DTF Serving Search Warrant in Fortuna

Officers from the Drug Task Force in front of a home on Orchard Lane in Fortuna.

Officers from the Drug Task Force in front of a home on Orchard Lane in Fortuna. [Photos from a reader]

The Humboldt County Drug Task Force is serving a warrant on a home on Orchard Lane in Fortuna this morning, confirmed Sgt. Jesse Taylor.

“We served a search warrant looking for narcotics,” Taylor said.

A neighbor reported that many officers came in a brown van and brought a battering ram to the door. But Taylor explained the ram wasn’t used. “Typically we bring a ram up with us to the door,” he said. But it is only used if the door is not opened. “Today the guy came to the door,” Taylor said.

Taylor explained that the Drug Task Force (which consists of multiple agencies) was at the residence “based on citizen’s complaint for lots of traffic.”

“We had one guy detained,”  Taylor said. But he has left the scene and is unaware whether narcotics had been found or if the man was arrested.




  • Willie Caso-Mayhem

    Well that seem like a lot of show for what seems like no results.

    • I wasn’t aware that you had been briefed by authorities and know what results came of the raid.
      You must be special.
      Drug dealers off the street and out of neighborhoods seems like good initiatives to me. And, one at a time is usually how it goes (dealers don’t usually all congregate in one place).

      Are you for or against illegal drugs?
      BTW: this isn’t an immigrant problem, this is American born and bred.

  • Thankyou officers for doing your best to get drugs off our streets

  • They shoulda brought the BearCat !!!!

    • If HCSO gets a BearCat, I suggest the DTF gets A1A, AC 130, and half dozen Armored Assault Bulldozers….

      Give them that and force them to prove the budget on the gear in convictions.

      Talk about raising property values…

      Gear them out, make them eat crayons, and we’ll have a place to raise children.

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