[UPDATE 11:39 a.m.] Hwy 299 Now Open to One Way Traffic With Delays After This Morning’s Slide

Road Closed Caltrans sign from FacebookA slide closed Hwy 299 between Big Bar and Helena this morning. Caltrans District 2 posted this morning, “State Route 299, Post Mile 32 in Trinity County.
The roadway is closed approximately 5 miles west of Helena due to a rock/mud slide.”

According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the slide came down just before 5:30 a.m. A Subaru Legacy rolled over after striking the slide, the CHP page said and is needing to be towed out.

The slide did stabilize one and one way traffic was going through about 7:20 a.m. but it began to move again and Caltrans closed this major east west route at 7:45 a.m. “until further notice.”

UPDATE 11:39 a.m.: Caltrans tweeted, “One Way Traffic Control as of now, due to the rock/mudslide, with 1 to 2-hour delays.”



  • The typical routine of no rain, scary drought followed by lots of rain, flooding and land slides. Humboldt county is not yet paved over! Long live our rough and tumble home.

    I’m glad no one was injured by running into that slide.

  • Trinity residents:

    The last 2 weeks of the Trinity Journal have been super.

    Just before the end of the year the journal highlighted all the missing people in Trinity. A few of the stories were covered here by Kym.

    The issue of the first week of 2019 is headlined by “Group suing County over Cannabis Impacts.” They allege the county has ignored the CEQA requirements for around 200 weed permits.

    Didn’t know where to let you all know

    • I hope that group sues the hell out of Trinty County! The situation over there is disgusting. And it will be MUCH worse this year as there is a large migration to Trinity away from the abatements of Humboldt County. Trinity County is still selling permits hand over fist and then not even addressing huge unpermitted grows. They look like Humboldt County with the willful denial of impacts while they pocket as much cash as possible before the crash (probably this fall). Like Humboldt the County of Trinity does not have a reliable accounting system for all this permit and fee cash and much of it disappears from county coffers. A shameful, corrupt and damaging shit-show on the part of county agents.

      • There’s about 100 open slots left for a canna-business permit through Trinity.

        Regarding the environment – the Trinity Journal also covered the recent failure to vote in an emergency grading ordinance. It seems big cut and fills are happening without care or regulation. They cited a “90′ fill” right “up to the creek” in Lewiston. The only county in California without a grading ordinance, apparently.

    • Your community page would be a good one to post it on Brian.

  • Take it easy taylor.

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