Mendocino Releases Code Enforcement Summary

Press release from the County of Mendocino:

Summary of All Code Enforcement Activity for Calendar Year 2018

  1. The Code Enforcement Division received 603 complaints for the year 2018 
    • 310 complaints were for General Code Violations not related to Cannabis: 
      • 137 general code complaints were in the coastal area (Coast area from the Sonoma County line to Usal to approximately 10 miles inland).
      • 173 complaints were in the inland balance of the County.


    • 293 complaints were for Cannabis related issues:
  • 185 Cannabis Complaints were related to 147 locations not in the County Cannabis Permit Program.
  • 108 Cannabis Complaints related to 49 locations were in the County Cannabis Permit Program (less than 5% of all Applicant sites).
  • 32 Cannabis Complaints were referred to Law Enforcement due to alleged Criminal Activity.
  • 15,425 Cannabis Plants in violation of the County Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance were removed by the property owner/violator after Code Enforcement Response to complaints.


2.  The Code Enforcement Division issued 53 Administrative Citations in 2018:

  • 25 of those citations were related to violations of the County Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance.
  • 28 of those citations were related to General County Code Violations, such as non-permitted building and zoning violations.
  • $45,198 in fines have been collected on these citations and there is approximately $250,000 in outstanding fines to be collected.
  • 2 lawsuits have been filed to obtain judgements for outstanding fines and more are being prepared now.


3.  The Code Enforcement Division issued 150 Notices of Violation in 2018; 50 of those were related to violations associated with Cannabis Cultivation.



  • 45k collected and 250k to go. Question…did that even cover the cost of staff, paperwork and vehicle use to investigate and process such activities?

    Crunching numbers not a chance any way you crunch it.

  • 15,000 plants? They could get that in under 3 busts, mendo don’t seem to motivated on moving forward, they coulda made over 10 mil this year like humboldt.No one is going to take them seriously , sounds like medo and trinity are the new destination for next years mega grows to move to, let’s see how they like the 10,000 + trimigrants landing in their towns, garberville and redway are just finally about cleared out of them.

    • In Mendo Co. People turn in there neighbors for even attempting to construct a mega grow, and the big key is sheriff office will respond to address it. Low crime and drugs, a true safe tourist destination with a booming economy.

      • Sounds like the exact opposite of Trinity….

        • They have a Sherriff in Trinity?

          • Hee hee, not one that showed up for work…

            Actually, now maybe we do! I talked a few voters into voting for Saxon. I’m glad he won and not Hanover, who was endorsed by the worst in the Dept.

            Saxons platform included trying to pursue cold cases, of which one is very important to me.

            Ultimately unless he dumps a couple head figures of the Dept. I doubt much will change.

    • Why expend any more resources at all into eradication. The County should just send letters and charge a higher fee and tax for plants that are not permitted. Double the price per sq ft. This would bring alot more money into the economy and the County Coffers. Our goal is to build back our economy and one way not to do that is waste resources on eradication. The only focus should be on grading, earth moving and clearcutting trees, both by timber companies and clearcut pot farmers. Everything not permitted should just be taxed at twice the price per square foot. This would keep our community thriving and build a huge tax base. This would also free up our deputies time to solve all the real crimes like murders, home invasions, robberies and missing persons cases and leave code enforcement more time to get more people through the permit cycle so they are legal cannabis farmers, not to mention the code enforcement could focus on vetting those permits for all the houses being rebuilt in Mendo from the fires…. Why waste any more time on cannabis eradication, it is a complete waste of resources!!! Tax them tax them tax them!!!!!!!👊

    • Maybe in Mendocino Co there are more licensed growers? And maybe the growers in Mendo are better stewards of the land.

  • 15k plants ewusls to less than one run of deps.

  • And it looks like the mendo economy is thriving as well…doing much better than Dumboldt..

  • Amimissingsomething

    Follow the money??? How much money was reported as seized by the sheriffs dept.d If or is there a legal report from the DA on how much money was brought in on these busts or did the Sheriff Dept. just to give a ball park figure? If 10 deputies each take 5K from a five hundred K seizure and it’s 10 deputies. No one notices a thing. LIFE GOES ON AND THEY EACH HAVE A NEW SWIMMING POOL IN THEIR BACKYARD. I’m not saying it happens here or did happen but when you talk about large numbers like this, it can and will happen sooner or later. Just my personnel thoughts or IMHO

  • Born and Raised Here

    Mendocino County has a small rogue group of “Anti-Pot Crusaders” with planes who are all tied to the LEAR Assett team and Black Tail Deer hunting club, they evwn use a phone tree to “turn in” any grows they see from the air which may or not be in the permit program. The group is hunters, rednecks, ex law men, and psychotics who routinely work together to turn in grows to the Sheriff Dept, if there is no response they get their buddies to call in using their “rat phone tree”… This is what happened during “Operation Full Court Press” on Island Mountain a few years back, all those grows were spotted and turned in by “citizen pilots”….. There really are not that many complaining people, just the same pot hating troublemakers filled with hatred reporting again and again. Mendocino has a real uptight elderly redneck population which contrasts sharply with the cannabis farming community. There are simply people who think pot is satan in Mendo. Brainwashed Babtsist and Pentecostal old school bible thumping types with low IQ’s… Now that’s some Real Mendo Culture from the fingertips of someone born and raised in the Mendo.

  • I have never met anybody that hates a plant, except maybe Himalayan blackberries, poison oak (Rhus), or Star thistle. But I know plenty who despise Carbofuran, dammed springs, methed out trimmers/growers, and having their truck windows smashed out by ripoff zombie hoards. The area along all Eel watersheds is a disaster, because of greed and ignorance, as well as a general “fuck ’em, I’m gonna’ get mine” attitude. When you can’t take a walk in the woods without some douchebag either fucking with you or your property, or you don’t dare drink the poisoned creek water, we are in a very bad place, indeed.

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