Bravo Mike 20 years old, hoodie…

    Not a good description of the perp.

    Never leave your car running, even if it’s an old Subaru.

    Shocked someone would try and rip that car, because Subaru stopped making good cars after 1984.

    Hope she learned a good lesson and can talk about it during the Woman’s March to get closure.

  • Vehicle found off west end rd. In ditch.

  • It seemed like people were diving fast in that area yesterday, raining too, the Leo’s have their hands full, dangerous.

  • It’s not her fault you should be able to leave your vehicle running just sucks there’s pos that take stuff that doesn’t belong to them up until 10 years ago I never shut my truck off or locked it but now I lock it even if I’m in it lol wow how things have changed in humboldt

    • Really? You think you should be able to leave your car running on the side of Highway 101 while you run into the liquor store? And 10 years ago it was safe to do this?

      You’re hilarious.

  • hopefully the vehicle is not wrecked if she gets it back. at least the thief didnt have to break the window and file out the ignition

  • CCW permit. Double tap through drivers side window. Take to Detail Dr afterwards.

    • That wouldn’t fly in a California court. Maybe from on the hood.

    • Why do all CCW promoters just sound like murderers who wouldn’t even flinch to kill someone for simple theft. Gross.

    • Maybe the person who buys it after the family of the perp takes everything you own and you go to prison will get it detailed, but not you if you do that, if you had a ccw you would know that.

    • If you do end up in a shooting incident, and a prosecutor can show you making statements like that, you are absolutely screwed in court.

  • Who would leave their car running and go in to a business around here or anywhere, I find this just as disgusting as it being stolen.

  • it was an older car. chances are she was afraid to turn it off because it might not start up again. Been there. Done that.

  • Police do ZILCH on this block. I live nearby. No presence at all. They just drive by. Constant crime. I tried to stop a drug deal on my doorstep. The two guys just walked away. No cops in sight. I reported a grow house to EPD and HCSO, NOTHING was done.

  • I thought cops used radios so if high speed pursuits failed someone would be waiting.

    • No, i don’t think they’ve heard of that one. It’s either chase them down at high speed and great danger to innocents, or call it off and let them go.
      Kind of odd considering how, in other ways, they just love new, high-tech, high-price-tag toys. I mean it’s not like they’re Luddites who are against using communications technology.

  • California’s long-standing idling law states that it’s illegal to walk away from an stopped car with its engine running on a public road, and that refusing to cooperate with the ticketing officer is an arrestable offense. However, an attorney pointed out that the law is much less clear when it comes to private parking lots.

  • Tell that to law enforcement. They break that rule everyday.

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