Redway Bluffs Messy in Today’s Weather: ‘Be Careful’, Warns Public Works

Humboldt County Seal 2017Rocks and mud are sliding onto Redwood Drive on the Redway Bluffs. So far Humboldt County Work crews have been able to get in and keep the road clear but they have other areas to work also and can’t stay there all day.

“[Slides] are coming in in places that they’re not usually coming in at,”  explained Denton Carrick, an area road supervisor for Humboldt County Public Works.

“Be careful on [the Bluffs],” Carrick warned.

UPDATE: Redway Bluffs Closed (Hopefully, Only Temporarally, But…)



  • Just a matter of time before that whole hillside ends up in the river….

  • With all the dry weather we’ve had earlier in the year I’m surprised all the the highways aren’t closed.

  • And yet the Supervisors pay themselves more money instead of maintaining infrastructure.

    • While the criticism might be (likely is) valid, somehow it just sounds petty and jealous in this context.

      It would be nice if they could un-make the mistakes made by the original designers of Redwood Drive, lo these many years ago, but they inherited them, just like we did.

      And I wish someone would vote ME a pay raise, too.

  • So now their in the clear financially because they posted a warning how about fence the whole thing this time?

  • Eventually the only way to get from Redway to G’ville will be by 101.
    That’s assuming that the slopes above Redwood Drive don’t let go and drop another moonscape of mud across the road on the north side of Redway again.
    I remember the last time that happened…

    • still can take the Old Briceland Rd over to the Garberville airport and into town ,Sucks but all we may have to work with

  • Bluffs just closed

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